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Secret Identity

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 9* Buffy Summers sucked at keeping her slayer identity secret but she never sucked at keeping her other identity secret - as a Demigod

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympianshellbellsFR1311,1102207,1339 Aug 119 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to either Percy Jackson or BtVS. I only own my twisted imagination!
Warning - Not Scooby friendly!

Buffy looked in disbelief over the group who had just rejected her. She had led them, despite all the personal sacrifice and pain. It should have been a kick; their betrayal. In truth, it was hardly surprising. On the whole, though she was relived that she no longer had to worry about the others. The doorbell ringing broke the tense silence.

In her mind, Buffy heard her real fathers voice, “You have all the allies you’ll ever need.” That evoked images of camp where her best friends Annabeth and Percy lived. Many people would freak hearing the god of the underworld speaking to them. To Buffy though, her fathers advice had never erred and on occasions had helped her stay alive. The control of fire and darkness were handy skills to have when Uncle Zeus asked her to be the slayer.

Ignoring the others, she went to answer the door and smiled brightly upon seeing her cousins, “Annabeth, Percy come in. We won’t be staying long.”

You see, whenever Buffy was suppose to be in LA, she was actually at Camp-Halfblood. So, while, she may suck at keeping her slayer identity secret; she was actually good at keeping her demi-god status secret.

She explained the situation to her cousins, in Ancient Greek no less. She left the shell-shocked group behind, intent on finding some clothes and then getting out of the toxic place.

Xander looked to Giles, “Err G-man what was that?”

Kennedy showing her impudence, “Who cares? We need to plan our raid.”

Faith, despite her brash appearance, still remembered the classical education her first watcher had given her. She put the clues together easy enough once she heard the Ancient Greek. The others had no idea that they currently had three Demi-gods in the house.

She intended to stir the pot, “Giles did you ever teach B Ancient Greek?”

He frowned as he polished his glasses. “Not to my recollection.”

Faith shrugged, “Well that is what B was speaking.”

Giles stalked upstairs, intent on finding out what was going on with his slayer. The hypocrisy in the statement went over the watchers head.

As he entered her bedroom Buffy was still happily chatting away in the foreign language. The young brunette grinned, “Charon, is asking the people at Camp for volunteers. Anyone who is willing will be here tomorrow.”

Buffy snickered before sighing wistfully, “Oh, I’d give my arm for your brother and sisters Annabeth.”

Percy pretended to be affronted, “Hey what am I chopped liver?” Buffy grinned and it took Giles’ breath away. He could not remember the last time she had smiled.

She grinned at her first cousin, “No you’re my cousin, who can create his own swimming pool when in need.”

Percy was amused, “Says the girl living on a hell mouth. Does it help your powers?”

Buffy had a dark smile, “Do you know in a pinch I can flash fry a vampire?”

Percy and Annabeth thought about the statement, it was certainly a vivid image. Giles listened as the young man switched to English for the first time. “Uncle Hades said your instincts were right. Drop the dead weight and get your scythe.”

He smirked seeing her eyes light up. His cousins always did have a preoccupation with sword. “However, he said you should have this to protect yourself with until then.”

Giles was flabbergasted, it was clear that Buffy had kept much from him, “Buffy! What is going on? Who are these people and what does your father have anything to do with this?”

Buffy quirked an eyebrow in bemusement, “Unlike my friends who have kicked me out of my own house. My true family has come through with allies and weapons.”

Giles had the grace to sheepish when he realised what he had done. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to undo his mistake. “Buffy you can’t leave.”

Buffy was not impressed, “Sorry Giles but you don’t want me to lead. So I can’t stay, besides I have a scythe to collect and a preacher to kill.”

Annabeth hated men who abused women, “How? Sword, Darkness or Fire.”

Buffy smirked, “I’m thinking he is a woman hating jerk so I should show a women’s wrath.”

Giles realised that Buffy was refusing to talk to him and perhaps, she was justified left.

Faith stood, leaning against her door, “So who exactly are your daddies?”

Percy shrugged, “Poseidon.”
Annabeth smiled, “Mother and its Athena.”

Buffy snickered, “I inherited my daddies temper - Hades.”

Unlike the others, Faith had never doubted Buffy’s abilities to lead, “Do you have a plan?”

“Yep, grab my sword, kill the bad-guy and hope Uncle Zeus comes through on his promise.”

Faith felt awkward, “I’ll keep them safe.”

“I know,” Buffy hauled her bag over her shoulder. “don’t be afraid to lead. I’ll be at the mansion, Angel left it to me in my name.”

Xander was prowling at the door, he demanded, “Where are you going?”

Buffy shot him a dark look but said nothing. She waltzed out the front door, she had a mission. The Scoobies looked upon the First, who was sitting on the wall swinging her feet. The First appeared I her favourite guise of a younger Buffy, “Well this makes things interesting.” She observed.

Kennedy full of bravado, “We’ll defeat you.”

A wry smile graced the Firsts feature, “Yeah, you not so much. The three Demi-gods you just let walk out the door do have the power.”

Giles watched as the three figures suddenly disappeared under a cover of darkness.

A day later, with injured potentials and no plan, the Scoobies had to swallow their tongues and apologise. The Harbingers and the First were not prepared to deal with Demigods. They truly were unprepared to deal with Percy and Buffy‘s powers; they brought a new meaning to Fire and Ice. When you combined their offensive powers with Annabeth’s strategies the battle was over before it could begin.

The last thing the Scoobies saw was Buffy peering over the crater that was formerly Sunnydale, looking a little sheepish, “Oops.”

Percy chuckled smacking her back, “Hey your done and its time to go home.” Buffy was delighted to see Percy holding a pair of Hermes Converse.

Buffy laughed, “Never let anyone tell you that you are not an awesome Demigod.”

Percy smirked, “Why thank you kindly.”

She gave the Scoobies a jaunty wave, “I’m off, try not to destroy the world.”

Her tone suggested that she did not hold out much help. Whatever happened, they would have to grow up on their own, she was done.

The End

You have reached the end of "Secret Identity". This story is complete.

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