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Rabbits Go to Hell

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This story is No. 2 in the series "From Purgatory, With Love". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SPN Season 6. Dean is pretty certain his brother has extremely strange taste in women. Short ficlet in the Purgatory 'Verse, set after "One Ticket to Purgatory."

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Supernatural > Anya-CenteredTwistedSlinkyFR131661059649 Aug 119 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimers: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. Rights remain with Whedon and Kripke (I think).

Summary: SPN Season 6. Dean is pretty certain his brother has extremely strange taste in women. Short ficlet in the Purgatory 'Verse, set after "One Ticket to Purgatory." Pure fluff.

Pairing: Sam/Anya

Warnings: Season 6 Supernatural SPOILERS (not too many really, but if you haven't see it, you'll be confused), post season 7 Buffy. Also, light bunny hate.

Word Count: 598


Anya reached out, holding Sam's hand against the table-top in an inter-dimensional sign of sympathy. "That's terrifying!"

Sam smirked, a little confused, and shrugged it off. "Sure… but, I mean, the good-luck-gone-bad ended as soon as it was burnt to a crisp, so…"

Anya shook her head, a 'whatever' in the movement, "But you willing touched it? That gross little foot?" She gagged. Anya, who'd spent the better part of an hour discussing a giant worm creature's digestive fluids, gagged as if a rabbit's foot were the most disgusting item in all of creation. "If I never see another one of those again," she muttered, "it'll be too soon."

She shivered. Sam bit his bottom lip, forcing himself to empathize.

"So, there weren't any in purgatory? Rabbits?" Sam asked.

"It's the only thing that got me though the days, really. Just knowing that, of all the creatures lurking in the darkness, there was no chance of running into one of… them."

Anya's voice was low, reminiscing, but the dramatics were easily heard over the low hum of the creature-feature playing on the television.

Dean snorted, continuing to clean his guns, a little disbelieving shake at his head. He didn't have to look up to know that Sam had closed his laptop, rapt attention on the woman sitting across the breakfast table from him. Because, hell yeah, she was fascinating.

Dean Winchester had been with his share of women. All types of women. Sure, he hadn't been raised with a mom or sister (Samantha not withstanding), but he'd certainly been exposed to the fairer sex. And the fairer sex usually had no problem with exposing themselves to him.

So, it was hard for Dean to admit that his brother's new girlfriend--which was exactly what she was, whether Sam knew it yet or not--was different from all the other women he'd ever met. And that was including the last chick Sam had taken on for more than one night. Yeah, more alien than even she-who-shall-not-be -brought-up, the back-stabbing black-eyed bitch, Dean confirmed, hearing Anya continue…

"Of course, I can only assume that since there were no rabbits," she hissed out the word, as if it were a curse, "in all of Purgatory, they must be breeding like crazy in the pits of Hell. I mean, they have to be there, right? Because those beady-eyed freaks can't go to Heaven, they just can't..."

Dean felt his entire body tense with anticipation. His eyes shot up, glaring daggers through the back of the woman's head, but just as suddenly as his panic had appeared, it disappeared again. Because his little brother wasn't staring off with a far-away look, wasn't on the verge of collapsing with a fresh wave of horror. The wall was holding. Sam was safe from his memories.

In fact, he was laughing, a deep, hearty sound, eyes gleaming, dimples at both cheeks. Happy. Sammy was happy.

"You know, I'm sure I remember there being bunnies," he confirmed, a flat-out lie.

But Anya was leaning forward, grinning with an "ah-ha!" on the tip of her tongue.

Dean let out a breath. It was shaky, worry leaving his heart pounding against his ribcage, but the sound of the couple talking left him smiling.

Sure, Anya was strange. Maybe a bit too blunt. Maybe a bit too demon-y. But Sam hadn't had a seizure once since she'd come into his life. It was like he'd quit poking at the past, quit trying to remember, too busy focusing on what was right in front of him.

Yeah. Dean kinda liked Anya.

The End

You have reached the end of "Rabbits Go to Hell". This story is complete.

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