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Guess who is coming for dinner

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 10* Jean Claude is nervous the legendary master of Los Angeles is coming to dinner. Jean Claude isn’t sure who scares him more - Angelus or the Slayer.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherhellbellsFR1522,5108248,64210 Aug 113 Feb 13Yes

Fun Times in St Louis

Authors Note Reread this and figured it demanded an encore.

The kiss was scared and they had every right to be. They weren’t stupid and knew that the congregation coming from Belle Morte had the power to destroy them, and to make it that much more difficult - it seemed them some of the more senior members of the Council had decided to tag along. Their excuse was that it was to see how the area had settle down since Jean-Claude had taken over.

It was bullshit and Anita had bullshit. The worst part of it was that bullshit wasn’t something she could destroy with a gun. Jean-Claude was freaked, and as a consequence so was Asher. Anita was freaked because it seemed that at the moment her servant powers were expanding in new and unpredictable ways. She hated the fact that she had caught the ardour now, as it made her behave in unpredictable ways. It made her think that the myths really were true and that vampirism and sex were inextricably linked.

Jean-Claude was pacing and that was starting to annoy her, “Jean I love you but I will shoot you if you don’t sit down.”

He gave her a wry smile, “Sorry Ma-Petite I’m just unsure how we can play this.”

“How dangerous is this?”

Jean-Claude sighed, “I’m Master of the City but she is master of my line.”

The unspoken was that he was good but when it came down to it, Belle-Morte could force the issue and win. That burnt, truly it did. Anita had a thought but it was brave and would take a lot of trust on Jean-Claude’s trust. “What if I was to ask for my bosses help in a case?”

She watched as he weighed the options. It was like she could see the actual wheel turnover in his mind. However even he knew when he was overpowered, and thankfully Angelus had never expressed any desire to expand his territories. He, along with his childe William the Bloody, were well recognised as probably the two most feared vampires around. Their exploits whenever they indulge in their vices were legendary and what had them feared more than anything. Well, it was the simple fact that Angelus’ servant was none other than the most feared and successful Vampire Slayer in recorded history.

He sighed, “Make the call Ma Petite.”

Anita let out an audible breath of relief, “Yeah this is Marshall Blake and I need to be put through to Marshall Summers. Tell her it is a council emergency.”

Anita was smart enough to make it just vague enough that Summers would pick up on it but she could obfuscate the paperwork however she liked. It didn’t take long, like Anita suspected. Summers was like her, she knew that having the Vampire Council in America was never a good thing.
“Why the hell are the council coming to America?”

Anita sighed deciding that a short honest answer was best, “We killed the Earthmover and now they want Jean-Claude to take his place. Plus his bitch of a sire, wants to remind him of his place.”

Buffy sighed if there was one thing she hated most on this earth it was politics, and that feeling doubled when it was vampire politics. She was glad that she, Angel and Spike were enough to ensure that no one set foot in LA without anyone’s’ express permission. Still she had a soft spot for the St Louis kiss, after they’d invited her and Angelus to dinner. “Do you want me, or all of us?”

Anita was shocked, thanks to the preternatural hearing in the room. It wasn't like she needed to share the conversation so answered honestly, “Anyone you can spare, Jean-Claude said forget about negotiations. Come here as you like.”

It was less than two weeks before all hell broke loose.

Anita hated the congregation but the one she truly hated was Belle-Morte’s lieutenant Musette. She had a particular hatred for her, mainly because she was bound not to act as she fed from a child. She vowed that the minute it would be safe for her to do so - she would kill Musette. Her honour demanded that she do it. She would kill someone over this.

Just before all hell broke loose. Buffy stepped out of the shadows, smirking. She was a far bigger predator than any of them in the room and most of the Vampires knew it. Musette was arrogant though and mistook her for a simple human executioner. One advantage to being over a 100 years and a slayer was that she’d learnt to mask her powers so if she wanted to, she would register as a null to the preternatural crowds. Musette was just arrogant enough not to question it, “You’re power is not recognised here Marshall.”

Jean Claude sucked in a breath, as this was not the vassal but rather Belle Morte herself. The ardour was spreading and not one of the kiss was immune. The vampires, weres and humans were all starting to fall round into various orgies.

Buffy stood strong and well, she would like to say tall, but not one of her powers in the last hundred years had cured her height. She laughed, and let her power have free reign as only she and Jean-Claude were still standing. Musette was smart enough to freeze, “What are you?”

Buffy grinned, and it was one learnt from Angelus so enough said, “I’m Angelus’ Slayer.”

Their essences had merged leaving one balanced vampire but the council were terrified of Angelus so why let them in on the secret? Musette and the young girl, who Buffy was sure was called Valentina, froze where they stood. So hard some smarts about them then, too bad it wasn't enough. The cloying passion that had sent so many creatures into the throes of passions stopped - cold.

Musette tilted her head to the side, “St Louis doesn’t concern you. You should be with your master.”

Buffy laughed softly, not even in their kinkiest games would she ever call Angel - Master. It just wasn't them, and none of them would be able to keep a straight face. Still for effect she’d manage it, “Your right, but who said I came alone?”

Angelus’ chuckle sent a shiver down all the vampires’ spines. It was hard to believe that the Aurelian lines power wasn’t based in sex, as they were better at it than even Belle Morte. “Did you hear that William?”

Spike entered next to his sire, and after so long in conflict, when the Vampires came out of the closet they managed to settle their conflicts. Actually strictly speaking that was Buffy. Officially she was Angelus’ mate and a baked cookie, but as she had pointed out, ‘you can always share a cookie’.

What do you know? It truly was better with 3.

Spike and Angelus stood on either side of their slayer, and Angel’s Irish brogue slipped out, “Well Belle looks like you should have kept better care of your toys.”

Musette’s movements were all wrong; she was acting like a puppet on strings, “You have no authority here.”

She sounded a little desperate, which is what happens when you spread yourself too thinly. Buffy was now old enough to refrain from a childish, ‘told you so’.
Spike still rocking the Billy Idol look, “Your boy has broken free of his noose. Congrats he’s now master of his own line.”

Musette or was it Belle Mortes’ scream? Well, let’s just say that it could be heard for miles around.

The local vampires looked bemused and seemed to be grateful that none of the LA kiss had ripped them apart for the sheer hell of it. Buffy settled things, even though she was currently wrapped in Angelus’ arms. “You have an hour to leave, or I will kill each and every one of you using my authority as Chief supernatural Marshall.”

Musette was back operating under her own steam as it seemed that Belle Morte had no desire to test her strength, or find out first hand exactly what powers a century old slayer may have. The vampire looked a little less certain, Buffy smiled and she may as well have had fangs for how sharp it was, “Make no mistake. The Scourge and I have had no fun in too long ...”

Spike chuckled stepping up into the couples space, “and I so long for a spot of violence.”

It was sad really they turned and ran with their metaphorical tails between their legs. Spike pouted, “Well they were no fun. I didn't even get to use one railroad spike.”

Angel shook his head in exasperation, he loved Buffy but her challenging Spike to see whether his beloved railroad spikes could be used as Stakes had led to a hell of a lot of mess in their hotel base.

Jean-Claude wisely said nothing inflammatory, “I do hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

Anita stood a little wide eyed at how three admittedly beautiful but so very obviously dangerous predators, had scared the might of Belle Morte away. She was working on believing it but for now all she could think was that it was the start of something alright.

The End

You have reached the end of "Guess who is coming for dinner". This story is complete.

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