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Guess who is coming for dinner

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 10* Jean Claude is nervous the legendary master of Los Angeles is coming to dinner. Jean Claude isn’t sure who scares him more - Angelus or the Slayer.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherhellbellsFR1522,5108248,64210 Aug 113 Feb 13Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Anita Blake or BtVS. I only own my twisted imagination!
Authors notes: Assume that the events of Buffy occurred a century before the events in Anita Blake

Anita had come to Guilty Pleasures at the request of Jean-Claude. She was aware that another Master was entering the city at Jean-Claude’s request and he was nervous.

Jean Claude had asked her to come earlier, in order, for the Kiss to be prepared. She was decked in her finest Vampire Dinner finery as was Jean-Claude and Asher. In fact, when she arrived she found Jean-Claude pacing and Asher attempting to calm him in French.

She was confused and asked quizzically, “What is the big deal?”

Jean Claude faked a smile, “The Master of L.A. is arriving with his human servant.”

Anita shrugged, “Okay and the problem is?”

Asher snorted, “You’ve never heard of Angelus and his Slayer.”

Anita frowned, of course, she had heard of the Slayer it had been covered in College. “I thought they had died out?”

Asher shook his head, “No Mon Amour. The Original Slayer became immortal, the others died out.”

Anita scowled she did not like anyone coming into the City that could pose a threat to her people. Damien had walked into the room and if possible paled, “The Slayer is coming to town.”

Jean Claude grimaced, “We have no choice but as long as no laws are broken. We will be safe.”

Anita did not like the subtext, in frustration, “What you are not saying?”

Jean Claude sighing, “She has a lot of power Ma’petite and when combined with Angelus, the Council leaves them alone out of fear.”

Anita shivered, she remembered the councils visit and it still gave her nightmares. For all their power in, it was still a drop in the ocean compared to the vampires.

“What line is Angelus from?”

“The Aurelian line.” Anita stared in shock; it was thought a defunct line.

“The master was killed over a century ago.”

Asher nodded in confirmation, “True but do you know who killed him?”

Anita rolled her eyes, “No. Who?”

“The Slayer.”

Anita’s face formed a perfect ‘o’. Wicked seemed excited, “She’s over a century old.” Truth finished “… and is a human.”

Buffy was with Angel and had been for a century. Angel may go by his more vicious alter ego’s name for politics but he was still the guy she loved. Not long after the Sunnydale collapse, she had decided she was cookies and headed to Angel to tell him.

It had not gone swimmingly since; there had been the small matter of her discovered immortality. Her status as Angels’ human servant was discovered and there was the small matter of watching everyone she loved whither and die. That had been difficult.

Buffy remembered the day that Vampires had come out of the closet. It had been a red-letter day. The Vampires that came out were a particularly odd breed, in comparison to the ones she had usually hunted

Being a human servant had been an adjustment for Buffy. The really useful thing was the council were scared of Buffy and Angelus. Sometimes being a scary motherfucker had its advantages. The kiss in L.A. followed Angelus rule and Spike was his natural second. Of course, many other masters sought treaties with the L.A. master seeking the protection.

Jean Claude had been in a precarious position with council. He had gained a large amount of power, quickly. Unfortunately, it made the council nervous and if they felt threatened, and then they tended to destroy their power rivals. Hence, Jean-Claude trying to broker a treaty with the L.A. master. Jean-Claude was apprehensive about how Anita would react to another Alpha-female; it had the potential to go badly.

Anita watched the uber-scary couple descend the stairs. They did not look scary to Anita. They were certainly beautiful and they had a deadly, eternal grace to them. Intriguingly, they were a study in opposites, he was tall and dark and she was small and light.

When the blonde got closer, Anita sucked in a breath in surprise. “Ma’am”

Buffy had a faint smile; it had taken her nearly a century to become accustomed to being called a ma’am.

Buffy smiled and tried to be reassuring, although, she had rather forgotten how in recent years, “Relax Marshall Blake. This is Vampire business not Marshall business.

Anita could have laughed, as she felt Jean-Claude’s surprise through the bond. Anita was suddenly feeling a hell of a lot better about this particular evening. Anita did the formal introduction, “Jean Claude I’d like you to meet Senior Marshall Buffy Summers, She is the head of the supernatural division.”

The masters had obviously been worried about a personality clash but surprisingly Anita was not threatened. It was obvious that for now, that Buffy had no designs on her city. Soon after the initial greetings, the two executioners excused themselves ‘to talk shop‘. At the start of the evening, Anita had been worried. Now though, she started to unwind and enjoyed swapping executioner stories with a legend of the business. If she had been the fan-girl type, she might have squealed, after all, it had been the slayers legends that had encouraged her to go into the executioner business.

However, when the evening was all said and done - Anita wished for two things. One, she wished, she had plucked up the courage to ask why Buffy was surrounded by death without being dead. Secondly, she would really like to see a meeting between Buffy and Edward. Anita had a feeling that Buffy would make Edward eat his gun. For the first time, she would not have laid good odds on the man they call death.
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