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Change of a Life

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Summary: Post Becoming part 2. After losing everything and being expelled from school, Giles and Buffy move to Forks where they encounter a different type of vampire. No Bella. Pairing info in first chapter.

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Twilight > Buffy - CenteredSlayerFestFR1879,3221157,06111 Aug 1115 Jul 14No

A change is needed

A/N~ I had most of this story posted at one point but removed it for a bit of rewriting and updating. So minus some minor changes the first few chapters of this IS a repost, so if it feels familiar, that’s why.

Now, I’d like to add something. I have not read the Twilight books because I have no interest in doing so. I’ve seen the movies and I’m not really a fan of them, but I saw some fun potential for a Buffy crossover so I wanted to do so. There is no Bella in this story because her character is the biggest reason I find the movies so difficult to enjoy.

This fic is a bit off-canon for Buffy. It starts right after the big fight in Becoming: part 2. The only thing I changed before that is that Buffys mom died in season 2. Pretend with me that Joyce had her brain tumor in season 2 instead of season 5. Cool? Ok, we’re good to go.

Pairings- This was intended originally to be a Buffy/Edward story, but alas my muse refused to work with me for it. So, I’m keeping the pairing as Buffy/Edward since they are the main focus of this story, only this will be mainly a ONE SIDED ROMANCE people. What I mean is this isn’t going to be a fluffy romance story full of love and happy endings. But I’m very excited.

Ratings- I’m rating this as FR18 for now for some sexual situations and possible language.

I don’t have a beta and spell check can only do so much. Please kindly point out any errors you find and I’ll fix them. J

Disclaimer- I own nothing except for the time I spent typing this. But can one really own time? Hmm. I guess I own nothing.

I’d never been to Forks before. The way Giles talked about it constantly, the fact that I knew every detail of the area, you would think I had grown up there. But truthfully, it was different than I expected it to be. Turns out I didn’t know as much as I thought. It was beautiful there. Bad weather, yes. But beautiful.

Giles had a house there, he had gotten it years ago. After killing Angel and closing the portal that would have sucked the world into Hell, there was nothing keeping me in Sunnydale besides my duty and my friends. My mother was dead and now, I killed the man I loved more than anything in the world. I couldn’t stay there.

After I killed him, I cried. I stayed in the mansion for what had to have been hours, crying. Eventually, it was almost as if I ran out of tears. I got up and walked to my address. My house. It wasn’t a home without my mother. I was alone.

Willow sent Xander and Cordy to my house. They caught me packing. Before I even had a chance to leave, I was being dragged to the hospital for an intervention.

Giles and I spoke alone. He was in stable condition, so once all the nurses left, we had the talk.

“Where exactly did you plan on going?”

“I was going to decide when I got to the bus station.”

My words of honesty were met by cold silence. The moments dragged on. I stared at the floor, reliving the memory of killing my lover over and over again. Wallowing in the pain.

His sharp sigh brought me back.

“Buffy… Is Angel-”

“Yeah. He’s dead.”

My watcher nodded slightly. I knew part of him was glad. I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at him for it, not after seeing what Angelus had done to him. I was still mad at him myself. Part of me hated him.

The other part of me wanted to die with him.


My eyes snapped to him. “Huh?”

“Forks, Washington. I’ve told you about the house I have there, right?”

I remembered. How could I not? “Maybe once or twice.”

“If you insist on leaving, I hope that you'll let me help you. I understand that you might need to get away, so I’ll take you there. You can finish school.”

I had forgotten about my expulsion amongst the events of the past few days. My options were to stay and slay with my friends, never moving forward, or to leave and make a new start somewhere else. Giles was offering me what I needed, no questions asked. So there was only one thing I could say.

“When do we leave?”


We stayed in Sunnydale for a while. After Kendra was killed, we thought it best to wait for the next slayer to be called. I couldn’t leave without someone to guard the Hellmouth. I was too worried about my friends and their safety. Giles had been contacting the Council regularly, asking for any news. After a month, he finally got what he was looking for.

We were all gathered in my house. Giles put the phone on the hook and took a seat on the couch.

“Her name is Faith. She and her watcher are on their way. They are getting on a plane tomorrow, so Buffy, we’ll be leaving shortly after.”

My whole body sighed of relief. Waiting had been Hell for me. Every night, I dreamt of happy times. Time I spent with my mother, time I spent with Angel. I was sure that being in the house didn’t help any. It was haunted by happy memories, along with the not happy ones.

Willow was crying. Xander looked like he was close. Saying good-bye was the hard part. I hugged both and cried silently, promising them I’d come back and visit. More importantly, they promised that after this last year in school, they’d either move in with us, or move close to us.

A year apart from by best friends was going to be hard, but it was only a year. I could make it, as could they.

After everyone left, I went to bed. I lay there, staring up at the ceiling. I didn‘t want to sleep. I was so close to leaving. Adrenaline raced through my body as that thought finally hit home.

I was finally going to get away from everything and start over.

I rolled out of bed.

Let’s make my last nights in Sunnydale memorable.

I changed my clothes into something more fighty, then climbed out of my window. Just for old times sake.
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