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He's on fire

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Flaming passion". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 11* Johnny Storm always had a way with women. Although, Victor was really going to regret disturbing his date with Buffy.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourhellbellsFR131972083,40011 Aug 1111 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to either the Fantastic Four or BtVS. I only own my twisted imagination!

Johnny Storm had always had a way with women. Recently though, he was feeling different emotions like say, the desire to settle down. He saw how happy Ben and Alicia were, as well as his sister and Reed. The problem was that so many of the women he attracted, while admittedly beautiful were vapid.

That was until they had been invited to a party at the White House. The party had been to acknowledge all those who had helped the country. It was at this party that Johnny ran into her. She was a gorgeous blonde who amazingly was as beautiful inside as she was outside. Yes, boys and girls, it was official, Johnny ‘Human Torch’ Storm was gone on a girl.

He had ignored the simpering politicos and struck up a conversation with her at the bar. Her ordering a club soda surprised him.

He chuckled holding his hand out, “Johnny Storm.”

That earned him a friendly smile, “Buffy Summers.”

Buffy liked the look of the guy, cute, stylish and could look after himself. He was maybe a little bit too smooth but Buffy thought he could be fun.

He pointed to the drink, “More credit to you. Alcohol helps me get through these events.”

Buffy laughed it was a position shared by many of her compatriots, “True but me and beer equals Cavewoman Buffy and that is of the bad.”

He was a man, so was honest enough to admit that his mind wondered to Buffy cavewoman style. Her wry smile let him know that she knew exactly where his mind wondered. He shrugged offering her a flirty smile, “I’m a man sue me.”

Buffy really was starting to like the guy. He would also strong enough to handle himself if he got involved with her. “On no, I want to see if you have the moves.”

She held out her hand, which he promptly took. She wanted moves; he would show her moves. Johnny was suddenly really glad that his sister had talked him into coming to this party. He could have kissed the band playing, when the song switched to a slow number. “So what‘s your deal?”

Buffy laughed, it was perhaps the most subtle way she’d been asked what her super-power was. It had been fun to watch Thor’s face when she had picked up his hammer and chucked it back at him. Jaw-dropping shock was not a good look, even on a god.

“I fight the supernatural.”

He let the twinkle show in his eye, “well you’ve certainly slayed my heart.”

She wrinkled her nose, “I hope your moves are better than your lines.”

Johnny smirked, wow, she not a damsel in distress and she was feisty. He started more extravagant dance moves and she matched him step for step. She had an ethereal grace that was attractive as hell. He twirled her elegantly outwards before spinning her back and dipping her.

Buffy was enjoying the chance to cut loose; when he dipped her she smirked, “Well you dropped the ball.”

Johnny quirked an eyebrow, “Oh!”

Buffy whispered in his ear, “Yep in the movies I get kissed.”

They were back to dancing close to each other. The dance, which had started quietly, changed nature. It was seductive and god Johnny wished they were on their own it would certainly be a lot more seductive.

The evening was superb and although he did not get lucky. He did get a date and a number so, Johnny was chalking it up as a win.

The family were all in the Penthouse staring at Johnny in fond bemusement. Sue was starring curiously at her younger brother; he was certainly very invested in this date. He had certainly made every effort to impress.

Of course, it all made a lot more sense when he finally gave away the identity of his date. Alicia and Sue shared a secret smile; it was too good to see Johnny happy.

The date had gone well. They passed the time happily talking about past adventures. Of course, fate intervened when two villains intervened. It seemed Victor had found a new lackey. What really pissed Johnny of though, was that he had interrupted his date.

Johnny had a fireball in his hand, by the time he backed up at his chair. He was unsure how he would deal with Doom on his own. Then he watched astonished as Buffy lit into him. He chuckled but seeing that Doom was being taken care of he went after the stupid lackey. It had not taken him long to subdue the stupidest sidekick.

He then sat back and let Buffy vent her frustration against Victor. It had to be the funniest thing he had seen in a long time. She blocked his bolt with a wickedly sharp scythe then round kicked him onto the street. She kept on the offensive, “you stupid,” block, “metal pinheaded,” punch, “man. I could be having smoochies right now.”

Johnny watched as Victor stared in mute horro,r as the metal he thought impenetrable, was cut by the scythe. It actually slid through the metal like a knife through butter.

People were in the street staring in shock. Buffy smoothed down her little black dress and looked a little sheepish.

However, Johnny knew exactly what to do. He crooked his elbow, “I believe I owe you smoochies.”

Buffy laughed delightedly, “I believe this is the start of a beautiful partnership.”

Johnny pouted, “Not more?”

Buffy realised how bad an influence Faith could be. She smirked at Johnny and no one could mistake the wicked grin, “I’ll let you know after some smoochy time.”

Given that they were married a year later, it had gone very well. Although, when the couple did have a domestic, everyone ran and ducked for cover.

The End

You have reached the end of "He's on fire". This story is complete.

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