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Summary: Logan and Rogue go to Sunnydale to investigate the Initiative's involvement in Weapon X. Hijinks ensue.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralmarigoldFR131019,034086,97221 Jan 0322 Apr 03No

Next chapter (I forgot what number, I could check, but I'm lazy)

Buenos días, muchachos, y bienvenidos a mi fábula. Yo espero que ustedes la gusten. Guess what homework I’m doing right now! I just learned the subjunctive tense. Anyone who is fluent in Spanish, tell me if that’s right. Oh, and I’m so sorry that this is so late! Big apologies! Anyhoo, here’s the chapter, and remember to review!

For the rest of the trip back to New York, the Blackbird was segregated between the X-Men and the Scoobies. Neither group completely trusted each other yet.
“What do you think of them?” Buffy asked the rest of the Scoobies towards the rear of the Blackbird.
Anya answered, “Well, Scott is cute in the traditional All-American boy sense, and Logan has this rugged, handsomeness about him. But Gambit is all-around sexy, especially with that hot eye-thing going for him. Plus that accent.”
Buffy rolled her eyes, “I meant as a whole, Anya. Do you guys think we can trust them?”
“Well they seem to be really worried about Rogue’s safety. And they weren’t wigged by the demonness and vampirey ways of the Scoobies,” Xander said, “That’s a plus!”
“What about fighting skills?” Angel asked, “How are they in that respect?”
“Logan knows how to fight, but I don’t know about the others. I mean, if they’re mutants, they gotta have some handy skills to add, right?” Buffy said.
“What are their powers? Maybe it’s something like telepathy, which although it is neat, isn’t really useful in a fight,” Spike pointed out.
At this point, Logan got tired of pretending he couldn’t hear their conversation. So he announced, “OK, just to clear up this little issue here. You can trust the X-Men, and they can handle themselves in a fight. Cyke shoots powerful red beams from his eyes. Storm controls the weather. Gambit does whatever-the-hell the thing is where he can turn basically everything into a grenade. Got it? Good. Now let’s get past this and focus on rescuing our friends.”
There was a moment of silence following his little outburst, broken only by Gambit saying, “It’s the energy.”
“What?” Buffy asked.
“Gambit changes the potential energy of an object into kinetic energy. Playing cards are my weapons of choice,” he replied.
“And another thing,” Logan added, “Telepathy is more useful than you might think.”
“Not to mention annoying as hell,” Buffy added.
Buffy let out a short laugh, “Don’t ask.”
There was a long silence.
More silence. Maybe some thinking thrown in there, too. Ya know, for good measure. But these days, I’m not too sure if they really think on that show at all anymore.
“So what’s our plan for fighting this Magneto guy?” Anya asked.
“We’re going to work that out when we get back to the mansion,” Storm replied, “We’ll talk to the Professor, see what he thinks”
“And when do we get there?” Xander questioned.
“It shouldn’t be too long now.”
And, indeed, it wasn’t. (I just realized something. My writing style has kinda changed. I’m pretty sure it came from TWoP, but now I have this tongue-in-cheek thing going on. I hope it doesn’t bother anyone. If it does, sorry.)
No more than a half hour later, they were back at the Mansion. Descending from the Blackbird, the Scoobies took in their surroundings with awe.
“Wow,” Buffy stuttered, “This is just so…wow.”
“I’d say ‘wow’ about covers it,” Xander agreed.
“Let’s go talk to the Professor,” Scott said, taking charge immediately.
(Oh, since the Mansion is really a school, it is a public place, so Spike and Angel don’t need an invitation.)
They found the Professor in his study along with some other people whom the Scoobies assumed were mutants.
Buffy heard in her head. She looked around surprised, noting the surprised expressions on Xander and Anya’s faces, but her questioning gaze found its way back to the Professor. Somehow she knew it was him.
“How? What? How?” Xander stammered.
“Physics,” Logan said with a smirk in Xavier’s direction. (Ya know, how in the movie when Logan comes in and Xavier just says “Physics” when Kitty phases through the door)
“How—how did you that…thing with the talking but not really talking but I hear it anyways?” Xander asked, bewildered.
“What in the bloody hell are you jabbering about?” Spike demanded.
“You didn’t hear it?” Anya asked, “In your head? His voice?” Both Spike and Angel shook their heads.
“Let me introduce myself properly. I am Professor Charles Xavier. You are in my school for the gifted. For mutants. You’ve already met some of us: Storm, Cyclops, and Gambit. These you see with me now are Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler, and Hank McCoy, also known as Beast.”
The Scoobs were a little put off by the mutants surrounding Xavier. While he and Jean Grey looked normal enough, their companions looked demonic. Kurt looked like a fuzzy, blue elf. He had three-fingered hands, a prehensile tale, and yellow eyes. Beast seemed to be a suitable moniker for Hank McCoy. He was a large, bulking, blue, furry beast. Nightcrawler and Beast almost looked like something Buffy should be slaying. However, her fears were quickly allayed when she saw their demeanor.
“Guten tag,” Kurt greeted.
Beast stepped forward to both Buffy and Anya, kissing their hands and saying, “It is an honor to meet such lovely women as yourselves.”
“Hi,” Buffy responded, blushing, “I’m Buffy, and this is Anya, Xander, Spike and Angel.”
“Nice to meet you,” Jean said, “Um, I have to ask. None of you seem to be mutants, although I can’t sense anything from you two [gesturing to Spike and Angel]. What relation do you have Rogue’s disappearance?”
“Wow, you just cut right to the chase, don’t you?” Buffy murmured to herself.
“What do you mean ‘sense’?” Spike asked, “What’s your power?”
“I’m telekinetic, you know, moving things with my mind and all. I’m also a psi, although the Professor is much stronger than I am.”
“You’re telepathic, you mean?” Buffy clarified. At Jean’s nod, she turned to the others, “What about you two?”
“What? You can’t tell?” Kurt asked playfully. “My stunning good looks are powers of themselves. I have to fend off women wherever I go. Sex appeal like this is really a curse, but someone has to do it, and I will bravely be that someone.”
Buffy chuckled in spite of herself, while Anya regarded him thoughtfully. “I can see it. You do have this exotic, dashing attraction. I’ve dated much worse. Him for one,” she said, nodding in Xander’s direction. “But seriously, what is your power?”
In response, Kurt teleported (hereafter, it will simply be called “porting”) to her side and planted a peck on her cheek, leaving behind a waft of sulfurous smoke in his wake. Anya blushed happily. “I’m also quite agile. Cirque du Soleil, eat your heart out!” he bragged.
“Lay off the theatrics, elf, we got work to do,” Logan ordered.
“Oh, I don’t mind,” Anya volunteered, earning herself a smile from Kurt and a dirty look from Xander.
“What about you?” Angel asked Beast.
“My mutation endowed me with advanced agility, much like my gregarious comrade. Although it was at the cost of my once striking looks,” he rejoined.
“Come on now, fraulein,” Kurt said, “we showed you ours, so you show us yours. What are your gifts?”
“‘Gifts’?” Buffy snorted.
“Your mutant abilities,” he clarified, “We refer to them as ‘gifts’ here.”
“Isn’t that special?” Buffy muttered bitterly (she’s been kinda bitchy this season, no?). “We’re not mutants. We’re more of the supernatural variety.”
“How do you mean?” Jean asked.
“I’m a Slayer. I slay vampires. Super-strength, agility, speed, I got the whole package. Xander’s human. Anya’s a vengeance demon. Spike and Angel are vampires.”
“Oh…of course,” Jean stammered.
“Vampires?” Beast reiterated, “Fascinating. I would love the chance to study you.”
“Oh, no,” Spike exclaimed, “No scientist is getting near my head again. Go look at Peaches.”
“What does fruit have anything to do this?” Beast asked, confused.
Buffy clarified, “No, no, Angel is Peaches.”
Angel seethed while Spike snickered.
“Oh, my apologies,” Beast said with a chuckle.
“What’s a vengeance demon?” Jean asked.
Anya piped up, glad to answer a question, “I grant scorned women wishes against their exes. So if your boyfriend ever cheats on you or something, I can grant a wish to, say, make his penis disappear.” All the guys paled at the thought.
“This has been a rough night for everyone,” Xavier announced. “Why don’t we all get some sleep and then reconvene tomorrow. It’s nearly 8 a.m. and some of us here haven’t slept all night.”

OK, I know that’s kindof an abrupt ending, but it’s midnight, and I have to wake up at 6. Actually, that’s a lot of sleep for me as my usual is more around 4-5, but still. I’m tired. Thanks to everyone who’s reviewed, and please keep it up! I promise the next one will be out in less than a month. I’ll start to get to the planning and the actual battle. Sorry a new one hasn't been up in a while, but every time I tried to upload, the computer went soooooooo slooooooooooooowly.
Also, I have an apology to make. There's a chance that, due to my extreme laziness, that the story might now be finished by the end of the school year, and I don't have the internet at home,so that means no uploads till new year. I'm working a little harder. My aim is one a week.
But anyhoo, please review. (Ha! That rhymes! Rhymey, shmymey. Rhyming is fun.)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Nameless" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 03.

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