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Summary: Logan and Rogue go to Sunnydale to investigate the Initiative's involvement in Weapon X. Hijinks ensue.

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Title – Nameless
Author – marigold
Disclaimer – not mine
Summary – Buffy/Angel/X-Men crossover; Logan and Rogue go to Sunnydale to investigate Logan’s past. .
Author’s Note – takes place around beginning of BuffyS7, Angel S4, and after X-Men movie. Well, it’s kindof a mixture of X-Men movieverse and X-Men comics. If you recognize comics stuff, cool. If not, I hope it doesn’t confuse you. Enjoy!
And pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease review! Seriously, if ya look at the bottom of the page, you will see a link that says "Review Nameless". CLICK ON IT! Then write me a review. Thanks a mil. If you don't wanna do that, e-mail me. Pretty please with sugar on top? I notice that I've had a lot of hits, and out of all of those, guess how many reviews? Zip, zero, nil, nothing, nada, none, etc. That's an awfully low number, no? Now, you might be thinking, 'Dude, that's a lot of space to be writing about reviews!' But now ya get my gist. Yay for reviews! Thank you.

Logan searched the abandoned military base Professor Xavier had told him about after the ordeal with Magneto. The whole place was a mess; it looked like someone, or something, had attacked this place. There were a few bloodstains on the walls and floors, and there were equipment and paper everywhere. Logan sifted through the papers for a while, finding nothing that might help him. Just as he was about to give up, one piece of paper caught his eye. It was an e-mail with the subject “Weapon X”. Logan’s eyes widened as he read the contents of the message:

Operation: Weapon X is almost completed. Adamantium operation was successful, but subject Wolverine shows some resistance to mental conditioning. Friction is growing between Wolverine and Sabertooth. Contact Professor Walsch of The Initiative branch in Sunnydale, California.

Logan shoved the paper in his pocket and smiled to himself. He might finally find some information on his origins. He looked around the abandoned silo some more, but finding nothing, gave up. He left the building and climbed onto his (well, Cyclop’s) motorcycle. He contemplated going straight to Sunnydale to look for this Professor Walsch guy, but decided against it after realizing that the Prof could give him some information on this Initiative thing.

Salem, NY

Logan was once again preparing to climb onto his motorcycle when Rogue came up to him. He smiled as she came up.
“You runnin’ again?” she asked, just like she had last time he left; it was becoming something of a tradition with them.
“Yeah, I found about this place in California that might have some information about me.”
“I hate it when you leave. Can’t I go with you this time?” she asked, only half
jokingly. “I’ve always wanted to go to California,” she added with a smile.
“It won’t be beaches and celebrities, kid. It might be dangerous, and I don’t want you getting hurt. Plus, it would get in the way of school. Wouldn’t you miss that new bub, Remy?” he teased her.
Rogue blushed at his last comment, but continued pressing. “It’s summer, Logan. I could help you look for information. And c’mon, how dangerous can a town with a name like ‘Sunnydale’ be?” When she saw he was weakening, she added, “And besides, the Professor already said I could. He said it would be good for you to have some company, and it would be good for me to get out of the mansion.”
Logan knew she had a point, and he knew she knew he realized that. She still had nightmares about the incident at Liberty Island, not to mention dreams of stolen memories from himself and Magneto (he could only imagine how horrible they were). They were less frequent, but no less unsettling. It might do her some good to get away from all these reminders, if only for a short time. “Fine,” he smiled, “let’s get you packed up.”
“Already done. Just have to get my bags,” Rogue said excitedly, “Thanks so much, Logan!”
As Rogue ran off back into the mansion, Logan climbed off the motorcycle. ‘Guess I can’t drive us cross-country on that’ he thought wryly, ‘I’ll have to find a new ride.’ No more than an hour later, Rogue and Logan were on their way to Sunnydale, California, in a jeep they’d taken from among the Institute’s many vehicles.
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