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The terrible curse of the Hyuuga family

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Summary: Post S8 in BtVS, pre-series in Naruto. Neji makes a wish, Halfrek grants it, Amy has to fix it.

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Anime > NarutoDmitriFR763,227074,08412 Aug 114 Nov 11Yes

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

“Oof!” Amy found herself sitting on a hillside overlooking some sort of a very strange – flouring but strange – village. “I must be getting really desperate if I am agreeing to a ghost’s proposition without thinking about it: everybody knows that the undead are notoriously untrustworthy deal makers!”

And yet, Amy’s irritation wasn’t genuine. She was actually pleased to be experiencing a change in scenery for a change on one hand, and on the other... she felt different. More alive, perhaps, which meant... “This land’s magic is intact,” she whispered quietly. “Cool!”

Encouraged thus in such a way, Amy got up and began to walk to the village’s gate, after casting a linguistics spell on herself. The ease with which the spell was cast alone had quite made up the inconvenience of Amy’s arrival, especially in Amy’s own opinion.

Consequently, Amy passed through the village’s gate in a good mood and without any deterrent from the gateway’s guards (Amy did look to be quite non-threatening and non-kuniochi like in their opinion to be declared – unofficially, of course – a harmless civilian). Still, after two or three circular self-guided tours of the village (which was named Konoha), Amy began to sense that she was being watched, so she decided against going around in a one more circle, and instead approached another gateway, one whose guards had a distant but distinct resemble to the ghost of Hyuuga Hizashi.

“Are these the lands of the Hyuuga clan?” she asked innocently the guarding pair. “Please, do tell!”

“That is none of your business!” glared one the guards, but even Amy could hear that his heart wasn’t in it, and he was working with his autopilot turned on. And her inner rat could also tell that this was Hizashi’s cursed clan as well. So...

Here, though, an important note must be made: rats aren’t just social, they are also hierarchical, and very obviously so. But unlike dogs or wolves, who establish their dominance by fighting, the rats establish it by glaring at each other in a contest of wills.

The Hyuuga clan, of course, were quite expert in glaring themselves (a side-effect of the Byakugan bloodline), but as people, not as rats in a domination game. Therefore, when Amy got in touch with her inner rat and began to glare at them, the pair of guards of folded very quickly, (especially for the normally arrogant Hyuuga clansmen) and led her inside.

“Now that is suspicious,” one of the ANBU, who had been discretely watching Amy when she had arrived, muttered to his partner

* * *

Inside, the Hyuuga main building was very, very impressive, even though it wasn’t a skyscraper. Amy, however, had never been particularly interesting in skyscrapers, and so she was duly im-pressed by the building’s massive size and solid construction.

There were also more Hyuugas inside of the building, some marked with the Caged Bird seal, others not. But all of them had an inner rat inside of it now, and that caused Amy’s own inner rat to bristle and feel particularly aggressive and ready for a fight.

And so she got one.

To be continued...
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