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The terrible curse of the Hyuuga family

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Summary: Post S8 in BtVS, pre-series in Naruto. Neji makes a wish, Halfrek grants it, Amy has to fix it.

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Anime > NarutoDmitriFR763,227074,09512 Aug 114 Nov 11Yes


Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

The Hyuuga clan’s family temple/shrine was a small, humble-looking affair, but even as Amy was approaching it (slightly aside from the Hyuuga main crowd as to not attract too much attention to it, she could sense the building’s rather impressive spiritual aura; considering that Amy was never much into aura sensing, this made the building’s aura only more impressive.

“That looks impressive,” she muttered to herself, as she watched Hiashi, his daughters and nephew walk into the temple.

“It is,” one of the Hyuugas walking next to her agreed solemnly. “It is one of the oldest family shrines in Konoha, you know, for our clan was one of the first clans to come and settle here-“

As the Hyuuga began to, apparently, quote excerpts from “The Visitor’s Guide to the Hyuuga clan compound”, Amy began to tune him out, and listen to Hiashi’s family’s appeals to Hizashi, and possibly, his family. And yet when the final notes of this application faded and a harsh, eld-erly, unfamiliar voice replied, Amy was startled as much as everyone else.

* * *


Hiashi couldn’t help but stare at his new interlocutor largely because he was expecting Hizashi, not this family member. “Father”, he almost stuttered, “what, why, how?”

“Hiashi,” the deceased Hyuuga family patriarch sighed despondently. “Out of my sons, you were the best, but also the most foolish. Even this you couldn’t figure out by yourself – your brother had to trouble himself and bring an outsider to the clan to help you! You and the rest of those idiots that my clan’s council is currently made up of couldn’t even realize it on your own! You became so preoccupied with form that you forgot about the content, and because of that our clan is now cursed! Cursed! The ignominy of it! Never since the actual founding of Konoha did our clan become cursed!”

“I’m sorry,” Hiashi could only mutter, feeling as if he was back in the school, and his father was criticizing him again for some failure. “Father, I will try to do better next time.”

If a ghost could choke, this one certainly did. “Next time? Next time? Young man, you still have this time to get over! That gaijin wu jen may just be the right person to help you do that: your brother, for all of his flaws, was always the one with the people skills! So, get this curse broken, and then we’ll talk!”

With these words the elderly ghost vanished in a burst of transparent flame, leaving Hiashi rather tongue-tied to say the least.

“So,” the same Hyuuga who’d been giving Amy the description of their clan grounds now asked her without missing a beat. “Do you have any ideas as to how to break our curse?”

Amy shook her head. She wasn’t sure what game the clan’s ghosts were playing with their living kin, but she did know that she was now straight in the middle of it, and that – after her Twilight fiasco – was just neat.

“I’ve no idea, but we will be living in an interesting time,” she just replied, smiling slightly.

The end?
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