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Summary: Those tasty little snacks under a thousand words.

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Harry Potter > GeneraljoshlamontFR132564023,05613 Aug 1120 Oct 11Yes

A Small Scene from a Much Larger Composition

I, the abovementioned author, repudiate any and all claim to any characters found herein, and attribute the original tales of their daring antics and horrific situations to one J.K. Rowling.

Hermione finally lost it. “Will you two just grow up!” she shrieked.


Ron’s eyes widened. “Oh, Lord! How have I been acting?”

“No, Ron, it’s my fault!” Harry exclaimed. “I’ve been such a little bitch, lately and-”

“Shhh,” Ron said, gently placing a finger on Harry’s mouth. “It’s all right, Harry, I know. It’s my fault, too.”

“Oh, Ron,” Harry said, staring into Ron’s eyes. “Do you mean you…”

“Ever since the first day we met,” Ron replied.



Hermione stared as the boys fell on each other in tight hugs. She didn’t- she couldn’t believe- they wouldn’t-

And then she heard the quiet snickering.

“Oh-!” she fumed as the snickers broke out into full blown laughter. “Boys!

“Sorry, Hermione-” Harry said, giggling, “But you should have seen the look on your face! Oh, Merlin, mate that was brilliant!”

“Too right it was!” Ron cackled. “Blimey, for a moment there I almost bought it!”

The boys started walking down the hall, still snickering, Hermione following in a huff.

Wait a moment.

She stopped. Harry never joked like that. And Ron, he was like a fairy from Peter Pan, only just big enough to hold one emotion at a time! Hermione stared at the wall…

“Oi!” She glanced up- Ron was waving. “Hermione, you coming?”

A small smile tugged at Hermione’s lips. “Of course!” she called back. “Can’t leave you two alone anymore- who knows what broom closets you’ll fall into!”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking