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Shall I save you?

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Summary: Xander chooses a different costume for Halloween in the wake of his parents death. What destiny will the young orphaned Harris find? Xander X Faith.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: FaithbanmoroichiFR18520,473113523,33313 Aug 1113 Aug 11No

1 - Change for the different.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer just as I do not own Bleach. If I did, I would hav then used my awesome power to jump into those words as there is no way Joss Wheden or Tite Kube can be mortals.

Author's Note: If you want to read any of my other stories I have posted on the internet, my pen handle on the FanFiction.Net webpage is Ban Moroichi! Check out my Naruto X Bleach story
A Nihilistic Blade in the Hidden World.

Summary: Xander chooses a different costume for Halloween in the wake of his parents death. What destiny will the young orphaned Harris find?

Start point: Season 3 onwards (brief halloween intro from season 2)

pairing: X/F

Xander Harris, age; 17. and already orphaned.
A week ago, Anthony and Jessica Harris, his parents, had died. Victims of a car accident on the return trip from Los Angeles. According to the police report, the driver of the sixteen wheeler that had flattened their Corola had fallen asleep at the wheel and accidentally flipped off the lights to the massive truck. These two things had given the result of a head on collision with the Harris family car.
Xander could only take solace in that the accident had occurred very quickly, and his parents had passed away without suffering.
In the aftermath of the accident and investigation, which determined the driver's negligence, the company that had owned the truck awarded a large sum of money into a trust fund to the sole survivor Alexander Harris. With a simple court case after the trust fund had been arranged, Xander had been emancipated by federal law and set up in a two bedroom apartment in a decent part of town. If it were not for the sadness of the events the whole ordeal of him having his own place in such a nice part of Sunndale would have been pretty cool.

That had been nearly two months ago. While Xander had spoken of the series of events at length with his friends, he had kept relatively quiet about it, preferring to leave it behind him and move on with his life. He would miss his parents, that was beyond a doubt, but like how he dealt with Jessie's death, his best friend, he knew that his parents would not want him to wallow in grief and brood.

Which was the only reason why Xander was willing to go trick or treating with his friends this Halloween. Thankfully, while he had only limited access to his Trust Fund, he had been able to get enough money to have the opportunity to splurge on just about any costume he wanted.
He had taken a while to choose a costume, unsure what to go with given that he had never been able to pick something without first checking for a price tag.
Eventually he, with the assistance of the store owner, some guy called Ethan, the teen made his final decision of going with a cool looking costume.
The outfit was a white outfit called a Shiha-kusho, whatever that meant, with a long white robe over it. In addition the costume also included a short sword called a Wakizashi with a blue cloth wrapped hilt and an 'S' shaped guard. Also there was a silvery white colored wig and a pair of sky-blue contact lenses.
According to Ethan, the costume was of a character from a Japanese pop culture anime, Bleach was it?

His name as Ichimaru Gin.
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