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Proposal Problems

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Bones of the Past 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 13* As an immortal McCoy thought himself a patient man. However, if he didn’t propose soon then he was going to explode! Part of the Bones of the Past ‘verse

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009hellbellsFR131930352,39513 Aug 1113 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Doom the Movie, BtVS or Star Trek 2009. I only own my twisted imagination!

It was ironic in a way; he was over two centuries old but in the last few weeks he was becoming increasingly impatient. The root of his impatience - he wanted to propose. He had known for a while that that was what he wanted to do. However, recently each attempt has been beget by problems. First, shore leave was cancelled and now the romantic meal he had planned was ruined.

They were in their quarters, not long after they started dating they had decided to share quarters. Buffy was wearing one of her older tops. She may have brought the clothes new but they were now considered vintage clothes.

The ring in his pocket was burning a whole so to speak. As soon as, he had decided to propose he had messaged Sam asking for his grandmother’s engagement ring. The last attempt had been ruined by an altercation in one of the rec rooms. If it had been any other night, he would have laughed. The geeks (blues shirts) and the goons (red shirts) had gotten into a fight over an old movie.

Buffy, who had been looking forward to date night, was not best pleased. She put down her champagne glass, shared a look of commiseration with her lover, “Stay here.”

Bones sighed, “Oh no. You go; I go; besides I want the work out.”

Buffy giggled, it would be as amusing as hell if he let Reaper out to play. When the couple reached the source of the fracas, they saw a brawl in progress. Spike would have been proud of the brawl, Buffy thought.

Buffy and Bones took one look at each other before they settled this debate - hard. Buffy stood hands on her hips looking at the dazed and confused.

“Dare I ask what the hell that was about?”

The Red-shirts under her command all winced hearing their commander’s tone - it did not bode well. Bones quirked an eyebrow, “Goddamn it I’m a doctor not a babysitter. Someone starts talking now.”

A dazed lieutenant spoke up, “It was an argument that got out of hand…”

Buffy snorted, “You were having an argument over a movie.”

The lieutenant blushed, “Yes Ma’am.”

Not sure whether she should enable the argument. She sighed, “What pray tell was the argument about?” She realised just how much of an influence Giles had on her speech patterns.

One of her sheepish lieutenants spoke up, “It was about the movie Casablanca ma’am.”

Buffy shared and amused grin with Bones, of course, she was aware of the movie. She showed just how distinctly unamused she was, “What exactly was it about?”

“A movie quote,” he winced noticing the clothes his commander was wearing. “One of the scientists said the quote was, ‘All the bars, in all the joints and you pick mine’.”

Buffy was glad that she managed to refrain from rolling her eyes, “For the idiots amongst you the quote is ‘Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.’”

Then her grin turned wicked, “Now I’m going to turn you over to the tender care of Dr McCoy.”

The glower Bones had spoke volumes. Many of the lieutenants would have been happy to let their bruises heal normally.

The news quickly went around the ship that Bones was in a snit and many were of the opinion that unless they were dying then it was best to avoid the med-bay.

Bones was glad that they were attending a formal function on the planet below. Kirk had managed with Spock’s usual logic to argue a treaty for the planet.

The planet had one major thing going for it and that was that the view of the night sky was spectacular. He tugged on Buffy’s hand signalling for her to slip away from the crowd. She was confused but she trusted Bones implicitly so she would happily follow his lead. Of course, it was at that moment that the rebels decided to attack.

“Oh hell no.” As he punched out an attacker.

Buffy stood at his back, making sure no one could sneak up on him. Buffy’s vicious roundhouse took out another, “this is becoming uncomfortably.” She could not help but make the observation.

Kirk was standing back to back with Spock using a similar tactic. She ordered her team, “Protect the civilians.”

Bones was becoming frustrated, “You know I just wanted five minutes.”

Kirk asked, “Why is that?”

“To propose goddamn it.”

It said a lot that Buffy was not distracted by the exclamation. She just smiled, it was so them to propose in the middle of a fight. She kicked out at one of the remaining rebels who was still standing, “I’m an old fashioned girl. I want a ring.”

Bones had used a leg-sweep to rid himself of his last attacker. He snorted, “The box is in my pocket. Has been for a month.”

Buffy suddenly understood why he had been in such a foul mood with everyone else. She had a radiant smile and stuck her hand out expectantly. Bones saw the shock of the others standing around. Kirk was smirking, as Bones got down on one knee.

There were cheers around the room as Buffy rewarded him with a passionate kiss. Kirk chuckled, “You sure you can put up with him.”

Buffy’s mega-watt smile said it all really, “He’s the only man for me.”

Kirk thought that no truer words had been spoken. It was clear to all that the couple only had eyes for each other.

The End

You have reached the end of "Proposal Problems". This story is complete.

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