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Xander the Lycan

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Summary: An immortal Xander that is the natural enemy of the vampire

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Chapter 7 - Presents

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I don´t own Buffy the vampire Slayer or Underworld those are the property of their respective owners.

Killing Richard Wilkins did´t come with out it consequences having Detective Stein snooping around since this was the last place the mayor had been. But having been around for almost 2000 years Xander had covered his tracks very well and with the help of some members of his family there were no physical clues and when Stein got call from the police chief telling him to back off from Xander he was not happy but the Police chief didn´t care since he had gotten a call from the governor of California and when you get a call from your states governor you do what he asks.

Elizabeth had already begun the process to get someone in the position as the mayor of Sunnydale because frankly it is to dangerous just to leave it alone. The benefits of having someone in office was always good because you had much more leeway and being in a position of power in a town that had hellmouth would help them protect it.

A week went by and Xander had yet to go see any of the Scoobies, he had way to much work to do after he had killed Richard Wilkins the third. He was pleasant surprised when he got a visit from Buffy and Willow.

“Hi, It is really good to see you girls” Xander said hugging them.

“Um, Hi Xander” Buffy and Willow said a bit awkward from the hug.

“So why haven´t you been to school?” Willow asked as Xander lead them out to the in door pool where they could relax and there where bar there so he could fix them something to drink.

“Well been busy with things Wills” He told her.

“Busy with what exactly?” Buffy wondered.

“Well since the Mayor disappeared lots of things have been going on. You guys know that Richard Wilkins was actually over a hundred years old”

“He did´t look that old” Buffy said.

“Yes well making deal with demons and such to get power and delving deep in to the dark arts can do wonders for the complexion but on the inside everything rots away. He apparently founded this town and I don´t think he was planning something good”

“Really, but that is terrible” Willow asked.

“Yes he really was something. Can I offer you something to drink?” He asked.

“Coke if you have it” Willow said.

“And you Buffy?”


“Okay” Xander walked over to the bar and took out two cokes. He did´t notice the look Buffy was giving him and it was´t hey that is an yummy but Xander´s ass did look good in those pants. No Buffy had come to the conclusion that Xander had done something to the mayor and she was´t trilled about it. She was arguing with herself over what she should do, on one had Xander was a friend but on the other hand she had listened to Giles telling them about what lycan´s had done and finding out that Xander was the oldest one of them was scary. He had changed so much but yet still there were things in him that was still typical Xander like behavior and that put her to some ease. There where still a nagging voice in the back of her head that said that she should be careful.

“Do you know what happened to the mayor?” Buffy asked him. Xander handed her and Willow their cokes and sat down. His playful demeanor vanished and instead there were a serious that she never had seen in Xander before.

“If you found out that there was an Evil Mayor running your home town and was planning something that would get many people killed. What would you do Buffy? Would you just let the man and I just that word very loosely because he was far from human do as he wished” He asked her.

“So you did something” She said.

“Of course I did Buffy, do you really think that I would let him put the people I know and love in danger. Then you did´t know that well to begin with Buffy”

“Um Xander, What did you do the mayor” Willow asked nervously.

“You probably don´t want to here about it because frankly it was a mess and you are a bit young to hear about that but he will no longer bother anyone maybe a worm or two but other then that he won´t make a fuss”

“Was he really not human?” Willow asked.

“Yes, he had done so many spells and rituals that had changed him. He even sold his soul so yeah Richard Wilkins the third was not human”

“We believe you Xander” Willow said and gave a look to Buffy who sat there very quietly.

“Yes we believe you Xander, I guess it will take a while to get use to you like this. I mean if he was a old as you say then he must have been dangerous” Buffy said.

“Yes he was very dangerous but lets not talk about that. I have something for the two of you” That perked Buffy right up.

“Present” She said smiling.

“Yes Buffy a present”

“You don´t have to give us anything Xander” Willow said.

“Of course I do”

“Shut up Wills” Buffy said through her teeth to Willow.

“Let me just get them” Xander said walking out of the room.

“What do you think he will give us?” Buffy asked.

“Um I don´t know Buffy. Maybe.... I don´t know, if it was the old Xander I could have probably guessed but he is so different now” She said sadly.

“Cheer up Willow. He has changed a bit but he is still our Xander-shaped friend even if he has all those muscles everywhere” Buffy said with a dreamy smile on her lips.

After a few minutes Xander came inside caring a two boxes, one large square and and a smaller one and both of them where rapped with glistering paper. Buffy was eying the big rapped box as Xander sat it down.

“Willow the big one is for you and the smaller one is for you Buffy. I hope you like it” Buffy was a bit disappointed to not the get the big present but shook it of and tore through the smaller one. She tore through the rapping paper in seconds and under it was a beautiful wooden box with carvings of a girl standing alone shining armour, she ran her hand over the wood carvings before she opened up the box. Inside where two wristbands made of some kind of red metal, they had strange symbols that where carved into it in a spiral pattern.

Willow opened up her present as well and in the cardboard box was a red and white laptop, her eyes where shining with joy as she took it out and flipped it open.

“Xander what are these?” Buffy asked.

“Those are warrior bracelets made for the Amazon queen Penthesilea to help her rule”

“How did these thing help” She said holding the bracelets up.

“Put them on will you” Xander said. Buffy looked a bit hesitant but then did as Xander said an put the bracelets on. The gave a soft golden glow and it felt nice as warmth spread through her body. When nothing else happened Buffy looked at Xander.

“What? I do get it” She looked down on her wrist.

“What do you see when you look at me?” Xander asked.

“Um” Buffy looked at Xander and she noticed something she had´t seen before, there were something about him that screamed out that he was very old and there where a some animalistic about him. There where no wrongness about him at all only a sense of age that felt a bit daunting and then she looked at Willow and she could almost see the air around her shimmer what it meant she had no idea but it was cool to see.

“What is that” Buffy asked awed.

“Well with these you can see thing that are otherwise hidden. Queen Penthesilea was known for seeing the truth behind people, she could tell what kind of people stood before her. The bracelets will give you a new clarity that you never had before”

“Okay thank you Xander” Buffy said taking the bracelets off looking a bit disappointed, Xander could´t help but to laugh.

“The look on your face Buffy, it is priceless. Why don´t lift up the stuffing in the box” He said. Buffy lifted it up and there where a few pieces of paper in the bottom she took out and started to read and her eyes got bigger and bigger then a girlish shriek came out of her and she hugged Xander for all she was worth.

“Is this for real?” She asked.

“Of course, you will probably have to got to L.A to use them because I don´t think Sunnydale has any of those stores” He said smiling. Buffy was giddy at the thought of a shopping spree in L.A with stores ranging from shoes too jewelery and some of these gift cards where to some pretty high class stores like Ralph Lauren and it was going be fun to rub Cordelia´s and her Cordettes nose in it she could already see there faces.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love it” She said.

“Yes I thought you might like that better then the bracelets not that they are´t nice and can come in handy” Xander smiled and then looked at Willow was lost in her own world since she had booted up the laptop.

“Willow you okay?” He asked placing a hand on her should which made her jump.

“ThisisamazingXander,wheredidyougetthisIhaven´tseenanythinglikethis.TheOSisLinuxbasedandthesharecomputingpowerthisthinghasissofarbeyondanythingthatIhaveheardof.HowdidyougetthisXander?” If Xander had´t been well versed in Willow babble he would never had known what she had said.

“Take a breath Willow before you pass out” He told her and she managed to take a few deep breath.

“To answer your question I had it made personally to you. I can honestly tell you that there is´t one like anywhere else, it is custom made and it is a few years a head of anything that is out on the marked so I take it you like it” Willow nodded.

“Yes it is really amazing Xander thank you” She said giving Xander a hug.

“How did you get this?”

“I know some people who know some people”

After that the mood was pretty high so Xander suggested that they swim both Buffy and Willow agreed once he had told them that he had bathing suits that they could use. It was fun day and giving them the presents had been the right thing to do, once they had finished the girls needed to get home and Xander gave them a ride so they would have to carry there presents all the way back.

“Thanks for the presents Xander and it was fun” She said smiling.

“It was fun hanging with you girls. We are going to have to do again soon” Buffy nodded before she head in side her home still smiling.

“You okay Wills?” Xander asked once he was back in his impala.

“Um hu”

“What´s the matter?”

“It is so different, you are so different then you use to be” Willow said not looking at him.

“You are right I am different but that does´t mean it is a bad thing. I am still me the same Xander who gave you his yellow crayon when you broke yours and started to cry in kindergarten only a bit older and wiser” Which made Willow laugh/sob.

“Come here” He said scooping her up and hugging her.

“I will always be your friend Willow, nothing can ever change that. You know that right!”

“Okay” Willow said but her voice was muffled since her head was against Xander´s shoulder.

“Pinky swear” He said holding out his pinky which made Willow smile with slightly puffy eyes.

“Pinky swear” She said hooking her pinky around his.

“Now let´s get you home so you can play with you new computer” Xander said and drove off to drop Willow of.

Author Note
They are starting to warm up to Xander at least the girls are. Well now I have reached my first goal, 7 chapters in 7 days but it is far from over yet at least I hope it is. There will probably a bit longer in between chapters because writing a new chapter every day was hard but fun. I won´t have time to do that any more because real life will interfere for a while. I am aiming for a chapter once a week hoping I can swing that but if not then every once in a while.

And hey I just watched the trailer for Underworld: Awakening and it looks really good you guys should check it out.


Until next time

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander the Lycan" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Aug 11.

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