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The Captain’s Loose in Sunnydale

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Summary: Xander is convinced to wear a certain Captain's jacket for Halloween. What will Jack do when faced with the Hellmouth? SLASH and HET

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredMsSunshineFR183122,299716976,65613 Aug 1128 Dec 11No

Chapter One

Title: The Captain’s Loose in Sunnydale
Warnings: This is Captain Jack we're talking about people. Slash is inevitable so please don't flame me.
Timeline: Sometime after Torchwood meets Captain John Hart but before everybody dies
Pairings: Slash and Het flirting
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Torchwood belong to Joss Whedon and Russell T Davies respectively. I'm just borrowing them because they like to be kept busy.
Author's Note: Friendly reviews and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. This is a plot bunny that popped into my head this afternoon. I wrote it in about an hour so if you find any mistakes, I'm sorry.

The jacket that Xander found buried at the bottom of a bin overflowing with random costume pieces was a touch bit older than he had originally intended to get. His first instinct had been to get a simple plastic gun to go with his uncle’s decades old BDUs. Of course, that had been the plan before he had discovered just how badly rat eaten the uniform was. The best part about having found the World War II era jacket, was that the rest of his costume could be taken out of his own wardrobe. And he was sure that if he asked nicely enough, Giles would lend him some suspenders. He was positive that suspenders would go better with the outfit than a belt.

He went to the counter with the jacket and smiled at the proprietor, hoping against hope that he had enough money to get it. Hiding his anxiousness, he asked in as bored a tone as he could manage, “How much would this cost me?”

The old man behind the counter looked him up and down. Xander felt vaguely violated by the perusal. In a crass British accent -- Xander only had Giles’s voice to go by and, as the man’s was much less proper, he had to assume that it was crass -- the man replied, “That particular jacket is part of a set. Here, let me show you.”

He came out from behind the counter and led Xander through the store to the back display case. From the locked case, he pulled out a gun that was clearly as old as the coat and some kind of leather arm band. Immediately, Xander knew that he wouldn’t be getting the costume. Sure he had enough money stashed away in his bank account, but there was no way he would spend his hard earned pennies so frivolously.

“I cannot let go of that coat without selling the gun that goes with it,” the man stated.

“I guess I’ll find something else, then,” Xander replied. He offered the coat to the man as he explained, “There’s no way that I could afford that.”

Once again, the man looked him up and down. Xander had to stifle the urge to shift uncomfortably. He glanced about uneasily, trying to catch sight of Buffy and Willow, and took a surreptitious step back from the man. He really didn’t like the slimy way that he acted.

“Oh, I’m sure that we can come to some sort of understanding. As this is the last chance for me to sell it… why don’t we say $100 for the whole costume?”

Xander winced. It was a far cry from the five dollars in cash that he had in his pocket. The bank card stashed in the inner lining of his wallet was a direct line to a decent amount of dough, but, as great as the costume would be, he still couldn’t bring himself to spend the money. “No,” he finally replied. “I’m sorry, but that’s still too much.”

The man considered him for a long few minutes before he nodded in understanding. He put the gun and wrist strap back in the case and took the jacket from Xander. Just as Xander was about to beat a hasty exit, he said, “I’m closing the shop come morning, so everything must sell. I tell you what; if you come back at closing and I still haven’t sold this, I’ll give it to you for fifty. How does that sound?”

Xander gaped at the man. The whole costume in any other store would probably have cost hundreds of dollars. The man was practically giving it away. At the very least, Xander was sure that he could resell it on the internet for at least double what he would be paying for it. Convinced, he grinned and nodded. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”
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