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Buffy Summers: Rise of The Phoenix

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Summary: Buffy's choice of costume has far reaching effects and she is forced to leave her world behind in order to maintain the Balance. How will the heros of the Justice League handle the rise of a Phoenix?

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not a single thing. Buffy belongs to Whedon, Phoenix belongs to Marvel, and they aren't present yet, but Young Justice, the Justice League, and anyone else there belongs to DC. I'm making no money off this and am writing simply for my own enjoyment and the reviews I may or may not recieve. Though I hope they're good reviews if I do get them. That said... ON WITH THE SHOW!

Buffy stared out the library window up at the sun, smiling a bit sadly as she thought about what had happened last night. It was supposed to be a lazy night, no vampires, no demons. Halloween was supposed to be safe. A night off for people who hunted the things that went bump in the night. Then she'd got drafted into shepherding a bunch of kids around for trick or treating.

That meant she needed a costume, which would have been fine if she'd managed to get the one she wanted. Well, maybe not fine. Considering what Ethan Rayne had done, she could just imagine if she'd ended up running around as an eighteenth century noblewoman. She'd be dead and Spike would have a third Slayer on his scoreboard. She wasn't sure if what had happened was any better though.

She closed her eyes, letting her mind open up to all the others around her. As she did, she connected to the essence of the being within her, feeling it augment her powers so that she could not only reach the few in the school, but the hundreds in all of Sunnydale. She felt her mom in their home, worrying about her. Willow and Xander making their way toward the school a few blocks away. Giles' own worry as he hadn't heard from her since before last and hadn't been able to reach her. Cordelia leaving her house and walking to her car. Miss Calendar, no, Janna Kalderash, as she worked on her lap top. She smirked as she read the Mayor's mind, picking apart his plans without him any the wiser. His magical wards useless against the power she had at her disposal now. She'd have to deal with that before...

"I'd almost forgotten what I have to do." She said to herself.

She turned to face the door as she felt Giles reach it. She grinned watching the British librarian ignore her as he walked toward his office, and start his morning tea. He finally noticed her as he walked out of the office with a cup of what his mind told her was Earl Grey.

"BUFFY! Where have you been?" Giles rushed toward her.

"Had an... interesting night, Giles." She closed her mind off behind her own mental barriers, so that she would only pick up his surface thoughts if they were exceptionally loud.

"Yes, quite... the others didn't know what had happened to you, but Willow assured me you could handle yourself while under the spell, and..." Giles looked her over, "I knew as the Slayer you'd be capable once we broke it."

Buffy laughed, "I guess you could say that. Did they tell you who I went as?"

"Yes... they said it was a character named Jean Grey... a... telepath?" Giles said.

She nodded, "That's part of it. I went as Jean Grey, but Jean was a lot like me really."

"Oh? How so?" Giles sat down.

Buffy closed her eyes, letting her mind open again to feel where Xander and Willow were. She was timing this. Giles needed background first, then she could explain to them all what had to happen. She nodded.

"Jean was the host to a spiritual entity, much the way I was the Slayer." Buffy said.

"What entity? And what do you mean 'was'?" Giles looked at her, "You mean that last night caused you to pass on the Slayer's spirit?"

Buffy smiled, "No, I passed the slayer's spirit on last year when I died for a few minutes. The council hasn't seen fit to tell either of us. Just one of the things I discovered last night and this morning. There's a major difference between the slayer spirit and the phoenix force though. The slayer spirit is eternal in that it passes own to a successor when the present slayer dies. The Phoenix Force is... a lot more powerful, and much more eternal, in that it can resurrect it’s host from death... just like...”

“A phoenix rising from the ashes.” Giles eyes widened.

“It’s also is much more powerful than the slayer. Even if a slayer were allowed to reach her full potential, which they’ve never been able to do, the Phoenix is much more powerful. It is literally a cosmic entity.” Buffy sighed, “So it knew the moment it manifested in this reality, that something was wrong. It had never touched this reality before.”

“And I take it from your demeanor that it didn’t wish to leave, once it had.” Giles was saying just as Willow and Xander walked in, “You’re saying that you’re still the host of this... Phoenix Force.”

“WHAT!” The exclamation from Willow and Xander startled Giles, but Buffy just smiled.

“Yes, I am still the host to the Phoenix, still in possession of all of Jean’s powers and abilities, and many that not even she could accomplish.” Buffy smiled, “You see, the Phoenix didn’t just bond with me, it bonded with what was left of the slayer essence inside me. I’m stronger, faster, more agile, able to learn combat and strategy at an increased rate, and I have all of Jean’s Phoenix enhanced powers on top of it all.”

“Oh my...” Giles eyes widened.

“Alright!” Xander enthused, “The vamps won’t stand a chance!”

“Does... does that mean...” Willow started.

“Yes, Willow, it means I can read minds...” She smiled at the redhead, “And don’t worry...” ‘We’re still best friends, and you could have told me about your crush, I wouldn’t have freaked out.’

‘Thank you.’
Willow thought back at her. ‘Can we talk about it later?’

Buffy winced, “Actually, Xander, the vamps will have plenty of chance. See, while the Phoenix doesn’t WANT to leave this reality, it’s just too powerful of an entity to exist here as it does. It’s just a half step away from a god...”

“My word...” Giles eyes widened, “What... what does that mean?”

“I’m not going to be able to stay in this reality. I’m throwing off the balance. The powers that be tried...” Here she laughed and shook her head, “They tried to bind The Phoenix, to control it.”

Xander winced, “What were they smoking?”

“I know.” Buffy smiled, “You can’t control a force of nature, and that’s exactly what The Phoenix is. Once it was here, once it had manifested in this reality, it could not be caged, it could not be controlled, and with me as its host, it could not be killed. Not only would I resurrect myself, eventually, but since it was bound to my shard of the Slayer...”

“Good Lord!” Giles glasses were in his hand, with a cloth polishing them to a shine now.

“However, it still can’t be allowed to exist here, not in the form it does, or else evil will have to become more powerful to compensate. There’s only two ways they could do so. One... a dark mirror... a black copy of the Phoenix itself... not the Dark Phoenix, but... an entity of pure evil with all the Phoenix’s power... and neither of us would allow that. The other would be Old Ones, and again, neither of us wants that.” Buffy sighed.

“So what are you going to do?” Willow asked.

“Leave.” Buffy said, “I’m going to access the powers of the Phoenix and collapse myself into the void between worlds, then reincarnate in another existence. Into a world without The Phoenix, but one that can handle the power it represents.” Buffy smiled, “Thought I might try the hero thing on a wider scale...”

She could see the sad looks on all their faces, could feel the depression they felt. “Hey guys, don’t be sad. I’ve got till the end of the day to do a few things, and I’m not leaving you guys without hope or help. I’m gonna get the other slayer here, the one that was called when I died. And you guys WILL help her.”

“I’m also leaving a few presents behind, but we’ll get to that in a minute.” Buffy grinned, “I don’t want you guys to worry about me. I’ll be fine, and I’ll miss you, but I’ll be able to keep watch, even if I can’t come help for anything less than a god.”

Willow smiled sadly before she came over and hugged the blonde tightly, “I’m gonna miss you.”

“Me too, Wills, me too.” She hugged the hacker with all she had.

“You’ll always be my hero, Buffy.” Xander smiled at her sadly.

“Take care of yourself, dear girl.” Giles added.

“I will guys, don’t worry.” She released the red head, “Now! Presents before I go. Giles, you first. Show me your arm, let me see this ‘Mark of Eyghon’ that you were stupid enough to brand yourself with as a kid.”

Giles’ eyes widened, “How...”

Buffy just laughed, “One of the most powerful telepaths in history, backed by the power of a cosmic force...”

“Quite...” Giles sighed before unbuttoning his cuff and rolling up his sleeve to reveal the Mark of Eyghon on his forearm.

Buffy nodded as she examined the mark, then her eyes seemed to glow with a blue fire as an image of the Phoenix Raptor appeared, her hand hovered over the mark, fingers spread wide as a blue psychic flame erupted around it. As it did, black ‘dust’ started to rise from the mark as it slowly disappeared, before a flash of light caused it to vanish completely. The flames faded slowly as she smiled.

“There now, that spirit will never bother you, or any of the others again. Not even Ethan, but that was more because I couldn’t take the others without taking his too.” Buffy smiled at him, “Give your old friends a call and let them know.”

She walked over to Xander next, “Now for you...” She reached up and touched his head as her eyes glowed with the Phoenix’s presence again, and Xander’s body was engulfed in a blue flame of psychic energy. As it faded, Buffy smiled and stepped back, looking him over. “Not bad work.”

The rest just stared, not seeing any difference, though Xander was looking down at himself confused and flexing his arms as he balled his fist. “Buff... you...”

“Yep.” She grinned.

“What? What did you do Buffy? Xander? What did she do?” Willow asked, looking between them.

“I’m... not completely sure...” Xander said, “But it's...”

“I took the soldier's memories from last night, and reinforced them, as if they were Xander’s, and I gave him access to the Hyena remnant inside him, but with more control. All the benefits, none of the side effects like eating people or raping friends.” Buffy smiled, “Use it well, Xan.”

“The best I can, Buff.” Xander nodded.

“Now Willow.” Buffy grinned, as she pressed a palm over the red heads heart.

Willows eyes widened as they flashed blue once, then settled back to their natural green, before a sultry smirk graced her features and she shifted her stance a little. “What did..” Then her eyes widened.

“Yea, I just released a little of your id. A bit more confidence, nothing really drastic. You’re still you. You’re just you if you weren’t so shy and afraid of Cordelia.” ‘Show those sheep what my girl can do.’

“Thanks Buffy.” She leaned forward and kissed the blonde before she could answer. “I appreciate it.”

Buffy grinned. “I have to go. I’ve got more people to see and things to do before I leave. You guys won’t see me again though.”

“We understand Buff.” Xander nodded, though he was still shocked at seeing his best bud kiss his crush.

“I’ll miss you Buffy,” Willow said, “I guess you know how much.”

“Yea, Wills, but don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye out.” Buffy grinned.

“I’ll never forget you, Dear Girl.” Giles said.

“Bye, Watcher Mine.” Buffy grinned and then walked out of the library, seeming to fade from view as she did.

... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ...

Buffy smiled as she walked into the computer lab, still sending out the mental equivalent of a ‘you can’t see me, you can’t see me’. She could still be picked up on camera, or by machines, but to anything with a brain she was invisible. She smiled as Miss Calendar worked on a program for the computer class she’d be teaching later.

She let the illusion of invisibility drop as she sat down in front of the teacher’s desk, “Hello Janna of Clan Kalderash.” Buffy grinned.

Janna jumped and looked up at Buffy with wide eyes her hand reaching for something in the desk, “Buffy... what... how...”

“Relax, I’m not mad... though you should have told us, and you should still tell the others. It isn’t going to be much of an issue anymore, since I’m leaving, but the clause in Angel’s curse is if he gets a moment of true happiness, he loses his soul.”

“What... how do you know this, what’s going on? Leaving?” The techno-pagan started to worry as she looked around.

“Last night, I went as Jean Grey for Halloween.” Buffy provided, “And Ethan’s spell connected me to...”

“The Phoenix.” Janna’s eyes widened.

“Yep.” Buffy grinned, “Now, I’m here to say goodbye, give you a present, and ask a couple favors. I figure you owe me because of what’s been going on with Angel and you lying to us. I get why you did, but you still shouldn’t have.”

“What do you want to ask me to do?” Janna was cautious now, realizing she was talking to someone much more powerful than her.

“First, train Willow in witchcraft. She’s got a lot of power, and she needs to learn to use it the right way, instead of stealing Giles’ books, which is what she’s doing now.” Buffy said.

“Oh my, I certainly will, I didn’t know that...” Janna’s eyes were worried at that fact.

“Yes, the second, is that you’ll start researching a way to make Angel’s soul permanent. Not for me. I won’t be here, but for him so he’ll never have to worry about losing it, and can have a chance at redemption.” Buffy eye’s flashed with blue fire.

Janna gulped, “I can... certainly try.”

“Good.” Buffy smiled, “Now, a gift.” She reached out with her hand and blue fire flew from her palm and into the techno-pagan, causing her eyes to flash with the Phoenix raptor. A moment later the flame stopped and her eyes returned to normal.

“What did you do.” Janna lifted her hand and blue flame danced in it.

“I gave you a small touch of cosmic fire. Not enough to unbalance anything, but enough to protect yourself and make you a slightly stronger witch. I wouldn’t try to fight a powerful demon if I were you, but you should be safe from fledgling vampires and all but the oldest masters.” Buffy grinned. “I’ve got to go see a few more people, before I leave for good. I’ll be watching though. You help take care of my friends. Alright?”

“Of course, Buffy.” Jenny smiled, “And thank you.”

Buffy nodded as she faded from view. Janna thought for a minute. ‘I know you just made me think you vanished, but that was still a nice trick Buffy. Good luck.’

... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ...

Buffy smirked as she looked down on the Watcher’s council chambers. She’d used her mental powers to control Quentin Travers and had him call this meeting of the entire council. It had been fun, using the Phoenix’s power to fly across the ocean at a speed most couldn’t contemplate, surrounded by her blue psychic and cosmic fire. Now she was standing in a corner of the room, hidden from their minds as everyone came in. Finally the last of the Council of Watchers walked in.

She watched as they all sat and waited for the meeting to start. Smirking as it slowly dawned on them that none of them were going to start things. Finally one of them spoke up.

“Quentin, why did you call this meeting?” A man with graying blond hair and a well trimmed beard and mustache asked.

“Me, Roger?” Quentin Travers eyes widened, “I was under the impression that this was called by...” And he trailed off, “I can’t remember why I’m here... hmm...”

“You’re here gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, because I called this meeting.” Buffy faded into view, walking around the table, using the power of the Phoenix to make her eyes glow with the Phoenix Raptor burning in them. “Granted, I ‘possessed’ Quentin so he’d do all the actual calling, but it was still me that wanted the meeting.”

“And just who are you?” Quentin said, starting to bluster as he tried to summon guards, “Do you have any idea who we are? What we can do to you?”

“You’re the Head Council of Watchers, and you, Quentin my friend, are the leader of the council.” Buffy said. “As for who I am, I’m Buffy Summers.” She smirked as they all looked up sharply at that, “Ah I see you know my name. That’s right, Buffy Summers, and until last night, I was a Slayer. Notice I said, A Slayer and not THE Slayer. I’m well aware of Miss Young in South America. She’ll need to be moved to Sunnydale soon since I won’t be there after today.”

“WHAT!” The watchers all looked at her.

“Miss Summers, you can not shirk your duty. Now I don’t know what magic or witch you’ve employed to bring this meeting about, but I can assure you that if you do not do your duty, or if you have gone rogue, then you WILL be sanctioned.” Travers threatened.

Buffy just laughed, “As I said, till last night, I WAS a Slayer. You haven't gotten the report yet, but a chaos mage cast a spell, turning most of Sunnydale into whatever they dressed as for Halloween. For most this was no big deal, but I was dressed as a character that had been bonded to a Cosmic Entity known as The Phoenix. The Phoenix didn’t exist in this reality till that spell connected me to it, but now that it does... it isn’t going to leave me. Basically gentlemen, I’m one step below a god so if you dare to think you can threaten me...”

Suddenly Buffy’s hair flowed in an unfelt wind and cosmic flames erupted around her in the form of the Phoenix raptor as she reached a hand out sheathed in the flaming talon of the Phoenix Force. “I’ll burn you all into oblivion and erase your very existence from time.”

She smirked as the fires died and the now fully cowed watchers stared at her.

“Now, I’m here for a few reasons... one, the Cruciamentum is no longer an acceptable practice.” Her eyes flamed again as she stared at Quentin. “And believe me, I WILL be watching. Another thing is that the Slayer will be given a proper support staff from this point on. I’ve already taken care of part of that in Sunnydale, so Kendra WILL be working with the Scoobies. You’ll also be providing them with funding, weapons, and support for any major apocalypses. Finally, you will no longer be taking Potentials away from their families. You will HELP the families raise their daughter, and prepare her AND them for what being a slayer entails. I hope all that is clear.”

“And...” Quentin gulped, “Why would we agree to any of this?”

“Well, I could say because it’s for the good of the world... but the truth is, because if you don’t, none of you will leave this room alive.” Her eyes hardened.

All the watchers gulped at this as they took in her flaming eyes. Most of them believed her, but a few were considering plans to deal with her, and continue on as they already had been.

“Before you get too far along in your plans to try and have me killed and just continue as usual, I think you should be aware of a few things. One, I can not only possess people, but I can read your minds so I know what you’re thinking before you do. Second, even if you did manage to kill me somehow, think of what I told you. The cosmic entity I’m bonded too is The PHOENIX Force. What does a phoenix do when it dies?”

“Reincarnates from it’s own ashes...” Quentin’s eyes widened.

“Bingo. On top of that, the powers would twin in any Slayer called from my death... so you’d not have one being of immeasurable power, but two... the cycle propagating indefinitely... Lucky for you guys I can’t remain in this reality indefinitely. I can still watch... and I will be... through my chosen, and through the slayer line. And Quentin...” She spread held her hand out as it flamed with cosmic fire, her eyes boring into his as his own were overcome with the Phoenix Raptor.

Suddenly Quentin started to scream as he pulled his sleeve up and watched as the symbol of a phoenix burned itself into his arm. It was black as night and still burned with a slight ache. The rest of the Council stared as they saw the mark that seemed to appear on his skin merely at the will of the being before them.

“I’ll be watching through YOU as well.” Buffy finished as she smirked.

“I see.” Quentin hissed, “I believe you’ve made yourself clear, Miss Summers.”

“Good,” Buffy smiled sweetly, “Because of the Balance, I’m not staying, I can’t... or things could get a lot worse for this world. I have no desire to see the old ones running around again. That doesn’t mean I’m going to let YOU ruin this world either.” Buffy looked out the window. “I’ve just a couple more stops to make before I leave this reality, but I’ll check back in a week or so, if things aren’t going the way I’ve explained. All of you will regret it.” With that Buffy caused her cosmic fire to erupt around her in the form of a phoenix before it burnt out and she was gone.

She smirked as she once again hid herself from them, listening in on what they decided.

“Well gentlemen, it would seem we have no choice.” Roger pointed out.

“Indeed.” Quentin sighed, “Miss Summers has quite firmly made her stance, and power known.” He looked at the brand now burnt into his arm.

“Some of the field watchers and the more ‘progressive’ elements have been saying for years that the Slayer would turn on the Council eventually.” A dark haired man said from his seat near the end of the table, “That we should treat her as a person, not as a weapon. I guess we’ve finally seen it come to fruition.”

“Indeed.” An older man said, “What should we do, Quentin?”

“Exactly has she has demanded. I see no other choice.” He sighed, “Roger, put things in motion. If you all would excuse me, I wish to go home, drink a strong brandy, and try to forget this night for a while.” Each of them nodded, “Then, meeting adjourned.”

Buffy grinned as she left from the window after they’d all gone. “Three more stops.” She whispered to herself before her flames erupted around her.

... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ...

Buffy smirked as she watched the South American slayer training with her Watcher. The girl wasn’t bad, but she moved too mechanically. There was no imagination, no fire. She could tell from just watching that this was all she had. Being the Slayer was her entire life. She lived to die for the council. Well, Buffy would just have to change that.

“Not bad, Kendra, not bad at all.” She dropped her illusion as she walked toward the girl, arms crossed and a smile on her face.

The black slayer quickly turned to face her and fell into an aggressive stance while her Watcher move behind her and slightly to the side. Buffy watched as he tried to make his way closer to the weapons table. Buffy could have easily used her telekinesis to stop either of them, but she chose not to yet. No reason to do this the hard way.

“Relax, I’m not an enemy. Actually, I’m more like your new best friend, sister, and mom all rolled into one.” She grinned, “My name is Buffy Summers.”

“My word!” The Watcher’s eyes widened, “You’re...”

“That’s right, I was the slayer that resulted in Kendra’s calling.” She grinned, “Guess the people who created the Slayer never considered CPR.”

Kendra was still poised to attack, but the Watcher was slowly starting to relax, “Miss Summers, can you... perhaps offer some proof as to who you are, and tell us why you‘re here?”

“Hmm,” She tapped her chin, “I could, but it’d all be moot considering what happened last night. You see, a chaos mage cast a spell on the Hellmouth, turning people into their costumes. Because of who I dressed as, when the spell was broken, I still kept her powers, and her connection to a cosmic entity known as The Phoenix. Even if I weren’t Buffy Summers, I could just pluck anything I needed for proof right from your minds. What’s important though, is why I’m here. Because of the being I fused with, I’m a threat to the Balance.”

The Watcher’s eyes widened, “What do you intend to do?”

“I’m going to use my powers to leave this reality, so that I no longer effect the Balance. Before I do though, I’m changing a few things to make life better not just for my friends, but for the Slayer line as a whole. I intend to leave... hmm, not my full powers or we’d have the same problem all over again, but an echo of it. See, the Phoenix force, fused with the essence of the Slayer I held. You got the Slayer’s spirit, but I still had the essence that it awakens in all slayers when their called.” She looked at Kendra.

Kendra frowned, “What do you intend ta do wid me?”

Buffy smiled, “Well, for one, you’ll both have to go to Sunnydale and team up with my friends,” she turned to the watcher here, “Don’t worry, the Council already knows, I visited them” her eyes flashed with blue fire, “before I came here. They’ll watch your back and help you protect the Hellmouth. That way, you may live to see your twenties, and hopefully, much longer.”

Both of their eyes widened at this, and the Watcher stepped forward. “Relax, Kendra, I believe she’s telling the truth.”

Buffy smiled as Kendra slowly let herself relax from the fighting stance and just stared at Buffy. “Very well.” The girl was still tense.

“Relax Kendra. I really am on your side.” She looked at the Watcher, picking his name up from their minds, “Mr. Zabuto, there’s some more stuff you should know as well. I also forced the council to discontinue the Cruciamentum, and change the way they handle slayers. Which means I expect you to help Kendra get a life outside of slaying. Her duty is important, but so is she.”

Zabuto smiled at this, “It would be my pleasure, Miss Summers.”

“Now, Kendra, for your gift before I go.” She slowly walked toward Kendra, “Relax, this won’t hurt at all, and it’ll make slaying MUCH easier.”

Kendra nodded as Buffy put her hand on the girls heart, smiling as she saw and felt Kendra’s effort not to attack her out of reflex. She let the power of the Phoenix surround them both as she dived into Kendra’s mind. Soon both of them were standing in the astral plane. Buffy wore a black sleeveless body suit with a white phoenix symbol across her chest, while Kendra stared at the strange surroundings in her training clothes.

“Welcome, to the astral plane.” Buffy smiled as she gestured around them.

“What... where...” Kendra just stared.

“The astral plane is a plane where psychics, telepaths, and mystics who can astral project can congregate. A psychic realm that is shaped by those who use it. I’ve left this little corner of it bare for what we have to do. You need a crash course in the powers I’m going to give you, even if they aren’t as strong as mine.” She smiled, “This won’t take long, but I wanted to talk to you without your Watcher as well. To show you a few things.”

“Such as?” Kendra asked then she frowned, “How...”

“I’d think that would be obvious. You aren’t actually speaking. You’re thinking. So no accent.” Buffy smiled.

Kendra nodded, “You said you’re giving me new powers?”

“Yes.” Buffy smiled as she waved a hand through the mist surrounding them “Telepathy, telekinesis, and my psychic fire. None of these will be as strong as I have, but they will still be useful for you. The telepathy will be the hardest to master, but you should manage it if you meditate regularly and remember it’s rude to read someone’s thought’s without permission, well, except for bad guys.

“Telekinesis is going to be useful, and again, while not as powerful as mine, it’ll still be strong. You’ll be able to lift, as much as you can physically, and as many as you can concentrate on. Be careful to practice your aim though, and don’t over tax yourself. Remember, you aim with your thoughts, with your mind. Not your hand or eye.

“Last is the psychic fire. It CAN burn like real fire, but the true power is in what it can do to the mind. You can use it to stun, kill, cause pain, fear, confusion. It’s as versatile as it needs to be, and can burn the mind and body as one. You can shape it to your will, much like you can the astral plane.” She held her hand out and the phoenix flames became a huge talon sheathing her arm and hand, then she shifted her hand and they transformed into a flaming sword before she dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

Buffy smirked as she watched images and lessons flash through Kendra’s mind as she spoke. Each description seeming to unlock hidden knowledge for the slayer. She nodded as the younger girl held out her hand and called forth a fireball in her hand, before shaping it into a talon of her own, though smaller than the one Buffy had created, before making a sword as well. She smiled as she dismissed the flames and looked back the Phoenix avatar.

“Thank you.” The girl just smiled.

“Alright, now lets get back to the real world.” Buffy pulled them both from the astral plane and back into their bodies smiling as the flames around them died.

When Kendra looked up, the phoenix raptor flashed blue in her eyes before changing to a deep green and dieing away.

“You’ll have your hands full with her now, Mr. Zabuto. Watch out for her, and keep her safe. The Scoobies will watch your back when you hit Sunnydale, you return the favor, alright Kendra?”

“I will, Buffy.” Kendra smiled as she called on her fire and a green fireball manifested in her palm. She nodded. “I’ll keep dem safe for you.”

Buffy smiled, stepping back as the Phoenix flame engulfed her again and she started to float into the air. “I’ll be watching, Kendra. And you know how to reach me if you need to.”

“De Astral Plane.” Kendra nodded.

“Her powers are part of the slayer line now. They’ll pass on just like the rest, so make sure you learn how to train them with her, Mr. Zabuto.” The fire around her took the form of the Phoenix raptor and she flew off into the sky.

... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ...

Buffy sat down lightly in front of city hall. Her mind opened up and she quickly scanned those inside, using them to learn the layout and who was innocent and who wasn’t. She nodded as she sent a gentle push into the minds of the innocents. She watched as they all made excuses over the next few minutes and left, heading to their homes. Within moments, the only ones inside were the guilty. Buffy considered her course of action for a few moments before using her powers to alter matter at the atomic level.

In a moment, her clothes had changed from a normal outfit, into the black bodysuit and white phoenix symbol she’d worn on the astral plane. She smirked as she looked down at herself before nodding and stalking confidently into the building. Immediately one of the security demons that could pass as human started to move toward her.

Without bothering to fight the creature, she sent out a wave of telekinetic energy that slammed him into a wall with enough force to liquefy his internal organs. Another gesture and its head was ripped from its shoulders. Two vampires rushed into the room from the back of the building and she shot her hand forward as a flaming talon. It engulfed the vampires, dusting them instantly.

She looked around and noticed a few more demons rushing into the room, these obviously not human. She wasn’t sure of what breed they were but as she surrounded herself with the fires of the Phoenix she didn’t really care. Her flaming blue claws flashed forward, burning and killing any demon foolish enough to stand in her way as she started to make her way toward the stairs.

By the time she reached them, the main lobby of city hall was covered in burnt and dismembered demons, and a few humans who knew what was going on. She stepped onto the stairs as she sensed the first magical attack coming at her and she raised a telekinetic shield to deflect the lightning bolt. She turned and looked up, smiling.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor. I’m sorry I don’t have an appointment, but I was hoping you’d be free to see me anyway.” She quipped as she let the blue flames manifest into the full form of the Phoenix raptor around her body and started to float into the air.

“My my, Miss Summers, it seems last night’s festivities left you with a gift. But do you really think you can get away with what you’re doing?” The Mayor smiled cordially as he started to channel power for another spell.

Buffy just shook her head, “You’re not very aware of what I dressed as, are you Mayor Wilkins? Let me clear things up.” She gestured and a blast of telekinetic energy threw the sorcerer backwards and into a wall as she floated toward him.

“Jean Grey was the host of a powerful cosmic entity known as The Phoenix Force.” She reached out with a talon of cosmic fire and grabbed the Mayor, burning him for a moment, before throwing him down the hall. “That’s why your little magic doesn’t stand a chance against me right now. If you’d had time to prepare, you may have managed it. But as is?”

“You’ll, pay for this, Missy.” The Mayor hissed as he stood, and his hand shot forward firing an energy ball at her.

Buffy just grinned as she gestured and knocked the energy ball back toward him, smirking as it hit his stomach and caused a wound that made the man scream with agony. Buffy stepped from the air and onto the floor as she stalked toward the wounded mage, her fire dieing down till it only covered her arms again with flaming talons. She looked down at the man as she reached him.

“Your plan was brilliant, really. It might have worked if not for the nature of chaos and the power I inherited. It's just unlucky for you that I found out about it before I had to leave. My presence here will throw off the balance if I stay too long. But there was no way I was going to let you get the chance to hurt my friends.” Buffy reached back, the blue flames burning so hot now that they turned almost pure white, the claws spread wide.

“I...” He coughed, “guess I can understand that, Miss Summers. I can’t blame you for protecting them, though I do wish I’d succeeded in my ambition. Goodbye, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

“Goodbye, Richard Wilkins,” Buffy’s hand launched forward and the flaming claw grasped him again, before he was burnt to nothing, not even ash remained.

Buffy looked up as she reached out with her mind. She felt the police approaching, and smiled as she transformed her uniform back into normal clothes while floating out a window in the back and heading toward her home for her last long talk. She smirked as she landed silently in her back yard and looked back toward the center of town. She felt her mom inside still worrying about her.

She walked up the back steps with a smile and opened the door, “Mom! I’m home, and we need to talk.” She called upstairs as she walked into the living room.

“Buffy! There you are! You didn’t come home last night, I was so worried, and Willow and Xander didn’t know where you were.” She rushed toward her daughter, hugging her tight.

Buffy just smiled sadly as she wrapped her arms around her mom, “Hey Mom, sorry about that... but things got a little crazy last night and some stuff has happened. We need to talk.”

“Buffy, what’s wrong?” Her mom sat down on the couch with her as she looked worriedly at her daughter.

“Remember when I was kicked out of Hemery and I tried to tell you guys about the Slayer, and vampires?” Buffy asked, and held her hand up to stop her mom as she saw the worried and slightly angry look in her eyes, “Hold on, I know you don’t believe it, that you didn’t then but this ties in and I have proof this time so just listen please...”

Joyce sighed, and then took a deep breath before nodding. “Ok, Buffy, but this had better be some pretty impressive proof.”

The living avatar of the Phoenix grinned, “Thanks, Mom. Like I told you back then, vampires are real, and so are a lot of other things like demons, witches, ghosts, and a whole host of other supernatural beings. The good guys, a long time ago when history was still taught by word of mouth, needed someone to fight back against the darkness though. So they captured a powerful demon, and bound its essence to a young girl. She was the first slayer. Eventually, she was killed, but the spirit of the slayer passed on to the next, and then the next, and the next down the line till it came to me back at Hemery. After what happened there though and the mental institution, I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. Unfortunately, you moved us to vampire central mom. Turns out that my school was built on top of a Hellmouth which is exactly what the name implies.”

Buffy paused, seeing her mom's disbelieving and slightly angry look, “Wait, I’m getting to why we have to have this talk and the proof, just give me a few more minutes.” Buffy took a deep breath, “Anyway, last night was Halloween, and I’m sure you know about all the craziness that went on. I’m not sure what the ‘official’ story is though.”

“You mean that gas leak that had people acting crazy, is that what’s brought all this talk back up?” Joyce asked.

“Gas leak,” Buffy grinned, “Hmm... not even a good cover. Gas would kill, not cause hallucinations.” Buffy shook her head as she noticed her mom's look turn from certain to confused, “What really happened is that a chaos mage named Ethan Rayne opened a costume shop and cast a spell on the costumes that he sold so that anyone wearing one would be changed into whatever they dressed as.”

“You really expect me to believe that Buffy?” Joyce asked, “That you turned into Jean Grey last night and that’s why we’re sitting here discussing something that just isn’t possible.”

‘But it’s true mom.’ Buffy sent to her mother’s mind, smiling at the shocked look that came over her face, ‘I kept all of Jean’s powers. That’s how I’m talking in your mind right now.’

Joyce’s eyes widened in fear, “That’s... it’s not...”

“It’s true Mom, and yes it is possible. There’s a reason I kept my powers though, when no one else did.” Buffy said, “Jean was the host of a powerful cosmic entity, and when you invite something that powerful into a reality where it hasn’t manifested before...”

“It isn’t likely to want to leave.” Joyce’s eyes widened.

Buffy smiled as she stood up and stepped away from her mother and called on the full power of the Phoenix, manifesting a flaming raptor around her body and transforming her clothes into the black and white jumpsuit she’d chosen for herself. She let the fire die down, but kept the jumpsuit on.

“That’s... certainly some proof.” Joyce continued to stare at her daughter in wonder and slight fear. Not of Buffy, but at everything else that she’d just learned.

“There’s more mom...” Buffy said, “This universe, it isn’t prepared for a being with the power of the Phoenix. My being here is going to throw things out of balance. There is a war going on between good and evil, but its a war with rules. My being here throws off those rules because I’m too powerful for anything evil could normally throw at us. They could balance the scales, but that would cost more lives in the long run. I don’t relish the thought of an evil version of Phoenix flying around creating chaos or Old Ones walking the earth and attempting to enslave humanity again. That means, I can’t stay in this reality.”

Joyce’s eyes widened as she realized what her daughter was saying, “What?”

“I can’t stay in this reality. I’ve had today to say goodbye and do a few last minute things with my power before I have to leave for good, but this is direct from The Creator. Not the Powers that Be, or some god or other, but The Alpha and Omega himself. I’m just too powerful for this reality, I won’t be banished completely I can still come back to help under... certain situations, but I won’t be allowed to stay here and fight on a regular basis.”

Joyce hugged her daughter tightly, “I don’t want to lose you baby.”

Buffy hugged her tightly, “I know mom, I don’t want to lose you either... but, we don’t have to.” Buffy sighed, “I CAN take you with me, if you want to go, but... we’ll be starting with nothing but the clothes on our backs. It’ll be hard, and we’ll be going to a world that can handle a being of my power, which means a world with super heroes, and super villains... so...”

“So you’ll still be fighting, just not demons and vampires...” Joyce said, catching what her daughter was saying.

“I have power mom, I can’t not use it to help people.” Buffy said.

Joyce nodded, “I didn’t raise you to ignore people in need.” She hugged her daughter again and kissed her on the cheek. “When do we leave.”

“You’re coming with me?” Buffy asked.

“I’m not losing my daughter, not to anything, not even God if I can help it.” Joyce said.

“Well, since we’re both going, we can leave whenever you’re ready.” Buffy smiled.

“Let me make a few calls, and we’ll go. Though, I wish I knew what to do with the Gallery.” Joyce sighed.

“I have a suggestion...” Buffy smiled, “Leave it to Giles.”

“Your Librarian?” Joyce frowned.

“Giles was my Watcher. The Watchers are the ones who train and prepare the slayer to face her calling.” Buffy said, “He’s been a second father to me, since...”

Joyce smiled, “Alright. I’ll call him and my lawyer and have it all turned over to him.”

Buffy smiled, “And I’ll go get Mr. Gordo and leave my goodbye note.”

“You didn’t say goodbye to your friends?” Joyce asked.

“All but one. I can’t tell him goodbye... it... it’s complicated. That’s why I’m leaving him the note.” Buffy’s smile was a little sad.

“Alright Buffy,” Joyce’s smile was sad as she kissed the top of her daughter’s head and went to make her phone calls.

... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ... Phoenix ... BtVS ...

Xander and Willow walked into the library after school, smiles on their faces. Both were rather pleased with the day they’d had after Buffy’s gifts. They were still sad that they wouldn’t see their friend again unless something truly dire happened, but they were happy that she was enjoying her new chance at life. They both walked toward Giles on the phone.

“Yes, Mrs. Summers, I understand. Thank you for everything, and send Buffy my love, and let her know that her friends will miss her.” He smiled at the two teens who’d joined him, “Goodbye Mrs. Summers. I wish you and Buffy both the best of luck.”

“That was Buffy’s mom?” Willow asked.

“Yes, it seems she is joining Buffy on her journey to another world.” Giles smiled, “She refuses to lose her daughter if she can help it.”

“And we aren’t joining her why?” Xander asked.

“You know why Xan.” Willow said, “One, we have lives here that we can’t leave behind the way she can. Two, she’s trusting us to help the new slayer when she gets here. And three, while Buffy may know some common knowledge things about whatever world she turns up in, someone like you could destabilize everything with ‘future knowledge’ if you ended up in a universe you knew too much about.”

“Don’t confuse me with logic Willow.” Xander sighed.

“I have more news as well,” Giles said, “Willow, Miss Calendar is going to begin your magical training, and it seems Buffy left her a goodbye gift as well. She also paid a visit to the Council, and they will be funding us more generously from now on and providing weapons and support as needed. The New Slayer, Kendra, and her Watcher, a Sam Zabuto, will be here in a few days as well. And it seems Buffy left Kendra an, echo of her power. Not the Phoenix force itself, more like a shard of power, Mr. Zabuto says. Granting her telepathy, telekinesis, and the psychic flames we witnessed.”

“Between the new Slayer, me, and Willow getting training in magic, Sunnydale should be safer than it’s been in years.” Xander smiled.

“Quite.” All of them moved toward the window.

“I wonder if we’ll know when she leaves.” Willow sighed.

“I’m guessing the whole town will...” Xander said, pointing to a blue light floating up into the sky in the direction of Buffy’s house.

Suddenly the light grew brighter and a giant blue firebird lit up the sky, its wings spread wide. It seemed to hang there burning the sky and challenging the sun as the flames danced along the raptor’s form. Then just as suddenly and brilliantly as it appeared, the Phoenix started to spin and collapse in on itself, before in a brilliant flash it vanished.

“What do you think Sunnydale syndrome will make of that? It had to be visible for miles... they probably saw it in L.A.” Willow grinned.

“Leave it to Buffy to know how to make a truly amazing exit.” Xander nodded.

“Goodbye, Dear Girl.” Giles whispered, a single tear falling from his eye.

EndNote: That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and hope you review. A few end of chapter things. This was mostly a setup and goodbye chapter for the Buffyverse. I have no plans to do anything more with the changed version of the Buffyverse I've created because of Phoenix Buffy's actions. The rest of my story will take place in the DC universe. If someone wants to write about what happens with the Scoobies and everyone after Buffy left, feel free, but let me know so I can read it. Next, is a... hmm... not really a poll, since I'm not giving you a list of choices, but who should be the First Contact when Buffy and Joyce reach the DC-verse? I'm stuck on deciding who they should meet when they arrive. There's just too many good choices, so I thought I'd ask for reviews and who you all thought should be the first to encounter Phoenix. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon.
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