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A new path

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayers in Hawaii". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 14* Sequel to Life’s not Fair. How Faith met Danny. Alternatively, why it is a bad idea to threaten the lives of the people the chosen two care for.

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Television > Hawaii Five-OhellbellsFR1511,253052,88714 Aug 1114 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii 5-0 or BtVS . I only own my twisted imagination!

Danny ‘Danno’ Williams rocked up to the McGarrett family home wondering just how the insane-SEAL would try to take years off his life today. He thought he had an ally in Steve’s wife until she’d tracked down Hesse with a single-mindedness that put Steve to shame. However, Danny did enjoy watching Buffy toss the rotten son of a bitch all around the quarry until he gladly surrendered to Steve and Danny. Danny had been relieved that they had managed to find the codes without having to steal the money from asset-forfeiture.

He knocked on the door and was very surprised when a sultry brunette in leather answered the door. She was obviously a friend of one of the McGarretts’ it took a special brand of crazy to wear leather in Hawaii. Honestly, who did that? He would make sure that Steve never bitched at him about his tie ever again.

“Can you tell psycho-SEAL that he may be out of the army at the moment but basic time-keeping is still good?”

The brunette looked him up and down in blatant perusal, “B there is a motor mouth at the door.”

Danny spluttered in outrage, I mean really he was from New Jersey but that was rude on a level that he had not encountered. He heard Buffy’s laugh from the kitchen, “Let Danny in Faith. If you're good he‘ll give you a Malasada.”

Faith let the door loose and motioned for him to enter. Old habits died hard and Faith would never issue a vocal invitation.

He walked into the kitchen and Danny followed trying to refrain from checking out her ass but it was a losing battle. She perked up hearing he had Malasadas, she offered him a sexy smile, “Please tell me you have something non healthy?”

Danny smirked, it was one of the things that he bitched about when around at the McGarrett home. He handed over one of his precious Malasadas to Faith while he looked around for Steve, “Where is Super-SEAL?”

Buffy twirled around, “He’s swimming.” Any other explanation about why he was late up was not going to come from her. She hoped to distract him, “How is Grace?”

Danny smiled in a way that only a proud father could. “She’s doing great won an essay competition. Thanks for helping her with the Latin.”

Buffy shrugged it off; the majority of information about the supernatural was in Latin. Even when you avoided research, you still picked up some if it. “No worries I was glad to help.”

Danny started quizzing his partner about Faith as soon as he got into the car. Steve smirked knowing what was happening, “Why do you wanna know Danno?”

Danny squirmed, “No reason I‘m just being polite.”

Steve snorted, “Faith defies description but I have a feeling if you two can get past the barbs then you’ll be great.”

Danny was a man and he doubted that any man who met Faith would not their mind wander just a little bit. It had been a long time for him because he was faithful by nature. He wanted stability in his life because he did not want to disrupt Grace’s life. He did not know that he had just met his future wife. A wife, who was strong enough, to handle him and she adored Grace.

The case had been brutal and long. As soon as the case had finished Steve had been on the phone to his wife. It was becoming something of a ritual. Danny appreciated that everyone needed a lifeline to stop them drowning in the dregs of society that they often dealt with. His was Grace and Steve’s was Buffy.

When Buffy and Faith entered the bar, Danny’s jaw dropped. In fairness, most guys followed them with their eyes. Faith was still wearing leather trousers but she was now wearing a halter belly top that showed her figure to perfection. Buffy was favouring beachwear often worn by islanders - denim shorts and a bikini top. The men were not stupid, they were well aware that Buffy was married to Steve. Therefore, while they would look they would never touch.

The irony was that they would be in more trouble if the tiny blonde McGarrett got her hands on them, rather than Super-SEAL. Steve would beat them up Buffy would toy with them first. Faith sat next to Danny and they bantered and traded barbs back and forth. The team and Buffy shared amused glances about the obvious chemistry between the pair.

It was only the beginning. It turns out, that Faith’s little holiday turned into a permanent move. The chosen two could teach in the sun and were on call for any of the major apocalypses. Of course, Danny would still rant but all could see that he was happier in recent months.

Life was going fairly smoothly for the team until Wo-Fat surfaced. Buffy would hate the man for being responsible for the murder of Steve’s parents. Then, he made the mistake of resurfacing and threatening the 5-0 team. Big mistake, the Slayers were territorial and you had to be suicidal to threaten people they loved.

Wo-Fat was sitting down in the restaurant and smiling smugly as he threatened Steve McGarrett. Well, that was until the two women sat down on either side of him.

Buffy sat down and greeted Steve brightly, “Hey Honey.”

If it had not been Wo-Fat, Steve would have enjoyed the look of surprise. “Hey babe. It seems Wo-Fat wants to threaten my team and you.”

Faith smirked but it was not a warm smile. “Well that was stupid you shouldn’t threaten Danno. I take it personally.”

Wo-Fat could not move, as he was held firmly in place by Buffy. It was her turn; she spoke conversationally, “It would be best for you to leave this Island. After all, Faith will kill you outright if you look at Detective Williams or his daughter.”

Woo-Fat looked at Faith, as she emphatically agreed with Buffy‘s assessment. She was close to Danny and Grace and she would end anyone who looked funnily at them. She picked up a chip and dipped it in ketchup, “That’s true but Buffy here. Well, she learned from a master how to inflict pain and misery and keep you alive.”

Wo-Fat looked at the Queen Slayer’s eyes and knew that every word Faith said was the truth. Buffy smiled but it never reached her eyes. In that moment, she was all slayer and for the first time in his life, Wo-Fat felt hunted. Buffy smirked, “You look at any of my family or friends. I’ll hurt you and I’ll do it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.”

In truth, Angelus had taught her everything she would ever need to know. Wo-Fat took the threat seriously, after he did some digging, he left the Island. He realised that they were some people that you just do not cross Buffy McGarrett and Faith Lehane were two such people.

A year later, things were going what passed for smooth for the 5-0 team. Well, Steve still delighted in causing mayhem and Danny complained that psycho-SEAL was taking years off his life. Overall, life was good, unless, they had upset their wives, then they slept on their couches in the office. It was just safer for everyone involved. The men just hoped their tempers cooled quickly.

The End

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