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Summary: Fargo hears something in Holly's lab

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Television > Eureka(Past Donor)betascudFR1321,020062,34915 Aug 1125 Aug 11Yes



Eureka and BtVS belong to other parties, unassociated with me in any way.

Note: This takes place during 4x16. Seriously, HOW did Jo destroy the indestructible bug with her boots alone? That stupid plot-hole made me write this shortie here. You shouldn't expect this to turn a full story, but I may throw around some scenes if the next episodes irritate me.

Vi sighted heavily. She was supposedly stuck in the doors to the testing chamber and needed to pretend to be unable to move. She couldn’t blow her cover… Unless the situation became even more dire and the roof started to fall down into the room. She had made enough mistakes this day as is…

First there had been her high tolerance to the extreme environmental conditions during the test – she didn’t really sweat much, ever, but that time she had taken of the top of her jumpsuit anyway, just to fit in. That hadn’t really been an obvious clue to her supernatural powers – some people were naturally more resistant to heat and with her small frame it wasn’t so far-fetched for her to be one.

Then, there had been the boredom test – she would have failed that if not for the long weeks of lectures she had spent preparing for this mission. Most Slayers had a low tolerance for boredom and inactivity – thankfully she had been cured of it.

The worst slip had been the supposedly indestructible construction bug – that she had squished with her boot. Nobody else grasped the consequences of that yet. She hoped nobody would. The strength required to partially flatten the tiny robot was enormous by everyday standards. Maybe she would find some kind of excuse before somebody investigated it? Or maybe the Supernatural Syndrome (the name they adopted after the Sunnydale Syndrome was too small a moniker) would be enough?

Her last slip had been trying to squeeze through the partially opened doors. She was not slim enough to fit through and contrary to her earlier suggestion to the others she had known all along she wouldn’t be able to squeeze it. She had hoped that once between the doors and the door-frame she would be able to wrestle them open a little more. And she could… Only it would out her to the others as super-strong. She hoped (hell, entire Council counted) to avoid it until they landed on Titan, at least. Maybe to keep her Holly persona all the time and stopping the invasion in secret. As of now…

Suddenly she heard something. She focused on listening to the sounds in the corridor, not the endless squabbles in the testing room. Someone was coming to help them. She smiled slightly – she would keep her secret for a while longer…

The End

You have reached the end of "Titan". This story is complete.

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