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Summary: Fargo hears something in Holly's lab

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Television > Eureka(Past Donor)betascudFR1321,020062,34915 Aug 1125 Aug 11Yes



Eureka and BtVS belong to other parties, unassociated with me in any way.

Note: Let us disregard the fact that BtVS is a TV series in the Eureka-verse – Fargo’s plan for SARAH was originally to use SMG’s voice. Did he also have a Buffy doll or something?

Douglas Fargo, temporarily not the director of GD, had just entered the lab assigned to Dr. Holly Martin and was looking around for her, when he heard a hushed voice from one of the adjoining rooms. After the recent infiltration attempt, the revised security procedures were to use normal speech patterns at all times in the complex, and he should have reported it immediately. But it was the Holly’s lab and maybe she just forgot – he wouldn’t want to get his newest interest into trouble. Or maybe she was talking with Dr. Parish – in that case Fargo would be glad to learn as much as possible about the conversation. He slowly moved in the direction of the voice so he could hear it more clearly.

“No, it was nothing related,” he heard Holly speaking. There was a short pause. Then she continued, in a tone of voice he would never associate with her: “Dammit, Kennedy, I am telling you. It was some group after the whole GD research. Nothing related to the mission.”

Douglas gaped from the adjoining room. Was Holly a spy for some foreign organization? Was she sent here to infiltrate them as well?

“Yeah, it was some kind of neuroagent, I had to fake being affected,” Dr. Martin – the infiltrator? – continued, probably answering some question. She must be using a special high-tech communicator, Fargo thought, nothing should be able to pierce our shielding.

“No, they resolved it on their own,” Holly answered yet another question. “The sheriff’s daughter came back for the weekend and was not affected. She, like, totally kicked their asses,” that was not a language he would expect for the shy and awkward scientist he was wooing. It sounded more like a Valley Girl.

“No, not like a slayer. She used a stun gun.” What’s a slayer? Fargo thought. And then, as his phone started ringing, he immediately learned the answer…

The door in front of which he was standing suddenly exploded (or so it looked to him) and something blurred toward him. He was barely able to utter a small yelp, before something hit him and he lost consciousness.

Sometimes later Douglas Fargo started waking up, hearing a small voice chanting something above him. Chanting? In Global Dynamics? Did we open a mysticism section lately? he thought, barely coherent. Then the chanting stopped.

“I’m sorry for this Doug,” he heard Holly speak, “but you cannot remember this. You will find soon enough, when we land on Titan. When we face the adversities. For now, forget. Forget…” he had not even opened his eyes before he faded into unconsciousness again…

“Doug. Doug!” someone was shouting. Fargo slowly opened his eyes and blinked. It was the most blurred image he had ever seen. Then he realized he was not wearing glasses or contacts at the moment. “Doug!” someone who sounded a lot like Dr. Holly Martin repeated.

“I’m awake, I’m awake,” he said frantically, hoping for her to stop screaming near his ear. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, Doug. I was in the other room. Then I heard something and when I came here you were lying on the floor unconscious. I’ve already called for Dr. Blake.”

“Oh, thanks,” Fargo said slowly, “I must have slipped or something.” He paused to think. “I wanted to talk with you about something…”

“Yes, Doug?” she asked, looked at him strangely.

“I, uh, I… I forgot…”

She smiled, „No problem Doug, if it was something important you will remember it. Now, let’s make sure we get to Titan.”

Note: This simply had to be done. Now, if you want to write a story "Vi on Titan" you have a setup done :P I won't touch that one.
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