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A New Dawn

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 15 It's a cold day in January when Jack O'Neill is sworn in as the new President. By his side stands his wife Buffy Summers-O'Neill. A story showing how they arrived at this point.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'Neill
Television > West Wing
hellbellsFR1311,7412194,45115 Aug 1115 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, the West Wing or SG1. I only own my twisted imagination!

Things to know for this fic Buffy is 40 and Jack 62 in 2021. The Santos administration was 2008 to 2016.


Jack O’Neill was standing in the bedroom getting ready for the inauguration. “For crying out loud who thought it was a smart idea to have a ceremony outside in DC, in January.”

His wife walked in, looking unruffled sipping Coffee, “I think you’ll find it was the founding fathers.”

Jack scowled, “I don’t care what message it sends I’m wearing a coat. It’s ten below if anyone asks, that’s what I’ll say.”

His wife was barely managing to hold back her snicker, “Whatever you say dear.”

He caught her around the waist and pulled her close, “You know I’m about to become the Leader of the Free World.”

“Yeah, yeah you’re the big cheese.” It was clear that his wife was not as impressed as others would be. Jack supposed that when your best friend was a low level Goddess, President was not as impressive.

She twirled around for him showing him her outfit, “Do I look First Lady like?”

Jack smirked, “Well you are certainly the sexiest First Lady in a while.”

“Uh huh.” She lifted her hair of the nape of her neck so Jack could help her with her necklace. “We have nine balls to attend tonight.”

He guessed that meant he was not getting any tonight.

As they left the temporary residence, they thanked the staff for all there hard work…

Jack O’Neill the President-Elect stood waiting in the wings to take the oath of office. He could still remember the various times he had taken an oath, from the first time as a young fresh lieutenant to the last one as a governor. He had never planned to get into politics but the politicians were being ass-hats so he decided to do something about it. It all started with the declassification of what occurred, both above and below the ground. It had happened after leaked footage of demons and aliens appeared on the Internet.

The cheer could be heard as Vice-President Seaborn was sworn into Office. Jack looked to his wife standing next to him. He was about to become ‘the man’ in the very definition of the word. Buffy mega-watt smile distracted him, “Come on it’s time for you to become the President.”

He wondered how she could be so calm but then he remembered she had faced her share of major villains just as he had. He kissed her hand and clutched it gratefully as he moved forward. He couldn‘t help but mutter under his breath, “Stupid one dollar.”

At any other time, Buffy would have started to snicker but she was about to hold the bible that would swear in Jack. The dollar to which he was referring to was confederate gold dollar. Jack had been governor when one Josh Lyman had come to him and asked whether he would think of running for President. Jack knew that the man had helped put two people in Office so he was not a fool. Plus, none of them could stomach a Republican in office more than one term.

They had been at Dinner with the Pitts. Dirk was a breath of fresh air, in comparison with the other agency directors and Congresswoman Smith-Pitt was one of the few that Jack could stomach. He had asked their opinions and Dirk had smirked, “You become President I’ll give you one of the confederate gold dollar coins I salvaged.”

Hence, stupid bet, stupid gold dollar.

It was 2009 and Jack had been in Washington two years. He had done the unthinkable and asked for help from the Slayer Council. Unlike his predecessors, or the NID he had actually gone directly to the heads of the council. He had briefed them on the situation and asked them for help.

He got more than he dreamed of; two teams had been stationed at the SGC and one on Atlantis. The marines were in love, they had hot chicks with super-powers on there sides. Of course, Jack’s attention had been focussed on one particular blonde hot-chick. Despite the rumours, the timing was never right for him and Carter.

Buffy was a whirlwind that shook him up but he found that he was Okay with that. The attraction had been immediate on both sides but they had fought it. Jack had felt that he was too old and Buffy had already been burnt by secret soldier boys before.

Both the Scooby’s and SG1 had banded together to make them realise that they were being stupid. It really was an old cliché but sometimes a locked room was the best way forward. This time, they had been kind enough to provide furniture. Jack and Buffy had bitched, bantered and finally admitted their attraction. Thus, the tumultuous and often chaotic romance started between one Slayer Queen and one Major General.


Jack had known that Buffy was it for him, a few days after the declassification. In the press, it had been called the day of enlightenment. The public had not reacted favourably and it was a mess. Buffy had guessed that it would go down this way but it still bothered her. Her breaking point came when Mary Marsh dared to question the sacrifice of her girls. She had inferred that it was bound to happen if you were mixed up in godless things.

Buffy had called a meeting of the major players in both organisations about a new offensive. Buffy had been so mad that instead of calming Willow down she egged her best friend on. It had taken Jack being the voice of reason and how scary was that?

He stated firmly, that no one, no matter how annoying should be dropped into a hell dimension. Well, unless, they promised Jack that they would drop Senator Kinsey into one at the same time.

Xander was the one that had come up with the perfect approach. Jack, Buffy and John would read a list of those that had died in the past fifteen years, in defence of the world.

Ironically, that one TV meeting had launched Jack’s political career. Buffy and Jack had systematically tore down Mary Marsh and her compatriots on TV. Better still, they had done it without one threat of violence. Buffy and Jack had been so proud of themselves, Giles and Carter had wiped mock tears away. The Scooby’s and the others had watched eating popcorn and cheered at the best intervals.

Mary Marsh had no avenue to attack from; Buffy had calmly asked how she dare dishonour the memories of those that had fought to keep this world safe. Yes, they had done it in secret but they were scared what would happen if it ever became public. As a pieste de la resistance all of them had lead a roll call of names of all the people who had died in defence of this world.

Josh had been watching the meeting in his office. He saw someone who had the gravitas and strength to be President if handled correctly. Plus, if he were not madly in love with Donna, he would chase the General’s fiancée. In Josh’s opinion, anyone who could rip Mary Marsh a new one and get away with it, was okay in his book.

It was minutes later and Josh was fielding a call from the chairman of the DCCC asking his opinion on O‘Neill. Josh had spoken honestly, “If he can move public opinion no candidate will be able to stand against him in 2020.”

Josh had been spot on and public opinion had dramatically shifted. As the opinion changed so did, the Politicians rhetoric but it all boiled down to one thing; these people were heroes. Any politician worth their weight knew it was stupid to criticise them.

Grumbles about being allowed off-world were quickly curtailed when the SGC declassified some of the less dangerous mission reports. From then on, the Public were just happy to take advantage of the declassified technology.

Carter and Rodney were awarded the Nobel Prize jointly, much to the amusement of everyone in the organisation. Jack had been incredibly popular in Colorado and Washington and even years after declassification he was still a hugely popular figure. His popularity lay in his ability to speak what was on his mind and refusing to curtail his speech to meet anyone’s agenda.

It was something the people respected given that he had won the Presidential vote with 60%. He had won by the largest margin in recent years.


The meeting was with the Secret Service; apparently, they wanted to assign security, as he was now part of presidential race. Jack had not been impressed, “For crying out loud why do I need this much protection!”

“Oh you’ll accept the protection darling.”

Jack winced recognising his wife’s tone. The tone promised he would be sleeping on the couch forever unless he agreed.

Buffy looked on innocently, “After all, you know how much I worry. You’d do it for my piece of mind.”

Jack sighed, he had been neatly outplayed, and he bowed down to the inevitable and accepted the protection.

The Secret Service agent breathed a sigh of relief, although, he had a feeling that the O’Neill’s would cause them many headaches. The agent was not unsympathetic; they had been warriors and could still fight. Buffy had started to toy with her detail the day after. In fact, the day after that, she started to run classes.


Back in the moment, Jack calmly repeated the oath of office. Buffy kissed him chastely as the announcer announced, “Ladies and Gentleman I give you the President and First Lady of the United States.”

Jack whispered, “You do realise that we could get into a whole host of trouble.”

Buffy smiled for the camera, “you’ll do fine or I’ll kick your ass.

Yeah, and she could back it up Jack thought. He bit back a smirk as he saw his agents squirm. It really was a tricky proposition, when was something a domestic and when they should intervene. Jack still fondly remembered the agents face when he said unless she was brandishing steel he should not be concerned.

The agent just hoped that the White House was still standing at the end of this administration.

¬ Fin ¬

Also, I'm British so if there is inaccuracy with regards the political system. My apologies!

The End

You have reached the end of "A New Dawn". This story is complete.

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