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Choosers Of The Chosen

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Summary: The Scoobies respond to an old friend's call regarding a possible new Slayer. This is a follow up to my earlier story, 'Regrets, Requiems and A Reunion.'

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: They all belong to Joss and ME or John Ringo. Deal with it. I have.

Category: Literature crossover and another response to the TTH Challenge #1578: In Jim Baen’s Memory. The crossover series is 'The Paladin of Shadows' series by John Ringo.

Time Frame: Post 'Chosen' for the Scoobies and post 'Unto The Breach' for the Keldara, and approximately a year after 'Regrets, Requiems and A Reunion.'

Spoilers: None intended, but if you don’t know what happened up to this point, why are you reading this story?

Character Bashing: None.

Feedback: Of course!

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author’s Note 1: This one is unbeta'd, as all of these submissions will be.

Author’s Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author’s Note 3: This is story #14 for Challenge 6471: August Fic-A-Day 2011.


Southern Caucasus mountains
Georgia, Eurasia

"Hey, guys, you're looking great! I can't believe you managed to get here so quickly!" the tall, honey-blonde-haired woman exclaimed, greeting the trio of visitors as they climbed out of the SUV they'd rented.

Buffy Summers smiled as she was swept into a near-ferocious hug by Samantha Finn, only to then be quickly released so that her greeting could be repeated with her sister, Dawn, and Xander Harris.

"You're looking great, too, Sam," the petite blonde smiled as she looked their friend over. "I guess life over here really agrees with you, huh?"

"Yeah, things can get – interesting – at times, but I have to say, I really do love it here," Sam nodded agreement as she linked arms with both of the women and began leading the three visitors into the caravanserai behind her.

"C'mon in and I'll show you your rooms, and then we can sit down and relax, and I'll tell you what you need to hear about Larissa and her family before you go to meet them," she explained.

"The families here have some very old customs that they've been following for probably more than twelve hundred years," Sam then elaborated as she led the trio downstairs after dropping off their backpacks in the rooms set aside for them, "so there are certain things you need to know before you meet with her father."

"Okay, no problem," Dawn nodded. "We've run into similar situations in some of the older areas of Europe and Africa, so having a status update is definitely of the good."

"And where's Rye, Junior?" Buffy asked, looking around curiously as they entered what looked to be a family room, complete with a forty-two inch plasma screen television.

"He's upstairs in his room, sleeping," Sam smiled. "And there is no way I'm waking him up earlier than normal, now that I've finally gotten him settled into a regular schedule.

"You guys might be used to being up at two o'clock in the morning, but I'm perfectly fine with being able to sleep at that time of night," she declared with another smile. "He should be waking up in about a half-hour or so, and I'll bring him down then."

"That'd be great, Sam," Buffy answered, looking forward to her first meeting with her semi-nephew.

"I've noticed you haven't had a lot to say, Xander," Sam commented as she looked over at the dark-haired man who'd grabbed one of the overstuffed chairs to relax in.

"With these two around?" he asked, indicating the two sisters with a tilt of his head. "They do enough talking for everyone in the area," he grinned, leaning to the side slightly to let the small pillow Dawn tossed at him to miss his head.

"Samantha, Mike called and said that he'd –" an older woman, her black hair showing only a few streaks of grey and her face still showing traces of great beauty despite the wrinkles, said as she strode regally into the room.

"Oh, excuse me, dear, I was not aware your visitors had arrived," the woman immediately apologized, turning to smile at the newcomers, only for her eyes to flare wide the moment she set eyes upon them.

"Oh, Mother Lenka, these are my friends I was telling you and Mike about yesterday," Sam said, gesturing towards the Scoobies as she began introductions, when she was abruptly interrupted by the older woman.

"Be welcome in our house, Daughters of Freyja," the clan matriarch said, apparently ignoring Sam's words as she drew herself up and then offered what was obviously a formal bow to both surprised sisters, who were clearly taken aback by the woman's actions.

"And you, too, are most welcome within these walls, Hand of Wotan," she continued, turning to face Xander, who was staring, open-mouthed with surprise, at the older woman, and bowing to him as she'd done to the two girls.

"I thank you all for the honor you bestow on us with your presence," Mother Lenka continued, "and ask your pardon that you were not properly welcomed in the manner that is your due."

TBC (eventually)
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