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Magical Hacks

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow accidentally hacks an interdimensional journal site for magic users and finds out what exactly she's been doing wrong with her spells and potions.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredGenukaFR1346,0831167,00516 Aug 118 Jan 12No

Writer's Revenge!

A/n: On the off chance that you missed the slightly changed note in the last chapter I'm telling you again now. The reference books that were referred to in the last chapter do have real equivalents and I am willing to point people in the right direction upon request. It really can sometimes take years to find the name of, much less get your hands on, the correct type of reference book. Enjoy the revenge!

Writer's Revenge!

Ariana logged in and looked at her online journal suspiciously; it felt wrong, almost as if someone had managed to hack into it despite the spell work and computer safe guards that she had in place. She took a closer look/feel at what little remained of the magical residue/signature of the apparent intruder, and with a shock jerked back. She was stunned to realize that it perfectly matched the signature of one Willow Rosenberg who was supposed to be just a fictional character, the catch being that it was so very faint almost a ghost like echo. This led Ariana to believe that either yes, Willow did hack her Journal and was not only very very good at combined magical-tech hacking but that she could also hide her power signature or that someone with an almost identical power signature as was portrayed on the TV show had been snooping in her stuff and was trying to pass it off on someone who wasn't real at all. As Ariana thought about these possibilities and the ramifications of them she noticed the length of time and actions that the power signature had left behind as its foot print. It was almost entirely tech based! These realizations led Ariana to conclude that, that Willow Rosenberg was indeed the one who had hacked her account. A slow wicked smile began to creep across her face. She would make absolutely sure that Willow knew that she knew that Willow had been snooping in her stuff and maybe, just maybe gain some cross-dimensional friends in the process. This was going to be awesome!

Willow had checked to make sure that no one was going to catch her. Giles, Buffy, and Faith were all busy with the Mini Slayers. Dawn had managed to corral Andrew and was making him help make real food in the kitchen and away from Xander. After Andrew had stolen Xander's schematics Xander had gone after him with a battle axe and actively tried to kill him, chasing the geek around the downstairs for a good 10-20 minutes waving around the double bladed battle axe before Giles could intervene. Xander was right now fixing a set of doors that the Mini's had broken and staying far away from Andrew lest he be tempted to murder again. Willow had carefully noted the site she had visited with Xander before and decided to go back when no one was around to interrupt her little snoop fest. She navigated her way back to the site and carefully hacked her way back to the exact same journal. Willow noticed that there was a new Journal entry and pulled it up.

Dear Journal,

I broke another crystal today. It was one of my expensive crystal pendent ones. I need to stop buying the ones that are shaped and already put in settings and just get the simple stones and crystals that aren't set in anything; maybe use jewelry wire to mount them so that I can put them on my necklaces or medical pendant? Or maybe I should make a new medicine bag? Carry them in that? Or maybe I should empty the one I finished a little while back and reorganize or I guess I could say restock that one with the things that are important symbols to me or useful in a mystical way? I just don't know. I haven't known what I'm doing or even remotely what I should be doing since I started with all of this. What should I do? I'm scared sometimes. I know I've got power but you know already that I'm scared of it. I have no idea what it will do if I don't tell it what to do and most of what I tell it to do is so small that it gets restless and wont obey right. Oh, well. A question for another day then. Night.


Oh and Willow if you're actually reading this don't forget to give Xander the twinkies out of what's about to fall on top of you. You shouldn't be snooping in other people's journals any way. *smirk* Al-nuk na chak-lu cal mak tu!

Suddenly, as soon as Willow had read the mini incantation a flood of wrapped candy, chocolate, chips, and several boxes of twinkies (not to mention a variety of other treats, goodies, and gifts) started pouring out of Willow's computer screen causing her to shriek in surprise which brought the others running. Everyone looked on in amusement as Willow was buried in goodies and were in no hurry to help her because they could see the flow of goodies slowing to a stop. Xander was quite pleased to note that all of the twinkie boxes were marked [Property of Xander], while everyone else was trying hard not to laugh.

"Normally this kinda thing happens to Xander unless you're messing with magic again, Willow." Dawn pointed out in amusement.

"Yes. What spell exactly went wrong might I ask?" Giles inquired manly trying to hide his smile at the young witch's predicament.

"It wassna pell!"Willow answered, muffled by a light gauzy blue scarf that had managed to cover the lower half of her face.

"What? Speak up Red, we can't hear ya." Faith wasn't bothering to hide her amusement at the situation.

"Petuiy! I said it wasn't a spell." Willow managed to spit out the scarf away from her face and answer in a fashion that they could understand. "I went to a journal site used by magic users from more than one dimension and was looking at journal entries. I guess someone booby trapped it since the last time I was there." she admitted guiltily.

"Willow! Didn't you learn anything when we looked at the journal last time? You're not supposed to go looking at other people's private stuff!" Xander scolded not realizing that he's just given himself away.

"Well apparently you were right about what she said and realized that it was me. She put up an incantation at the end of a message for me and that is what triggered this. All I did was read it!" Willow complained/explained. "Now would you all unbury me, please!"

"Yes, alright; But you will be sending an apology, young lady." Giles informed her sternly as he helped to unbury her from under the mountain of goodies.

"Yes, sir." Willow agreed unhappily, nodding. She knew that what she had been doing was naughty and that she shouldn't have been doing it; then she brightened. "Oh! She said that the twinkies were all for Xander, so I think that means that all of the rest is for everyone."

This brightened everyone's mood considerably and it took some doing but Xander, Giles, Buffy, and Faith all managed to distribute everything to both Scoobies and Mini's alike equally with very few fights over who got what. After seeing the way that the small mountain of goodies brightened everyone's day Xander corralled the Scoobies and explained once again what he had deduced about the BtVS reference and everyone of the Scoobies agreed to sign a thank you note that Willow would magically attach to her apology. Ariana didn't know it yet but she had just made a friend or two in the new International Slayer-Watcher Council.

A/n: Again not sure if I'll take this anywhere else but its there.
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