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Magical Hacks

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow accidentally hacks an interdimensional journal site for magic users and finds out what exactly she's been doing wrong with her spells and potions.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredGenukaFR1346,0831167,00516 Aug 118 Jan 12No

Another World's View

A/n: I received several requests for more and musy is being obliging.

Another World's View

Spike smirked. It had been awhile since he'd become solid again and he was glad that Willow had forgotten to wipe what she'd done from the temporary internet files. It made finding the inter-world journal site soooo much easier. He remembered back to when he'd accompanied the then potentials to rescue Xander from the First and her crazy priest. If Dru hadn't warned him that he had to go and "save Kitten's pretty eyes. Kitten must see which fork to take" he wouldn't have thought to even be near by, and Xander might not have survived. For sure he would have lost at least one eye. At this last bit of memory his trip down memory lane was soured and he mentally skipped ahead to when Wood had attacked the First masquerading as him. Everyone but Spike was shocked when Wood tried to strike and dust him but what really bothered everyone including the First was the fact that Wood went right through the First and over the edge into the very large hole in the floor that led to the seal over the hellmouth and broke his neck landing on the seal its self without somehow opening the seal. It was even weirder for them when Whistler decided to show up and chew out the First on behalf of the Powers for taking out one of the preset players in the final confrontation, of which the First vehemently denied doing saying that she would have preferred him to have remained in place instead of tossing a chaotic unknown radical in instead.

It was the mention of chaos that alerted the Scoobies to who and what was messing with the situation. Janus had decided that since his former Acolyte was on the playing field and he hadn't ever officially renounced his service not to mention the fact that Janus' current High Priest was still pinning after him made him and anything that he was involved in fair game for the chaos god to mess with and that wasn't even bringing up the fact that one of the Scoobies had been his human avatar since birth. On the upside however the price for loosing Wood was protection for Spike and all of the core Scoobies not to mention a serious power boost from Janus. Apparently the god had taken a liking to the little band and had accepted Giles' adoption of them, as far as any magic was concerned they were family. How the family bonds decided to manifest was another matter entirely and could range from any where and any when. They could all wind up marrying one another or they could be as siblings and Giles remaining the head of the family. A chaotic family adoption in the truest sense. Spike was still a little weirded out on that one. None of them wanted to stop and consider how that one was going to work but then again only Giles and Spike had realized that those were the consequences and neither had gotten around to informing the group quite yet. Spike shook his head clearing it of the memories and brought up the latest Journal entry.

Dear Journal,

Found out why I've been having so many problems. Remember when I cracked my skull a couple of years back and got a concussion? Apparently it never healed. ... Its getting worse. I'm scared, no I'm worse than scared, I'm terrified. Do you have any idea how scary it is for your own body to suddenly stop obeying you? Or for your senses to suddenly shift, possibly shut down all together, even if its only for a short time? Imagine that keeps happening until you force a way to at least partly control it. Now imagine it suddenly getting worse and people weren't believing you about the symptoms in the first place! Yes, I know that you're annoyed I'm not telling you most of my symptoms but it doesn't change the fact that I'm terrified. What should I do? They don't believe me. I keep skirting the edges of blackouts... I'm scared. I'm gonna go draw something maybe it will make me feel better. Oh, and Willow, knowing you you're reading this again. There's an attachment here that only you, Giles, or Ethan Rayne can "download". Its important. This is how my world see's you.

[Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Series] ~>Ong unt mak kali ja kun bay lak mi tao

Try to understand and actually ^watch^ the entire thing before you throw a fit or rather before letting Buffy get mad about it. Okay? I'm afraid I could only manage to provide a, well a magical copy? I don't know what else to call it. Please don't kill the messenger!


After reading this Spike decided that he wanted to see what was in the attachment, especially since he knew that Willow hadn't gotten around to sending her apology and the thank you note to this Ariana yet.

"Oi! Red! Get the Watcher and get in here! You've got a preezy to open for us!" Spike called out to the red head who was currently just starting down the stairs a bit heading for the kitchen. Spike was glad of his Vamp hearing as he'd been using it to monitor who might get close enough to catch him and if he would need to bother using some of his blackmail material.

Willow back tracked to her room and poked her head in the door. "What present and why are you in my room?"

"Had to have a look see at that site didn't I? And its from the Ariana bird what gave us the last preezies." Spike told her getting up from her desk to let her sit down and try to open the attachment. Giles who had been in the kitchen enjoying a nice hot cup of tea had come to investigate what was going on.

"Good Lord. You'll have to ask her why she added Ethan to who could open it when you actually send that apology, Willow." Giles told her once he had finished reading the journal entry.

"Okay. Um... I'm not quite sure how to open this, Giles." Willow admitted.

"Let me see." He bent over her shoulder to take a closer look at what spell work he could sense and see. "Hmmm, yes. I see what you mean. I think, Ah! Right. Nostronum ma ken le tu-ke!" Giles commanded.

A duffel bag fell out of the screen onto the floor. Inside it they found all existing seasons of two very specific TV Series. One of them said Buffy the Vampire Slayer the other said Angel Investigations and both had very familiar faces on the front of their covers. There was also several small bags which contained various kinds of small but clearly good quality raw crystal along with a clearly magically copied book on the magical uses of plants and herbs. The three looked at one another.

"Andrew does not I repeat NOT find out about this. You can tell him about the crystals and the reference book but not the DVDs. Is that understood?" Giles told them sternly, to which both of them nodded solemnly. "Right then, lets go and see what they think of us. Oh, and Willow she clearly believes you are continuing to watch if not on our behalf then out of curiosity. As such you may continue to monitor her account and ONLY hers. Should she mark an entry in a way that is clear that she doesn't want us reading it then you will leave it. Is that clear?"

"Yes Giles." Willow said meekly.

"Good. Now we'd best watch these while Andrew is still out. Thankfully he wont be back for another week. Or at least he shouldn't be. Lets see about making the infernal machine work." Giles led the way to the den so that they could start watching the DVDs and see just what Ariana's world thought of them.
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