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Magical Hacks

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow accidentally hacks an interdimensional journal site for magic users and finds out what exactly she's been doing wrong with her spells and potions.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredGenukaFR1346,0831167,00716 Aug 118 Jan 12No

Hellmouth Without the Hellmouth

A/n: Musy is finally obliging us with more and any suggestions for helping Ariana would be greatly appreciated by both Ariana and myself, especially if they have real world practical/helpful side effects!

Hellmouth Without the Hellmouth

Willow wandered over to her computer, and wondered what had been going on with Ariana. It had been a long time since she'd posted anything at all and it had been over a month since she had even changed her "mood" setting. Willow was starting to worry and if it hadn't been for the last 10-15 serious attempts and closer to 20 not so serious attempts to end the world or at least do some major damage to the standing status quo then she would have made them all help her go and physically check on Ariana despite the amount of magic and effort it would take just to breach the barrier to Ariana's world and knowing nothing about it aside for its general lack of belief in magic. Willow hoped that she had at least done the spell to get the thank you note and care package through to Ariana alright. It would be really embarrassing if she'd messed up again. With that thought and a blush from it in mind Willow logged into her preliminary gateway account and hacked into Ariana's journal account. As Willow idly scrolled through the contents of the account she saw an entry that stopped her dead. It was marked "Hellmouth Troubles". With a feeling of dread Willow opened the obviously marked journal entry.

I need help! You might have noticed me trying to draw from you, from all of you recently, that's because I found 3 huge chasms' that were just suddenly there! Thankfully they were out of our of the phase frequency that my universes normal matter is vibrating on. The problem? They are in phase with our base energy phase frequency! So, the energy phase frequency that connects and fuels everything? The energy frequency that was the inspiration and basis for the force in the star wars series? That's the frequency that its on! These black chasms' look like giant black hole-like rips into mother earth herself! I just tapped and pulled an enormous amount of power trying to seal the 3 that I found.

This was the first time mother earth has allowed me to see them except that one time that I accidentally scared the crap out of myself by an accidental astro-projection incident. You see I was in a lot of pain at the time from what I'm still not sure but it triggered an intense need to get away from the pain and I instinctively anchored to the earth and channeled through my body launching myself straight up to about ~9 light years perpendicular to the planetary plane of the elliptic. Translation, for those who need it? While trying to get away from the pain I instinctively tied myself to earth with a sort of ... soul rope and in doing so got a good look at the planet's current energy field, I then (also instinctively) channeled my own spirit? soul? essence? through my body, using my body like a spring board or catapult, and landed about ~9 light years straight up from the line-horizion that our planets naturally make while in their orbits around Sol, our sun.

The important bit of all that was what I saw when I looked at the planet's energy field and its pattern. You see there was damage. I saw these rips, chasms, tears, burns, and just plain missing patches all over in the light jade-like coloring of the network. The 3 that I now have access to are all in North America. It was a shock to suddenly be driving by one tonight, then when I was suddenly, instinctively trying to fix it, I found 2 more! One near Denver, CO and one near Washington, D.C.! The first one I found is right outside my neighborhood! I started drawing on everyone and everything I could not only think of but that I thought could handle the drain, from elder to infant, from human to animal, from plant to stone and earth. I even considered drawing on the tainted energy that I found in use by others while on my sudden instant search for enough power to close these things. I'd clean it first of course, but its tainted! Can you imagine what kind of weakness' or breaches might come from using tainted energy to seal a blackness-rip the size of 2 Seven-Eleven's side by side? *shudder* I don't want to find out. I managed to get them all to close to one degree or another. The one closest to my home has been closed so much that when I asked mother earth what should be done next, she started sprouting green vine-like energy sutures across it. I have no idea how much that they can hold so I'm leaving the energy used to originally close it and keep it closed in place overnight; but the other 2 are still open too wide for that. The one near D.C. is now half way closed, just as the one near Denver could only be closed by a quarter of the what it was originally... they are all still trying to open further, though the one near my home seems to be loosing the energy? will? to put up the fight to re-open...

The openings are criss-crossed with ropes and ropes of color shifting energy as if it were a shoe lace being pulled tight by shear force of will, and grit of muscle as weird as it sounds... it feels right as a description. The ropes are forged from the energy of plants, animals, humans, spirits, stones, crystals, earth, air, fire, water, music, characters of both fact and fiction in all realms that I could remember to access or try to, Old and New wells of power, past, present, future, family, even ley line energy was used; All forged into a single whole as a rope to literally drag the chasms' closed, and hold them until they no longer needed to be held, until they begin to heal.

Any and all suggestions would be helpful! Just remember to do this so fast I had to use the fast and dirty method of straight up energy and power manipulation and most of the crafting was done without safeties, without time and without any idea what-so-ever as to what I should be doing except that I knew that those chasms' had to be closed!

Oh! Uh, health and news update! MRI was clean but my brain still got part way broken in the car crash in august. Did you guys have the earthquakes too? I got into the car crash about ~2 hours before someone in one of those big roadside dump trucks slammed into me from behind. Not my fault! Idiot person in front of me short stopped and I just barely missed them so naturally the big Mack dump truck that was tailing behind me that I could give absolutely no warning to slammed into me. Thankfully the MRI was done after the car crash so we didn't have to deal with paying for a second one. It took about and hour - 2 hours for the real damage to kick in and become noticeable enough that I had to go to the hospital but I wasn't thinking clearly right away either because I hit my head on the head rest in the crash. My brain at first wouldn't let me do virtually anything and has finally reformatted or rather re-wired its self enough now that I can drive short distances again. The speech center of my brain also got screwed up, the result being that I can no longer say many words properly, some words I can't say at all, also my word choices have changed, and I now randomly slip into unconnected and occasionally fictional dialects and languages. I also have muscle spasms that say "no, you cannot put the glass down on the table, it must be *arm jerks up and into chest* here!" Finally, Grandpa's dying and the stubborn old marine wont accept treatment for his stage four renal cancer! He keeps saying that he doesn't want to be a burden. So, its looking more and more like I'm getting the hellmouth events and weather without the hellmouth... Help?


Willow just starred at the screen for a moment, not believing what she had just read. Making her decision she pressed print, told the computer to print 20 so that she'd have one for everyone who needed one instantly and have extra to pass out to the mini's to share and bolted from the room as the pages printed.

"Guys! We have a problem!!! Emergency Scooby Meeting!!! Ariana's in trouble!" Willow shouted across the house as her computer quietly went about its business of printing the 20 copies of Ariana's cry for help, never knowing or understanding what an uproar the very papers it was now printing would cause...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Magical Hacks" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jan 12.

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