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Magical Hacks

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow accidentally hacks an interdimensional journal site for magic users and finds out what exactly she's been doing wrong with her spells and potions.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredGenukaFR1346,0831167,00516 Aug 118 Jan 12No

Accidents Happen or How to Focus Energy with Metal

A/n: First, I want to say looooots of long words in this story. So BEWARE many many long words. Second, I'm fairly certain that I made the correction pretty obvious. Third, I have absolutely no clue if I'll be adding to this or not and that is the only reason that this is marked complete, and I of course don't own these peoples. I'm merely playing with their heads. Enjoy! And thank you from TimeTwist for reminding me that several pages of handwritten text merged into one or two long paragraphs is a baaaddd idea and need to be broken up.

official Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1, BtVS, or any other series or known work which happens to make its way into this little collection. Everything else is owned by me and any co-authors who decide to post.

Accidents Happen or How to Focus Energy with Metal

Willow was messing around on her computer, bored and absentmindedly seeing if she could hack her way into this new site called "transdimentional-magicaljournals.mag" when she accidentally opened a clearly private file.

"Ooops!" Willow looked around her room guiltily and started trying to back out of the site when Xander popped his head into her room.

"Willow, have you seen where Buffy put my Enterprise 1701 and Voyager starship schematics?" He asked his childhood and long time friend.

"Of course I'm not hacking into a magical site that holds journal entries for people with magic in more than one universe Xander!" Willow panicked and told him exactly what she was doing.

"Really? Find anything interesting?" Xander asked interested inspite of himself.

"Um, maybe?" Willow admitted guiltily chewing on her bottom lip.

"Cool! Pull it up and let's read it." Xander told her as he walked over and puled another chair in the room over to where his friend was sitting at her desk just as she clicked on the button [Journal] which followed the URL: {http://twww.transdimentioal-magicaljournals.mag/sector59382/search*Journal} and brought up a journal entry by a young girl.

I know that I need to practice getting all the information out in a way that people understand. You think I could practice on you Journal? Okay, then. I'll start.

To begin, the fact that I've started putting this to paper or at least to record is amazing to me. I don't think that anyone will ever read this with belief or think that its true but if nothing else it will be down on record. I'd best start with a bit of my background so that you know sorta why I went the route that I did. The route that led me to such... unusual realizations. So let me tell you my story and what patterns I've noticed in both the physical world around us and the energy fields that may not be normally visible to the naked eye but still are a vital part of that world, our world. The thing is the patterns are most apparent in the energy fields and how they interact with one another and surprise, surprise, most people can't see them; But some people can. For simplicities sake I'm going to call the specific frequency and ability to see the energy fields "energy sight".

Now, not everyone had energy sight, as I said before but some, in fact a lot, of things that happen solely in dealing with energy fields (I'm gonna call it the "energy plane" because you "see" them on a particular sensory frequency) do cause ripples or effects that aren't limited to the energy plane that can be picked up by someone without the ability to "tune in on" the energy plane or any particular individual energy fields. Which it is actually possible to do both, only one, or any range in between sensing it all and being totally energy field blind for lack or a better term. Now, energy sight is actually a sense just like any other, the catch? It uses all of the other senses when it manifests and it manifests differently for everyone, with the same variety of strengths and yes, weaknesses that implies for this and any other sense you may care to name or remember. You have to understand this if you're going to understand my tale. Which is the reason for the mini (or not so mini) lecture. For those of you already familiar with all of this I'm sorry about the energy field overview. These are all just the absolute bare basics, like saying that water is wet or fire is hot; It can of course all be expanded upon and discussed to death but then again so can a lot of other things.

My story starts one day when I was what 9? 10? I was playing pretend, hiding from my siblings and my mom, when I realized that I was and had been for years doing something that felt funny; Like when I'd touched the key stuck in the electrical plug, or when I'd touched the electrified fence running along the side of our yard bordering the horse ranch. This realization was very gradual and it helped that I am and was well versed in the ideas of magic, psychic abilities, multiple planes/frequencies of existence, multiple dimensions (which are not always the same thing), time travel, and any other number of ideas that come from rabidly reading both fantasy and science fiction. I later realized that I hadn't been able to properly tap the abilities that started opening up for me because every focus I had instinctively tried to use had broken or shattered in one way or another.

Do you have any idea how disconcerting it is to suddenly realize that you have power? And not just power but that you've been instinctively using it to defend yourself and your siblings from the hurtful words and actions of others? Sometimes I think it would have been easier or better if it was only one power, like manipulation of water in any form, and a more obvious one. Instead I got the ability or abilities to sense, manipulate, change, heal, break, craft, and destroy energy fields of varying size and intensity and of which a person, plant, or animal's life force falls into that range. Hell, I've even managed to sense and merge with the entirety of the planet's energy field at one point. Though, admittedly, I was kinda out of it and running from the pain wracking my body or I would have tried doing more to heal that particular energy pattern, that field, that we of the human race have most royally screwed up... and I felt it. I felt the damage. I felt where entire chunks have been torn away. I felt where its barely apart, by the standards of such a large scale, but that it would still need to be stitched back together. I could even feel what would eventually heal on its own and what I could do about putting it back together or at least trying; but I wasn't there long, just long enough to tune to the planet, set my body as the focus and apparently launch myself about 9 light years away at a, what was it? 98 degree angle? from the plane of our solar system's elliptic. That pretty much means from the flat plate model of our solar system that I went straight up and just barely slightly left from earth; but then again I was running like mad from the all over pain plus the migraine I had at the time. Can you blame me?

Well, back to playing pretend. I had swiped the aluminum broom handle off the broom (that means no sweepy part) and was using it like a staff in my game. I could feel my body just flowing into one move with the staff and then to the next. I forced repeats of a number of the more aggressive moves; At the time I was more interested in knowing how to attack than how to defend and defense as well as flowing like air or water seems to have been the main focus of the form I was unknowingly flowing through. Because of that impatience, even today I still don't fully know the form that was being taught to me, nor have my more... aggressive adaptations and additions merged well with it when they merged at all. But that aluminum staff aka broom handle was my first unbroken focus and for years after I would continue to use it, for the most part unknowingly, as well as developing a certain amount of innate and fine control along with the ability to use my body as the sole focus. It took me close to 10 or 12 years to fully move from that stupid but loved aluminum tube broom handle (I'd managed to destroy or change through 3 to 5 during those years) fully to a re-creation belt knife that I'd picked up at an estate sale when I was out on a yard sale-ing jaunt. I think that there was an overlap of 2-5 (or was that 2-3?) years between foci, during the switch over. The final result of all this is that I can use a blade of combat quality as a focus (or I can use only my hand and arm and whole body if I like) and if I get the power-flow wrong when I'm using a stone or a crystal they shatter, sometimes literally. Don't ask. It wasn't intentional and it wasn't by any means fun.

There are different types or flavors of energy not to mention alignments (like polarities but not) that go with each metal and stone. Better and more experienced people then me have written about them as well as the ones that go with plants and I often use them for reference. Trust me. The mess, energy wise, made when you balance or align/orient something wrong, even if its just fiction for a story, is NOT fun to clean up. You have nooooo idea. Then there's the fact that the plant references in the book clearly show why Willow was always messing up her spells on BtVS. A lot of folk names for plants are very misleading to the modern person and its nice to have a decoder ring, err book, to explain it. Here's a set of examples: Bat's Wings is a folk name for Holly, while Duck's Foot is another name for May Apple, and Luck as well as Money are alternate names for Moss! There are multiple names, uses, and superstitions around all kinds of metal, stones, crystals, and plants. Then there are the possible substitutions and any... side effects extra or otherwise that might happen. It took me years to find accurate and reliable references for those areas. Makes a huge difference. Thanks for letting me practice with you Journal. I'm glad that Dad didn't freak out that bad when he realized that what I'm doing is close to studying Wicca. Of course he was worried until I explained. Should I list the reference books? I mean its no like they're fake or anything. Oh well. I'll just tell them if they ask about them. Night.

The two friends looked at each other. "Uh, Willow? I think who ever wrote this was actually talking about you."

Willow looked at him askance. "How?"

"That abbreviation? BtVS? Sounded a lot like some of the abbreviations used by us geeks when we're writing or talking short hand for different games, movies, TV shows, comics, and sometimes even books. With the way that the capitals are I'd say that the 't' stands for 'the' with the 'B', 'V', and 'S' standing for major words in the title, and if the Willow she was talking about was really you then the 'B' could be for 'Buffy' with the 'V' as 'Vampire' and 'S' for 'Slayer'. Unless you can thing of some other way those letters and her mentioning a 'Willow' fits." Xander told her pointedly.

"Now." She said faintly. "I think I'll just close this and go look up other names for plants."

"Okay." Xander nodded affably and then asked plaintively. "Now, could you tell me where my starship schematics got to?"

Willow thought about it for a moment then told him sympathetically. "I think Andrew put them in his Star Trek shrine." To which Xander bolted from the room yelling. "ANDREW!!!!!!!!!"

A/n: I hope you enjoyed this. Not a clue how it looks or sounds and for me its reeeeaaaally late. Oops! Early. Night all!

Right. Now that I'm awake I notice that I forgot to mention in the A/n that I will provide the book titles, yes they are real, on a request only basis. I hope you all enjoyed this little ficlet.
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