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In the Doghouse

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Flaming passion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 17* The only thing that made Johnny’s situation better was that Reed was in the doghouse too. Still, Sue isn’t likely to hit Reed with an axe. Sequel to He’s on Fire

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourhellbellsFR131603182,67617 Aug 1117 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer I do not own the rights to Fantastic 4 or BtVS. I only own my twisted imagination!

Overall, life was good for Johnny Storm his family had worked together to keep the streets safe. He had a wonderful fiancée and his sister had finally married. In part, thanks to the security provided by the slayers. Ben and Alicia were going great as well.

So, we come tonight and the reason that he is in the doghouse. His brother-in-law Reed was also in the doghouse. Hey, misery loves company.

It really wasn’t there fault; after all, they had gone out for the evening. He would like to reiterate that he and Reed had not encouraged the groupies one bit. In fact, neither he, nor Reed had given any encouragement. For one, they were happy in their relationships and secondly, they were not suicidal.

Unfortunately, by the time they had extricated themselves from the groupies the women had taken offence and left. By left, he meant they went onto the floor and danced. The type of dancing that made men fantasise for weeks to come. It was clear to him and Reed that their presence was neither wanted, or required. Johnny thought that this was wrong on so many levels, he really shouldn’t see his sister engage in acts that he found not. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to rack up quite the therapy bill.

Once back at the apartment, things went from bad-to-worse for Reed and Johnny. Sue had gone to bed invisible and she had gone as far as erecting a barrier over the door. It was clear that Reed was to sleep on the couch tonight.

Johnny almost wished his fiancée would adopt that plan. However, he opened the door to their suite to have something flung at his head. Thankfully, it was only a wooden spoon, which he could burn away. He knew that this would only be the beginning. As Buffy worked through her anger she would throw crappy items, then she would throw the stuff he cared about and then he would have a choice. Stay and fight, or, fly away to fight another day. When your fiancée is the Slayer Queen, who could quite easily turn you into human pretzel, then retreat was a sound option.

The second missile flung at him was a wooden carving, which he managed to burn to a crisp.

He pleaded, “Come on. It wasn’t like that.”

The second carving was flung directly at his head. Okay, clearly the wrong thing to have said he thought. He tried the more traditional, “Honey, I love you.”

He saw a flicker of indecision before a third carving was flung. “Well you certainly didn’t throw them off.”

He was slowly backing up to the balcony, “Damn it we were trying to be nice!”

He was now on the balcony so at least he had an escape route, “Babe I see only you.”

He saw that last comment sink in and all the anger flowed away. He took tentative steps forward, “No matter who throws themselves at me. It’s you I love.” He held out his arms aiming for a hug.
Buffy gave up all pretence and went to him. She still managed to huff, “You betta believe it buster. I’ll send a group of super powered girls after you, otherwise.”

Well, he supposed there was always that. Personally, Johnny was more scared of Willow. The last time he had upset Willow, every time he tried to flame-up she would douse him in a jet of water.

The End

You have reached the end of "In the Doghouse". This story is complete.

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