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Of Spiders And Bats

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Summary: Xander's kicked out of his house after beating the mayor and given an address to find his real father. And then he comes across Whistler...

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DC Universe > Justice League
Marvel Universe > Surprise Crossover
FatherAndSonGrimmFR1812,5363336,80618 Aug 1118 Aug 11Yes
Of Spiders and Bats

Authors Note: We don’t own any of the properties that will be appearing in this here.

Alexander Harris Stood at the gate, his old black patched duffle bag held over his shoulder. This was the address he had gotten, but he didn’t believe it. Jeeze, his father lived in that massive mansion that overlooked the ocean…great. He shook his head; his father must be some sort of butler or something to whoever lived in here.

The place was amusingly short on guards it seemed, perhaps because of all the cars and limos around. Whoever the rich guy was who owned this place certainly could have afforded a better security system. Smirking to himself he snuck in after a limo entered just in case there was a secret camera keeping an eye on the grounds, he didn’t want to reveal anything to whoever lived here.

It’s been a few weeks Xander mused as he headed through the grounds around to the back. They had finally defeated the mayor, in well, an explosive way and he was kicked out of his house and given an address telling him to find his real father. He didn’t tell the girls that, he didn’t want them to worry, so he just told them about histrip to discover America.

He took odd jobs as he hitchhiked halfway until he was picked up by a very interesting reporter, one Lois Lane. Now that was a ride, he smirked as he thought of the woman who would have given the council a run for its money, trying to hide its secrets.

Then of course the next thing that happened, the powers were moved aside when supposedly someone higher up sent Whistler to give him some…extra abilities. He was even given an item and told to use them as he saw fit, which was great as he slowly developed them over his trip with Lois to Gotham. Great, all that power and no responsibility, but he figured whoever was up there knew he’d use them in a good way.

As he approached the back door he saw some men unloading a truck of wine and set it down by the door before starting to move back to the truck. Picking up the wine he approached the door when a sudden tingling sensation was triggered, but he knew he couldn’t do anything because he could actually see this camera as the back door opened.

The butler was older then Xander figured, wiry and formally clothed. He had an air about him though, something almost…military as he thought back to his Army possession.

“Your late. Master Bruce expected this shipment to arrive…” The butler started talking before Xander curtly cut him off.

“Jeeze mom, were you drunk or something? Well it was 18 years ago…but seriously, British? Great, my dad’s part of the tweed crowd.” He started talking and the older man’s eyes widened a bit.

“I say, what are you blabbering about young…” The butler started to talk when a tall handsome face showed through the door.

“Ah finally, I was going to say, we were getting a bit thirsty in there, now could you please…” The man looked at the boy and recognition dawned on his face.

“Al…Alexander? Alexander Harris?” The man stuttered in shock. The butler took a second before the name sunk in.

“My word…do you think…?” The butler starred.

“Ah yes it’s stare at Xander time. But I guess someone knew of me. Well since you knew my name I assume you’re my deadbeat dad. At least she had some standards…” Xander mumbled as the butler frowned, he had a feeling he was just ridiculed but he didn’t quite know why.

Silence rolled in between the three as the sounds of a party traveled from inside the house.

“Well now, the awkward silence portion of this evening just occurred so how about we skip the usual, oh my gods and all the other statements and you tell me who the hell you are. All I got was an address, get out and let me tell you, it was hell getting here with no money.” Xander started.

“No money…who I am…?” A look of surprise followed by a almost complete facial change occurred in the younger well dressed man. For a moment a face that didn’t fit the body of the man took hold before a complete coldness returned to it. Something not directed at Xander but something that he wouldn’t want to see what would happen to who it was aimed at. In a word, seriously piss-off face.

“Ah Alfred, could you take Alexander to the study, I think I’m going to end the party, this is something more important.” His expression changed back to something more fitting then what was there a few seconds ago as he left through the door.

“Ah of course master Bruce, this was master Harris.” The butler took Xander through a massive kitchen through the back of the humongous gothic mansion. After looking around a bit in awe of his surroundings a thought crossed Xander’s mind.

“End the party, jeeze, I’d like to see how you two’s boss will hear that his illegitimate son just showed up and wants to end the party.” He shook his head.

“How his…my word. You really don’t know who master Bruce is do you?” Alfred stopped, looking in complete shock of the teenager before him.

“Nope, as I said, all I got was a, your not my son, here’s the address, get out.” He looked at the butler who’s mouth was agape before he shook his head and tried to compose himself as he brought Xander into a large Library.

“If you please wait here…master Bruce will return shortly.” Alfred nodded. “Would you like something to eat, or drink possibly Master Harris.”

“Xander.” The teenager looked around the large room filled with books of all sorts.

“Pardon?” Alfred raised an eyebrow.

“It’s Xander, no master, jeeze what do you tweedy types have with giving people weird names or only using proper names, It’s just…weird.”

“Now look here master Harris, I’m not here to be insulted…” Alfred tried to calmly reply to the statement but Xander cut him off.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, proper usage and what not but here’s the rub, keep calling me Master Harris and I’ll call you Alfie.” Xander grinned. That gave the butler pause.

“…Fine…Xander it is…Would you like some food Ma…Xander? Looking at your actions perhaps I can find something to your…liking. Perhaps some, spaghetti-os?” The butler said with a straight face.

“Oooh sure, have any with the little meatballs? I haven’t eaten in like a day.” Xander took the butler back because, while it was meant as a thinly veiled insult, the youth took it as sincere.

“Perhaps…master Bruce should be with you shortly mas…”

“Yes Alfie…” Xander smirked.

“Xander.” And with that the butler left. It didn’t take ten minutes as the sounds of the large party died down and the door opened. Bruce walked in and stood face to face with Xander, not knowing exactly how to act and knowing a hug wasn’t the proper way to start. There was a hidden anger behind those eyes, and pain. A longing of sorts as well and yet he could see some glimmer of himself in those eyes.

He debated on how to go about it and then decided to go it straight, tell the teenager everything he needed to know about what happened as he tried to hold his own anger at what he started to suspect, but information he didn’t have.

“My name is Bruce Wayne. I’m the heir to the Wayne fortune and head stick holder and owner of Wayne Tech. I met Jessica when I was about your age. I was in…a rebellious phase before I found my way and we had a one night fling. After I came back from a long trip I found out your mother gave birth to you. I had a DNA test done to make sure because of who I am.” Bruce turned around and looked out a window looking too the ocean.

“My life… was complicated. It still is. I gave her plenty of money when to keep you happy and healthy. I didn’t want you to have to deal with my own childish antics, I didn’t want you to have to deal with… some of my own problems. I felt you were safer away from me.” He continued to stare out the window.

“I felt it was safer if I didn’t keep track of you because I have some…enemies in the business world who could potentially use you against me. Of course you coming here the way you did, with no money, I was obviously wrong.” Bruce turned around to face the boy and didn’t even see it coming.

The punch was probably harder then Xander wanted to throw, he didn’t want to really hurt his father but he held back a great deal as well as he watched Bruce go down and slowly pick himself up. For his credit Bruce didn’t fight back and nodded.

“How…bad were they?” He rubbed the blood off his lip. The punch probably loosened a tooth. Inside Bruce was almost proud of the punch on some level.

“Bad enough.” Xander just stared back. The two took their time, looking for something in the other's face. Xander believed the man. His sense wasn’t going off and he honestly seemed repentant but there was something else, something he was hiding the last piece of the puzzle. His anger died down now to a low ember, the punch helping a lot. He wanted to yell, to scream, but there was something in Bruce’s eyes, a hint of some of his own pain.

“Then I truly failed. Sorry won’t help, I know that.” And again Xander knew he was being honest. Silence crept in again.

“It’s a start.” Xander looked away.

It was at that point the door opened and Alfred carried a bowl of the soup inside to Xander.

“Alfred are those...” Bruce started.

“Yes they are master Bruce. It seems you two share at least one thing in common.”

“But I thought you told me we were out?” He gave the butler a quizzed look.

“I lied.” He looked at Xander.

“If it were up to the master, he’d probably eat this all the time.” The butler said with the same discusted look on his face as Bruce almost gave the older man a…pouting expression. Xander cracked a smirk.

“You know, I think I could get to like you Al.” Xander grinned taking the bowl.

“Al?” Bruce crossed his arms and gave the butler a sly smirk. Alfred rolled his eye. At least it’s better then Alfie he thought.

Alfred dropped Xander off the next day into Gotham. He didn’t really enter the city when he was dropped off as much as skirted the outside. It seemed like a hell hole but this part of the city was pretty clean. Of course it seemed like it was the higher class district.

He was given a debit card that Bruce said was attached to an account that he was supposed to had all along. They didn’t talk much after he punched his “dad”. He was given a room and was given his space much to his father’s credit. They both needed time.

Looking around the city he shook his head. He heard about it of course, the hellhole, made Detroit look like a pansy. He knew about the psycho’s that wandered the streets but in the day, well in at least this part it didn’t look bad. And then there was the Bat…

He walked past a couple of officers who were in a conversation about the Bat rounding up a street gang and not leaving any of the gang members in too good of shape.

Moving on he looked at all the gothic architecture around he thought it was a bit too much. Looking up he shook his head. He could almost imagine Dead boy standing on one of the ledges looking down. Brooding as he did. That just wasn’t Xander.

He didn’t want the money, it was nice an all and he had to be honest, he’d probably use it but it didn’t feel right yet. There was something more he was missing and until he figured it out he wasn’t about to trust Bruce Wayne.

He had planned to go clothes shopping, sort of. It was pretty much forced on him when Alfred took a look at his duffel bag, saw all the clothes were in various stages of decay and threw them into the garbage, something about not even suitable for that. He had to admit, he liked the butler. Al was a nice guy, but didn’t take crap from no one, not even Bruce which definitely raised his likeability there.

The siren went off as he saw a group of men run out of a local bank, hooded and wielding guns as they carried packs of what was probably money on their backs as they scuttled into the vast network of back alleys. Xander grinned, time for some fun.

Jonesy grinned. His plan went off without a hitch. The cops would get lost in the network of alleys they had planned out to use and then he and the boys could just blend in after they ditched the hoods and the guns.

The best part? It was day. The bat never came out during the day usually unless it was something with that League.

They were close now, just a few corners away. The other guys were ahead as he stayed a bit behind watching for the Metro Police as he stopped and heard the scream. The gun fire which should have been continuous didn’t last long. Jonesy was frozen. It had to be the Bat, or at least one his friends.

He couldn’t move, he heard the stories, but slowly he willed himself to move. He turned around and yelped. A man in a pitch black costume hung upside down from some line was there, waving at him.

Going for his gun, something shot out and grabbed the gun, pulling it from his grasp. The man on the line suddenly gripped him one handed and picked him up while still holding himself upside down on the line. Picked up his 240 pounds…like it was nothing.

Yelling he struggled but the grip was solid. Getting a better look, the man wasn’t the Bat. The large teardrop metallic eyes, the…line looking more like a…web? And the spider emblem on his chest, grayed but still there.

“You aren’t the bat, what the hell are you?” The man struggled, the man's strength was… inhuman.

“Nope, I’m just you’re friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” Xander smirked underneath the mask as he knocked the guy out with flick of his fingers.

Author’s Ps: This is just the start, more back-story on how and why he got these amazing powers will come soon. As an addendum this occurs in the DC animated universe During the first season of Justice League, before unlimited.

The End

You have reached the end of "Of Spiders And Bats". This story is complete.

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