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The Arrival

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This story is No. 1 in the series "To Find A Mate". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is sent to a new realm to find his mate.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Rodney McKayCaliadragonFR712,394075,11219 Aug 1119 Aug 11Yes
Title: The Arrival

Author: CaliaDragon

Series: To Find A Mate

Part: 1/1

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Stargate, mores the pity.

Warnings: SLASH, Unbeta’d, humor, angst

Pairings: Xander/Rodney/John

Summary: The Powers sent Xander to a new realm hoping he would find his mate.

Category: Crossover, Relationship




The last thing that Xander Harris expected when he went to speak to Jack O’Neill was for the General to ask Xander to go to Atlantis and help the people there.  Everyone in the Stargate program had dealt with Xander before the man was a walking chaos theory and had powers out of this world.    Jack felt that Xander could be a help to the Expedition and he could also take the place of Elizabeth Weir who was being recalled to earth now that the Expedition had been declared a war zone.  Xander, while a civilian in this realm, was also a warrior, which was what the members needed to survive.  Xander immediately agreed. 

Xander was a conundrum to the people who knew where he came from and who he was.  At 97, he looked like he did when he was twenty-one.  He once fought at the side of slayers, fought demons and supernatural evils.  He found out by accident that he was immortal, that by allowing Willow to draw on him for the magick needed to bring Buffy back to life, and then activate the slayers, followed by a spell two years later to defeat a mad and broken Ethan Rayne, his energies and spirit were changed and he was made immortal.  Then D’Hoffryn and had come to him, they explained that Xander would have to leave his realm that he was now to powerful a source for dark magicks.  He was not alone, Buffy, Willow, Faith, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Angel, Connor, Rona, Jordy, Oz, Wednesday, Caridad, Fred, Gunn, Kit, Carlos, Vi, Cho-Ann, Molly, Kennedy, and Andrew were all being sent to different dimensions to give them a better life than the one they were currently living. Once they had found their other half the group would be united into the world that gave them the best chance of surviving and was as close to the world that they came from.

Xander had never thought that he would find his other half, he certainly did not expect his other half to be male, mean, scarily smart, or that there would be two of them.  Rodney McKay was vicious in his opinion of Xander taking control at the age he perceived Xander to be.  John Sheppard was more polite, but just as sure that Xander was a mistake for the expedition. 

Xander watched in amusement as McKay built himself up to an epic fit and Sheppard was baffled and angry in that quiet way that was polite, yet menacing.  “You know, you should probably let me finish explaining about myself.”  Xander drawled, making McKay stop swearing and the rest of the group look at him in question.  “O’Neill told me that you had all been informed about Alpha One, the man from another realm.”

“Yes, but I fail to see what that has to do with this situation.”  Elizabeth Weir said calmly.  She had managed to talk the General into letting her remain on Atlantis, even if she was not in control.  The thought of leaving her lover, again, was enough to break her heart.  Instead, she would take over the diplomatic corps for the city.  Thankfully Simon would be able to work more closely with her as he was know the head of Psychiatry for the City as the previous head had been injured to badly to remain on the City. 

“I am Alpha One.  I come from a world of magick and supernatural creatures.  I look 21, but I am actually 97.  I helped save my world many times, but unfortunately, my family and I became too powerful a force for the light and made it too dangerous for us to remain in our realm.  So were sent to different realms to find a home, a mate, and a place that we would all be welcome to live with each other and our mates.  I was chosen to come here.  I have several gifts that were given to me in repartition for leaving my home.  Among them is the ability to create food, I am also a seer, and have been battling creatures like the Wraith since I was 14 years old.  I have served with warriors and repentant evils.  There is very little that will throw me or shock me considering where I come from.  My only goal is to make sure that you are all as safe as you can be, to support and guard you from those that would harm you, and to scare those that would hinder you in anyway.  This includes the IOA as they are actually pretty scared of me since they pissed me off and I outed the Stargate program.  By the way, I had a vision in front of O’Neill before I did that and the IOA is gone.  They will be unable to do anything to anyone or have a say in what happens here any longer.  The Stargate program is now firmly in the hands of the US, Brittan, and Canadian forces.  However, it will remain a international project for as long as possible.  All of the Scientists in the program are being given the chance to gain US Citizenship.”  Xander crossed his arms as his words caused everyone to gape at him in shock.  “You should also be aware that my mate is actually mates and I will be doing everything in my power to woo them to my side.”

“Exactly who are your mates?” Evan Lorne asked and then looked at Anne Teldy, who was as shocked as he was.

“Rodney McKay and John Sheppard.”  Xander answered honestly.

They all blinked at him.  “Are you always so honest?” Teyla asked curious about the man who exuded so much serenity, compassion, and honestly.

“Yes, I stopped lying to myself and the people around me by the time I was thirty.  I just didn’t have it in me to give a damn enough to spare people’s feelings by lying.”  Xander answered immediately.

Rodney and John were still reeling over the fact that this man claimed him as his mate.  It was a good thing that it was legal in the United States to be openly gay and had been since the sixties, otherwise Xander could have gotten himself and John into a bit of trouble with his announcement.  Rodney was also glad that this mate thing explained why he wanted to get Harris naked when Rodney was in a committed relationship with John.  They were in fact married and had been for the last six months.  “So O’Neill chose you because you can create food and are a soldier.  Did he know about the mate thing?” John asked calmly, relieved by the mate thing, it explained why he was so pulled to Harris when he was married and in love with Rodney. 

The group was also taking his explanation about where he came from in stride as Alpha One had proven what he said and had several Ascended vouching for who he was and what he said.  The Atlantis Expedition had heard about it second hand as O’Neill had been thinking of sending Xander to Atlantis for a while before he actually made the suggestion to the President.  O’Neill was very good at making sure that Atlantis had what they needed to survive.  John was always grateful that O’Neill and not Landry had been placed in the control of Stargate Command when Hammond took over the control of Homeworld Security and then later that he stayed in control when Hammond retired and John’s father took Hammond’s place.  They might of given O’Neill Hammond’s job, but O’Neill wasn’t going anywhere without his husband and Daniel Jackson-O’Neill was still very much needed in the Stargate program.

John’s attention was drawn back to Xander when he answered John’s question.  “No he didn’t know about the mate thing, even I didn’t know that the two of you were my mates.  Hell, I didn’t know I had two either.”  Xander said with a sheepish grin and a shrug.

“So the food thing, does it include chocolate and coffee?” Rodney asked with narrowed eyes.  He would deal with the mate thing later right now his priority was coffee and chocolate.

In answer, a pot of coffee appeared on the table along with a plate of chocolate donuts.  There were plates and cups as well.  Rodney wasn’t the first to lunge forward, nor was he the last.  Everyone in the room, including Teyla and Ronon, were thrilled with a chance for coffee.  Their friends had gotten them addicted to it, though the treat was rare.  Even with the connection to earth, coffee was not a commodity that they got often.  After everyone had set back with their treats, Xander grinned at them.  “So this is what I was thinking.  We will go to the mess hall.  I’ll set up machines that will give out every kind of juice I can think of, which is a lot.  Then I will set up machines that will give out different kinds of coffee, including decaf, followed by machines that will give out different kinds of tea, both hot and cold.  After that, I’ll do sodas that I can make a generic of so no one gets in trouble.  These machines will be self-filling so we don’t have to worry about them running out.  Then I thought I would put up several buffet style tables.  One that is strictly meat, one strictly veggies, one salad bar, and a couple of junk food tables for things like pizza and such.  Of course, there will need to be a desert bar as well.  Now these will also be self-filling and no one will have to maintain them, as they will also keep the stuff on them fresh and the area clean.  All the kitchen crew will have to do is the dishes that are used.  They’ll rotate weekly so no one gets burned out of what is on the bars.  If the kitchen crew wants they can also fill this in with local delicacies.”   Xander said with another grin.

“I doubt any of the will do that.  We have a hit and miss thing going on right now with who will be able to eat the local foods and who will end up being allergic.  That and most of the kitchen staff is there because they are in trouble, not because they can cook.”  Evan said with a snicker.

Xander grinned in response to the laughter that the rest of the group succumbed to and looked over at Rodney who was communing with his coffee and his donut.  John was grinning fondly at Rodney making Xander’s heart clench.  He wanted John to look at him that way.  John looked over at Xander and something hot and sexy moved into the other mans deep green eyes.  Xander shivered in need and the younger man gave him a slow sexy smile.  Rodney looked up and smirked at Xander, his eyes full of promise.  Xander was definitely going to like Atlantis.

After a few more minutes where they discussed to the duties for the administrative parts of their jobs as well as discussing how many positions needed filling as well, as how many people would be going back on the ship.  The group headed to the Mess hall, where Xander did as promised and set up the mess to handle the food and areas he was adding.  Xander watched as the cooking staff ran from place to place babbling happily.  He then watched as more people came into the cafeteria after John sent out a general call for people to arrive for news from home and a change in the administration. 

The scientists and military members of the expedition looked around them in shocked awe.  Then John introduced Xander and explained just who and what he was.  Xander stared at two of the people who were looking at him as if he could become their next science experiment.  Xander was definitely going to watch the pair and avoid being anywhere near their labs.

After the announcement those not on duty rushed over to get something to eat and explore the new options they had for food and drink.  John, Teyla, Rodney, Evan, Ronon, Anne, Elizabeth, Simon, Alison Porter-Teldy, Radek, and Miko Kusanagi followed Xander over to the bars to get something to eat.  They all sat together and Miko shyly asked Xander about his world.  Xander grinned at the sweet scientist and began to tell them stories about his world, but mostly he talked about the people he had claimed as his family.  It was easy to tell that he missed them, but that he knew they would be joining him soon.  The group was surprised and relieved to realize that Xander would not be taking John and Rodney from their world and to a new place to be with his family.

They all looked forward to meeting his family and to seeing the people that became their mates.

The End for Now

AN:  This is going to become a series.  I make no promises on when the next part will be out, nor do I promise that it will be Xander I write about next.  I still have to write about the others and get them with their mates and over to Xander’s universe.

So this is how it breaks down.  Xander alone in the SG Universe.

Dawn and Faith together.  I know that Dawn and Faith will be in the Supernatural World.

Willow and Kit together.  Willow and Kit, I’m thinking an alt-world of Buffy or in Twilight, but it would be a fanfic universe and probably only be with the wolves.

Giles, Carlos, Kennedy, and Andrew together. Highlander.

Buffy alone, she will be with Tim Speedle and Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami

Wednesday and Spike together.  Torchwood or CSI: New York.

Oz, Caridad, Connor, Angel, Cho-Ann, Vi, Fred, Jordy, and Rona together.  Harry Potter. Suggestions on Pairings welcome.

Gunn and Molly together. The Sentinel. Hint Gunn will be slash.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Arrival". This story is complete.

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