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The Second Prophecy

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Summary: The existence of the Key has changed the destiny of the Wizarding World's 'Chosen One'. A second prophecy and meeting of the two throws both teenagers into one of the hardest tasks they have ever faced.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterIllusionsofBlissFR1524134,42369831,57520 Aug 1114 Apr 13No

When They Hide Out

Disclaimer: None of these characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter belong to me; I’m just using them to hopefully write an entertaining story.

Author’s Note: Nothing much to say, enjoy!


Chapter Twelve – When They Hide Out

“Ok,” Buffy began as she stormed into the Staff Room, followed by the rest of ‘the Scoobies’ (minus Faith), Lupin and McGonagall. “SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

She looked around at the other faces, Willow and Xander next to her were as equally shell-shocked and confused, however something caught her attention about the expressions of others standing there, particularly Giles and Lupin.

“Wait! How come you guys don’t look so shocked?” Buffy turned to look at Giles directly, noticing his gaze drop from hers in guilt. “Giles, YOU KNEW?! Just how many more of you knew about this and didn’t tell me?!”

“Buffy, I was not lying to you, I assure you I’ve only known less than a week – I made Dawn promise she was going to tell you herself, although that was before things changed when Lupin brought Harry here,” Giles explained calmly.

The mention of the werewolf drew sudden attention towards him, Buffy turned to glare at the older man. “What about you? You obviously knew about this! How long has this been going on? I mean, you deliberately tracked Harry down and brought him here to Hogwarts...”

Although Lupin was uncomfortable, he continued to maintain a strong front and was about to answer when Willow joined the conversation with a scowl on her face. “I don’t understand - when did this happen? Dawn’s been here at Hogwarts for months and we knew about the prophecy.”

“We found out too late,” Lupin finally piped up (“WHAT?!” Buffy screeched). “Dawn was already eight weeks pregnant when I came to Rupert with the prophecy. When she heard the prophecy herself, she realised. I then also discovered this a couple of days later.”

“Remus,” McGonagall began with shock, having just been filled in about the basics of the prophecy by Giles. “Why did you not come forward to the Order with this information? Surely this was a crucial matter to be brought to our attention...”

Lupin nodded as he pinched the bridge of his nose in stress, before making eye contact with the Headmistress. “Minerva, you must believe that I acted in the best interest of both Dawn and the child when I chose to keep this from the Order. I knew Voldemort was unaware of the prophecy and the less people who knew about it, the safer she was from him.”

McGonagall’s facial expression neither indicated whether she agreed with his reasoning or not. “Unfortunately now that Miss Weasley made the entire Hogwarts aware of the situation, it will only be a matter of time before the school is in danger and I cannot allow the students in my care to be subjected to that.”

“I thought this was one of the safest places to be with the barrier thingys around the school,” Xander pointed out, having spent some time with Hagrid, learning many things about Hogwarts and its grounds.

Lupin nodded. “Usually, yes, however Voldemort is getting stronger and gaining more followers everyday... perhaps even some of the students here. These wards will struggle should he decide to launch an all-out attack on the castle.”

“Perhaps Willow could do something to help strengthen the wards?” Giles suggested with raised eyebrows.

“That is actually a great idea, Rupert,” Lupin said optimistically. “I believe having a combination of magics, especially one as powerful as Willow’s, to protect the castle would significantly strengthen the wards and help stop Voldemort from breaking through.”

All eyes swung towards the redhead, to which she nodded with some confidence. “Actually, I thought I spotted a few areas of improvement when Hagrid was showing me... I might be able to do something there.”

There was a brief silence among the group, before Buffy, who had still been silent fuming whilst the others conversed, finally spoke up again. “That’s all great guys,” she said somehow managing to be genuine and sarcastic at the same time. “But what’s happening with my sister? She’s only seventeen?! Lupin, you know the details, how and when the hell did this happen?”

“Well, I think the details are for Dawn to share with you directly,” he said at first, noticing Buffy put her hands on her hips angrily. “However, I can tell you that, through chance or through the prophecy we don’t know, Dawn and Harry met back in London-“

“London?!” Buffy cut in. “That was almost six months ago! DAWN IS ALMOST SIX MONTHS PREGNANT AND SHE DIDN’T TELL ME?!”

Buffy stumbled down into the nearest chair, her eyes welling up with both anger and concern for her younger sister. How could she keep something like this from her for so long? She was extremely hurt by the thought that Dawn felt like she couldn’t share something like this with her, not to mention the fact that she was scared for what was to come for Dawn.

Willow went over to put a supportive hand on Buffy’s shoulder, while Xander stood there shaking his head in disbelief. “This is freakin’ crazy, I can’t believe little Dawnie is knocked up... especially with a magical baby that’s supposed to be the saviour of the world.”

Meanwhile, McGonagall turned to Giles and Lupin. “I think it would be best to not delay in strengthening those wards until we properly discuss where to go from here. Rupert, I will see to it that Filius and Hagrid show both yourself and Ms. Rosenberg down to the castle grounds to do so. In the meantime, Remus and I will contact the Order members and see to it that they come to Hogwarts immediately.”

Buffy recovered from her bemused state and stood up all of a sudden. “I’m going to try and find Dawn.”

Xander appeared beside her. “I’d better come with,” he said, knowing full too well that he had to make sure Buffy didn’t do anything rash.

Everyone nodded in agreement, knowing what they all had to do, so they all parted from the Staff Room, splitting off into their different groups.


“I don’t know how many times in my life I wished I had one of these,” Dawn said as both her and Harry walked the corridors under the cover of the Invisibility cloak, wanting to go undetected by anyone they passed.

“It belonged to my father,” Harry explained. “It’s saved my life or saved me from Filch so many times.”

When Harry insisted he had a good idea to get them food, Dawn had immediately dismissed it saying that she didn’t want to put up with everyone’s whispers, or worse, run into her sister. She knew that Buffy would be furious, and considered the fact that avoiding everything so far hadn’t done her much good, however surely some time for Buffy to cool down would be better?

After she told him her concerns, Harry showed her his invisibility cloak, which he tended to carry around with him most times nowadays, telling her that they would be able to walk the corridors unseen if they wanted. Needless to say Dawn was thrilled with this idea.

“I was actually hiding underneath the cloak when I first saw you back in London,” Harry revealed quietly as they turned a corner.

He could see her face register with an understanding. “Oh, that’s why it seemed like you appeared out of nowhere! I didn’t remember seeing you in the hall before I fell - that makes sense now.”

Fortunately, they didn’t have to travel very far; soon Harry stopped them in a corridor on the seventh floor, opposite an old tapestry with what Dawn thought were very gross, ugly creatures on it.

“This is it,” Harry announced.

“We’re not going to the kitchens then?” she asked, noticing a look of surprise from Harry beside her. “Lavender and Parvati told me about them... a pregnant girl’s gotta eat.”

He pulled the cloak off them and folded it away before he started to pace in front of an arbitrary spot in front of the stone corridor wall. Dawn stared at him strangely.

“What’s with the pacing?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” was all Harry said, as Dawn watched with amazement when a large set of wooden doors formed on the wall in front of them.

“Is that a special, concealed room or something?”

Harry nodded. “You’re actually almost right, it’s called the Room of Requirement – basically the user can make this room to suit whatever their needs at the time are.”

Dawn’s eyes widened. “Wow... this place finds a way to amaze me every day!”

Harry smiled, seeing Dawn’s reaction made him come to the realisation that maybe he had started taking some of this magic for granted, and tried to remember back to what it felt like to be discovering it for the first time seven years ago. Once he broke from his thoughts, he looked over and could see that Dawn was just dying to discover what was beyond the doors in front of them.

“Before we go in, there’s just one more thing,” he explained. “Dobby!”

Dawn immediately recognised the name as one of the creatures she’d met a couple of times while she was down in the kitchens, and before she knew it, the house elf appeared in front of them with a loud crack.

“Harry Potter! Dobby heard Harry Potter had returned,” Dobby called out enthusiastically, smiling up at him.

“Hello, Dobby,” Harry greeted warmly.

The house elf then noticed that Harry had company and turned to look at Dawn. “Ah! Harry Potter has company,” Dobby stated the obvious.

Dawn smiled down at Dobby. “Hi there, Dobby. I’m Dawn, I’m sure we’ve met down in the kitchens once or twice.”

Dobby nodded. “Dobby does remember,” he then looked at Dawn’s stomach. “But Dobby did not know that Miss Dawn was with child. Now Dobby understands why Miss Dawn needed so much food,” he missed the slightly affronted look on her face, as he glanced between the two people standing before him. “Is Miss Dawn’s child also Harry Potter’s?”

Harry was once again surprised at this for a moment, before his expression turned to neutral again and he simply nodded in response. Dobby positively beamed at this.

“Dobby must give Harry Potter and Miss Dawn a present!” he said eagerly.

Harry scratched his head uncomfortably. “Well, er, there is actually something you could do for us.”

“Dobby would do anything for his friend, Harry Potter!” Dobby answered excitedly.

“Thanks, Dobby. Well, we didn’t have breakfast down in the Great Hall before and was wondering if you might be able to organise some food up here in the Room of Requirement,” Harry asked, pointing towards the door behind Dobby.

“Dobby will go back the kitchens and bring food back immediately – wait here!” the house elf said not hesitating in disappearing with another loud crack.

“I thought you said that this room could give you whatever you need?” Dawn asked as they waited from Dobby to come back.

Harry shook his head quickly. “The one thing the Room of Requirement can’t generate is food; luckily the house elves can easily transport food up for us.”

Before they knew it, Dobby had reappeared in front of them, earning a “Geez that was fast!” from Dawn. The house elf did a little bow for them.

“It is ready, Dobby made sure there was plenty of food,” Dobby announced as he looked up at Dawn and Harry.

“Thanks, Dobby. I’m starving!” Dawn said, to which Dobby looked pleased.

Harry reached down and gave Dobby an appreciative pat on the shoulder. “Yeah, thank you, Dobby. And please thank Winky and the other elves for us too.”

Dobby nodded swiftly. “Dobby thinks Harry Potter and Miss Dawn will enjoy what Dobby has done.”

The elf had a mischievous twinkle in his eye before he disappeared again, leaving Harry and Dawn in the empty corridor. Dawn, who had been dying to see inside the room when it first appeared, was pleased when Harry finally walked over and opened the door, stepping aside to let her through first. He followed in directly behind Dawn, groaning when he looked around the room, whilst Dawn looked fascinated and mesmerised.

“Sorry,” Harry began as he looked around, turning slightly red from embarrassment. “...The decorations are purely Dobby’s work - he can get a bit carried away sometimes.”

Dawn shook her head. “Don’t say sorry, it’s, well... magical.”

Harry had created a room about the size, and as equally cosy, as the Gryffindor Common Room, with a reasonably large, round table in the centre with two seats opposite each other. Meanwhile, Dobby had covered the table with several pitchers of pumpkin juice and heaped platters displaying a variety of breakfast foods, including breads and fruits. However, the house elf had also gone to the trouble of decorating around the room with dozens of beautiful, twinkling, white lanterns, giving the room quite an intimate atmosphere.

“Can’t say I’ve ever had a candle-lit breakfast before, how very creative of him,” Dawn broke their silence.

“I can get rid of them if you want,” Harry trailed off.

“No, Dobby went to all of this trouble,” Dawn responded quickly, her stomach reminding them of why they were there. “Come on, let’s eat!”

Dawn had sat down at the table in lightning speed, already pouring herself and Harry a juice each before Harry had even made a move. Even though he’d managed to have some breakfast before the big incident downstairs, like Dawn he hadn’t had any dinner the night before and was still quite hungry. They made light conversation as they ate, which was a nice change, obviously both having had their fair share of intense conversations over the past twelve or so hours. Furthermore, considering the prophecy and the fact that they were having a baby together, they still had so much to learn about each other. They spent a while talking about their lives before everything had become so complicated for them, and Harry was relieved that this time round he could be completely honest about all things magical, however he then realised as Dawn talked about herself how much she knew about supernatural things, being the sister of a slayer.

“So,” Dawn said uncertainly, meeting his eyes as she brought up a subject she’d be curious of for most of their conversation. “I remember when we first met; you said that you had to bring the person who killed your parents to justice. Obviously I know a lot more about that now, but no one, even Remus, had heard from you guys or knew what you were doing these past few months... why all the mystery?”

Harry put down the goblet of pumpkin juice he was drinking, looking thoughtful for a moment. “Well, only Ron, Hermione and I know about it,” he paused undecidedly before finally continuing. “I’m sure you’ve heard about Dumbledore by now?” a saddened look passed over his face.

She nodded, leaning forward slightly. “Listen; tell me if I’m being too nosey or anything. I just figure with the prophecy and this baby and everything, I should learn as much as possible about this Voldemort dude if he’s going to be coming after me.”

Harry’s face softened slightly, his hesitation departing him. “You’re absolutely right... Dumbledore left something in his will, something that I needed to do before Voldemort could be defeated, but with the, uh,” he paused having trouble saying the word that still sounded so foreign in his head, let alone on his lips. “With the baby now... I’m not sure where that leaves everything. But Dumbledore knew that to never really be defeated, Voldemort had split his soul into seven pieces, magically hiding them in random objects - called horcruxes.”

“Whoa, talk about extreme,” was all Dawn could say at first. “So do you know where any of these vorcruxes are?”

Harry nodded. “Dumbledore had already discovered two and made sure they were destroyed, and then left it up to us to find the others. Ron, Hermione and I found another horcrux, a locket, while we were off in hiding, but we still don’t have any idea where the rest are... he generally selected objects that had some connection to him; Hermione suggested there could be one here at Hogwarts.”

Dawn frowned. “But now this prophecy says that our child is supposed to be powerful enough to defeat Voldemort, would we still need to find those thingys?”

Harry thought about it for a moment, being too caught up in the emotions of everything up until now to really think clearly about the prophecy and everything. “I think so. I mean, it’s the only thing we’ve got at this stage,” a thought suddenly struck him. “Hang on; now that I think about it, the prophecy says how but doesn’t say when Voldemort will be defeated.”

“You’re right,” Dawn said weakly, as she brought one of her hands up to her forehead and pushed up from the table and paced across the room. “What if I have to spend years hiding with the baby from Voldemort and his gang because this is all not supposed to go down until our kid’s all grown up?”

Harry stood up and slowly moved to stand not far behind her. “You won’t have to hide alone, Dawn,” he said strongly, almost surprising himself.

Dawn turned to face him. “No, Harry,” she said softly. “We may not have had a choice in this and everything’s already decided for me, but you still have a choice and don’t have to change any plans because of this,” she motioned at her stomach. “What about Ginny-“

Harry shook his head as he cut her off. “I care about Ginny,” he paused; Dawn dropped her head for a moment. “But I think her feelings are stronger for me than mine are for her... I’m beginning to realise that maybe I care about her more as a friend, or a sister even... she deserves better,” Dawn could tell from the look on his face that he was having an epiphany. “I, uh, won’t lie and say that this isn’t still scaring the hell out of me... but I’m not going anywhere, Dawn.”

Dawn felt her eyes prickle with tears, stepping forward to pull Harry into a hug, catching him off-guard before he eventually returned it. They stood there for several moments before Dawn suddenly pulled away, bending over and putting a hand to her stomach as she winced in pain.

“Dawn, what’s wrong?” Harry panicked.

It was only a few seconds before Dawn felt relief and everything felt normal again and she stood back upright. In the meantime, Harry was still looking at her anxiously.

“That was weird, it felt like someone was sticking a hundred needles into my stomach from the inside,” she studied her abdomen and looked up again. “Everything feels fine now.”

Harry didn’t look convinced. “Maybe we should go see Madam Pomfrey.”

Dawn quickly brushed it off. “Seriously, I think it’s okay. I did faint a few days before Christmas but she told me it was because of all the stress - that was when Giles found out... she said I just need to take it easy-“

Before she could finish talking, she noticed a long, four-seater couch appear behind Harry, he turned to see what she was staring at.

“It is the Room of Requirement,” Harry stated when he saw Dawn’s look of amazement, assuming that Dawn had been thinking that she needed somewhere to relax. “You should sit down.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Dawn responded, unzipping her knee-high boots as she sat at one end of the couch and made herself comfortable by swinging around and bringing her feet up onto the couch.

Harry followed suit, seating himself at the other end so that they were facing each other. The couch was a perfect length so that they could both stretch their legs out if they needed. Once they were settled, a silence fell over them for a moment.

“I wonder if Buffy’s got a search party tearing apart the castle by now...”

“If anything, I’m sure she’s probably got a bounty out for me,” Harry joked as Dawn slid down the couch so that the back of her head was resting against the arm. Harry got slightly alarmed when Dawn smiled with tight lips at his joke and he could tell this wasn’t from amusement. “That’s something she would do, isn’t it?”

Dawn finally gave a small laugh, reminding Harry that her smile was one of the things that initially drew him towards her back in London. I’d like to think that it wasn’t all the prophecy’s doing, he thought.

“That’s the thing,” Dawn piped up, breaking him from his thoughts. “No one else knows what happened that night - that some force wanted us to fulfil the prophecy. So Buffy will be so pissed at me and probably really hates you right about now.”

“Brilliant...” Harry trailed off, moving the side of his head to rest against the back of the couch.

As they continued to talk, the two teens found their eyes becoming heavy, both exhausted from having a very sleepless night previously. It didn’t take long before they both drifted off for much needed sleep, and somehow sleep was much easier just being in each other’s presence, lying just metres from each other.


Hermione hadn’t hesitated in pulling Ron away from the madness that Ginny, Dawn and Harry had left in their wake, many of their fellow Gryffindors turning looking towards them for more clarification on what they’d just heard. Of course, they were just in the dark as everyone else, so they decided to find Harry but before they’d left Hermione had glanced up towards the newcomers at the staff table, seeing that they were glancing at each other with mixed looks of shock and horror.

When outside in the Entrance Hall, Hermione motioned for Ron to follow her towards the staircase before she stopped on the second step and turned to Ron and could see that he was just as bewildered by the whole thing.

“W-what was that?” Ron stammered to which Hermione gave a shrug. “That was what Harry’s been keeping from us... he and Dawn... and Dawn’s pregnant?!”

Hermione brought a hand up to her cheek as she shook her head in disbelief. “That would explain his strange behaviour, but when and where did this all happen?”

“Maybe it’s been going on for a while, he has been acting weird for a while now...” Ron suggested, as Hermione looked like she’d been struck with a thought.

“Yes, you’re right,” she exclaimed. “It doesn’t appear that Dawn is showing yet though, so when could this have happened? Harry has been with us the entire time since the start of August, before that he was at the Burrow with us and I think that’s too long ago...”

Ron shrugged. “Doesn’t make sense to me, he obviously never snuck off when we looking for those horcruxes either.”

Hermione frowned, feeling like they almost had some sort of explanation but they weren’t quite there yet.

“We’ve gotta find Harry,” she declared, trying to read an expression that crossed Ron’s face. “What’s wrong, Ron?”

Ron was staring off into the distance with a hint of a smirk on his face. “I can’t believe Harry got shagged and didn’t tell me.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and playfully hit him over the back of the head. “I think there are more important issues right now,” they then heard some loud talking spilling out into the Entrance Hall and looked to see Lupin and the others making their way towards the Staff Room. “Quick, let’s go check the Common Room and if he isn’t there then maybe we can use the Marauder’s Map to find him.”

Hermione had already raced up the staircase, leaving Ron to stand there muttering “Can’t believe he didn’t tell me!” before he rushed to catch up.

Once they had checked the Common Room, Ron went up to dormitory to find Harry’s map, luckily it was easy to find folded up in amongst Harry’s bag. He quickly returned with the map in hand and they wasted no time in unfolding it, solemnly swearing they were up to no good and scanning the map for any sign of their friend. Considering the size of the castle and therefore the map, it took them several minutes before they had any success.

“Ah, there he is! He’s with Dawn,” Ron exclaimed pointing to a dot labelled ‘Harry Potter’ currently moving through a seventh floor corridor with a dot beside him labelled ‘Dawn Summers’.

“They’re not too far from here, wait...” she paused as they watched the dots for a moment; they suddenly came to a halt. Even though it wasn’t marked on the map, Hermione immediately recognised where they were. “That’s where the Room of Requirement is.”

“They seem to be stalling, maybe we can catch them,” Ron suggested, to which Hermione nodded and they immediately bolted out of the Portrait Hole and broke out into a run in the corridor.

Having much longer legs than Hermione, Ron was able to reach the spot first, only to see the door disappearing into the wall before he could properly get there. Hermione rounded the corner seconds later, huffing and puffing.

“We’re... too... late,” Ron said in between deep exhales.

“Damn,” Hermione as she bent over to rest her hands on her legs, taking a moment to get her breath back. “...I suppose they’re going there to talk or maybe hide out from everyone.”

“They could be doing something else,” Ron proposed with a cheeky grin.

“Seriously, Ronald!”


“I don’t know if you’re gonna find her, Buff, it’s a pretty big castle,” Xander pointed out as he and Buffy walked briskly through a random corridor, not exactly sure where they were at this point.

Buffy shook her head. “No, I’m not stopping until I find her... how could she lie to me all this time, Xand?”

Xander turned to look at the slayer straight in the face. “I know you’re angry and everything but if we’re being honest here, she was probably pretty freaked out. Sometimes it can be hard being the bringer of bad news to you.”

Buffy briefly glared at him. “I don’t care how freaked or scared she was, she’s looked into my eyes for almost six months now and lied. Not to mention, I’m the one who should be there to protect her... and now this evil Voldemort dude is going to be after her, and if she’d told me earlier, I would’ve taken her as far away from this place as possible!” Buffy explained, her anger building again.

Xander put up his hands defensively as they continued down the corridor. “All I’m saying is give her a chance to explain before you jump down her throat.”

A silence fell between them as they rounded a corner together, noticing two teenagers, who’d yet to notice the older pair, walking towards them. Their attention was captivated by a slightly tattered, brown piece of thick parchment, each of them holding one side as they stared down at it. Buffy quickly recognised them as the redhead and brunette she’d met earlier down at breakfast. She put an arm out to stop Xander in his tracks as the two approached them, still yet to look up.

They were also speaking quietly to each other but Buffy and Xander could make out some of the things they were saying. “... Can’t just sit around... wait for them to come out... the map will tell us when they appear,” Buffy heard the brunette, whose name she recalled was Hermione, say.
The redhead boy was the first to look up, finally noticing that they weren’t alone in the corridor, he nudged his companion and she also glanced up at the slayer and her friend. She said something under her breath to the parchment and quickly folded it up.

“Hey there!” Xander greeted way too enthusiastically as the two pairs stood directly opposite each other. “I’m Xander,” he offered a handshake to both teens.

“Ron,” the redhead interjected as he accepted the handshake. “This is Hermione.”

Xander looked over to Buffy next to him. “I think I saw you meet these guys earlier, didn’t I, Buff?”

He noticed Buffy give a stiff nod, debating something in her head. Hermione and Ron also looked awkward, and then Xander realised that this witch and wizard were friends of the guy in the prophecy and who they’d just found out actually did impregnate Dawn. With this thought in mind, he kept an uneasy eye on the blonde beside him.

“Uh, we were just looking for Harry, actually,” Ron eventually said, the girl beside him giving him a fierce look.

“We’re looking for Dawn, you haven’t seen her?” Hermione shook her head when Buffy asked; meanwhile the slayer studied the item in Hermione’s hands. “I thought I heard you say that was a map.”

Hermione nodded hesitantly. “I could tell from earlier that you had no idea about Dawn and Harry, but you must know that this has come completely out of the blue for us too.”

Xander and Buffy shared a look, only just realising that Harry’s best friends didn’t know about the prophecy.

“Well, if you see my sister, could you let us know?” Buffy asked politely. “They’re both in a lot of danger, and that’s after I nearly murder them when I see them, so if you have any way of finding them...”

It was Ron and Hermione’s turn to share a look, Ron was about to say something before Hermione tried to silence him, however in the end he continued on regardless.

“We know where they both are,” Ron began as Hermione sighed. “Well, if Harry’s in danger,” he justified to her. “Basically that map showed us where they went but we can’t get into that room.”

“Where is it?” Buffy was quick to ask.


Harry’s eyes fluttered open and the first thing he thought was – How long have I been asleep? He went to adjust his skewed glasses, only then noticing this was hindered by a weight against his right arm and then looked down to see that whilst he’d slept he’d shuffled so that the left side of his back was against the back of the couch. This had created enough room for Dawn to squeeze alongside him, her body turned towards his and her head resting at the top of his chest.

The last thing he remembered was struggling to keep his eyes open as Dawn tiredly babbled on about something that had to do with her sister Buffy and Halloween costumes. He must have been in a deep sleep because he certainly didn’t wake when Dawn had moved from the other end of the couch. However, as he stared down her peaceful, sleeping face, he was conscious of the fact that he didn’t mind at all. His eyes were then drawn downward to the small bump of her stomach that was pressed gently against him.

He began to move his left hand towards her abdomen, as if touching it would help make it all real. In hesitation, his hand momentarily hovered just inches from it, and then he’d finally plucked up the courage to touch it when Dawn’s body jolted suddenly, quickly causing him to withdraw his hand at the very last minute. Seconds later, her eyes opened groggily and he watched as she gained her bearings, finally looking up to see him staring down at her. She jumped up from the couch hastily, only to get a head rush from the sudden movement and she had to sit back down again, at her original end of the couch.

Her cheeks coloured pink and she spluttered out. “S-sorry, I don’t remember moving at all – I must have been really out of it!”

Finally being able to move properly, Harry sat up. “Don’t worry, I didn’t even notice because I was fast asleep too... I feel loads better now though.”

Dawn exhaled and smiled. “I didn’t realise how tired I was, felt like we slept for hours,” she paused as she checked her watch. “Holy shit! We did sleep for hours – it’s like a quarter after three!”

Harry’s eyes widened as he checked the time for himself to see whether he heard her correctly. “Half the castle is probably looking for us by now.”

“Yeah, we should go, but are you ready to face the music?” Dawn asked standing up.

It took only a moment for Harry to give a strong nod, also moving to a standing position. “Like I said earlier, we’re in this together.”

Dawn reached out and gave his non-injured hand a squeeze of appreciation, as their eyes connected for a moment before they both moved towards the door.
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