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The Second Prophecy

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Summary: The existence of the Key has changed the destiny of the Wizarding World's 'Chosen One'. A second prophecy and meeting of the two throws both teenagers into one of the hardest tasks they have ever faced.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterIllusionsofBlissFR1524134,42369831,57520 Aug 1114 Apr 13No

When the Arguments Get Into Full Swing

Disclaimer: None of these characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter belong to me; I’m just using them to hopefully write an entertaining story.

Author's Note: This one has been a long haul, one of the hardest chapters to get right thus far, hope you like it. Also, something I’ve been forgetting to include in a note for a while now, when someone pointed out I should, obviously because I’ve changed the DH timeline, Voldemort’s name isn’t taboo in this story, so they can say it safely.


Chapter Thirteen – When the Arguments Get Into Full Swing

“Get away from my sister!” Buffy cried out the moment she spotted the appearance of the two teens, charging towards them at an alarming rate.

Dawn stepped forward, blocking her sister’s path should she want to harm Harry at all. However, this action only drew the attention towards her stomach, causing Buffy to come to an abrupt halt.

“Oh my god, Dawn!” she exclaimed, half-shocked, half-angered at the sight. In the meantime, Xander, Hermione and Ron all stared in disbelief.

“So it is true,” Hermione declared now that she had the proof right in front of her eyes, as she looked from Dawn to Buffy and finally to Harry.

Harry moved to stand beside Dawn, simultaneously sighing and nodding. Buffy saw this as an opportunity to lunge forward, furiously grabbing a fistful of his jacket. Xander, Ron and Hermione all stepped forward in extreme alert, ready to stop anything physical from transpiring; meanwhile Harry tried to stand his ground, however intimidating the blonde slayer may be, by not fighting the hold and standing up taller.

“What the hell were you two thinking?!” Buffy yelled, shifting her angry gaze between the two teens in front of her. “You didn’t even know each other... and what, you just jumped into bed!?” she turned her attention towards her sister, releasing the hold on Harry. “Dawn! If she was here, what would mom think? What possessed you to just throw away all those morals she taught you?”

“Funny you should say possessed,” Harry said quietly to himself, but the others heard and looked at him curiously.

“Well she's not!" Dawn quickly interjected in anger, her sister's words cut into her like a knife. "And like you're the one to talk, Buffy. You were seventeen too when you slept with Angel... and let’s not forget - he’s a vampire!”

“Sweet Merlin,” Ron exclaimed quietly in the background, next to an equally stunned Hermione.

“No, don’t even start to bring Angel into this!” Buffy yelled eyes wide with anger. “At least Angel being a vampire meant I didn’t go and get myself pregnant! Dawn, you should've known bet-“

Dawn had already had enough lecturing and stepped up to her sister. “Hey! Don’t you think you’re being a hypocrite, talking about morals and ‘you should've known’ and all – I mean, with the amount of guys you’ve jumped from bed to bed with, you obviously don’t have any!”

Dawn instantly felt the sting before hearing the echo of Buffy’s hand striking her cheek. She felt her eyes immediately water, not just from the physical pain from the slap.

“HEY!” Harry instantly cried out, stepping towards the slayer with his hands balled up into fists.

“NO – DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON YOU, WONDER-BOY!” Buffy screamed at him, her eyes as narrow as slits.

At this point in time, Lupin had come along the corridor towards the group in alarm with a deep frown, although in the commotion of everything, everyone barely registered his arrival. Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione stood their unsure of what to do, while Xander was quick to grab Buffy by the shoulders and pull her back, luckily she didn’t resist him otherwise there would have been no stopping her, without magical intervention at least.

“Okay everyone, let’s just take a deep breath...” he tried to say calmly.

Harry ignored Xander’s suggestion, he took one look at Dawn standing there with a hand on her stinging cheek with tears flowing and he couldn’t just stand idly by and do nothing.

“She’s your sister!” he exclaimed angrily. “How can you do that to family?! If I still had any family, I know I certainly wouldn’t treat them like that and I would-“

Dawn put a hand on Harry’s shoulder to stop him mid-rant. “Harry, forget about it,” she then stormed away from the group and walked down the corridor, stopping briefly to glare at her sister before she turned the corner. “You’re wondering why I didn’t tell you for so long, Buffy? Well congratulations – you’ve just proved my point... Oh and by the way, if you'd taken the time to actually talk to me rather than screaming and lecturing me from square one, that we think the prophecy influenced our actions that night!”

She disappeared around the corner with a loud, echoing sob. Harry could feel eyes on him as he went to follow her; however, he was quickly stopped by Xander.

“Buffy, I think you should go,” Xander suggested. “You guys really need to talk properly, try not to give her a hard time, Buff.”

The anger had quickly washed from Buffy’s face, replaced with a look of deep remorse. She certainly regretted slapping Dawn, knowing that she didn’t deserve it no matter what she had said or done. She was also replaying her sister’s parting words, if Dawn wasn’t completely responsible for all of this happening, she really had to try and mend things between them immediately.

“You’re right, Xand,” Buffy said with a nod, turning to Harry before she left. “But you and I are going to talk later.”

Harry met her gaze but didn’t say anything in return before she’d turned and rushed down the corridor to race after Dawn. Once Buffy was out of sight, Xander walked over and gave Harry a sympathetic pat on the back.

“Summer’s women... this is just a taste of what you’ve gotten yourself into, buddy,” Xander half-joked, but Harry could see in his eyes that he was deadly serious.

There was a shell-shocked silence left in the sister’s wake, however moments later Hermione was the first to break it. “Harry,” she said timidly, her voice growing as she spoke on. “What’s going on? What’s this prophecy?”

Lupin interrupted before he could respond. “Everything alright, Harry?” he questioned, and Harry gave a stiff nod. “Then we’ll leave you three to talk,” he eyed Xander, who gave an affirmation nod. “However, as soon as you are done, it is important that we all meet down in the Staff Room... I’ll see you down there soon.”

All three friends simply nodded in response, their gazes firmly planted on each other and not even bothering to watch the pair leave. Once they were alone, Hermione walked over to summon the Room of Requirement once again. Ron and Harry wordlessly followed her inside, to find a completely plain room, but functional enough to carry out their conversation without being overheard by any passersby.

“Harry, mate,” Ron jumped in before Hermione could. “Why didn’t you tell us any of this?”

Harry sighed. “Well, that’s probably because I didn’t know about most of it before last night!”

“But you knew that you’d shagged Dawn before last night and didn’t tell either of us,” Ron pointed out.

Hermione disapproved of Ron’s approach but agreed with his point and nodded at this. “When did this happen, Harry? It was obviously quite a few months ago, that’s not hard to figure out.”

Harry took in a deep breath and adjusted his glasses. “You’re right... I met Dawn when we were back at that run-down hotel that we stayed at after Bill and Fleur’s wedding.”

Hermione looked like she was putting together a puzzle in her head, understanding slowly dawning on her face as each piece was falling into place, and meanwhile Ron was still trying to figure out all the details in his head.

“I get it now,” Hermione exclaimed. “You disappeared while Ron and I were out of the hotel gathering supplies... and you were still gone when we got back, it scared the living daylight out both of us! So where did you go to meet Dawn?”

“Uh, I didn’t actually leave the hotel at all that day, if that’s any consolation,” Harry admitted. “...Dawn and her sister were staying there as well - I met her out in the corridor and we went downstairs and talked for a while, and then... well, you know.”

Ron couldn’t hide a mischievous grin; however Hermione had the opposite reaction and frowned. “That doesn’t sound like you at all, Harry, you barely knew her at all,” Harry nodded in agreement to this. “And what about you and Ginny?”

This was enough to wipe any remnants of a smile from Ron’s face, obviously reminding him that his sister was also involved in all of this mess and was especially hurting, as displayed from the incident downstairs. He stepped forward towards Harry with a stern look.

“Yeah, what about my sister?” Ron inquired seriously.

Although at the time Ron was annoyed at Harry when he broke up with Ginny, causing her some heartache, he did understand Harry’s motivations behind the decision. However, right up until a few hours ago, both he and Hermione had assumed that Harry and Ginny would get back together as soon as they’d defeated Voldemort.

Harry rubbed a hand over his face to help relieve some of the stress he was feeling right now. “Ugh, well it’s not that simple now, is it?” he snapped a little too harshly. “I care about Ginny and of course I don’t want to hurt her, but I can’t exactly turn my back on Dawn now. Especially with this bloody prophecy...”

Upon hearing this, Ron still felt completely torn between being sympathetic for his best friend and look out for his little sister’s best interests. He then registered Harry’s finally statement and was made curious by this. “What’s this prophecy everyone keeps mentioning? Is this different from the one that made Voldemort come after you and your parents?”

“Obviously this is a different one, Ron,” Hermione jumped in, her eyes widening as she recalled what was said earlier. “Dawn said before that the prophecy affected you both back at the hotel... Harry, is this baby a part of this new prophecy – was Dawn supposed to get pregnant?”

Harry quickly nodded and Hermione gave a dramatic gasp, while Ron looking equally flabbergasted, so Harry decided to get to the punch-line to put them out of their misery, so he reached into his pocket to produced a scrunched up piece of parchment and wordlessly handed it to his two friends. Ron leaned over Hermione’s shoulder, while she stood there and straightened out the prophecy and began reading it, mumbling the words under her breath as she did so. Hermione was first to finish, followed moments later by Ron and they both stared up at Harry.

“Oh, Harry!” Hermione cried out sympathetically, now understanding Harry’s pain and enveloping him in a warm hug.

“Why is Dawn referred to as ‘The Key’?” Ron asked, giving Harry a pat on the shoulder as Hermione pulled away.

Hermione pointed to the prophecy still in her grasp. “Ron’s got a good point there,” Ron smiled proudly. “There’s got to be a reason this child is going to be so powerful, something that Dawn is bringing to the genetic pool... I mean, it could be the fact that she’s the sister of a slayer, but that almost doesn’t seem like enough.”

Harry realised then that he’d been so caught up in everything else, that he hadn’t really considered Hermione’s point. “I hadn’t thought about that, actually,” after he pondered it for a moment, he ended up deciding that asking Dawn directly later on would be the best way find out.

“What about Dawn, what does she think about all of this?” Hermione asked, knowing that she definitely didn’t envy being in the girl’s position.

“Well, we haven’t really had that much time to talk, really,” Harry answered honestly.

Hermione looked at him unconvinced. “Ron and I saw you both on the map when you went into the Room of Requirement; you were in there for hours – weren’t you both talking then?”

“Well, actually, we did talk but not for long,” Harry began sheepishly, and then hurried to explain himself when he saw the looks on both friend’s faces. “We both fell asleep – I was exhausted! I obviously didn’t get much sleep last night after I talked with Dawn, she was probably the same.”

Ron looked thoughtful. “So where do we go from here? What about the horcruxes?”

Harry shrugged, still feeling completely lost and confused with everything that had happened. “I don’t know, I feel like we should still be doing what Dumbledore asked me to do... we should find the horcruxes.”

“Things have changed now, haven’t they?” Hermione added, looking uncertain. “You can’t exactly just run off again and abandon Dawn now though.”

Harry shook his head in frustration. “Don’t you think I know that, Hermione?” he said harshly, attempting to calm himself down when he saw Hermione’s hurt look, he took a few steps away and stared at the floor. “I told Dawn about the horcruxes.”

“What?!” both Ron and Hermione exclaimed simultaneously.

Harry put his hands up defensively. “Let me explain - it’s not as if we can’t trust her or anything, she brought up the valid point, that if Voldemort is now going to be also coming after her, she needs to know what she’s in for.”

“That might be true, Harry, but even though she’s part of this prophecy, we barely know her or know if she won’t intentionally or unintentionally tell someone else about it. Dumbledore didn’t want anyone to know about the horcruxes for a reason.” Hermione jumped in.

Harry shook his head sternly. “I don’t care, Hermione. Dawn’s a part of this too now, she deserves to know everything. It’s my decision.”

Hermione sighed and a silence fell between them for a moment, she then proceeded to check her watch. “Well, we should finish this conversation later - Lupin made it sound like whatever’s going on downstairs is really important, probably to discuss the prophecy further.”

The other two nodded and she was the first to move for the door, Ron hesitated to look at Harry beside him.

“Seriously, you’d better talk with Ginny soon, Harry,” he ordered, making Harry think how unusual it was to hear a demand coming from him rather than Hermione, but he knew that Ron was right.


Dawn’s hands shook, she was still that angry, as she walked down a seventh floor corridor. She just knew that her sister would react that way - yes, she did make it worse by keeping the pregnancy from her for so long, but Buffy always had to jump on her high horse as if she’d never made a mistake before. As she walked further along, she started to feel guilty for running off and leaving Harry to deal with the mess of everything... twice, and the sudden thought of him made her notice that the unexplainable, comforting feeling of being near Harry had washed away.

She began to feel slightly light-headed so she slowed her pace considerably, and only a matter of moments later, she heard someone’s calls echoing down the long corridor.

“Dawn, please wait!” she recognised Buffy’s voice immediately.

She considered her options then and there; firstly, she could stop and see what her sister wanted to say to her and risk getting into another screaming match, or secondly, she could try her best to make a getaway. Considering how angry she still was, she went for the latter option and started down a nearby staircase without looking back, although she knew this was futile due to Buffy’s slayer speed but she wanted to try. Before she’d even reached the bottom of the staircase, she felt Buffy’s hand on her shoulder.

"Dawn, listen," Buffy said in a voice in complete contrast to the previous conversation, her voice was soft and regretful. "I'm really sorry about before – I definitely shouldn't have slapped you… Please, just talk to me."

Dawn stopped and spun around with teary eyes. “It’s not as if I wanted any of this to happen,” was all she managed before her anger was soon overshadowed by a deep sorrow.

Within seconds, Buffy had enveloped her in a strong hug, having a height advantage from standing a step higher than Dawn, so the brunette rested her head on her shoulder. Dawn just cried it out for a while, Buffy silently holding her sister there on the staircase. After all these months of secrecy, it finally felt good for Dawn to have Buffy be there to comfort her, although a large part of her still strongly wished that it could be her mother instead.

When Dawn had settled down, Buffy pulled away and looked down at her. "Dawnie, I am so sorry! You're right, I shouldn't have been so quick to react when all you needed was me to be there for you... but I really wished you'd told me when you found out."

Deciding that they couldn’t stand on the staircase all day, Buffy began to guide Dawn down with a soft hand on her back, and from there they kept walking.

“I’m so scared, Buffy,” Dawn admitted, placing a hand on her stomach.

Buffy nodded with an equally worried look. “So am I...” she stared into the distance for a moment. “What happened that night, Dawn?”

Dawn sighed and went to lean against a nearby stone windowsill. “Come on, I’m pretty sure you know all about that stuff.”

“You know what I mean,” Buffy quickly replied with a cross of her arms. “...Please tell me.”

Dawn nodded. Telling her everything could only help her understand where you’re coming from better, so don’t hold back, a wise voice told her.

She cleared her throat, making eye contact with the slayer. “After you and Will left that afternoon and I chilled for a bit, I decided to go for a walk and-“

“That’s where you met Harry,” Buffy jumped in, earning an annoyed look from Dawn. “Okay, okay – I won’t butt in again!”

"Anyway, I came back to the hotel and had an attack of the clumsy in the hall and Harry was my knight in shining armour. After we introduced ourselves and everything, we went downstairs and got some tea and talked for a bit - I thought he was really nice. Well, he then walked me back up to my room, I think his was not far down from ours or something, I'm not sure where though - he didn't really say-"

Buffy looked like she impatiently was hanging on every word. "Don't get side-tracked, Dawn. I thought you said before that the prophecy influenced you both... what happened next?"

Dawn hesitated with a small blush. "Yeah, I did say that. At this point, we were both in our right minds, but then when Harry kissed me..."

"The prophecy made you act like a prison inmate on an overdue conjugal visit?" Buffy cut in, earning a horrified look from Dawn.

"What?! And you wonder why I don't tell you anything?" Dawn said in an exasperated voice. "And - NO! Well, it wasn't like what we were doing didn't even cross my mind at any point, but I never would have actually done anything like that... but somehow we couldn't stop," she paused, deep in thought for a moment, trying to find the right words to explain the situation. "You know what it was like? It was like being drunk enough to lose control of your actions but not drunk enough to still know in your head that you're doing something incredibly stupid but can't do anything to stop yourself."

Buffy looked horror-struck, taking a moment to respond. “That was your first time, right?” she asked awkwardly.

Dawn turned red. "Of course, I had to continue the awesome track record of my love life - first kiss to a vampire, and then my first time to some famous wizard, but under the influence of a prophecy and, oh, I get knocked up from it!... Ugh, I hate that I had no choice in it! I never thought it would happen like that... Or that this would happen,” she finished, motioning towards her stomach.

Buffy looked sympathetically at her sister, moving to prop herself against the same windowsill that Dawn had. A silence fell between them before Buffy spoke again.

“Hey! How do you know what it’s like to be drunk?! Who let you drink?” she demanded, suddenly realising what she had said moments earlier.

Oops! Dawn thought as she recalled the time right after the collapse of the Hellmouth, while they were still dealing with strong grief, Xander had bought her some vodka and the two of them had drunk the night away miserably, sharing stories about Anya and Spike.

“Doesn’t matter,” she quickly responded, racking her brain with a topic change in an attempt to distract her sister, lucky for her she didn’t need one.

Willow suddenly appeared from the staircase that was just down to their left and approached them tentatively, looking like she was expecting the two sisters to be arguing up a storm. They could see the visible relief on her face when she noticed that everything appeared to be relatively calm.

“Hey, I’ve been looking all over for you guys, you’re needed down in the Staff Room,” as she stood in front of them, she suddenly noticed the presence of Dawn’s pregnant stomach. “Oh my god, Dawnie!”

“Yep, it’s all true - I’m knocked up with the prophecy baby,” Dawn said in a joking voice in an attempt to settle her discomfort, as she pulled at her jacket.

Willow turned her attention towards Buffy, waiting and expecting her to make a comment on the situation, knowing very well she would have a strong opinion.

“Dawn slept with Harry that first night in London, while we were catching up with Giles,” Buffy pointed out, almost casually.

This completely threw Willow off and she frowned, baffled by her friend’s unexpected reaction. “I thought you’d be angrier about that, Buffy.”

“Oh, I’m angry alright - just not at Dawn anymore,“ she stopped herself to get an approving nod from Dawn before she continued. “She thinks the prophecy made them go all the way so that she would get pregnant.”

Willow had a mystified expression. "Wow, that is pretty weird, even for us Scoobys... so that's why you're not wanting to kill her right now."

Buffy gave a swift nod and then something dawned on her, she turned to Dawn. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice the signs that you were pregnant – we did see you throwing up quite a few times!”

"Ugh, please don't remind me," Dawn said scrunching up her face. "I'm happy that’s over!"

Willow then pointed her right thumb out towards the staircase she’d come from. “Uh, we should probably get down there.”

The two other girls nodded in acknowledgment and they didn’t delay in going downstairs towards the Entrance Hall, finally starting to really be able to find their way around the castle without assistance.


Ron, Harry and Hermione had just descended the stairs leading into the Entrance Hall and were walking towards the Staff Room, when Harry put an arm out to stop them. They both turned to give him curious stares; however, he was too preoccupied focusing on an odd feeling that had just become apparent to him. He had no idea how to describe it, but if he had to he would say it felt a warm, summer sun had just come out from behind the clouds, radiating its comforting heat down on him. This was obviously strange, well because he was obviously indoors, and it was the middle of winter. He stood there revelling in the sensation, not daring to move and lose the feeling.

Seconds later, they turned and saw Dawn, Buffy and a redhead, he didn’t know, approaching them from the staircase and he concluded that the feeling he was experiencing was connected to Dawn’s proximity, realising that a part of him felt missing when she wasn’t around. This terrified him because it had only been 24 hours since the brunette had been back in his life, Maybe this has something to do with the baby being special, he thought. Meanwhile, he had still said nothing and Hermione was looking at him with inquisitive eyes, wondering how Harry knew that the three women were coming before he’d even seen them, however Harry continued to watch the approaching women.

“Hey,” Dawn greeted with a smile, something he was glad to see after the last time he’d seen her.

“Is everything alright?” he finally spoke up, cautiously looking between Dawn and Buffy.

“Everything’s peachy, for now,” Buffy chimed in. “But we’re still having that talk later.”

Harry nodded reluctantly, hoping that when that time came around, he would be having that conversation with this current relaxed Buffy, as opposed to the irate, nearly-homicidal Buffy he’d seen upstairs earlier.

The redhead standing next to Buffy was staring at him. “Hey, I’m Willow,” she introduced with a friendly handshake and Harry was relieved that this stranger wasn’t going to yell at him as well. “You must be Harry.”

He nodded, and then introduced Ron and Hermione beside him.

“Well, we better get in there,” Willow said. “Everyone’s waiting.”

She didn’t stall in entering the Staff Room, Buffy quickly following behind. Meanwhile, him, Ron and Hermione all looked at each other and wondered “Who’s everyone?”, before they moved towards the doors. Ron and Hermione started moving first, leaving him to naturally fall into step with Dawn.

“Probably just Giles and the others and Lupin,” Dawn said hopefully, although looking slightly unnerved as she looked at him.

She couldn’t have been more wrong, when they entered the Staff Room (where Harry had been once in Third Year) to find a huge gathering of people, and all conversation had ceased with the arrival of the newcomers. He looked around, a couple of faces that he didn’t recognise were talking to Buffy and Willow, so he assumed they were part of that group, however the other people he knew quite well. It appeared that pretty much the whole Order had gathered at Hogwarts, as well as the Weasley’s, including the twins, Bill and Fleur, and Ginny, who looked like she was trying desperately to make herself unseen at the back of the group.

Mrs. Weasley immediately jumped up from her seat with a “Ronald Weasley! Where have you been with no word for months?!” and gathered Ron into a lingering embrace, relieved to see that he was safe after all this time, the rest of the family followed while she moved to also hugged Hermione. She looked Harry’s way and came over to him.

“Harry, dear,” she exclaimed, pulling him into a warm embrace. “It’s good to see you. But look at you three - you all look like you haven’t eaten properly in months!”

When she pulled away, so noticed Dawn standing there awkwardly, who looked unsure because there were so many people she didn’t know, and also apprehensive of how these strangers were going to react to her. Molly smiled at the brunette and looked between Dawn and Harry for a moment.

“You must be Dawn,” she said as her husband appeared beside her. “I’m Molly Weasley and this is my husband Arthur.”

“Nice to meet you, you’re obviously Ginny and Ron’s parents,” Dawn replied shyly.

Mr. Weasley’s eyes lingered on Dawn’s stomach for a moment. “So the prophecy is true then!”

“Harry,” Mrs. Weasley scolded when she followed her husband’s gaze. “I know the Dursley’s generally didn’t treat you very nicely, but didn’t they at least give you ‘the talk’?”

Harry wanted to drop dead from embarrassment, especially with so many others nearby watching the exchange. “Uh,” he awkwardly stubbled out some incoherent words, looking to see that Dawn had also turned slightly pink but looked thoroughly entertained by his discomfort.

Taking his muddled response as a ‘no’, Molly proceeded to turn to Arthur. “Perhaps we should have thought to include Harry when you talked to Ron and Ginny a few years ago.”

Harry felt the heat of embarrassment, radiating from his cheeks, getting stronger by the minute. He heard Dawn giggle beside him as Mr. Weasley spoke up. “Well, Harry if I could have a moment of your time later, we should have a talk,” Great, another one to add to the list, a voice in Harry’s head groaned. “Not ‘the talk’, of course,” Arthur added with slight amusement.

They could hear Ron nearby sniggering loudly at the whole exchange, causing the two Weasley’s to move back towards their youngest son, and Harry could hear Mrs. Weasley start the lecture with him. “Ronald Bilius Weasley, I hope you behaved yourself while you’ve been away!”

Harry was happy to have the focus off him, turning to glare at a still-amused Dawn and she put up her hands defensively. “Hey, it’s nice to be the one out of the firing line for once! Besides, you look really cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Both teens silently stared at each other at Dawn’s admission; however they were quickly interrupted by the appearance of Fred and George either side of Harry.

“Harry, mate,” Fred smirked from his left.

“Didn’t know you had it in you,” George finished with a playful punch on his right arm and a knowing wink.

Harry was quick to roll his eyes at the pair; however their attention quickly diverted towards the pregnant teenager.

“Hello there, you must be the girl who’s stuck with this one now,” George began, motioning towards Harry. “I’m Fred,” he introduced, then pointing to his twin. “And that’s George.”

Harry opened his mouth to correct them but Fred was fast to silence him before he could. Meanwhile, Dawn smiled at the twins and examined the pair with interest, her eyes narrowing suspiciously as she looked between the two.

“Nice to meet you, George,” she replied looking at George, then moving her gaze towards the second Weasley twin. “And Fred, you obviously belong to that big redhead clan over there,” she said cheekily, pointing towards the Weasley group.

Both Weasley’s showed looks of surprise. “Whoa, how did she know?” one said to the other.

“A magician never reveals her secrets,” Dawn responded with a grin, while Harry watched the whole exchange, his eyes never leaving Dawn.

“Magician... that’s one of those muggles that pretends they can do magic, right?” Fred asked and Dawn quickly nodded with a laugh.

Mrs. Weasley came back over. “Alright, that’s enough you two! Remus and Minerva want to start the meeting,” she said as she began shooing the twins back to their seats.

Before they left, George leant down to say quietly in Harry’s ear. “Harry, never let that one go.”

Harry pretended he didn’t know what he was talking about and looked to Dawn questioningly while everyone was starting to take their places. “How did you know?” he asked.

She sniggered. “Remus told me all about what the Order did to rescue you from your Aunt and Uncle’s last summer and what happened. I also heard about the pestering Weasley twins from Ginny...” she trailed off.

At the mention of Ginny, they both turned to look for her and saw that she was still at the back of the group, however a brunette woman and older man, that Harry didn’t recognise, were talking to her. They all seemed to be having an animated discussion and it looked as though they were having a disagreement.

“Who’s that-“ Harry began to ask.

“Oh, that’s Giles and Faith, she’s another slayer like Buffy,” Dawn interjected, and Harry remembered Dawn mentioning a man named Giles, who’d trained her sister, so now he had a face to put with the name.

He looked over at Dawn to try and read her current expression, he knew that she had every right to be angry at Ginny for the earlier incident, but she didn’t appear to be that upset. He was about to bring the subject up, however they didn’t get to say another word before Buffy called out and motioned for Dawn to go over and sit with her, so Harry joined Ron and Hermione at one of the tables adjacent to Dawn’s group. Everyone else had settled themselves so that they were all situated in a semi-circle arrangement, in order to be able to see everyone else and to leave space for a speaker to stand up the front.

Harry watched as Lupin got up from his seat, it was only then he noticed a very pregnant Tonks sitting there, and he could tell from Lupin’s body language that he was not at all happy about his wife’s presence, especially when she was so far along with possibly only a month or less to go. Tonks looked over and gave him a small, friendly wave, to which he smiled back.

“Thanks to everyone for coming on such short notice,” Lupin began standing up in front of the group, Harry noticed McGonagall standing behind and off to the side. “While we were waiting for those who just joined us, everyone was filled in on the current situation and there are obviously quite a few decisions to be made on where to go from here.”

It was McGonagall’s turn to speak. “It is safe here at the castle for the time being, we have Miss Rosenberg,” she gestured towards Willow for those who didn’t know her. “To thank for strengthening the wards, however, it won’t be long before the whole Wizarding Community knows the situation and I will soon be inundated with complaints from concerned parents, for while Miss Summers remains here and continues to be a target for Voldemort and his followers, the school is in danger.”

Buffy stood angrily. “Dawn was safe here while no one knew about the baby or the prophecy,” she then noticed Ginny sitting behind Bill and Fleur and pointed furiously in their direction. “Hey! Where the hell do you get off screaming my sister’s private business for everyone to hear?! If anything happens to her...”

Several Weasley’s jumped up to Ginny’s defence calling out various remarks, Molly at the forefront with a step towards the slayer. “That’s my daughter you’re threatening there!”

Ginny had joined the conversation, and Harry thought he heard her say “You don’t have to defend me, mum - I deserve it,” but was drowned out by the sudden onslaught of many disgruntled voices from both the Weasley’s and the ‘Scoobies’. At this point, Harry knew that there was no way he would be able to get his word into the argument if he wanted to, and so he sat there helplessly with the others who weren’t getting involved, including Dawn, Fleur, Tonks and Hermione.

“EVERYONE CALM DOWN!” Lupin’s voice was the loudest that Harry could ever recall hearing, being usually a softly-spoken man; therefore when he yelled, it made a strong impact on the arguing group and everyone silenced immediately and most returned to their seats, excluding Buffy, who was too riled up to sit. “At this point in time Voldemort has probably found out about the prophecy and is planning his next move; therefore we can’t sit here and bicker about what has already happened when we need to be doing the same.”

“He’s right,” Dawn interjected strongly out of the blue, appearing as if she was getting aggravated by everyone talking about her and her future as if she wasn’t there, while Harry was actually quite used to this. “Uh, hi... I’m Dawn for those I don’t know,” she suddenly changed to a nervous tone when she noticed so many sets of eyes on her, many she still didn’t know. “...But anyway, as far as the ‘planning the next move’ goes, I don’t want anyone to get hurt on account of me.”

“Then we need to get you as far away from here as possible!” Buffy said.

Several people in the Staff Room seemed to shake their heads in opposition to this; however the strongest protests came from Dawn and Harry himself, who’d jumped out of his seat calling “NO!” suddenly, startling Hermione beside him. All eyes were on them as they stared at each other in surprise.

No, Dawn,” Buffy replied firmly. “I’m gonna do whatever it is to keep you safe and you’re gonna go along with it and not argue about it!”

“But isn’t she seventeen? She can’t do that, can she?” Harry heard Ron ask Hermione from over to his right.

“No, Ron. In the muggle world, people don’t become of age until they turn eighteen, so Buffy has every right,” Hermione explained, loud enough for others who weren’t aware of this fact to hear.

Meanwhile, Dawn had stomped her foot in frustration. “Please, Buffy. I have a strong feeling that there’s something that’s supposed to happen here,” she looked back over at Harry briefly and he got the impression that it was a ‘feeling’, rather than just any ordinary feeling. “I know that I can’t keep putting the school in danger but all I ask for is a few days and then we can go anywhere.”

“What sort of feeling, Dawnie?” Willow asked from beside the guy with the eye patch Harry remembered from earlier.

She shrugged in response. “Maybe something to do with the prophecy, I’m not sure.”

“The next question is,” Giles had spoken up for the first time, looking towards the Order members. “Where can Dawn go into hiding from Voldemort if she can’t stay here at Hogwarts?”
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