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The Second Prophecy

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Summary: The existence of the Key has changed the destiny of the Wizarding World's 'Chosen One'. A second prophecy and meeting of the two throws both teenagers into one of the hardest tasks they have ever faced.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterIllusionsofBlissFR1524134,42369831,56620 Aug 1114 Apr 13No

When Buffy and Harry Have 'The Talk'

Disclaimer: None of these characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter belong to me; I’m just using them to hopefully write an entertaining story.

Author’s Note: Phew! It’s been a really busy last week or so – sorry I haven’t been able to post sooner, but every time I actually did have the opportunity to write, I was just too tired to do so. But I eventually got there. Anyway, this is one of the last times I’m gonna bitch about the poor amount of feedback I’m receiving, but if you’re one of the people tracking this story then please review!!


Chapter Fourteen – When Buffy and Harry Have ‘The Talk’

The meeting had gone on for several hours; with Dawn feeling overwhelmed by the end, yet there was still so much to figure out. After Giles had raised the all-important question of where else Dawn could safely hide from Voldemort as her pregnancy progressed, the Order had brought up ideas of several places that she obviously hadn’t heard of, however Lupin appeared sceptical and immediately dismissed most, as did many of the others. In the end, Lupin and a man named Kingsley, Dawn wasn’t sure of his last name, had declared that they would make it their number one priority and Buffy had demanded that she be included in this process, after all this was her sister they were talking about. Before they had all called it a day, McGonagall had agreed to Dawn’s request to remain at Hogwarts until the New Year, which was just over two days away.

As everyone began to leave the Staff Room, Dawn looked around for Harry to talk to him privately; however she knew it would have to wait until later when she saw him being pulled aside by Arthur Weasley, obviously to have that talk he’d mentioned earlier. Instead, she looked over and noticed Lupin was having a disagreement with a woman that Dawn immediately registered to be his wife, who was extremely pregnant.

Holy cow! I’m gonna be huge! she thought as it just occurred to her just how much she would grow in the upcoming months.

She looked around to see who else still remained, seeing Buffy and Giles having a heated discussion, with Faith standing there interjecting offhandedly every now and then. Deciding that she didn’t want to get involved in that dispute at all, she turned her attention back to the Lupin’s. Although she knew it would usually be rude to interrupt a married couple’s quarrels, she thought they both looked like they would welcome the interruption and she wanted to officially meet Lupin’s wife, so she approached them.

“Wow, how long do you have left?” Dawn asked looking at Lupin’s wife’s pregnant belly; subconsciously put a hand on her own growing belly. “You must be Remus’ wife.”

The pair ceased their disagreement immediately and turned towards Dawn, Lupin’s wife smiling at her, whilst Lupin looked frustrated that he hadn’t got his point across in whatever they were arguing about.

Lupin’s wife nodded, Dawn hadn’t expected her to be so eccentric-looking with bright pink shoulder-length hair, and she too put a hand on her stomach. “Wotcher, you must be Dawn! So you’re the one who’s been keeping my husband away these past few months,” she said in a serious voice, her eyes narrowing; however, she broke into a giggle when she saw Dawn’s worried look. “Only kidding, Remus would have always found something to take up his time, always fighting the good fight. Anyway, I just started my final month, which is why Remus here is fussing over my being here, but just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be of some use... I’m Tonks, by the way.”

“That’s an interesting name,” Dawn replied with slight confusion, she thought she remembered Lupin calling her something completely different when he’d talked about her.

“Tonks is my maiden name; everyone always calls me that because I hate my first name – Nymphadora,” Tonks explained.

“Oh, and that’s why you call her Dora,” Dawn realised looking at Lupin, who nodded. “And I can see where you’re coming from, you’re parents obviously didn’t think through how other kids could totally come up with some bad nicknames from that.”

“You’re definitely right about that,” Tonks replied with a laugh, Dawn joining in. “How far along are you now?”

“Almost 21 weeks,” Dawn replied, laughter fading and being replaced by a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Seeing someone like Tonks pregnant seemed extremely natural, however when she thought about herself and the situation she was in - it terrified her, even if you took the prophecy out of the equation. For one, she was only seventeen and still so young, whilst Tonks had maybe ten years on her. Secondly, Tonks was happily married (well, despite the disagreement she’d just witnessed) and in love, whilst Dawn’s pregnancy had basically resulted from a one-night stand and Harry was only around because of the baby, or so that annoying little voice in the back of her head kept telling her.

“Is everything alright, Dawn?” Lupin broke into her reverie, obviously noticing her trepidation.

“I’m... I’m,” she stuttered awkwardly, feeling extremely dejected suddenly and struggling with words.

Before she knew it, Tonks had taken her by the shoulders and steered her away to somewhere more private, calling back over her shoulder. “She’s fine, dear. We’ll just be indulging in some girl-talk over here.”

Once they were a few feet away from those who were still around conversing in the Staff Room, Tonks stopped her and looked at her with a knowing look.

“I recognise that look from a mile away,” she began with a gentle, understanding voice. “You should know that all pregnant women have a bit of a crisis at some point or another, it’s only natural – I’ve been there. But everything will work out in the end; don’t let yourself get too stressed about it.”

Dawn gave a nod, her eye line unconsciously drifting across the room to where Harry and Arthur Weasley were in an equally serious discussion. She only became aware of her stare when Harry suddenly looked over and their eyes met for a moment, and then she quickly averted her eyes back to Tonks. Meanwhile, Tonk had silently observed this.

“But that’s not the only thing you’re worried about, obviously,” Tonks added as a statement rather than a question directed at her.

Dawn didn’t say anything, basically because she couldn’t really sum up into words how she was feeling, although she was quite surprised at how well someone she met appeared to be reading her emotions right now. That lingering feeling that this baby was just a complication for not only her, but for everyone else - especially Harry, was still at the forefront of her mind.

Tonks gave her a sympathetic smile, as if reading her mind once more. “There’s no disputing that Harry’s a great, honourable guy, but I have a feeling that isn’t the only reason he is still here right now,” Dawn gave her a confused look. “I saw the unconscious looks he was giving you before... just give everything some time.”

“I, uh-“ Dawn went to respond, however when she looked back across the room, she saw that Buffy had preyed upon Harry, obviously wanting to finally have that ‘talk’. “Crap! I better go stop the hurricane from brewing,” she said quickly, already taking a couple of steps but stopping to smile at Tonks. “Thanks - I hope we can talk again soon! It was nice to finally meet you, Tonks.”

Tonks didn’t seem at all phased by the sudden end of the conversation, looking extremely understanding at Dawn’s sudden urgency as she nodded and farewelled her. In the meantime, Dawn had practically sprinted across the Staff Room and reached out for her sister’s arm.

“Hey, you don’t need to harass him straight away! Don’t you think we’ve all had enough of that for one day?” Dawn cried out, stopping Buffy in her tracks, while Harry looked appreciative of Dawn’s efforts.

Buffy effortlessly shook her arm free, looking displeased. “Geez... chill for a second, Dawn. I’ll make sure he returns in one piece. I thought it was better to get this out of the way ASAP, so we can get on with figuring everything else out.”

Dawn sighed, knowing when Buffy had decided she was doing something, it was extremely hard to talk her out of it, and so she turned to Harry. “We’ll talk again later?”

Harry nodded, looking between the two sisters with interest. “Yes, there’s still a lot to talk about.”

She shot Buffy one more warning look before she nodded and left the pair. She could imagine just how Buffy would be during their discussion, probably throwing quite a few threats of bodily harm to Harry if he did anything that she didn’t like, however she wasn’t quite sure what Harry would do. Obviously she was still getting to know him, and sometimes it felt like she couldn’t quite read him, although when she thought about the hardship he’d suffered in his life thus far, she could understand why he seemed guarded.

It was only when Harry and Buffy had left the now almost-deserted Staff Room, when her stomach gave a protest of hunger that a thought occurred to her – how would she face the rest of the population of Hogwarts now? And how would they react now that they knew that she was carrying Harry Potter’s baby? He was a well-known figure in their world, just what sort of attention would that bring her way? The fact that it was well and truly dinnertime now made those thoughts even more relevant, as she pondered whether or not she bring herself to show her face in the Great Hall.

“Is everything alright, Dawn?” Giles’ voice tore her attention from her troubles; he was now the only one that remained.

“No, not really,” she was about to reveal her predicament, when at last minute she thought against it. You’ll be okay- suck it up, Dawn. You’ve gotta start facing your problems, she told herself. “Then again, nothing’s been alright lately... I’m kinda getting used to it.”

Giles looked concerned and was about to speak up but she cut him off at the pass. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” she sighed. “So, what do you think about the Order and this trying to find me somewhere to hide out – is it gonna be safe?”

“If there is one thing you can put your faith in, it is the Order,” Giles said confidently with a nod. “The wards they have protecting this castle can easily be replicated anywhere, and the fact that we also have Willow and her magic working with them, the Order is probably the strongest protection you can get from Voldemort.”

As Giles said these words, something in Dawn knew that this wasn’t necessarily the truth, although Giles didn’t know this. It wasn’t that the Order couldn’t protect her, but there was a notion that something stronger could protect her. For one, already witnessing what the baby could do in its first five months of existence, such as re-casting that concealing spell when she needed it or the strong feelings and intuitions she’d been experiencing, made her think that it could only get stronger as time went on. Secondly, for some reason whenever she was around Harry, it seemed like everything felt right, that and she noticed the baby’s influence a lot more - she just felt protected somehow.

The thought of food once again broke through her current thoughts, and she knew that it was time to go to dinner. Dawn and Giles silently exited the Staff Room and then she turned to him. “I’m pretty hungry - I think I need some dinner. My eating patterns have been hectic the last twenty-four hours... If Madam Pomfrey knew, she’d totally get onto my case about it. Are you coming with?” she asked hopefully, not keen on entering the Great Hall alone.

To her dismay, Giles quickly shook his head. “I was hoping that Arthur Weasley was still around the castle somewhere... there’s an important matter I needed to discuss with him.”

Dawn was intrigued by this, but Giles had already taken several steps away from her with an urgency that stopped her from asking anything on the matter. Instead she nodded understandingly and farewelled him as he scurried up the nearby staircase, leaving her standing next to the enormous doors that lead through to the Great Hall. She could already hear the loud chatter from inside that was spilling out in the Entrance Hall where she stood, and this caused her heart to speed up in nervous anticipation.

She felt the sensation of butterflies in her abdomen as the baby moved and she almost got the feeling that this way the baby’s way of urging her to make a move, she was sure that it really needed her to have a decent meal at this stage as well. Putting a hand on stomach, she finally walked over and opened the doors.

The raucous chatter Dawn had heard only moments ago was quick to die down; within seconds a random student had spotted her entrance and announced it to the students nearby. This meant the awareness of her standing there had soon spread like wildfire and then she could feel all eyes on her, accompanied by not-too-subtle whispers from the scandalised school population. Meanwhile, she looked up towards the top table and could see that most who were present in the Staff Room earlier were currently absent, except for McGonagall, and she certainly didn’t know the headmistress well enough to go and seek refuge by eating up with her. Dawn wondered where everyone else was, particularly Faith, Willow and Xander, wishing that at least one of them was there at that point in time.

She eventually willed herself forward towards the Gryffindor Table, picking up bits and pieces of what was being said about her situation. From what she could hear of the hushed voices, most of them were just gossiping out of pure curiousity, but as she passed some of the chatter was not as innocent.

“... I don’t agree. I think she probably got herself pregnant on purpose,” she clearly heard from a dark-haired Gryffindor, maybe a year or two younger than her. “She probably wanted her fifteen minutes of fame for having Harry Potter’s baby or she wanted to trap him all for herself... what a slag.”

Knowing that couldn’t be further from the truth, those words cut through her like a knife. Is the whole Wizarding World gonna think that?! she panicked, coming to a halt beside the nasty girl and although she wanted to be completely strong and give this girl a piece of her mind or inflict bodily harm, her eyes betrayed her as she felt them welling up.

Regardless, she gazed down at the girl with narrow, furious eyes and felt like screaming at her “Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t know anything about me, bitch!” but didn’t get the chance, when someone appeared at her side.

“Hi Dawn, come down and sit with us,” Hermione said warmly, throwing an unpleasant look in the direction of the horrible Gryffindor girl Dawn had overheard.

Dawn nodded and followed the bushy-haired girl to another section of the Gryffindor table, relief flushing over her that at least she had one person on her side after her fears moments earlier.

“Thanks,” Dawn said thankfully as she sat next to Hermione, who was sitting across from Ron and Neville.

“I know everyone is talking about you and Harry right now, but the best thing is to just ignore it.” Hermione said with a reassuring smile. “Anyway, that Romilda Vane is completely wretched; don’t worry about anything that she has to say, she’s got an unhealthy obsession with Harry. After all that business with the love potion last year...”

Dawn had already felt herself start to calm down, as she greeted the two boys and then looked between all three Gryffindors. “What’s the deal with the love potion thing?”

Hermione laughed and Ron’s ears coloured pink slightly and he took a bit from a cob of corn. “She spent last year following Harry around like a lost puppy, and even went to the trouble of sending him chocolates laced with love potion,” he explained in between mouthfuls.

“He didn’t eat them, did he?” Dawn asked, horrified.

Ron shook his head as Hermione gave another amused laugh. “No, he didn’t... I was fortunate enough to help myself to them first. It was horrible; I acted like a complete, love-sick fool.”

Dawn was both amused and infuriated by this, as she glanced down the table to glare at Romilda. “What a bitch! I’ll have to keep an eye on that one.”

“Where is Harry, by the way?” Neville contributed to the conversation, looking towards the large double doors.

Dawn had been stacking her plate up with many different foods, causing even Ron, who was well-known for his eating abilities, to ogle at the sight. The sudden staring from the three made her feel self-conscious, even though she had a perfectly good reason for needing so much food, so she quickly dropped the serving spoon and looked up at them.

“Buffy’s talking to him,” she replied, then noticing the apprehension on Ron and Hermione’s features. “Oh, please don’t judge my sister on earlier; although she has a lot of making it up to me for what happened, and she can get a bit full-on sometimes, that’s not usually her. She should be fine talking to Harry now... I hope.”

Neville looked confused, Ron gave him a look that said “you don’t want to know” and he sighed and turned back towards the girls. “So, Dawn... all of this time you’ve been here at Hogwarts, you never mentioned you knew Harry...”

Dawn knew that this was one of many more times she’d have difficulty making up explanations of how she came to be carrying the child of Harry Potter, without any mention of a prophecy being involved. Luckily in this case, she was eternally grateful for the help from both Ron and Hermione to fabricate a story; especially when she barely knew the two and they certainly didn’t owe her anything. For the rest of the dinner, Dawn actually began to successfully tune out the stares and whispers and she began to discover exactly why Harry valued his friends so much as she talked with them some more.


Buffy, knowing that Harry knew the ins and outs of Hogwarts much better than her, had decided he probably knew where they could talk privately, and therefore she accepted his suggestion to go upstairs to the Astronomy Tower. Of course, Harry quickly chided himself for this proposal when visions of the Slayer trying to hurl him off the edge of the tower soon came to mind and conjured up some unpleasant images. Particularly when they arrived up top and she stood there casually with crossed her arms, deep in thought but her gaze firmly fixed on him as if she was trying to stare him down. He certainly didn’t know what to say at this stage, so he decided to remain silent and wait for her to kick things off.

“So here’s the thing,” Buffy eventually said, uncrossing her arms. “I don’t know how much you and Dawn have had a chance to talk, since she only told you yesterday, but I really hope you two are taking this seriously and-“

Of course we are,” Harry butted in, offended by the suggestion that this was just something that he would brush off as nothing, especially when it was one of the most significant things that had ever happened to him.

Buffy was slightly annoyed by his rude interruption, particularly the tone his voice held, but stopped herself from biting back too harshly like she had earlier. “Well, hey, I know there are some people who wouldn’t.”

Harry closed his eyes tightly for a moment. “No one else is quite in the situation that we are right now though.”

She gave a tiny nod to this, realising that he did have a point and sighed, although primarily her thoughts of concern were with her sister, she could understand how hard this was for Harry as well. “Yes, that brings us to another really important point - even though the prophecy influenced you and Dawn and started this whole thing, I still have to give you the ‘big sister talk’, especially ‘coz I’m all Dawn has. Basically, it boils down to - if you screw my sister over or hurt her in any way, I will make it my mission to hunt you down and make you feel the pain you’ve caused her, and so much more on top of that...”

The seriousness in her voice and the stern look in her eyes as she said this made Harry well aware that the blonde slayer was speaking the truth, and he would be lying if the prospect of this threat didn’t scare him. However, he certainly had no intention of doing these things to Dawn, although there was still a lot to learn about her, he already cared enough to not want to see her hurt in all of this. It actually frightened him a little how much he was starting to care about her in such a short amount of time. One naive voice in the back of his mind tried to just brush it off and tell him that it was just the prophecy interfering again.

Noticing his silent preoccupation with his thoughts, Buffy studied him for a moment, trying to read more into the boy wizard who had knocked up her sister. She could see that he was being sincere in the whole situation, and as Buffy watched him and thought about what she’d observed of him so far, she could tell that he was generally different from the boys she knew when she was seventeen, and accounted this to the fact that maybe the experiences he’d been though had forced him to become quite a mature seventeen year-old. That’s something they both have in common, she thought when she considered Dawn, and how she had also been through a lot more than any normal teenager as well, growing up with a sister who was a slayer and everything surrounding her being ‘the Key’.

She also observed that Harry seemed to be quite guarded, and felt like she needed to persuade him to express his thoughts and intentions with her sister. “So, I’ve threatened you if you mess up with Dawn and this is the point where you jump in to defend yourself...”

Harry looked up at her, suddenly broken out of his thoughts and realising how his silence may have concerned the blonde. “Uh, well I’m not going to defend myself because Dawn and I have talked a little bit, probably not as much as we need to because it’s all still sinking in, but you can rest assured – I’m not going to hurt Dawn... I’ve already told her that we’re in this together.”

Buffy nodded in approval, satisfied with the honesty she heard in his words. “Good... ‘coz Dawn is good at putting up a front to hide her fears and insecurities, and even though she’ll always have me, she’ll need all the support she can get... that baby needs its father too, especially when we don’t know what it will be capable of at this stage,” she said staring Harry straight in the eyes as she said this.

Well, if the early signs are anything to go by, Harry thought but stopped himself from saying out loud, taking a deep breath as Buffy’s words hit him hard. Just the thought of being a father so young and so unexpectedly was almost too much for him to bear, then you threw in the prophecy, the awkwardness and feelings surrounding Dawn, and the expectations of everyone else around him, including from Buffy and the Order - the weight and pressure on him felt like it just kept getting heavier and heavier, and when would it be too much for him to carry?

Buffy must have sensed the tension from his side because he was extremely thankful when she didn’t pursue grilling him with the hard-hitting questions, although she was probably saving them up for another time soon. Instead, she proceeded to ask him some questions about himself, obviously in an attempt to get to know him or understand him better. Harry felt the more that they continued the talk, the more at ease he felt. He certainly was thankful that they had moved past the yelling to have a proper conversation, and although Buffy had sort of flown off the hinge for a moment there and the anger at her for slapping Dawn aside, he could see that the blonde slayer wasn’t as bad as she first appeared to be.

When the conversation seemed to naturally dry up, and they were both ready to head back downstairs, Buffy turned to Harry. “If there’s ever anything you need to get off your chest, especially with Dawn or the prophecy, please consider me someone you can come to - I promise that I won’t make a repeat of earlier with all the deafening screaming... well depends on what you have to tell me, especially if it’s something I don’t like,” she began babbling, and it immediately struck Harry how this trait obviously ran in the Summers family. “Anyway, it’s good to get to know you a little, especially now that you’re gonna have to marry my sister and become my brother-in-law.”

Harry had frozen still at this, unsure whether she was serious or not because of the ambiguous tone she used for the last part. Buffy kept a straight face for a moment, in order to watch him squirm, before she broke out into a laugh and rolled her eyes as she walked away.


Dinner had finished and everyone was slowly spilling out of the Great Hall and into the Entrance Hall, including Dawn, Hermione and Ron, when the reappearance of the slayer and the Boy Who Lived began drawing some attention. Personally, Dawn was just relieved to see that they hadn’t caused any harm to each other, and thought the fact that Buffy had already finished her obligatory lecturing or threatening of Harry was extremely promising. Especially when one of the first interactions between the two had been so negative, it was good to see that they could quickly put it aside, she definitely didn’t need any more drama on her plate.

“Harry, mate, you completely missed dinner,” Ron pointed out the obvious, considering everyone leaving the Great Hall made this apparent.

Dawn threw an uncertain smile at the pair, as she and her two dinner companions approached them, whilst the unsubtle whispers continued on from earlier and she tried her best to tune them out as she walked past them. However, Harry and Buffy clearly heard some of what was being said, and were suddenly both made aware of the fact that they’d unintentionally left Dawn to face the gossip and accusations at dinner all by herself.

“Oh my god, Dawnie – I’m sorry!” Buffy spoke up, both horrified and extremely apologetic.

Harry shook his head to no one in particular, it was definitely apparent that he was angry with himself. “I should have thought about-“

“It’s alright, Harry,” Hermione chimed in swiftly. “Apart from a near-confrontation with Romilda Vane, Ron and I made sure she didn’t pay any attention to the nonsense that some others were coming out with.”

“Thanks for that, guys,” Buffy jumped in to thank the pair before Harry could.

Hermione waved it off. “It was no trouble at all – no one deserves to be subjected to that, especially when most of them don’t even know all the facts.”

Dawn shook her head. “No, seriously... thanks. I probably would’ve done something that I would’ve regretted to that nosey bitch, like beat the shit out of her, if you hadn’t jumped in to rescue me.”

The three Brits seemed slightly taken aback by her forwardness, although Harry secretly liked that part of her. He was relieved to see that his two best friends had been so level-headed and accepting of the extreme situation that both he and Dawn had found themselves in, by supporting Dawn when she needed it. Although, he felt a slight twinge of guilt for not coming clean to them sooner.

“Damn!” Buffy suddenly exclaimed, mainly to herself rather than the others, she looked over to see the others all staring at her, alarmed. “Oh, just remembered that I forgot to talk to McGonagall about getting Dawn’s things moved downstairs.”

Dawn immediately irked up at this comment, particularly angry that her sister often failed to involve her decisions that included her. “What?! What do you mean, Buffy? You’re moving me out of the Gryffindor Tower?”

Buffy’s hands immediately went to her hips, giving Dawn a stern look. “Yes, now that I know you’re pregnant, you’re not staying up there. You’ll bunk with me instead... besides, it’s only for a few nights and it’s safer with me and away from all the hype.”

“You could’ve asked me first, though!” Dawn threw her hands up in frustration, as the other three looked like they definitely weren’t getting involved in the sisterly argument. She began to storm away from the group. “Just great, I can see it now... you’re never going to give me any space again!”

“You’re damn right I am!” Buffy projected back to Dawn’s retreating form. “Look what happened last time I decided to give you some space!”


It was a dark, but quite an elegantly-decorated house, in which a short, rodent-faced, grovelling man approached a closed door and raised a shaky fist to knock several times. He was soon summoned into a rather large room, with extremely high ceilings and walls lined floor-to-ceiling with bookcases filled with various old books. The man was hunched over in fear as he approached another man in a long, flowing, black cloak, who had gotten up to greet him. This man was much different from the first man, he held himself with confidence and an intimidating presence, however the most distinguishing difference was that his face was extremely horrifying and unpleasant, especially with eyes that resembled that of a snake.

“Wormtail,” the snake-eyed man almost hissed, as he looked at the other man in distaste. “I specifically said that I was not to be disturbed – how dare you come in here directly against my wishes! If this isn’t something important...”

Wormtail flinched at the unfinished threat. “M-My Lord, it is of importance! I have just received news from Nott that you will...” he paused nervously, clearly not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. “That you find interesting.”

Suddenly an actual snake slithered out from behind a chair and both descended upon Wormtail until they were frighteningly close. “And by ‘interesting’, you mean news that I will not like to hear?”

Wormtail slowly nodded, meanwhile the other man’s eyes narrowed further, if that was at all possible, while the snake loomed beside him.

“Go ahead, Wormtail. If Nott had important news for me, he should have been the one to come to me directly! Therefore... you will not be punished for making me aware of this information, no matter how upsetting it is.”

Wormtail visibly relaxed at this, and he quickly found his voice again. “Some of this news comes from Nott and the other from our sources inside the ministry... Another prophecy surrounding Harry Potter has been found,” with his grubby hand, he reached into his pocket and produced the prophecy written on a piece of parchment and lowered his head as he held it out.

The other man snatched it angrily, and didn’t hesitate in skimming his eyes across the parchment. Moments later he looked back up at Wormtail and was clearly furious, nostrils flared.


Wormtail automatically recoiled. “I a-assure you, My Lord, that this has only just been discovered by those inside the ministry. It has been immediately b-brought to your attention.”

The snake-eyed man jabbed an angry finger at the parchment as he looked it over once more. “Who is this other person mentioned here in the prophecy?” he said to himself, not expecting Wormtail to be knowledgeable enough to know.

“W-well, actually, M-My Lord,” Wormtail said hesitantly. “Nott knows this part of the prophecy... his son, Theodore, at Hogwarts told him that P-Potter arrived back there less than twenty-four hours ago.”

“Yes,” the other man spat. “And does that have anything to do with this child Potter is supposed create to help DEFEAT me?!”

Wormtail nodded. “U-unfortunately, My Lord. D-do you remember those American visitors we heard were at Hogwarts?”

“What does that have to do with this, Wormtail?!” he replied furiously, holding the prophecy up in the air, he was beginning to lose his patience.

“Apparently one of the visitors, a g-girl, is p-pregnant with Harry Potter’s child.”

“WHAT?!” was the roaring reply, filling the room so loudly that it almost felt like that anything made of glass would shatter.

The snake beside the man suddenly reared up in anger, as the man with snake eyes whisked out his wand in a matter of seconds, completely enraged, and yelled out a string of spells, causing the room to be encased in a glow. Terrified screams from Wormtail could be heard...

Dawn awoke and sat bolt upright with a loud intake of breath, the sound of the screams still echoing in her mind. She had been tossing and turning all night, like the previous night, however she had managed to fall asleep long enough to have experienced that terrible dream. Now she was conscious, she immediately recognised the man with the sickening face in the dream to have been Voldemort. Did that dream happen for real? was her first thought.

Buffy had stirred from beside her, in the bed that the sisters had to share when Buffy had insisted on having Dawn stay with her. She took a moment for her eyes to adjust in the dark, and then she peered up at her younger sister questioningly.

“Everything okay, Dawn?” Buffy asked with a croaky, tired voice and still appeared half-asleep. “The baby-“

“Is fine,” Dawn cut off in a hushed voice. “Just need to pee,” she lied, quickly getting up to go to the bathroom.

Once inside, she splashed some cold water on her face and stared absent-mindedly into the mirror. There was something about that dream... or nightmare, really, that had her truly shaken; everything, all the emotions in particular, had felt so real, and then her sixth sense started telling her that it probably was and that terrified her. That means Voldemort knows about me and the baby now, she panicked.

Even though it was the middle of the night, she felt like she needed to talk about what she’d dreamt and as she walked back out into the bedroom again, she noticed that Buffy had already drifted back to sleep. Then and there she knew there was only one person she had to talk to the dream about, and she rushed to throw a hoodie over her flannelette pyjamas and slipped her feet into her bright-pink slipper boots. She tip-toed across to the door, paying close attention as to not wake up Buffy, and she then exited the guest room.

The corridors were dark and deserted, relieved to see there was no sign of that creepy caretaker, Filch, not that she would get in trouble for wandering around because she wasn’t a student, she just couldn’t stand the strange man. She finally made her way up to the Fat Lady portrait and let herself into the portrait hole by reciting the password for an extremely sleepy Fat Lady. The Common Room was quite dark and hard to see around, as the fire had burned down to faintly glowing embers, so she made sure to tread carefully, only to be startled by a sudden voice.

Lumos, ” a voice from across the room called, and then Dawn could clearly see Harry standing there, his face lit by the light emitted from his wand.

“Dawn,” he said with surprise, when he noticed her standing there. “It’s the middle of the night... I thought you were down in the guest rooms with Buffy.”

She nodded. “I was, but I had a freaky dream and needed to talk about it,” she explained, seeing a frown appear on Harry’s face.

He went over to the fireplace and used a spell to restart the fire, Dawn briefly registered that this was the first time she’d witnessed him performing magic, and within moments the fire was in full swing again. He turned back to Dawn and motioned for her to come join him over to the couches, and now that the light in the room was improved, she could see that he seemed quite restless and exhausted.

“What happened in this dream?” he asked softly, but appeared to be quite concerned.

Dawn shrugged. “I... I think it really happened. There was this guy, who I think was Voldemort, and he found out-“

“About the prophecy and the baby,” Harry suddenly jumped in, causing her to look up at him with mystification, and he sighed loudly. “I had the same dream.”
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