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The Second Prophecy

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Summary: The existence of the Key has changed the destiny of the Wizarding World's 'Chosen One'. A second prophecy and meeting of the two throws both teenagers into one of the hardest tasks they have ever faced.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterIllusionsofBlissFR1524134,42369831,57520 Aug 1114 Apr 13No

When Harry Finds Out About 'The Key'

Disclaimer: None of these characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter belong to me; I’m just using them to hopefully write an entertaining story.

Author’s Note: Here we go, can’t believe I’m up to Chapter 20! It seemed to be a bit of a struggle with this chapter for a while, maybe it was because I’ve been pretty tired or maybe I need a break (Lol, I realise I’ve just been on a holiday a few weeks ago, but somehow...). I don’t know. I was thinking that maybe if I did take a break, I could really get into that editing of the past chapters, so far I’ve only done up to Chapter 7 – so I’ve got a long way to go. Then again, perhaps if I get enough people motivating me to keeping writing instead, I might just do that. Let me know what you think.

On the plus side, at least I’ve managed to contain this chapter into a more manageable length! Yay!


Chapter Twenty – When Harry Finds Out About ‘The Key’

The three of them watched patiently as the glow slowly changed colour from white...

...And gradually turned a bright, emerald green.

“Green?!” Dawn exclaimed in confusion, looking towards the healer for more information on what that meant. “I kinda figured it’d turn, like, pink or blue or something.”

Madam Pomfrey appeared to be extremely bewildered as well, which Dawn didn’t find very encouraging. “You’re right, it should have...” she trailed off, deep in thought with a crinkle forming on her brow line.

Green, the word echoed in Dawn’s head, and then she was suddenly struck with what she thought was an unlikely idea. The colour didn’t turn green because of her, did it? She thought back to what she now referred to as the ‘Glory’ days, and when she’d found out that she was ‘The Key’, made up of mystical energy. It was a bright green, swirly shimmer, she remembered Glory had said. And now thinking back to the present and that Madam Pomfrey appeared to have no idea what was going on, this couldn’t all just be a coincidence.

“In all my years, I’ve never seen anything like this happen before.” At that particular point Madam Pomfrey was literally scratching her head. “If I were back at Hogwarts right now, I would be able to consult some books in order to find out the cause of this.”

“So what do we do now then?” Harry spoke up, having been particularly quiet until that point. “And why would it turn green, when that’s not usually an option?”

Dawn was debating in her head whether or not to speak up, considering neither knew about her past she was having a hard time on voicing her suspicions. In the meantime, the other two continued to try and unravel the mystery.

Madam Pomfrey shrugged. “I’m not sure, Potter. As Dawn here had already assumed, this test was supposed to illustrate either pink or blue. Even if there were multiple babies, it should have turned varying shades of those two colours, or in the case both sexes being present, segments of both colours... This doesn’t make-“

Dawn quietly cleared her throat. “Um, it could be ‘coz of me,” she finally spoke up, knowing that she had to share her suspicions with them. “Madam Pomfrey, could me and Harry talk for a sec?” She glanced over and noticed that the witch looked concerned. “I guess it’s something that I should tell you too, ‘coz you’ve been my healer or whatever, but I really gotta talk to Harry first.”

“Of course, dear,” the older woman replied with an understanding nod, before promptly leaving the room.

She turned to face Harry, who was still sitting beside her and staring at her in apprehension. She found herself unable to collect her thoughts with him at such close proximity, so she immediately pushed herself up and moved over to stare nervously out the window.

“This has something to do with the same thing we were talking about last night, doesn’t it?” he asked, although already sounded like he knew the answer.

She took a deep, calming breath - this was it. She would tell Harry about where she came from and what she was, and he would probably freak out and things would change between them for the worst. She felt an overwhelming dread, deep in the pit of her stomach when she played scenarios of his reaction in her head. Eventually, she managed a slow, unsteady nod in reply to his question.

Meanwhile, when she turned to gaze back at Harry, who still hadn’t moved from his seated position on the edge of the bed, she could see that he wasn’t without his own anxiety. When she thought about it, she did feel sorry for him, he been wondering about ‘The Key’ for a little while now and she’d made him wait when he’d asked her. Then again, he hadn’t been too pushy with the issue, which did give Dawn some hope that maybe he would be more understanding of it all.

He sighed loudly, as she moved to lean against the window sill. “Listen, Dawn,” he began softly. “I can tell that this is difficult for you, but whatever it is, with everything that I’ve been through - I’m sure I’ll understand. “

Despite her nerves, she managed a snort at this. “You say that now, but I’d give you a million bucks if you said you understood after I tell you everything.”

“After all that’s happened – I’m still here, Dawn!” Harry replied in a slightly raised voice, she could see that he was getting frustrated now. He dropped his head in his hands for a moment, before he gazed back up at her. “Please, you just have to put your trust me,” he added in a desperate voice.

She knew he was right, he may have somewhat freaked out when he found out about the baby and the prophecy, but once he got his head around it, he had stood by her. Now she had to stop thinking the worst and just telling him everything. In order to do so, she moved back over towards the bed and climbed up so that she was sitting against the head of the bed, with slightly bent legs stretched out in front of her. Meanwhile, Harry turned from his seated position on the edge of the bed so that he was now facing her.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” she began, pausing slightly to gather her thoughts. “The prophecy called me ‘The Key’ ‘coz that’s what I am.” She watched as Harry already frowned in confusion, causing her to let out a large sighed. “I’m not just your average girl, when I was fourteen I found out that I wasn’t always human.”

“W-what?” Harry stuttered.

Ugh, and so it begins... Dawn thought glumly to herself before continuing. She then launched into the full story about Glory, the Monks of Dagon and how she’d had the memories of a pretty normal life, until she’d found out about being ‘The Key’ and getting created into human form, and also discovering just what she was capable of. Meanwhile, she was slightly unnerved by the lack of response from Harry the entire time she was telling her story; it was absolutely torturing her, not knowing what was going through his head. Well, the one thing she could see by looking at him was that he was quite shell-shocked by the way his eyes were wide and that he didn’t seem capable of words.

When she thought that she’d pretty much covered everything, the room fell into a deafening silence. She sat there patiently for a moment, hoping that he would finally saying something, anything, if she gave him the time, but soon found that she couldn’t bear the silence any longer.

“Harry?” she said uncertainly, he was currently staring at the wall beside her. It didn’t appear that he’d heard her, so she spoke again. “Harry...”

This seemed to finally snap him out of his dazed state and his eyes suddenly shot up to look at her again. “Bloody hell, uh,” he began, he then jumped up off the bed and started pacing the room.

At this stage, Dawn was quite grateful to see some form of response from him, even if it wasn’t much to go by.

“I know it’s all messed up,” she said frantically, her eyes following his every move. “You’ve gotta understand – I didn’t have a choice in this... and it’s obviously not the normal way to come into existence, but I’m here now and I’m a person, just like you.”

“B-but... you...,” was all he managed before bringing his hands up to his face. “I-I... I’ve got to...” he trailed off mid-sentence with a shake of his head, giving Dawn one last dazed look and then promptly escaping the tension of the room.

And there it was - Dawn knew he wouldn’t take the news well, but his completely flabbergasted reaction had her extremely worried. Was Harry finding out about her past enough to put a stop to things between them before they’d even really begun? She already cared about him so much, that the thought of this pushing a wedge between the two of them really terrified her. Of course he needed time to process what she’d just revealed to him, but she couldn’t just watch him go without her knowing what he was thinking, she’d drive herself mad.

She quickly jumped up off the bed, vaguely noticing that things were becoming slightly awkward now that she was almost six months along, she rushed into the hallway to hear the sound of his hurried footsteps down the staircase, so she hurried over to the balustrade and leaned over. “Harry!” she called out, however she knew it was in vain when she heard the loud, reverberating sound of front door closing only seconds later.


Since Bill and Fleur had graciously given up their house to all these people, Buffy put to good use the manners her mother had taught her growing up, helping Fleur cleaning the mess left from breakfast. Buffy watched in amazement as the French witch would dry the plates that she’d washed, and then use her wand to send them floating across the room into the cupboard, wishing that doing household tasks was usually that easy. Periodically, her thoughts would drift back to Dawn, who was still upstairs being looked over by Madam Pomfrey.

The only other person in the room was Ron, who’d obviously slept in and showed up after everyone else had finished eating and relocated to the sitting room. He was now at the kitchen table, purposefully shoving large mouthfuls of porridge into his mouth, alternating with gulps of that pumpkin juice that Buffy had noticed the witches and wizards were so fond of, but to her didn’t seem to match up to normal orange juice.

She could suddenly hear some movement from above, the sounds of shuffling feet on the floorboards, before a set of thunderous footsteps rumbled down the staircase and past the kitchen. The three of them all stopped and looked towards the front entrance, as Harry shot past the doorway and continued for the door, without as much as a glance towards them.

“What’s going on?” Buffy was the first to speak, the other two just shrugged in equal confusion.

Dawn’s voice suddenly called out from the top of the staircase, “Harry!” her voice easily carried downstairs. However, Buffy noticed that this didn’t stop the boy wizard, who’d swiftly left the cottage. She assumed he was going outside to the tent in the garden that she’d heard he and his friends were staying in.

She had absolutely no idea what was happening, and once again, even though she was still Dawn’s legal guardian as well as her older sister, she felt like an outsider, just an observer of the younger girl’s life. That particular feeling had just started out as a niggling thought in the back of her mind, but it had continued to grow and grow, especially over the past week or so. For starters, Dawn had kept her pregnancy from her for months, when instead Buffy felt like she should have been able to turn to her for help and support. Not to mention, the brunette had also neglected to inform her of the baby’s growing abilities, that was, until she’d seen it for herself back at Hogwarts. However, even now that she knew about the baby, she still felt like Dawn had kept her at arm’s length, while even a fool could see that her sister and Harry were growing closer.

Snapping back into reality, the slayer was contemplating going upstairs to see what’d happened, although she soon realised that this wasn’t necessary, when Dawn appeared in the doorway of the kitchen - she wasn’t crying but she looked extremely upset. Buffy quickly put down the plate she was currently washing to approach her, however Dawn silently walked across the kitchen and flopped down in the nearest chair and dropped her head against the table.

“Ev’ryfing oo’ay, ‘awn?” Ron asked from the other side of the table, with a large mouthful of porridge.

“Yeah... you okay, Dawnie?” Buffy found herself echoing in concern, startling herself by knowing exactly what the redhead was trying to say. Maybe now’s the time to get Dawn to open up, she briefly thought to herself. “Pomfrey didn’t find something wrong with the baby, did she?” she asked as the sudden alarming thought hit her.

Dawn finally picked her head up from the table, although was still avoiding making eye contact with any of them. She let out a large sigh and stared down at floor. Buffy feared the worse when she didn’t answer straight away.

“Dawnie?” she asked, really worried now.

“Oh, oops,” she finally said, as if only just hearing the question, and then quickly shook her heard. “Nope, it’s all good... well almost.” She paused; glancing over at both Fleur and Ron for a moment and Buffy could see that she was debating on what she was going to say next.

“What was Harry so upset about, when he came soaring past just now?” Ron piped up, thankfully not in the middle of eating this time around.

Dawn shrugged off whatever she was debating and relaxed back into the chair she was sitting on. “Long story short, Madam Pomfrey was doing the test to see what sex the baby was and-“

“Ooh,” Fleur cut in, an excitement in her tone. “What colour did ze spell go?”

“Green,” Dawn replied in a low tone.

Buffy looked between the two women in confusion. “Green? What’s that mean?”

She was slightly panicked when she saw unease and bafflement appear on the witch’s features as she took in Dawn’s reply. Buffy soon figured that it wasn’t something that was supposed to happen, that there was something wrong.

“I ‘ave never heard of ze spell turning green - I thought zat it was supposed to go pink or blue,” Fleur said.

Dawn nodded. “That’s what Pomfrey said, and then I thought about it...” she paused and turned her attention towards Buffy. “Funny it should turn green of all colours, hey Buffy?”

It only took a second for her to get Dawn’s insinuation, and her eyes widened in surprise. “So, what, the spell wouldn’t work ‘coz of...” Buffy trailed off, while Dawn gave a confirming nod.

Meanwhile, Fleur and Ron both looked quite confused by the whole thing, having no idea what the two sisters were referring to, however Dawn continued on.

“Anyway,” she said taking a deep breath. “The spell wouldn’t work ‘coz of me, and Harry was there, so I finally had to tell Harry about me being ‘The Key’ and all.”

Buffy pushed back the annoyance that Madam Pomfrey had let Harry upstairs earlier, while denying her presence when she was Dawn’s guardian and had just as much right to be there. But suddenly, all the drama from only moments before made sense to Buffy. Of course Harry wouldn’t take well to finding out about Dawn; she’d been there too, she remembered how she’d felt when she’d discovered the truth about her sister. Although, now Dawn was just as real to her as anyone else she knew, if not more so. The fear that perhaps the wizard might not be as quick to accept it did enter her mind; however for Dawn’s sake she tried to hide it.

“He’ll get over it, Dawn,” she reassured. “Give him some manly, brooding time.”

However, Dawn still looked quite troubled; in fact Buffy noticed that the girl was trying to conceal just how upset she was by it all. It was really important to her about what Harry thought, but why? Did Dawn have feelings for him? She certainly wasn’t sharing anything with her older sister these days, so Buffy had no way of knowing for sure. Maybe if Dawn wasn’t going to open up to her she could find out more from the other side of the story.

“Hey, since I’ve been in his shoes, I can talk to him or something,” she trailed off casually, waiting for Dawn’s reaction.

No, ” Dawn replied a little too quickly with a firm shake of her head, making Buffy feel as if the strong objection was just another ploy for Dawn to keep her at arm’s length. “Uh, I don’t think he’d be much with the talking right now,” she added in embarrassment at her small outburst.

“I’m so bloody confused,” Ron added, making both girls only just realise that both he and Fleur were still there.

Buffy shrugged uselessly at him, obviously Dawn didn’t mind too much about talking about her being ‘The Key’ around these virtual strangers, however she personally still thought it wasn’t something they should be running around shouting off the rooftops for safety reasons. Then again, Dawn almost couldn’t be in any more danger than she currently was with Voldemort after her, Harry and the baby.

In the meantime, Madam Pomfrey entered the kitchen, her attention solely on Dawn. She didn’t have to say anything to the brunette; Dawn noticed her sudden presence and pushed up out of her chair to face the much older woman.

She sighed. “Time for round two.” Dawn had told Harry, but now she was also telling the Hogwarts nurse? The confusion must have been evident on Buffy’s face, because Dawn looked at her and added, “I kinda figured she needed to know all that stuff, for the baby’s sake or whatever.”

That makes sense, Buffy agreed and simply nodded, and then waited until the pair had both retreated back upstairs to talk. Once they were out of sight, she smiled at a baffled Ron and Fleur and quickly ducked out of the room, knowing exactly where she was going. Even though Dawn was adamant that Harry be left alone, it didn’t take her long to decide that she was still going to talk to him. Obviously for the reason she’d wanted to a moment ago, but she also didn’t want him completely freaking out and perhaps even going back on the promises he’d made to stand by her sister through everything. Anyway, even if that what he wanted to do right now - she was the slayer, and she would see to it that he wasn’t going anywhere. She was always looking out for her younger sister.

She stepped out onto the front path, giving a brief, involuntary shiver at the freezing cold temperature outside, which wasn’t surprising being the middle of winter, but she was born and raised in Californian weather and always caught unprepared for the cold. She easily spotted the tent pitched up on the side of the house, and as she approached it, she wondered how the hell the three teens were managing to fit comfortably into that one tiny tent. Of course, as soon as she slowly entered through the front flaps, she kicked herself for not even considering the magical possibilities earlier.

“Holy crap! Oh my god - that’s so cool!” she couldn’t stop herself from exclaiming, as she gazed around at the spacious interior.

This drew the attention of the current lone occupant of the tent, and she soon spotted Harry’s head popping up from one of the bunk beds over on the right-hand side of the tent. He seemed surprised to see her, pushing himself up into a seated position.

“Hey there,” she greeted, nodding towards the table and chairs in the middle of the tent. “Can I...?”

Harry quickly nodded. “Yes, come in,” he replied, she moved across to settle herself in one of the chairs opposite him. “Uh... you’ve obviously spoken to Dawn.”

“Yep, and I saw your Speedy Gonzales gig just before,” she said, looking straight at him, trying to get a reaction and she patiently waited to see if he took the bait.

When she noticed his relatively unchanged expression, although she thought she noticed perhaps the tiniest frown, she realised that he actually didn’t have any clue about what she was talking about. It was in her nature to try and use humour, even in the most awkward situations; however she found her humour was quite often lost on these witches and wizards. They fell into silence for a moment and Buffy realised that she didn’t know what she was going to say to the teenage wizard.

“So, you obviously having a major freak out about the whole ‘Key’ thing... been there,” she began, her eyes drifting around the tent with interest, taking in everything. “But hey, I reckon it was worse back then.”

Harry leaned forward, so that his arms were resting on his legs and hands were clasped together, as if silently urging her to continue. She thought that the fact that he didn’t immediately argue this meant that perhaps he was taking it all pretty well.

She made eye contact with him. “Here I was with all these memories of my little sister, even from when I was six, and then I found out that most of them weren’t even real, just created by those monks... You kinda feel a bit violated – it was kinda like being mind-raped.”

Harry’s eyes widened slightly in surprise and then he nodded. “I can sort of understand that,” he said, to which she frowned in confusion. “Well, considering what happened with the prophecy back in London, Dawn and I didn’t really have a choice in that.”

Buffy felt a pang of sadness, she’d already felt for her sister, but now she also felt it for the boy sitting in front of her. His comment made her recall the conversation she’d had with Dawn just after she’d found out about the baby. Ugh, I hate that I had no choice in it! Dawn’s words echoed in her head. The more she thought about it, the more she realised how completely sick and twisted it was - the Powers That Be or whatever it was, practically forcing two seventeen-year-olds in something that they weren’t ready for, just so that they could conceive a child together.

“Is she your sister?” Harry asked quietly, breaking Buffy from her disgruntled thoughts.

“Yes! Of course she is!” Buffy responded hastily at that question, like she’d been hit with the biggest insult she could possibly get. “We still share blood, the monks made sure of that. But even if they hadn’t, she was still gonna be my sister no matter what... none of that stuff matters.”

He sighed and turned to rest his back against one of the bunk bed posts, whilst propping one of his legs up onto the bed. He didn’t say anything in reply and she just watched as he sat there deep in thought. She dismissed her earlier thought that he might try and skip out on the whole situation, not knowing him very well yet, she probably hadn’t given him enough credit.

“Did Dawn even talk about when she found out?” she asked.

He quickly shook his head. “No... I-I actually hadn’t thought of any of that,” he admitted, looking slightly shameful.

“Don’t tell Dawn I told you this...” She knew that Dawn would be angry if she found out that she was mentioning something quite personal, in the meantime, Harry nodded genuinely. “I’m sure you can figure out that she didn’t take it well. I guess we can’t begin to imagine what it felt like for her, but I know it was too hard for a fourteen-year-old to deal with,” she suddenly lowered her voice. “She cut herself...”

When she said this, Harry’s head snapped around to look at her. “What?” he asked even though he wasn’t expecting an answer because he’d heard her clearly. He then dropped his head and squeezed his eyes shut tightly.

As Buffy watched his significant reaction, she was once again struck by the idea she’d had in the kitchen - that there were feelings between the two teens, and not just because they felt like they should just because they were having a baby together. Feeling like she didn’t want to say anything about that yet, and now she was reassured that Harry would still be there for her sister, she decided to leave him to gather his thoughts again.

“Anyway,” she said drawing out the word. “I’ll leave you to it... think about it, carefully ,” she warned him before leaving the tent.


Harry certainly did take Buffy’s parting advice, in fact that was all he could seem to do – think about it. Everything was swirling around in his head like a whirlpool, leaving him feeling so dazed and confused. The news about ‘The Key’ had really come out of left field, while he knew that it had to be something important from Dawn’s reaction the night before, the actual story was beyond anything he could have imagined. Before three years ago, Dawn didn’t really exist, but now here she was a living and breathing, not to mention, pregnant, seventeen-year-old girl. Even with all the magic he’d seen, it almost seemed impossible.

He then spent some time lying in his bunk, contemplating what Buffy had said to him. She cut herself. The words echoed through his head. He felt slightly sickened by the idea that Dawn had done something like that to herself. Furthermore, he was actually surprised how Dawn had managed to bounce back from something like that and become the friendly, warm and high-spirited person she was today. There were certainly times in his life that he thought that he just might break, with being raised by the Dursley’s, finding out about his parents’ murders, watching people close to him die, finding out about the prophecy... but they seemed to pale in comparison to the idea of finding out that most of your life wasn’t real and that you weren’t actually born into the world like everyone else.

He’d run out of the cottage earlier because he needed time to process everything, although who knows how long that would actually take. But now, one of the biggest concerns at the current time was: how would he feel, or what would he say, when he saw Dawn next? He still thought that he really cared about her, and he’d told her as much only a day ago, but would this piece of vital information change everything? He tried to tell himself that he would be okay with it all, but there was a nagging voice of doubt there too.

It was maybe half an hour to an hour later, he wasn’t quite sure how much time had passed, that he would get his answer. He’d just pushed himself up off the bunk, debating on whether or not to go back inside, when he looked up to see Dawn standing at the tent entrance looking apprehensive. In fact, as he gazed over at her, he noticed that she looked like a nervous wreck; she was biting her lip so hard that he thought she might bite right through it.

“Hey,” she said softly, not moving from her spot. “Uh, I told Pomfrey too,” she began hesitantly, looking extremely uncomfortable. “She was pretty confused... So, uh, how are you?”

When he looked at her, he still saw her as Dawn, as person, for the most part. Yes, the recent developments were definitely in the forefront of his mind, but he still couldn’t help but see what he’d thought of her already. Maybe if he didn’t already have such strong feelings for her before finding out about her being ‘The Key’, he wouldn’t have been as accepting of it. He was starting to see the wisdom in her holding off telling him for a little while, because maybe they wouldn’t have been as close as they were now because of it, and he hated the idea that he could have lost her through something like that.

She took a step backwards; the movement was enough to break Harry from his inner monologue. She was clearly distressed by his lack of response, and seemed to be backing out of the tent. “I-It’s all good; I figured it’d be too much. Hey, who wants a freak?”

Freak? Both a panic and an anger surged through him, it was enough to make him realise that he had to do something to stop her from leaving and show her that he was already getting past the whole ‘Key’ thing. He liked to think that he would probably wake up tomorrow and it all wouldn’t matter. And he certainly wasn’t going to let her think that she was some kind of freak. So he rushed forward and gently, but hurriedly caught her by the arm.

“Well, I sure hope that at least you’d want me,” he replied unflinchingly, obviously catching her off-guard because she turned and looked at him with large, surprised eyes.

Without much more thought or any hesitation, he leaned down and pulled her into a passionate kiss. It only took a second or two before he felt her responding back with equal fervour, and as their bodies pushed tightly together, Harry noticed that he could feel the growing stomach against him, which caused a fluttering in his stomach. The kiss deepened, he realised that they hadn’t even gone this far since that night back in London. Vaguely registering that they couldn’t stand there snogging in the entrance of the tent forever, but not being ready for the moment to end yet, he continued the embrace whilst pulling her further into the tent.

The next thing he knew, he was actually so caught up in it all that he didn’t even remember how they ended up there, they were on his bunk. Dawn was on the bunk below him, their legs in a tangle at the bottom end of the bed, meanwhile, he used his arms to try and hold himself up so that he wouldn’t put all of his body weight on her, scared that if he did he would hurt the baby somehow. Although his arms were busy holding himself up, this didn’t stop Dawn from running her hands up under his shirt as they continued to kiss.

He suddenly felt her pull away, feeling a strong surge of disappointment and alarm, and then he realised why she’d stopped so abruptly. He turned his head to see Hermione standing awkwardly at the tent entrance. Both Harry and Dawn turned red from the humiliation of being caught in an intense embrace, Harry especially embarrassed for it to be one of his best friends standing there.

“Dawn, Harry! I’m so sorry!” Hermione was apologetic, although he noticed that she also looked rather amused. “I came to read a book and didn’t even think...” She quickly ran over and grabbed a book that Harry had seen lying on the table earlier and went to leave again. “Please don’t let me interrupt your moment, ” she added with a smile before leaving, and Harry instantly recognised the hidden, light-hearted taunt that was directed at him that Dawn wouldn’t have known about.

When she was gone, he turned over to lie beside Dawn, although it was quite cosy trying to accommodate the both of them on such a small bunk. Dawn shuffled herself slightly so that she was half-lying on him, and they were both still slightly out-of-breath from the previous few moments. They both stared silently at the bottom of the bunk above them for several moments before she finally broke the silence.

“Yeah... I don’t think that counts as ‘taking it slow’,” she said quietly.

He couldn’t help smiling at this despite the all the drama from only moments earlier, before moving to place a hand on her stomach, which was the first time he’d actually had the courage to do it of his own accord. He was surprised at just how firm the rounded stomach felt under his touch.

“So, what about the whole ‘Key’ deal?” she asked uncertainly.

“I thought I just gave you my response...” he trailed off, thinking that he’d already made himself pretty clear just then, but then maybe she needed to hear it from him instead, which was a little more difficult for him. He was always felt more comfortable expressing thoughts and feelings through actions rather than words, probably because his voice had been so suppressed by the Dursley’s for so long.

She turned her head slightly and looked up at him out of the corner of her eye. “I guess that mean little voice in my head keeps telling me that something’s gotta go wrong, that you can’t be this perfect.”

“P-perfect?” he spluttered out, half-perplexed, half-embarrassed by her comment. In his mind, he couldn’t be any further from perfect.

“Well, yeah,” she replied, resting her head back down. “After the whole prophecy and London thing, then finding out I was pregnant and now that I was created from some mystical energy, I kinda can’t believe that you haven’t just packed up and run for the hills.”

Harry let out a snort. “I could say the same of you, Dawn,” he pointed out, also thinking back to his talk with Buffy and all the things Dawn had been through. He wanted to put to rest the current discussion because he didn’t think he deserved her admiration, so he quickly changed the topic. “So, uh, the baby has obviously got quite a bit of power from you, what did Madam Pomfrey have to say?”

He felt Dawn shrug. “She was so confused - I don’t think she had any idea, especially about what other magic tricks, no pun intended, the baby might have up its sleeve. I guess we’ll have to wait see which one of us is gonna have a mini-me running around in a couple of months.”
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