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The Second Prophecy

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Summary: The existence of the Key has changed the destiny of the Wizarding World's 'Chosen One'. A second prophecy and meeting of the two throws both teenagers into one of the hardest tasks they have ever faced.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterIllusionsofBlissFR1524134,42369831,56720 Aug 1114 Apr 13No

When Someone Finds Out

Disclaimer: None of these characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter belong to me; I’m just using them to hopefully write an entertaining story.

Author's Note: Here’s Chapter Five, not much to say here with this one. Once again, thanks heaps for everyone who is taking the time to review, it is really keeping me excited about this story the more reviews I get!


Chapter Five – When Someone Finds Out

This can’t be happening. Not to me, Dawn first thought when she woke and glanced down at her stomach, as if she expected it to have changed in the space of a couple of hours; however it still appeared as flat as ever.

She thought back to that night for the millionth time. The only reason it even happened is probably because of the prophecy, not because of me. And now... She couldn’t bear to think of the possibilities, the tears threatening to take over once more, although at this stage it felt like she should have cried them all out earlier.

A gentle knock on the bedroom door drew her from her thoughts, as she shot off the bed and to the mirror hanging over on the side wall, above an antique set of drawers. She surveyed her appearance, there was no hiding the fact that she'd been crying, her eyes still slightly puffy and blotchy from earlier. She looked terrible.

“Dawn,” Buffy poked her head around the door, as Dawn returned to sit on the bed. “Giles told me about what happened. Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Dawn answered, taking a deep breath to steady herself and even attempting a smile, albeit a fake one. “How was your walk?”

Buffy shook her head with a frown, taking in her sister’s appearance and sitting at the end of the bed against the bedpost. “That’s not what I came to talk about; I came to talk about you... about the prophecy. Giles told me you were a bit rattled by it.”

Dawn sighed, finding a spot in the corner of the room easier to look at then Buffy’s eyes. I can’t tell them, not yet at least. How do I even explain everything to them anyway, when I can’t even explain it to myself? ”Why is it always me? My life has always been controlled by someone or something else, it feels like I never have a say in it... So now there’s a prophecy about me too?”

“I’m sure prophecies aren’t 100 percent set in stone, Dawn,” Yeah, right. Dawn thought sarcastically. “And for all we know this doesn’t even need to come true, I was talking to Mr. Lupin before he left and he told me that there’s a strong possibility that this Voldemort guy can be defeated soon. He said something about the boy in the prophecy is working on it now, all of his people are.”

Dawn turned her head. “Lupin knows Ha-, uh, the guy in the prophecy?”

“Yeah, he said he was good friends with his parents before they were killed.”

This news was definitely the first piece of good news she'd heard all day, and Dawn realised that at least now that Giles was in contact with Remus Lupin, she might be able to find a way to see Harry again. Boy, that was going to be one of the most awkward conversations of her life. At this point, she wouldn’t even know where to begin, the whole idea of her being pregnant to begin with still seemed ridiculous to her.

Buffy reached out and placed her hand over her sister’s. “You sure you’re okay?” Dawn nodded dejectedly. “Prophecies suck, I know... It’s not as if this one is gonna happen now that we know about it, anyway it’s not like you’re just gonna jump into bed with a complete stranger.”

While Buffy was laughing at her last comment, Dawn felt like she could have just died right then and there thinking about if Buffy knew the truth, then again she probably would kill her anyway. She knew not responding to this would cause unnecessary suspicion, so she gave the smallest laugh, the only one that she was capable of right at that moment. "Yeah, true..." she said quietly to break the silence.

“You know what? I think I’ll go for a walk, clear my head,” Dawn said suddenly, not trusting herself to continue the conversation without letting Buffy in on anything.

Buffy hesitated. "Uh, Dawn, I think you should stay put - with this prophecy and everything you could be in more trouble than usual."

“Fine, whatever,” she mumbled in annoyance as she fled the room anyway. I’m already in more trouble than you know... and it’s not even Tuesday.


The next two days for Dawn were spent hanging uselessly around the house. In the late evenings and early mornings, she would try her hardest to not wake anyone, running back and forth in alarm, only just making it to the toilet bowl in time. On this particular day, the queasiness stayed with her into the afternoon, she tried to hide it with a cheery attitude despite the fact that nothing could be farther from the truth. She was extremely thankful that she only had to excuse herself twice, attempting to do so with the utmost subtlety.

If this is ‘morning’ sickness, then whoever came up with that name had a terrible sense of humour, she grumbled to herself as she went over to the basin and splashed her face with cold water.

Dawn was getting frustrated, perhaps she was being paranoid about someone discovering her secret, but she felt like she couldn't go anywhere around the house without one of the other three escorting her. It's like they think I'm gonna go run off and get pregnant if they don’t keep an eye on me, even though we all know about the prophecy now... well, and probably pregnant already, an annoyed and terrified voice thought.

She was also presented with another problem, if she couldn't escape the watchful eyes of Buffy, Willow and Giles, how was she to know for sure of whether she was in for seven to eight months of hell? Not to mention whatever lay beyond that. And even though she was pretty sure the prophecy had already been set into motion and that she was probably pregnant, she felt like she really needed to hear it from someone else before she could really started believing it. She would also require a proper medical check-up she would need if she was.

So instead, she spent her time sulking around the house, the majority of it reading by the window in the kitchen or in the sitting room by the front door. She generally tried to avoid talking to the others as much as possible, hoping they would just think that she was upset about the prophecy, because she always felt like her secret was on the tip of her tongue, just waiting to accidentally slip out.

“Dawn,” Giles’ voice carried into the kitchen from the sitting room across the hall.

She laid her book down and went to go into the sitting room, but as soon as she stood, her eye-sight and balance became unsteady and she felt a slight light-headedness, so she had to wait a few seconds for it to pass. This was another symptom that was just screaming the truth out to her, however much she tried to account it to something else. She finally made a move, and when she entered the sitting room she found Buffy, Willow and Giles were all sitting there waiting for her.

“What’s up?” she asked, throwing herself in the nearest chair.

"So, Giles was just saying that he got another letter from that Lupin guy and,” Buffy began, drawing out the last word for a moment. “We just all talked about it and think it's probably a win-win situation for everyone if we go with him to that wizard's school.”

Dawn huffed at this. "Nice to know you consulted me about this!" After the harsh words had left her mouth, Dawn was quick to scold herself; she really needed to get her brewing unease under control, and not let it influence her and play it cool instead. "...You mean all of us, right?" She asked hopefully, one of the things she thought about the most was finding Harry, and even though she remembered that he'd told her he wasn't going to Hogwarts this year, going there felt like one step closer. "Or are you gonna look me in a panic room and leave me there?"

Buffy wasn’t impressed at Dawn’s little quip. “It’s for you own good, Dawn. We’ve gotta take this prophecy and the risks that come with it very seriously... I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Hogwarts is one of the safest places you can be, according to this,” Willow added, holding up a copy of Hogwarts, A History that Lupin sent by owl earlier that day; it was actually quite disturbing how they'd already adjusted to the sight of the birds appearing at the window, but then again they'd seen almost everything living on the Hellmouth. "I've also had some signs that there may be some slayer activity there, it's hard to tell 'coz all of the magical energies tend to block out any of the tracing spells we've been using."

“Yes, and that’s why we’re all going,” Giles stipulated, right before there was a knock on the door, he turned and looked in that directly looking unsurprised by it all. "Oh, and plus a few extras."

Willow jumped up excitedly and raced around to the front door to greet the visitors. "You made it! I missed you guys," Dawn couldn’t see her from where she sat but could hear her greet them clearly.

“I missed you too, Will,” Dawn heard a male voice from the hallway. Wait, I know that voice...

“Hey, how’ve you been?” Willow happily greeted a second visitor, albeit with slightly less familiarity than the first one.

“South America was a blast, had to get this one back to you guys though, he was getting a bit whiny,” a female voice answered.

As soon as the newcomers came into view, Dawn flew out of her chair and straight into the male visitor’s arms. “Xander! I can’t believe you’re here!”

She felt Xander warmly returned the embrace, enjoying the feeling of doing something she hadn’t been able to do for several months. "Dawnie! Have you grown or something?"

"I missed you heaps," she said as they lingered in the hug for a moment, before she knew what she was doing; a few tears had escaped down her cheeks. She moved quickly to brush them away, hoping no one had noticed.

“Hey, these guys haven’t been treating you that bad, have they?” Xander joked as he pulled away from the hug; if he had noticed Dawn's reaction, she probably wasn’t fooling any of them.

She looked up at him in embarrassment and threw him an awkward smile; she really didn't know where the tears had come from. Then it hit her. It can't be hormones, please! In an attempt to cause a distraction, she quickly turned to greet the second visitor, while Xander gave Buffy a hug so tight that he lifted her off the ground and swung her around.

"Good to see you, D," Faith smiled as she gave Dawn a brief hug, then moving to give Giles the same treatment.

“Hey Faith, when did you guys get here?” Dawn inquired.

"Just flew in today, we were hoping to get here sooner, but a slayer in Brazil needed our help before we could come."

Xander slung one arm around Buffy’s shoulder, doing the same with Willow on the other side. “Can’t believe the gang’s back together,” he paused briefly. “Well... most of us.”

At this, an air of sadness had suddenly fallen over the group. Silently, they looked over at each other, taking a moment to remember the last time they were all properly together back in Sunnydale, with Anya and Spike. Dawn still strongly felt their loss, as she was sure the rest of them did, each in their own way.

"Okay, so who wants a coffee?" Buffy said suddenly in a slightly strained voice, breaking the sombre atmosphere.

They all eagerly followed Buffy's movement across into the kitchen; Dawn fell to the back of the group with Xander, he threw an arm around her shoulder and looked across at her thoughtfully. "So seriously Dawn, I keep thinking there's something different about you."

Dawn pulled down her t-shirt self-consciously and shrugged. “Uh, I dunno. I may have grown my hair an inch or two.”


A couple of hours later, Xander was distracting everyone with his stories from South America, joking about how Faith 'ran a tight ship' whilst they were working together. Dawn saw this as an opening for her to sneak away for a while and see if she could have any luck in a finding a doctor to substantiate her fears. So, she made no hesitation in grabbing a light jacket and her handbag from her room, rushing quietly back down the stairs and then carefully creeping her way towards the front door, being mindful of the floorboards squeaking underneath her.

"Where are you sneaking off to so fast, D?" A voice made her jump, just as she was quietly opening the door.

She paused mid-movement and then whipped around to her right, craning her neck to spot Faith in the sitting room doing some push-ups on the carpet. When the older woman had finished her set, she pushed up into a kneeling position and looked up at the younger woman. She promptly closed the door again and stepped into the doorway, turning her head so far was hurting her neck.

“Geez, Faith! You scared the shit outta me,” Dawn exclaimed, trying not to be loud enough that it would be heard by the rest of the household. “Why aren’t you with the others?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

"Well, you didn't answer mine just then either," Dawn replied cheekily.

Faith smiled and continued to stare at her, her eyes boring into her with curiousity until Dawn finally cracked, although there was no way she was going to tell the slayer the truth. Dawn threw her hands up defensively. "Okay, okay!" she sighed. "I just wanted to get out of here for a few hours... Buffy's been too over-protective lately and I just needed some space."

"Any reason why she should be all protective?" Faith asked suspiciously.

Sensing that if she could just play her cards right here, she could talk her way out of this; Dawn looked straight into her eyes and put on her most honest-sounding voice. "Nope... you know how Buffy gets - she doesn't think I can manage a few hours by myself. Please don’t tell her I'm gone? She needs to chill - I'll only be an hour or two, besides, she probably won't even notice."

Faith sighed, looking like she was being put in an awkward position. “I dunno, D... Buffy would have my head if I lied to her about you.”

"Fine, don't lie then if she asks," Dawn suggested slowly, thinking for a moment. "But... you don't have to go out of your way to tell her I've gone either."

"I like your style," Faith got back down on the floor, ready to do another set of push-ups. "Stay out of trouble or I'm dead," she called as Dawn hurriedly thanked her and rushed out the door and down onto the street without hesitation, in case Faith suddenly changed her mind.

As soon as she was down the street, she pulled out a map she'd smartly placed in her bag earlier, just in case she did get her opportunity to escape for an hour or two. She unfolded it and immediately began scanning around until she found the little mark she had made on there, symbolising the location of a nearby doctor's office, luckily it was only about a mile's walk away. She began to walk along, knowing that she had to be quick for her absence to go by unnoticed; however it wasn't long before she felt a nagging feeling that she was being watched. Faith wouldn't follow me... would she? She wondered. She shook it off and continued along at a fast pace.

When she arrived at the doctor's office, she was greeted by a short, plump older lady at the reception, who told her to take a seat and wait for the doctor. She glanced around to see that there were only two other people sitting there in the waiting room, trying to pass the time by reading the old, crumpled magazines on offer. Dawn felt her heart beat rising in nervous anticipation as she sat there, in a matter of moments she was most likely going to hear two words that would change her life forever. Thankfully, the wait wasn't too long before a younger woman, in her thirties came out into the waiting room and called out her name.

“Miss Jenkins?” The doctor called out, Dawn had decided to use a different surname in the rare chance that someone else came looking for her here, so Anya’s surname was the first to pop into her head when the receptionist had asked for one.

Dawn followed the doctor into her office and timidly sat down in the uncomfortable chair opposite the doctor’s desk, feeling somewhat like she was going to pass out from anxiety by that particular moment.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Meyer. How are you today?” the doctor politely asked in a thick Scottish accent, to which Dawn timidly mumbled a response. “So, Miss Jenkins, what can I help you with today?"

"Uh, please call me Dawn," she began quietly, suddenly feeling very interested in the posters on the back wall instead of the doctor’s gaze aimed directly at her. "I-I think... uh, I think I might be pregnant."

The doctor gave a reassuring smile, obviously having dealt with these circumstances many times before. "Don't worry Dawn; I've had many girls in here in your situation. Well, what we can do is start by doing some tests to see if you are in fact pregnant, and then we'll go from there, alright?"

Dawn nodded nervously as Dr. Meyer got everything organised; the doctor made some conversation to keep her more at ease. “So, are you living here with your family or just here for a holiday?”

"Just travelling around Europe and the UK with my sister - she's my legal guardian,” Dawn replied trying to sound well-mannered, all while a voice in her head was screaming for her to hurry up already. “Uh, we just drove up here from London the other day."

The doctor gave an acknowledging nod and then sent Dawn to the connected bathroom to get a urine sample for the test. When she was done, Dr. Meyer then placed a small strip in the sample and assured Dawn that it was only a short wait to see the results. While they were waiting, she was sat back down and asked her if it was alright to go through a few questions with her. All Dawn could manage was a shaky nod, while the doctor got her pen out and began scribbling down the necessary information as she went.

“So Dawn, how old are you?”

"Uh, seventeen," she quickly answered, feeling completely self-conscious that the doctor was currently judging her for her age and what she was in for. Meanwhile, she began tapping her foot nervously on the floor.

“And how long has it been since your last menstrual cycle?”

Dawn counted back in her head for a moment before answering, only then realising how long ago it had been. “About the 19th of July... I think.”

The doctor continued to scribble on her file. “And finally when was the last time you had sexual intercourse?”

Dawn turned a little pink with embarrassment. "W-well, it was only once... maybe five, no... six weeks ago," she answered softly, not wanting to yell the details of her sex life out for the world to hear.

The doctor looked up and gave her a sympathetic smile; at least putting Dawn’s mind at ease that she was thinking that she was a complete skank. "The results should be in by now," Dr. Meyer got up momentarily and quickly returned, checking over her notes. "Well, Dawn... the results are positive. You are pregnant. About eight weeks."

Although she felt completely overcome with emotions upon hearing those words, Dawn managed a nod, and tried to hold them in, while the doctor continued on and it took all her strength to focus on what was being said. She explained to her where she could go from here, encouraging Dawn to tell her sister for the support, and also prescribed her with some prenatal vitamins, which she could collect from the front reception. Although she was pretty sure before that she was pregnant, the puking her guts out all the time being a good indicator, she was hoping that this was all just some nightmare she was going to wake up from, but having the doctor confirm it made it all too real. She felt like she'd been slapped in the face. And hard.

"Good luck, Dawn," Dr. Meyer wished her when they finally finished up and headed back into the waiting room. "Remember that you have several options, but make sure you think them through carefully before you decide anything."

The doctor’s right, she thought as she went to collect her vitamins from the reception. I could make this all go away if I wanted to. It only took her a few seconds to realise that she would never be able to bring herself to do that, it would be too hard, especially with the responsibility the prophecy had bestowed upon her – could she turn her back on that like a coward? She couldn't fight what had already happened, it had all happened for a reason, even if she wished so strongly that it hadn’t happened to her.

She left the doctor's office, feeling like she wasn’t really in proper control of her body; she was on autopilot from the shock. Although, she still had enough common sense to hide the container of pre-natal vitamins, slipping them into one of the small pockets on the inside of her bag. No one was likely to find it there. Almost forgetting which direction she’d come from because she was so distracted by her racing thoughts, she eventually started down the street. However, she didn't get very far before she was sure that there was someone following behind her, even though she couldn't see them she had that definite tingling of the hairs on the back of her neck and could definitely feel a set of eyes on her. She took a few steps more, the unnerving sensation not leaving her, so she came to an immediate halt.

"I know you're there," she called out over her shoulder in a slightly tentative voice, before spinning on her heels to see if anyone had revealed themselves. "You can keep following me, but I know you're there anyway!"

She had expected Faith, who could have easily followed her after she left, or even Buffy, who may have interrogated her location out of the brunette slayer. However, she was more than surprised when a figure slid out from behind the nearby picket fence and it was someone entirely different standing before her.

"Mr. Lupin! H-how long have you been following me?... And why?"

Shit, she cursed to herself. She wondered just how long the wizard had been following her, did he see where she went?

"Call me Remus," Lupin first insisted, approaching the teenager with a slightly grim expression, which made Dawn fear the worst. "I had different spells set on the house, one alerting me of anyone coming or leaving, and was quick to realise that you'd wandered off by yourself," he paused and cleared his throat, as if he was trying to figure out how to approach the next thing he was going to say. If he'd been following her since she'd left the house, realising where she'd tried to sneak off to, then she already knew what was coming. "Dawn... are you already pregnant?"

The weight of her secret that she’d been keeping for days suddenly felt like it had been washed off her shoulders, and the first thing she could do was cry. The tears were rapidly flowing as she slumped down onto a nearby stone wall, dropping her head into her hands, all the while Lupin stood there awkwardly, unsure of how to proceed.

"When?" Lupin asked softly, reaching in his pocket and producing a tissue, to which Dawn managed a small smile as he handed it to her.

She sniffed and tried to compose herself. “The d-doctor told me I’m eight weeks.”

Lupin thought for a moment. "Rupert told me you were in London around then... ah, that would have been just after Bill and Fleur's wedding. Uh, Dawn, does anyone else know?"

Dawn was slightly confused by his little monologue, and had absolutely no idea what this Bill and Fleur's wedding had to do with anything, but looked over at him with tear-stained eyes and quickly shook her head. "Uh, except for the doctor just then."

Lupin turned and looked back down the street for a moment. "I'll have to deal with that later, but first we have to get you safely back to the house."

She frowned at his comment. "What do you mean 'deal with that later'?"

"Considering the seriousness of the situation, the less people who know the better, it'll only be a simple memory spell to make sure the doctor forgets your visit," he explained in a matter-of-fact tone.

This immediately stirred up some uncertainty in Dawn, she’d seen what memory modification could do when Willow had done it on Tara a couple of years ago. She certainly didn’t feel very comfortable with the idea that that nice doctor had to have some of her memories taken away just from being into contact with her, and the fact that Lupin had seemed so nonchalant about it all. It didn’t seem right to her, however still caught up in everything else, Dawn said nothing on the subject and followed Lupin, as he continued down the street.


When they approached the house a quarter of an hour later, Dawn having grilled Lupin everything about the prophecy and Harry along the way, Lupin stopped her before they entered through the front gate.

"I'll be back in the morning to take you all to Hogwarts, it'll be a much safer place for you to be right now, " he explained softly, despite her earlier hesitations, she could see that he was a trustworthy man. "Now, you do plan to tell your sister everything? She can protect you, you know."

Dawn shook her head, she wasn't ready to open up that can of worms yet, and besides she knew exactly who the next person to find out should be, at least if she could help it. "She can't protect me if she wants to kill me when I tell her... I can't, not yet. But Harry deserves to know.” She just hoped that Lupin would willingly keep her news to himself for the time being.

"I understand, but it might be a little difficult at the moment - the last I heard of his whereabouts was about two weeks ago and that was from another Order member, who obviously doesn't know the current situation. I will try my best to track him down and bring him back to Hogwarts, but it might take some time," Lupin momentarily put his hand on her shoulder when he saw a troubled expression fall across her face, the sudden thought that she may not be able to find Harry had crossed her mind.

“I...I should go inside,” she said quickly as Lupin’s hand returned to his side. “I’ll tell them eventually... I’m not ready yet.”

The older man nodded, as she made her way through the front garden, staying at the front gate. “I’ll be back first thing in the morning... for your own safety, try not to wander off again.”

As if she didn’t already have enough currently running through her head, she was suddenly struck with fear of what had happened while she was gone. Did they know she was gone? When she first entered the house, it appeared completely still and she wondered if anyone was home, she thought maybe they were out looking for her or perhaps they hadn't even noticed her absence. The slamming of the front door brought a sudden onslaught of footsteps from the kitchen as Buffy raced towards her, followed by everyone else.

“Dawn! Where the hell did you go?” she demanded as she dragged her sister by the arm into the front sitting room.

Dawn cursed the Powers That Be - to add to the dreadful day she was having, of course everyone had to notice that she had left. She quickly shook her arm free from her sister's painful grasp, feeling all eyes on her waiting for an explanation.

"What?" she asked as she looked around at everyone - Buffy looked angry, Willow, Xander and Giles all concerned, and Faith looked slight guilty. "The way you've been suffocating me, no wonder I needed to escape!"

Buffy scoffed, throwing her hands on her hips. "I'm trying to protect you! Even just the existence of the prophecy puts a target on your head, if anyone finds out about it. So then we find out that you've disappeared without anyone knowing-"

"Hey, actually, that's not true," Dawn cut her off, glancing over towards Faith who threw her a 'thanks for dobbing me in' look.

They all turned to glare daggers at Faith, who threw her hands up defensively. “Hey, I didn’t have a clue about that prophecy thing until Giles told me just then!”

“What prophecy?” Xander asked looking confused.

Buffy was about to continue laying into Dawn before Willow put a hand on her shoulder to stop her, and Dawn immediately felt grateful for the redhead’s interjection. "It's okay, Buffy. Dawn's in one piece and you won't do it again, will you Dawnie?"

Dawn shook her head. “Especially not if there’s gonna be a big production like this next time!”

“Seriously, what prophecy?” Xander pushed in amongst the chaos; however he continued to go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Buffy’s eyes had narrowed in anger. “There’s not gonna be a next time!”

Dawn was just about to retort back and give Buffy a piece of her mind, when Giles suddenly cut in.

"Dawn," Giles said calmly, peering out the front window. "Did I see Remus outside before?"

She took a deep, soothing breath. "Yeah, he's got some sorta spell on the house, knows when some is coming or going and he was just checking to see if everything was peachy. I told him I was just sneaking off to clear my head," Dawn explained as Buffy began to open her mouth to say something. "And don't worry; I got the whole lecture from him too!"

Giles nodded in acknowledgement with a look that Dawn couldn’t quite read. “He’ll be back in the morning to escort us all to Hogwarts.”

In the meantime, Xander had thrown up his hands in frustration of being ignored. "Seriously, Hog-whats? I'm so confused," he asked, to which Willow leaned over to him and said quietly "I'll tell you later."
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