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Occult Killer

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Summary: the BAU calls in occult specialists for a case

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Television > Criminal Minds(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR1585,90467654,97020 Aug 1110 Feb 12No

chapter two

Title: Occult Killer.
Author: pinkhairedharry
Summary: the BAU brings in occult specialists to help with a case.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. BtVS and Criminal Minds are owned by their respective creators.

“Well now that you’ve been scolded by Mr. Lynch we can get back to the case. We have eight teenage girls murdered within the last two months. The only common factor is the ritualistic way in which they were killed. Race and economic status has been across the board. Locations have been across the country as well,” announced Hotchner.

“The only thing in the girls background connecting them together is the attendence to The Summers’ School for Gifted Girls. Which you all happen to be connected to. The NSWC is the main benefactor for the school as well as being the leading experts on occult matters,” announced Rossi.

Xander raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are we under investigation?”

“No. All four of you were cleared. We invited you to help us find out who is killing these girls. There hasn’t been such a string of similar murders since three years ago. We could be looking at the same unsub,” stated Spencer.

“Well it can’t be the same person,” responded Dawn.

The team focused all eyes on Dawn. Hotchner asked, “You know who the unsub is?”

“We all do. He was the one that did this,” stated Xander motioning to his eye patch. “Caleb was a crazy misogynic bastard!” Dawn, Willow and Faith stared at Xander like he'd grown another head. "Oh stop gawking. I do know multisyllabic words. Contrary to popular belief I'm not mentally deficient."

"Never though you were. You just don't use big word normally. Using big words is more of a Giles and me thing," commented Willow shaking off her surprise.

Dawn shrugged then said, “Caleb never made it out of Sunnydale. We were the last survivors out of the town before it fully collapsed.”

Spencer queried, “How can you be sure? He could have escaped after you.”

The Scoobies all shook their heads negative and Willow fielded the question, “He couldn’t have gotten out. We were on the quickest route out and the road was literally collapsing behind us. We barely made it out.”

The BAU team shared knowing looks. These kids were too damn certain it wasn’t the same unsub. They knew exactly what happened to the original unsub, and knowing was only a step away from doing.

“You mean to say you saw him just before you left?” questioned Morgan.
Faith, Dawn and Xander nodded.

“You didn’t see him, Ms. Rosenberg?” asked JJ.

“Nope. I was in the principal’s office getting some stuff Robin forgot. These three were rounding up the others in the gym when that poohead showed up,” answered Willow. The BAU wore disbelieving looks at her choice in words while Xander, Faith and Dawn snickered.

They grew serious when Hotchner glared at them.

“Sorry but we ain’t been able to cure Willow’s inability to insult like a grown up. Caleb’s dead and rotting. This new unsub might be copying him but he’s definitely not him,” explained Faith.

“This killer is not Caleb, the misogynic preacher. No matter how much you want to think he is. Let’s focus on the facts we know. We have eight dead teenage girls and following the previous timeline another one will be murdered within the week. The only connection between girls is the enrollment in our company’s prep school. You should be aware that the girls invited to the school are naturally inclined to martial arts and bladed weapons. Fencing, archery and knife throwing are common hobbies of the students. Those girls should have been able to fend off any attacker. It doesn’t make any sense,” declared Xander.

“The toxicology report found an unknown sedative in all the girls,” explained Spencer.
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