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Occult Killer

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Summary: the BAU calls in occult specialists for a case

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Television > Criminal Minds(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR1585,90467654,92520 Aug 1110 Feb 12No

Chapter One

Title: Occult Killer.
Author: pinkhairedharry
Summary: the BAU brings in occult specialists to help with a case.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. BtVS and Criminal Minds are owned by their respective creators.
AN: review are always apreciated. thanks for reading. should i continue?

Kevin Lynch looked into the BAU office for Penelope only to see a younger one eyed version of himself and three young women. One woman was tall and thin, with brunet hair and blue eyes. One was short, athletic and dark haired and eyed. The last woman was slim and red headed. He recognized the redhead and the young clone. He entered, unnoticed by the four new comers, the office with a wave to the agents. Then walked up behind the one eyed man and the redhead, and smacked them upside the head.

“Hey!” yelled Willow.

“WHAT was that for?” asked Xander turning sheepish when he saw who had hit him.

“That was for not calling to tell me you were alive. It’s been three years and I’ve gotten nadda. Not a call, not an email, not a freaken letter, just silence from the two of you. I had to run federal searches on both of you to find out if you were still alive. How did two eighteen year olds get eyes only files? And what in god’s name were you doing running around Africa and South America?” ranted the usually mild mannered Kevin.

Xander and Willow both had their heads hanging in shame. Dawn and Faith were snickering. They hadn’t seen such bashful behavior from the duo since high school.

“Mr. Lynch!” called Hotchner.

“Sorry Uncle Kevin,” apologized Xander and Willow in unison.

“Well see that you don’t do that again. I will get an explanation later so don’t try and disappear when the case is over,” said Kevin walking out the door.
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