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Victor's demise

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 21* Victor Madden never did know when to shut his mouth. Eric’s bonded was suppose to be a weak human pet. Too bad no one told Buffy that she was supposed to be weak. Prequel to A Type

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysterieshellbellsFR1511,168183,25721 Aug 1121 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Sookie Stackhouse mysteries. I only own my twisted imagination!

Buffy awoke slowly, enjoying the luxury sheets. She snorted it was typical of Eric to have sheets with such a high thread count. She would say one thing though; it felt really great against her skin.

She had been dating Eric for a while. It was sad but true; she couldn’t stay away from Vampires. Xander had strangely not made an issue. He said that at least Eric wouldn’t kill her or break he heart. He had smirked, “Well he may break the heart of anyone that hurts you. Literally.”

Last night they had sealed the blood bond between them. She had stared in the mirror amazed as the scars from Angel, Spike and the Master had disappeared. On top of them sealing their bond, she had staked Victor Madden.

Night before

Buffy was lounging on Eric’s sofa as he finished his business affairs. What she really wanted to do was dance but she wanted to dance with Eric.

There had been a knock on the door and a disgruntled Pan had informed her Maker that Philippe and Victor were here. Eric sighed knowing that nothing good would come of this meeting.

The king of Nevada walked in as if already owned the place, which didn’t endear him with Eric. Buffy decided to play bored and hoped that she wouldn’t be seen as a threat until too late.

“Why are you here?” Eric may be a thousand years old but that didn’t mean he had learnt patience.

“I’m to marry your queen.” Philippe said as if it explained everything.

Eric was proud that he didn’t audibly snort, although, it was a close thing. “Well my hearty congratulations. I hope you last longer than her former spouse.”

Buffy grinned at that comment. She still fondly remembered Eric’s vampire bowling.

Victor preened, “We want a guarantee of support.”

Eric smirked, “Why would I support you?”

Victor matched his smirk, “Imagine if your pretty pet was to come to harm.”

The vampire was an idiot. He had too big an ego Buffy thought. It was something that was a practical certainty in life along with Death and Taxes. Okay, in her life, maybe not death.

Victor had grabbed her to emphasise his point. Philippe said nothing but he noticed that the blonde didn’t seem concerned by her current predicament. In fact, her stare had turned hard. She looked directly at him, “Your lackey has a minute to move his hand or he’ll lose it.”

Victor didn’t like what he perceived as disrespect. He never stopped to think that maybe she could back up her threat.

Philippe cocked his head to the side considering Eric’s latest conquest. There had been rumours of a blonde telepath but this wasn’t Sookie. Northman liked power in pretty packages so it begged the question: What was her power?

It didn’t matter to Victor; he went to slap the silly human bint. Victor was surprised when she moved quicker than he could see. Although, he certainly felt it went she kicked him into office wall. He actually made a dent in the plaster. Buffy winced theatrically, “Sorry honey.”

Eric laughed, “Don’t worry this is the most amusing thing I’ve seen this decade.”

Buffy continued to duck and weave out of Victor’s attacks. “Hey Philippe. If I stake your boy you’re gonna be out of pocket.”

This made the King frown only two humans had the right to stake vampires without paperwork. The Slayers had been forced public, when the vampires had ‘come out of the coffin’. The Slayers had made up the bulk of the police division that now protected the public. Many laws were set in place but two slayers, the last two originals had the power to execute and stake without any consequence. The magistrate had agreed for the simple reason that they feared what the slayers would do without the permission.

As this human was blonde, he assumed that she was the queen slayer. He resigned himself to loosing a valued lieutenant. He sighed theatrically, “If he is stupid enough to attack the queen slayer then he deserves to be staked.”

Victors face was comical as he realised exactly who he had baited. In Buffy’s hand was ‘Mr Pointy’ and it quickly found its way to its intended target.

Eric looked at the pool of blood that was all that remained of Victor Madden. “Pam I need you.”

Pan entered and frowned seeing the remains, “Who is the mess on the carpet?”

Buffy smirked, “Victor never leaned not to pick on little humans.”

“How unfortunate,” Pam drawled. “I shall order cleaning sire.”

Philippe had learned a valuable lesson this evening. Eric wouldn’t care what his plans were long term. The only thing Eric was concerned about was ruling his own area. Given that Eric had somehow managed to bond with the Queen Slayer, Philippe was inclined to indulge him.

He shook his head, “I apologise for my former employees fool hardiness. We have an understanding; I’ll leave you to rule this area. I ask that you come if called.”

Eric bowed his acknowledgement, “I am content to be sheriff. I will of course, answer the call of my sovereign.”

Philippe understood the message and bowed taking his leave.

Eric and Buffy had gone back to his house. There was still an hour until Eric was suing to rise but there was a knock on the front door. Buffy took her scythe, she couldn’t guarantee that Philippe wouldn’t try to gain revenge. She checked the peephole to see Eric’s day man.

He bobbed his head nervously, “Ma’am.”

Buffy sheepishly placed her scythe o the sideboard. She looked at the large collection of shoeboxes. She asked quizzically, “What’s all this?”

“A gift from Pam. There’s a note.”

Buffy read the note and started to laugh.

Dear Buffy

I couldn’t stop laughing last night.
Such enjoyment deserves rewards.


Buffy had Eric’s assistant help her bring them into the foyer. She excused him giving him Eric’s usual tip. Eric awoke feeling his mate’s extreme amusement and glee.

He quickly ran to her in the living room. He stood fascinated and watched as she opened up each new pair of shoes with all the glee of a child at Christmas.

Eric’s lip quirked in amusement, “Lover.”

“Gift off Pam. Apparently she was so happy that she decided to spread the cheer.”

Eric laughed it was so like his childe. “I think I should say thank you as well.”

The bond meant Buffy was under no allusion as to what type of thank you he intended to give. His thank you was well received and enjoyable for both parties.

They may have been late to Fangatsia but Pam didn’t seem to mind. She took one look at the couple and started to cackle. She thanked Buffy, apparently Eric hadn’t been is such a good mood since the turn of the last century.

Buffy shrugged, she didn’t mind. It had taken her awhile but she had found her happiness.


The End

You have reached the end of "Victor's demise". This story is complete.

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