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To Be Called

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Summary: The dreams, strange and terrible, started on her 17th birthday. She is a Slayer now and now her once bright future is shrouded by destiny. Eventual Faberry (Key word... Eventual)

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Chapter 21

A.N: I am so so sorry for the wait.

September 18, 2011

12:44 P.M.

-Cordelia Chase-

She watched over her charges as Connor and Rachel sparred with Faith, the older slayer gleefully taking on both younger opponents and beating them pretty soundly, which was a potent reminder to Cordelia that her son and daughter were not perfect fighters yet. Even Faith was often handed her ass by Buffy and vice-versa so she would continue to push that both kids trained hard to prepare them for whatever may come and with Wolfram and Hart's interest in Rachel and the looming mystery of Tara's resurrection hovering over them, they all needed to be prepared.

Tara came up to her side and handed her a bottle of water as Buffy bound across the back yard with Dawn and Blaine on her heels. Cordelia's gaze focused intensely on the blonde slayer as she demonstrated an elbow move to all four teens. The blonde glanced over at Cordelia and Tara and offered them a smile that ended in a blush when she tore her eyes away from Cordelia's to return her attention to her trainees.

Tara leaned against the porch railing and asked, "What was that look about?"

Cordelia let out a sigh before she answered, "Buffy kissed me."

Tara was quiet next to her, giving no visible reaction to the news as she took a slow sip of water before asking, "Is... are you ok with that?"

Cordelia shrugged, "I don't have a problem with gay people Tara, I would hope you knew that by now, I mean Rachel and Quinn are practically spitting rainbows lately and I was ok with you and Willow, surprised but ok."

Tara nodded but added, "But you aren't gay."

Cordelia huffed, "I don't like labels." She tossed her hair, "I've never been with a woman but I've never really considered it before either, my... my parents wouldn't have approved and so it was never really an option in high school, and with my popularity it wouldn't have been possible to be with a girl and stay popular." She smirked, "Then again, it was California, and it couldn't have hurt my reputation any more than dating Xander did."

She could feel Tara's eyes on her, "So it isn't that you ruled it out, you've just never had the opportunity or the inclination?"

Cordelia hesitated, "I... I've never had feelings for a woman before now..."

Tara started, "But... you do now?"

Cordelia's eyes raked over Buffy's form as she whispered, "I kissed her back... and the second kiss? That was me." She gripped the railing of the porch, "I... I have always admired Buffy Tara, but I never really got why Angel loved her so much... and now that I do? It scares the hell out of me." She dipped her head as guilt ate at her gut, "And God... what about Angel? What do I tell him? Sorry Big Guy, I love Buffy now. And Christ I have been on the other end of that love story, loving Angel even though I was sure no one would ever measure up to Buffy, I don't know that I can do it from this end now. It isn't the kind of life or love I want, I've never wanted to be second best, been there, done that, no thanks."

Tara reached out to grab her hand, "Do you though? Do you love Buffy?"

Cordelia choked, "I..."

Tara squeezed her hand, "It's ok if you don't know Cordy. It really is, but right now, tell me something you do know, something you're sure of."

Cordelia clutched her hand like a lifeline as she admitted, "I want to kiss her again."

Tara let out a breath, "You need to talk to her, you know that right?"

Cordelia bumped Tara's hip, "I know Tara." She offered Tara a bright smile and briefly lamented that she hadn't fallen for this blue eyed blonde instead, she's always been able to take Willow in a fight and she didn't much care if she hurt the red head most of the time, "What about you and Willow? There are some interesting vibes coming from you and Kennedy."

Tara's ears tipped red as she muttered, "I get what Will sees in her, and she is very beautiful, but more than anything I can see that she loves Willow, and that Willow loves her, which I want for Will, I want her to be happy, and if I hadn't been brought back I would have been happy in the afterlife knowing that Willow was safe and loved, but I..."

Cordelia finished for her, "You aren't dead anymore." She pulled Tara closer, "Fight for her Tara, if that's what you want, if you want Willow back fight for her."

Tara's hair fell in her face as she spoke, "I... I don't know that I do Cordy. My memories stop at my death, beyond the few memories I have of heaven which felt like minutes, it really does feel like no time has passed and even though Willow and I were together just before I died, I was still so angry with her Cordelia, I still am, and... she is still using magic now. She isn't using dark magic and she's so much more responsible but I still don't trust her with magic."

Cordelia was quiet for a moment before she asked, "And your heart?"

Tara shook her head, "I don't know Cordy, and does Kennedy deserve that? She loves Willow, and they don't have all of that baggage that we have, they could really be happy without all the other stuff."

Cordelia and Tara watched as Buffy tackled Faith with a laugh while Rachel danced out of the way, squealing about her still tender ribs.

Finally Tara whispered, "I don't trust Willow."

Cordelia held her hand tightly as she admitted, "I'm in love with Buffy."

-Buffy Summers-

3:13 P.M.

Buffy threw the door open and blinked as Willow waved at her with a bright grin, "Hi Buff!"

She cocked her head, "Will, Kennedy." The younger slayer, who always seemed slightly uncomfortable around Buffy, shifted and raised a hand halfheartedly even as Buffy continued, "What are you two doing here?"

Willow rocked on her heels, "Giles sent us. He wants Ken to evaluate Rachel and I'm supposed to see how Quinn's training is coming along."

Buffy's eyes narrowed almost against her will as stared at her best friend, "Really..." She stepped out of the way and motioned the couple into the house as she added, "Cordelia is going to be thrilled."

Willow cast a look over her shoulder, "Sarcasm?"

Buffy shrugged, "Oh yeah. She's a little over protective of the kids right now."

Willow cocked her head, "And we're threats?"

Buffy remained passive as Willow scowled at her, "Not to me, but Cordelia isn't going to appreciate Giles suddenly caring about Rachel and Quinn's progress all of a sudden."

Willow seemed to swell, "Cordelia may be Rachel's guardian but that is only because Xander and Giles agreed. Xander is her Watcher and Giles is head of the council."

Buffy held up her hand, "And Rachel and Quinn are basically Cordy's kids Will."

She lead Willow and Kennedy into the living room and spoke, "Kennedy go ahead and tell Rachel she can invite Quinn over, I need to borrow Willow for a minute."

Buffy was grateful that Willow let herself be yanked into the kitchen, "I need you to swear you won't repeat what I'm about to tell you Will."

Willow nodded seriously as she gestured to the room, "Cone of silence Buffy, what's going on?"

Buffy took a deep breath, stealing herself for what she wanted to say before blurting, "I kissed Cordelia."

Willow blinked at her, "Guh?"

Buffy threw up her hands, "I know, and then she kissed me, we kissed, there was kissage. Cordelia and Buffy kissage!"

Willow blinked again before swatting at her ear, "I'm sorry, I think I just had a small stroke. Did you just say you kissed Cordelia?!"

Buffy nodded seriously, "And then she kissed me back, that part is important too."

Willow's ears were a little red as she asked in a whisper, "Is she a good kisser? Cause I remember thinking she would be in middle school which, you know, I now know is more than a little gay, but is she?"

Buffy's own cheeks flared red, "Oh yeah. And you know how she's taller?" Willow's head bobbed, "It totally feels amazing to have her pressed against me."

Willow's jaw dropped, "You said kissage happened, not sex!"

Buffy waved a hand, "No sex Will, just when she kissed me it was... kind of Cordy like? She sort of took charge."

Willow nodded sagely, "Femme in the streets, butch in the sheets."

Buffy scoffed, "I don't know what that means but I think I'd pay to hear you call Cordelia butch to her face. She just... she kind of guided the kiss, which was a relief because for a second I was sure she was going to slap me."

Willow looked offended at the suggestion, "Why would she slap you? You are obviously very kissable."

Buffy leaned against the counter with a sigh, "Because aside from some serious cuddling," At Willow's look she tacked on, "Fully clothed cuddling, we haven't ever kissed before. I mean I know that there are some serious feelings on my end, but for a woman who scoffs at tact, she holds her feelings pretty close to the vest. I had no idea how she'd react to the kiss, I could have been reading everything wrong."

Willow huffed out, "I think the fact that Cordy cuddled with you at all says a lot Buffy, I mean I can picture cuddling with her and I'm pretty sure that ends with her setting my hair on fire or decking me." The redhead's eyes widened as she gasped, "Wait! Feelings?! As in more than, 'Cordy has a nice mouth I think I'll kiss it' feelings? As in romantic, squishy love like feelings?"

Buffy took a deep breath, "Not love like Will... I... I am in love with her. I get how she became Angel's whole world Willow, I haven't felt like this since Angel, the first time around."

Willow sank into a chair, "What about Angel though? I mean, won't he be upset that you're moving in on Cordy, or maybe he'll be mad at Cordy for moving in on you?"

Buffy smiled sadly, "He told me to go for it Willow, he said he could understand why we'd fall for each other." She ran a hand through her hair as she added a little defiantly, "And even if he wasn't ok with it, I don't owe Angel anything, we weren't together, we haven't been together for a long time, and he and Cordy aren't together either."

Willow held up a hand, "But, assuming Cordelia feels the same way about you, how will she feel about Angel? Does she know that he won't be upset with her for being with you?"

Buffy shrugged a little helplessly, "I haven't talked to her, not really. And it isn't just Angel Will, I know Spike still has feelings for me, and he may have them for Cordy now too, and Faith is sporting a serious girl crush on her, I don't know, I have this feeling that no one will be thrilled if it worked out that we both feel the same way and wanted to make a go of it."

Willow cocked her head, "Have you thought that through Buffy? Making a go of it involves... well it involves sexy things. Kissing a woman isn't that big of a deal, aside from no stubble and curves where there weren't any, it isn't that different from kissing a guy, but sex with a woman..." Buffy watched as Willow got a slightly far-away look in her eye, "When I had sex with Tara for the first time... it was a revelation. Sex with Oz was good, great even most of the time but Tara..." She shook her head, "I had a lot to learn and I was lucky enough that Tara was able to teach me how to touch her, you and Cordy won't have that. Unless I'm seriously misjudging Cordelia she's never been with a woman either so..."

Buffy was quiet for a long moment as she tried to picture what sex with Cordy might be like. Would Cordy be gentle? Or would she overwhelm Buffy with her raw passion the way she often did during normal activities. She pictured her hand skating over Cordelia's abdomen, her pale skin against Cordelia's natural tan, the muscles of Cordy's ridiculous abs twitching beneath her fingertips as her hand drifted up to cup her breast. Would Cordelia be loud and brash or would she surprise Buffy, with quiet moans and whimpers the slayer had to strain to hear? Would the Seer be content even for a moment on her back, allowing Buffy to control the pace, to explore her body, or would she flip them over and press Buffy into the mattress? She was a good dancer, with great rhythm so Buffy could imagine that she'd roll her hips with a flawless grace. Buffy could almost feel the Seer's hips clamped between her thighs as she settled over her, she could feel Cordelia's hands light fire up her back as the brunette reared up to kiss her, to press their fronts together. She could hear Cordelia's laugh as the Seer flipped them and rolled her hips into Buffy, she could hear her own hiss as heat licked her belly. More than anything though she could see Cordy's soft, gentle smile as the Seer tucked a strand of hair behind Buffy's ear before dipping to kiss her.

"Buffy?" Willow's voice broke her thoughts as she jerked her head to stare at her best friend.

She pressed a hand to her cheek which she was sure was bright red, "Sorry Will..."

Willow waved her off as she asked gently, "Where did you go Buff?"

Buffy let out a puff of air as she ignored the question, "I want everything with her Willow. I want her."

Willow nodded slowly as she spoke, "Tell her that Buffy."

The woman in question burst into the kitchen a second later with a scowl in place, "Willow..." She leveled a look at Buffy, "Did you know that Giles was suddenly taking an interest in the kids?"

Buffy held up her hands, "I'm a surprised as you are, I swear."

Cordelia stared her down for a long moment before she nodded with a huff, "Fine, Quinn is on her way and Rachel is up in her room doing her hair," She rolled her eyes before adding, "At least they can't get each other pregnant." She paused before whirling on Willow, "Quinn can't get her pregnant right?! I am too young and attractive to be a grandmother."

Willow let out a laugh as she shook her head, "No Cordelia, Quinn can't get Rachel pregnant, at least not by accident; there is a ritual that Tara and I discussed before... well before everything with Glory came to a head and Buffy died."

Buffy caught Cordelia's shudder at the mention of her death before the slayer asked quietly, "You two talked about kids?"

Willow ducked her head as she muttered, "Yeah we did. I mean we weren't planning for it anytime soon, but yeah. In the future we were both on the same page."

Cordelia smiled softly, "Tara would make an amazing mother..." She eyed Willow for a long moment and something in her gaze was a little cold before she added grudgingly, "And I suppose you wouldn't suck Rosenberg."

Willow scoffed at her before shrugging, "I'm surprised you're a good mom Cordelia, I would have bet money in high school that you would be the type to eat her young."

Cordelia let out a harsh laugh before spinning on her heel and striding from the kitchen with a bellow, "RACHEL!?"

From the stairs the little slayer called out, "IS QUINN HERE YET?"

Connor answered, "NO!"

Cordelia let out a sigh, "STOP YELLING!"

Buffy placed a hand on Cordelia's back and whispered into her ear, "Pot, meet kettle."

To Buffy's surprise Cordelia leaned into her touch for a moment before whispering, "We need to talk."

Buffy reared back and nodded, "Ok."

Cordelia offered her a reassuring smile, "It's nothing bad Buffy," Before leaning forward in full view of Willow and pressing a short, sweet kiss to Buffy's lips, "We just need to have a discussion." She flashed Buffy her 1000 watt grin before entering the living room, leaving a red faced slayer behind and a gaping witch.

Willow let out a squeak, "So glad she wasn't nice in high school..."

-Quinn Fabray-

3:47 P.M.

She smoothed her hair out as she raised her hand to knock, lamenting the fact that her 'grounding' and Rachel's meant she couldn't just breeze into the house as she'd been doing, though Cordelia was being more lax than Buffy, Angel, or Giles would have liked, allowing Quinn to spend time with Rachel and sometimes Connor over the course of the weekend and bullying Willow into healing Quinn against Giles' orders. Giles for his part would have been content to see Quinn drop dead of her injuries if the look he'd given her was any indication, never mind that they'd saved Cordelia and no one had died.

She shook her head and rapped smartly on the door before stepping back and brushing out imaginary wrinkles from her sundress out.

She heard Rachel's voice on the other side of the door, "I'LL GET IT!"

Quinn smiled softly as the door was thrown open and she came face to face with the little diva who was smiling happily at her, "Hello Quinn." Her bright smile belied her soft tone and Quinn responded accordingly.

"Hi Rach..." She reached out and pulled Rachel into a tight hug which the diva sank into with a breathy sigh, "Not that I'm complaining but I thought Buffy kicked me out for the day?"

Rachel pulled back and shrugged, "Willow and Kennedy showed up to evaluate us." She rolled her eyes after a moment, "Cordelia isn't pleased that Mr. Giles is suddenly taking an interest in us but if it gives me a chance to see you again I'll take it." She smiled shyly and Quinn returned it.

She let herself be lead into the living room as she considered the diva clutching at her hand. They had yet to discuss the short, incredibly surprising kiss but there was no denying that something in their relationship had shifted. Rachel's cheeks were more often than not tinged with red now, and Quinn was hyper aware of how often they touched now, and of the fire licked her skin at every point of contact now that Rachel's shy smiles and slightly moon eyed stares had context.

The living room was filled to the brim as she put on a scowl and asked in her best HBIC voice, "Explain to me why I should be at Mr. Giles beck and call. Just because he wants to evaluate my magical skills doesn't mean I have to let him." She crossed her arms, suddenly feeling contrary when she caught Cordelia's smirk out of the corner of her eye, "In fact, give me one good reason why I shouldn't walk right back out?"

Willow stood with a grim look, "You are welcome to leave Quinn, but understand that our teaching you comes with conditions."

Quinn snapped back, "Tara. Tara is teaching me. And seeing as I've spent more than a little time with her in the last month, I'm pretty sure she'll keep teaching whether Mr. Giles likes it or not." She wasn't afraid to look at Tara who answered her unspoken question with a nod and earned a glare from Willow in return.

Tara spoke softly, "Willow, Giles isn't going to dictate whether or not I teach Quinn, and neither are you. She needs to be taught and regardless of how upset Giles is, they did save Cordelia." She leveled the three teens with a stern look, "Even though they got lucky, we need to take the result into account. Cordelia is safe; no one is dead, tell Giles to take the win."

Rachel let out a grumbled, "I'm still not convinced that he didn't want Cordy dead."

Connor waved his hand as he'd often seen Artie do, "Preach."

Willow folded her arms across her chest, "That is ridiculous; of course Giles doesn't want Cordelia dead."

Cordelia cocked an eyebrow, "Really? How do you know for certain?"

Willow jerked her head to stare at Cordelia, "You... you're one of the original scoobies Cordelia, Giles would never want to hurt you, or any of us."

Quinn exchanged a loaded look with Rachel and then Connor who were both sporting mutinous looks as they stared at Willow.

The redhead spared the trio of teens a scowl as she declared, "I don't remember us being that surly or unmanageable, what is their excuse?"

Rachel stated flatly, "Dead parents."

Quinn added, "Tainted magic."

Connor finished, "Hell dimension."

Willow stared at them for a long moment before speaking, "Be all that as it may, Giles was pretty clear. He wants the two of you evaluated."

Rachel opened her mouth to snap at Willow but was stopped as Quinn held up a hand and demanded, "We'll let you evaluate us on one condition."

Buffy muttered, "Here it comes..."

Quinn continued, "I get to hang out here for more than an hour a day. I want my time with Rach and Connor back."

Before Buffy or Willow could reply Cordelia answered, "Fine." At Willow and Buffy's incredulous looks she huffed, "You expected me to be bad cop? They saved my life. Quinn's demand isn't that unreasonable."

Quinn nodded as she turned to Willow, "Let's get this over with."

Rachel let out a put upon sigh before she breezed past Kennedy, "To the back yard I suppose."

Kennedy moved past Willow, Buffy, and Faith before brushing against Tara on the way out, causing both women to clear their throats. Willow's head was already buried in her bag but Quinn caught the moment and stared after Kennedy with narrowed eyes, suddenly protective of Tara whose head was bent so that her blonde hair could shield her face.

Quinn allowed Willow to demand spell after spell from her, and though she was exhausted she was still summoning up her magic. Now that Cordelia, Tara, Buffy, and Faith were watching she wasn't about to show any weakness. On the other end of the back yard, Rachel was venting her spite out on Kennedy, letting out her seldom seen meanness and using it to wail on Kennedy.

As both sets of women took a break Kennedy panted, "When did you get so good squirt?"

Rachel rolled her shoulders and replied with a haughty tilt of her chin, "I train with Buffy, Faith, Cordelia, Spike, and Connor on a daily basis. They all have different styles so by combining them I have become hard to predict... and I have always been a quick study." She folded her arms and added in a snotty voice, "Also I resent this so I'm taking it out on your face."

Kennedy let out a laugh as she brushed her sweaty hair out of her face and looked at Willow, "How is your evaluation going?"

Willow frowned at Quinn before addressing Tara instead of her or Kennedy, "You've been teaching her very advanced spells."

Tara replied placidly, "I have been."

Willow scowled at her ex, "She isn't ready Tara. Giles and I agree that her training is far too advanced if she is going to be able to cast spells like the one that saved Cordelia without help."

Tara's own posture shifted as she edged closer to Quinn, "That was an isolated incident. Quinn doesn't cast on her own."

Quinn nodded as she moved towards her teacher, "I don't do anything on my own except for my meditations to center myself and charge my energies." She let out a tired sigh, "I'm going to have to meditate for hours tonight after this test."

Tara came to her elbow and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Are you feeling fatigued?"

Quinn hesitated before answering, "I can keep going..."

Tara eyed her before speaking quietly, "That wasn't what I asked Quinn."

Quinn ducked her head, "I'm getting a pretty bad headache and I feel achey all over."

Tara nodded firmly as she stated, "Quinn is done. You have more than enough to give Giles a full accounting of her abilities and power."

Willow huffed out, "I have enough to know that Giles is going to want you to stop teaching her. The magicks she's learning are way too advanced. She isn't mature enough..."

Tara cut her off with a snap, "She also isn't you Willow. She listens when I caution her about magic and as I stated she does not practice on her own. She is more mature than you were even though she's younger."

Willow rocked back as if she'd been struck, "Tara I..." She glanced at Kennedy before her face hardened and she replied, "I thought we were past all that?"

Tara wrapped her arms around her own waist, "The last memory I have of us Willow... I thought... I was happy in that moment with you, but we slapped a Band-Aid over a gaping wound when we jumped into bed. Do you even... what you did to me was wrong Willow on so many levels and if you think that I have forgotten..."

Willow looked stricken, "I thought you had forgiven me?"

Tara replied quietly, "I have forgiven you, but I can't ever forget that you took away my memories. You took away my right to make an informed decision about us."

Willow's face hardened, "I have apologized Tara, I have suffered more than you can imagine, when you died..."

Tara shook her head, "My death... I'm the one that died Willow, and I realize that those left behind were hurt by it, but you did exactly what I was afraid of when you used your magic to hurt people."

Willow's whole body shook as she replied in a broken voice, "You said you forgave me for Warren."

Tara softened as she took a step towards Willow, "Oh Willow... Of course I forgave you for Warren. I meant what I said; he would have continued to hurt people. His death was brutal but killing him was something that was going to happen one way or the other, whether it was you, or Giles, or even Buffy." Her spine straightened as she added, "But you didn't just attack him Willow, you went after the other two, and you used your magic to hurt our friends, our family, people that I love. Your grief... ending the world because I died Willow? No one should have that kind of anger and disrespect for life."

Willow looked incredulous now as she demanded, "You are upset because losing you made me feel like I couldn't go on?"

Tara exhaled before replying, "I'm upset because you tried to take the rest of the world with you! Because you were selfish! You were selfish again! Once again it was all about you and what Willow wanted!"

Willow's cheeks were red as she stared at Tara with tears glistening in her eyes, "I... Tara..."

Tara moved in front of Quinn completely, "I am in no way required to follow any of Giles' recommendations nor will I. Quinn is my student, and I will continue to teach her for as long as I am able and for as long as she is willing to learn. Her testing is finished and it will not be repeated. If Giles has a problem with that he can come down here and take it up with me himself." She turned to Quinn and offered her a gentle smile, "Go ahead and sit down sweetie, and eat a power bar."

Quinn nodded gratefully and went to plop herself beside Connor her offered her a power bar before whispering, "Are you ok?"

Quinn nodded, "Just tired." She made eye contact with Rachel and saw the sudden, stubborn set to the Diva's jaw.

Rachel announced in her snottiest Diva voice, "I'm done as well."

Kennedy blanched, "Rachel..."

Rachel's chin lifted, "What? Mr. Giles and Xander have shown exactly zero interest in me since I came back to Lima. Cordelia is more my Watcher than either of them." She looked at Cordelia, "Can I quit? I think Kennedy has a pretty clear picture of my abilities as well?"

Cordelia shrugged, "Sure."

Kennedy's face went red as she spun on Cordelia, "Look, ignoring the fact that my girlfriend just got into a fight with her ex," Willow and Tara both shifted uncomfortably, "I have my orders. Rachel is still young and she needs the guidance of the watchers council and of slayers more experienced than her."

Buffy scoffed this time, "And Faith and I are what exactly? Trained monkeys teaching her to punch things? We have more experience than any other slayers out there Kennedy and we are both training Rachel, along with Spike and Cordelia. She's set for mentors." She straightened her spine, "If Cordelia is ok with Rachel being done with this test thingy so am I."

Faith stepped up to Buffy's side and added, "And while I am all for this new Council and Giles, the watcher's council never did me any favors so as far as I'm concerned the fewer old dudes Rachel's has telling her what to do the better."

Kennedy turned to Willow, probably hoping that the red head would have some words of support but Willow still looked slumped after her battle with Tara so she remained silent.

Rachel let out an adorable little huff and marched away from Kennedy. She sank down next to Connor and took the power bar he offered her before tilting her chin up and taking a defiant bite.

In a quiet voice Willow finally spoke, "Giles isn't going to be happy Buffy."

Cordelia snorted, "Then Giles can come down here and take it up with me himself."

Quinn and Rachel exchanged a glance as they recalled the Giles in Tara's memories of hell before they faced forward again and presented the same sullen scowl to Willow and Kennedy.

The backyard was silent for a long moment before Dawn's phone chirped and she jumped to check her text messages before announcing, "Puck wants to go bowling… what is it with the guys and bowling?"

Quinn stood slowly, feeling the ache of magic fatigue all the way to her bones as Rachel jumped to her feet to help her.

Connor cast a worried glance her way, "I don't know Dawn… Quinn looks really tired."

Quinn deflated, feeling even worse and earned herself a sympathetic look from Cordelia who called out, "Come here Quinn."

Quinn moved to stand in front of Cordelia and eyed the taller woman curiously as Cordelia offered her hands, "I can recharge your batteries if you'd like Quinn?"

Quinn's jaw dropped, "You can?" She slapped her palms into Cordelia grip and felt a surge of magical energy tear through her body like a rush of adrenaline. After a minute Cordelia pulled her hands away and Quinn let out a gasp as she stepped back. The aches and pains were dulled so much they were nearly gone completely as she stared at Cordelia, "How?"

Cordelia shrugged, "Higher power Quinn…" She narrowed her eyes, "But don't think I'm going to do that every time. I'm not a witch charger."

Quinn nodded quickly as she snapped her jaw shut, "So… does that mean we can go hang out with the glee club?"

Cordelia, Tara, Faith, and Buffy all exchanged looks, having a silent conversation before Buffy spoke, "Yes you all can go. No drinking, no fighting," She leveled a stern look towards Connor, "And you all need to be back by twelve."

Rachel surged forward and caught Quinn's wrist and Dawn's, "Help me pick what to wear while I shower." She dragged the two taller girls behind her as she charged into the house with a fading, "Thank you!"

-Blaine Anderson-

6:09 P.M.

He'd arrived at the bowling alley before Rachel and the rest of her group. He located Kurt quickly and hurried to his boyfriend's side and offered him a warmer smile than he'd been willing to give in the past few days. Kurt for his part looked thrilled as he pressed a shy kiss to Blaine's cheek.

As Finn and Puck fought over the one 'badass' black ball that bowling alley had Kurt asked quietly, "Did the… did the spell work ok? I mean I assume it did because Dawn told Puck you were all coming and I don't think Connor would be in a bowling mood if his mom had died…"

Blaine placed his hand on Kurt's knee and squeezed gently, "Cordelia is ok. Quinn, Connor, and Rachel did the spell and it all worked out."

Kurt let out an audible sigh, "I'm glad… and Rachel… is Rachel still…"

Blaine shrugged, "I don't know Kurt. She hasn't said anything to me either way but then you are my boyfriend so she may not want to put me in the middle."

Kurt dipped his head and muttered, "I didn't mean it Blaine… what I called her."

Blaine nodded slowly, "She isn't a monster Kurt… she's one of the good guys."

Kurt hummed, "I realize that now but can… do you see my side? She stabbed a guy with a piece of wood and he exploded into dust… what was I supposed to think?"

Blaine clenched his jaw before replying a little harshly, "Not that your friend was a monster."

Kurt winced and pulled away as Santana demanded from the next lane, "Where the hell is Tubbers?!" She growled out, "Probably making out with Man hands."

Brittany corrected her, "Not right now San. They might later tonight though…"

Blaine blinked before her heard a throat clear and turned to find Dawn scowling at Santana, "What have I said about the names Lopez?"

Santana scoffed, "Whatever princess." She turned her attention to Rachel and Quinn who were linked arm in arm with each other, "Why are you late Quinn? Making out with Berry?"

Quinn took an aggressive step forward as she squeezed Rachel's arms and snarled, "And if I was? What are you going to say about it Santana?"

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You have reached the end of "To Be Called" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 May 14.

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