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Five By Five

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Summary: Post-vanquish, Cole Turner escapes the Wasteland once more and heads to Sunnydale, where a certain once-rouge Slayer is on patrol. Will the two move on from their jaded pasts together?

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Charmed > Faith-CenteredColesGirlFR181507034,96521 Dec 0321 Dec 03No
Warnings: Sex, adult language, BtVS season seven/Charmed season five spoilers.

Notes: Charmed/Buffy crossover, Faith/Cole pairing. It sticks with canon, except for two bits of Buffy trivia: Principal Woods never existed, and Sunnydale wasn't sucked into oblivion in the series finale. Written is script format because I didn't even want to attempt narration. And just for the record, I AM a Phoebe/Cole 'shipper....this was written during my 'Phoebe-is-a-bitch-and-doesn't-deserve-him-let's-find-someone-else-fairly-compatible' phase.

Disclaimer: Charmed, Buffy, and any/all characters from both don't belong to me. They're the property of Joss, Mutant Enemy, Brad Kern, Spelling Productions, etc, etc....I promise to return them physically intact when I'm through. Just don't blame me if the poor things come back delusional.

Setting the scene: Sunnydale, California, early summer 2003. A million stars and a full moon are hanging over the town, making it seem...innocent. Normal, even. But it's not....Close on the face of COLE TURNER, standing in the shadows leaning against a building, comtemplating this place. He's unshaven and his clothes are rumpled; tired, beaten down, unsure of what to do with himself now that he's lost his reason for being. He closes his eyes and breathes in deeply, as if remembering Phoebe.

A moment later, we find him sitting at the bar inside, a half empty glass in front of him. A commotion at the end of the bar catches his attention; a brunette girl (FAITH) with a surly expression is continually pushing off the advances of a pale man. Something about him makes cole forwn...then, unexpectedly, Faith gets up and leaves through a back door, with the man following. Cole hesitates, shakes his head, downs his drink in a gulp, and follows, reaching in his pocket on the way.

When he steps outside, he has a knife in his hand, ready to do whatever he can, but then his jaw drops open as he watches the girl matching the man, now vamped out, move for move and blow for blow.

Faith: I got it!

She directs a vicious uppcercut to the vamp's chin that staggers him, then spins to grab the knife from Cole's hand and turns back and uses all her weight to take the monster's head off in one motion. As he collapses in a pile of dust, she turns back to a suprised Cole.

Faith: Thanks for the assist (she hands him back the knife). Couldn't have done it without you.

Cole: Are you okay?

Faith: Five by five. What's your damage?

Cole: I need a drink.

Cut to inside, a short while later. Cole and Faith are sitting at the bar. Both have half-empty glasses in front of them.

Cole: Vampire Slayer, huh?

Faith: Yep, nice work if you can get it. So I head to Sunnydale, see if I can find the infamous Buffy Summers. We hang, we slay, to make a long story short, the whole story ends with me doing time in the big house. Wes breaks me out, and I'm off doing the save the world thing again. So what's your sad story?

Cole: Born half demon, half human. Sent to kill a girl, fell for her instead. To make my long story short--very short, actually--I thought we were meant to be, she didn't. That's about it.

Faith: Love's a bitch, right?

Cole doesn't answer.

Faith: I can make it better.

And the next thing we see is Cole and Faith half-naked in a nearby motel, ripping clothes, hungry, desperate, and both a little drunk. Faith shoves Cole back on the bed, and he takes her with him. She straddles his hips--fade from the scene to daylight before we see any further.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Five By Five" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Dec 03.

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