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Summary: Xander has been banished to SFC but meets some very nice ladies there and get's caught up in a spell that changes a lot of lives especially his.

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Chapter One

Thanks to Methos for this image:
TITLE: Potentia
AUTHOR: Lucifael
SERIES: The Power
DISTRIBUTION: Archived at LuWriting, posted to the THP Group, posted to TtH.
DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed belong to their original owners. In fact all the series included in this series of stories belong to their original owners who is not me, no money made please don’t sue me.
SUMMARY: Xander has been banished to SFC but meets some very nice ladies there and get's caught up in a spell that changes a lot of lives especially his.
SPECIAL NOTE: Graphic Sex!
FEEDBACK: Read, Review and Rate please it is the life's blood of fan fiction and helps me to improve.
CATEGORY: Action/Adventure/Erotica/Porn/Crossover
SPOILERS: For all Seasons of BtVS, All Seasons of Charmed, and other assorted crossover spoilers
WARNINGS: Big Old AU, Real Porn Beware!
BETA: Microsoft Word again, to keep the posting going, but I'm open to offers.

First off this is PORN/EROTICA; it is very graphic in places too and has several differing kinks in it. It also makes use of Magic for sex, and has unusual situations in it because of that. It's a bit Master/slave in places as well.

All of the series included here are brought up to date, even charmed and BTVS so season 3 of BTVS ends say 2010, everything else is on a sliding rule around that date. As Tenhawk said we need to shift the date if we’re going to keep BTVS and Xander alive in our little part of the world.

Some of the series I have included in here started well after BTVS finished so they are shifted down to match the 2010 limit I’ve put on this usually at their latest season though not Charmed that’s at S2 AU though. Some are shifted forward such as Alias, which is a bit non specific as to a date.

All the sex is between consenting adults, making all characters at least 18 which for one series in particular pushes it into a fictional s4! Please note this before you get on my case, if you don’t spot the series as this story and the others go along please ask before you jump on me ;)

Crossover’s planned so far:
• BTVS (Fictional end of S3)
• Angel (About S1 and on)
• Charmed (About Season 2)
• Charlies Angels (Prior to First Movie)
• Dollhouse (Season One-ish Au with some chars and training from S2)
• Sanctuary (Series One)
• Alias (I dunno when she wasn’t actually panting after that twat)
• CSI: New York, Vegas and Miami (Various, will try to keep it straight, out of canon)
• Lie To Me (Fictional Series Four)

More is likely to turn up so this isn’t a comprehensive list and not all of them might appear in the first story, there’s a lot to get through and I’m planning a series for this one. At the end of each story I’ll try to remember to put in a list of crossovers with some links for you all.

I warn you that it might not come out very fast but I will work on it in the background off and on and post live when I have a new chapter.

Chapter 1 - So It Begins

San Francisco, Ca.

He knew as soon as he looked at her that he was in deep shit. He wasn't sure why or how he knew that. He just did. Across a crowded street and not within touching distance of her and he just knew that somehow she was going to change his life forever. He had experienced a similar moment of revelation before of course and that made this time all the worse, because before he had been younger and innocent and in a way that moment of revelation had been the end of that innocence. That woman, a blonde had kicked him out of his own home in effect because of things that had happened between the time of revelation number one and this moment. Lies, perhaps a stupid lie, perhaps even the wrong decision in the end. Still he had at the time thought it was the right one and had to stick to his decision now. It wasn't the sort of thing you could take back was sending someone innocent to hell. He dreaded facing the man himself anytime soon, because he was fairly certain that he would be a dead man if he did. 100 years in hell was not a nice experience he was sure. Sure he had managed to last all through school without being found out, but still he had hoped that would last a little longer.

Still, he was now faced with another problem. A seemingly simple one really, if not for that feeling of revelation, this new woman, this new potential trouble maker in the life of Xander Harris had a heel stuck in the pavement cracks. Not a single person had tried to help her despite the fact the woman was a stone cold fox. They were all so caught up in their own worlds and days they had not even noticed her struggling to remove said heel from the crack. In fact it would be simpler to simply remove the shoe Xander knew, but still she obviously liked the shoes and was doing her best not to damage them.

The decision he now faced was, a) do as everyone else had and ignore the woman's plight, or b) go and help her out and possibly fall face first into another adrenaline filled life of nearly dying on a nightly basis. Of course, he realized he could be being ridiculous and this was all just a flight of his imagination. He didn't think so, not really. He just knew that one close look at her and he would be lost, possibly more so than he had been with Buffy. She was, well, astounding covered it. Older than him by a few years, which could be a problem for her since women didn't go younger until much later in their lives generally but age wasn't an issue for Xander, not really. Still it had the potential for a problem, so perhaps he should just not risk the pain again and walk away now while he still could; if he got closer he had that sneaking feeling he was going to be caught up in something bigger than himself again.

Since arriving in SFC he had drifted a fair bit until finally getting a job as an assistant in town. Administrative at that, strange since he had showed no flair for that before, but damn he was turning out to be scarily good at it. Apparently all that running for donuts had turned out to be useful for something and even the computer stuff was coming easily now he didn't have to worry about Willow's feelings of inadequacy. It was a good job and paid well enough for him to pay rent on a small but nice apartment near the docks. Not the nicest place in the world perhaps but it was better than his parent’s basement for sure.

He realized he was still staring at the poor woman with the heel stuck in the paving and he had to do one or the other now before she noticed him. It was crunch time and oddly enough Xander Harris was a man that came into his own at that moment. He let out a sigh and walked over to the woman, flashed a smile and reached down. He reached out, grabbed her ankle and the heel itself and pulled firmly but slowly upwards. The heel came free and the woman opened her mouth to say something. Xander flashed another smile, turned and walked back the way he came as fast as his legs would carry him. He knew he was cheating and the woman now probably thought he was insane, but this was probably best. He had helped her out which assuaged his conscience somewhat and got out clean. All in all it was not a bad result at the end of the day. Sure he could be missing out on something amazing, but at the same time he was dodging what could more easily be a bullet of fates wraith.

"Urm - excuse me?" a nice sounding voice said and a surprisingly strong but feminine hand gasped his elbow bring him around to face her.

Xander smiled at her gamely and then had a horrible sinking feeling as he looked her straight into the most amazing pair of eyes he had seen on any women in his life, which was saying something because of the company he had kept in his lifetime.

"I just wanted to thank you," she said, the frowned, "But you ran off before I could."

Xander smiled again, wondering why he was utterly failing to say a single word. At least he hadn't blurted 'Can I have you' this time.

"Are you unable to reply?" she asked, now with compassion lighting up the pale blue of those startling eyes of hers. Framed as they were by almost ravens wing black hair and an angular but highly attractive face, they really stood out.

"I can," Xander managed after a moment.

"Right," she said looking confused as to why he had not done so before. "Look, I just wanted to say thanks, no one else stopped to help me and it looks like you went out of your way to help. That's worthy of saying a thanks I think."

"Okay," Xander said trying to back away a little but the woman was still holding on to him. Then a flash of metal caught his eye and he suddenly reversed his direction and shoved the woman to the floor.

"What the hell!" she demanded struggling to her feet not even noticing the man running off into the crowd.

Xander looked at her and flashed her yet another smile, "Sorry," he said sounding truly apologetic and in a lot of pain.

That brought her up short for some reason, why was he in pain, she was the one he had pushed to the floor?

Then he turned slightly and she could see the source of his pain as there was an Athame sticking out of his back towards the side. "There seems to be something back there, do me a favor and get it out would ya?" With that imparted he dropped towards her and taking them both to the floor with a rustle of clothing. The woman winced as she had automatically tried to catch the much larger man and instead seemed to have gotten a good hold on the blade of the Athame, cutting herself in the process.

* * *

San Francisco General Hospital

Prudence Halliwell stalked up and down the hospital corridor her expression a picture of worry and her hand now bandaged up. She wasn't even sure why she was still there really. She had done her bit, she had brought the strange man to the hospital and dealt with the cops as best as she was able. She wasn't sure what had happened really, but she had a horrible feeling about it. That Athame had been meant for her she was almost sure of it and somehow and for reasons she was unsure of right at that moment the man had taken the blade for her. It had been and entirely automatic reaction from what she was able to tell as well, as if he was used to taking a hit meant for someone else. This concerned her slightly. He was dressed in a cheap suit and tie and looked like any other young office worker around at that time of the day. He didn't have any remote military bearing or anything like that so what the hell was going on?

She had rung her sisters and appraised them of the situation shortly before and apparently they would be coming to her soon, moral support and a little sisterly chattering to take away the boredom. Piper had asked her if she had wanted to come home, but it was then that Pru had truly decided to stay and wait it out. He had lost a fair bit of blood while they had been waiting for the ambulance and apparently he was likely to be out for some time as they pumped some more into him.

The odd thing was she still didn't even know his damn name and it didn't seem to matter she just had to make sure he was alright. With that thought in mind she walked off down the corridor and up to his room. Once there she paused, looking through the window in the door at him. She felt something move in her guts at seeing him like that and knowing it was her fault and vowed to make it up to him somehow. She walked into the room and took a seat by the bed, one long shapely leg crossing over the other. She looked at the handsome face of her rescuer for a long moment, trying to uncover his secrets with a mere look. It of course didn't work but she did find herself admiring him a little more than was usual for her. She was a fairly sexual being on the quiet, but at the same time she didn't normally start to become aroused just by looking at a man.

It was starting to dawn on her that something very odd was going on here, something that she may very well need her sisters help with.

* * *

Stanley Hotel, SFC - Day
A short, weasel of a man scurried into a lush hotel room, having dodged bell boys and security on the way and slunk into the main area, his every fiber of his being thrumming with fear at his failure.

"Ahh Caspian I see you have returned. I trust things went off without a hitch and you have the blade. The spell is completed after all." The rich tones of a man hidden by the back of a wing backed chair in the living room of the suite.

"Ahh yes, Master about that." Caspian began his voice holding his worry as a clear note of fear.

"What?" the rich tones cut him off and there was an electric feel of a large build of magic in the air that the small man had come to know and dread.

"Slight problem there, someone got in the way as I was about to stab the witch."

The air stilled, the threat of violence becoming even more pronounced because of the relative silence of the room. Then suddenly a bolt of yellow lightning appeared above Caspian's head and stuck him firmly in the chest. The bolt sent him flying backwards straight through a door into a cupboard. The door then reformed and the darkness closed in on the unfortunate man, each corner of the tiny space seeming to come alive with chattering noises that promised Caspian pain for eternity.

In the main area of the suite a stately looking man rose from the wing backed chair, black eyes bleeding massive amounts of power as he turned to face the cupboard he had just sent Caspian into. The anger was obvious, but there was also a touch of fear there that seemed out of place for such a man. Then he threw his head back and screamed, "NOOOOOOOO"

* * *

San Francisco General Hospital

Pru was starting to worry a little, but it was hard to remain worried through the sheer amazing amounts of arousal coursing through her system at that moment. She was finding that she couldn't keep her hands off of the man. Xander as she had found out by looking on his chart. Alexander Harris local to California as best as she could tell from his voice, the fact he had Xander on his chart was strange, but since it had been an odd name she had looked in his belongings, where she had found out his full name. He must've come around at some point to give his name in such a manner and no one had bothered to check. That didn't help her much at that point though. It was good, however, to know the name of the man you were caressing in such a way. Three times so far she had to stop her hand drifting under the sheet and it was becoming harder and harder to stop herself. It didn't help that he seemed to like the way she was touching him either. He was still out for the count but there was a nice sized tent about waist height and the noises he was making was driving her to distraction.

She stilled her hands downwards movement again, almost physically aching to touch him now. This had to be a spell, it just had to be, but what was the point. Whoever had aimed that Athame at her obviously had wanted her to be smitten with them in a way that was all lust and nothing to do with any form of love. That pretty much meant Warlock, since their appetites seemed towards that sort of thing. The odd method of getting to her though was a little confusing. It was true that she and her sisters had become quite good at spotting warlocks of late, so this would neatly side step that issue she had to suppose. What did they want though, her powers, or worse her as a sex slave since she was wanting more and more to give Xander pleasure she had to assume the latter, or perhaps both. Warlocks were nothing if not greedy.

Her hand began to wander again and she was in half a mind to let it when a gasp brought her back to a little sanity and she turned to find Piper looking at her as if she had lost it. This in a sense wasn’t far from the truth.

"What?" Phoebe said walking behind Piper and then smirked, "urh, what are you doing sis?"

"Stop laughing, this is a spell."

"Oh really, nothing to do with the fact he's a hunk?" Phoebe asked, ever the teasing member of the family.

"Cut it out," Piper said finally.

"I'm trying." Pru said with some aggravation.

"Try harder, before a nurse or doctor comes in."

"Trust me it could be a lot worse." Pru said with gritted teeth.

"Okay, so a spell," Piper said shaking off just what Pru meant by that statement and looking at the guy, "He cast a spell on you?"

"I don't think it was him. That Athame was meant for me I'm sure of it, but the thing is it got him first." Pru said brandishing her bandaged hand. "It's obviously blood magic and pretty powerful since its cut through all our protection spells."

"Pru," Phoebe suddenly said as Pru's hand had succeeded in its journey finally and she was fondling the innocent in the bed.

"Shit," Pru said pulling her hand back but panting hard. "Damn," she said reverently and then shook off her lust drenched thoughts. "We have to stop this."


"Call our insider in the police, get that Athame and find out the spell," Phoebe said distractively, she was having a hard time concentrating actually.

Piper nodded, eyes fixed to the man on the beds groin.

"Well?" Pru snapped finally, "I don't think I can leave him."

"Right," Phoebe said finally shaking herself. "I'll make the call," she said walking out of the door, "You keep an eye on her," she said to Piper.

Piper gave herself a similar shake and nodded, "I will."

"I won't be long." Phoebe promised and walked off to make her call.

A few moments passed and then, "Pru - hand."

"Shit," Pru breathed, sitting back and resisting with all her might to touch Xander again.

"So tell me what happened."

"It's pretty much what I said over the phone, only that I caught myself on the blade as well. Obviously it's triggered a spell and I'd bet blood magic. Cuz, you know all the blood involved."

"Who is he?" Piper asked taking the seat that Phoebe had vacated the other side of the bed from her sister.

"Names Xander Harris, I think he's fairly local." Pru replied glad to have something to focus on that didn't involve her taking off her underwear and impaling herself on the hunk in the bed.

"Anything else, did you talk?"

"No, he helped me out, I had a heel stuck and walked off without saying anything. I thought that was weird so I followed him to thank him. He was doing his best to get away when suddenly he shoved me to the floor. I was pretty pissed by that, when I realized he had been stabbed and he fell on me. Catching him I held onto the blade and that's all I know about the whole thing. A bit later I came in to check on him, after calling you and Phoebe and then suddenly it's all I can do to keep my hands off of him. It's been steadily harder to - stop myself since then."

"Why didn't you leave the room?"

"I tried, but honestly every time I try I find myself turning around and coming back to him as I felt so damn ill."

"Ahh, right, so you need to stay close. But staying close means naughty touching, that about sum it up?"

"Pretty much," Pru said with a nod of her head.

"This is weird even for us."

"Tell me about it."

“Pru …”


“Hand,” Piper said smiling slightly.

“Damn,” Pru said removing her hand from Xander’s now sizable lump.

“Not a small guy is he?” Piper said speculatively.

“Looks just about right,” Pru commented.

“Sure does, kinda glad Leo and I broke up,” Piper said without thinking. The two looked at each other in shock for a moment.

“Is this catching or something,” Pru said eyeing her sister who was in turn eying Xander.

Just then Phoebe turned up at the doorway looking confused.

“Weren’t you going to make a phone call,” Piper asked without removing her eyes from Xander’s lump.

“I, urh, had to come back.”

“Blood magic,” Pru said suddenly.


“Blood magic, get it, it’s affecting us via the blood.”

“Right,” Phoebe said moving over to sit next to Pru as Piper took the other side of the bed. “Do you think it’ll be alright if I…”

“We should fight this,” Pru said firmly, her hand already wandering back to its preferred resting place.

“What if I don’t want to? I want someone to take the pain away, make it easier.” Piper said touching Xander’s hair, “He can do that for us,” she said sounding totally sure.

“Can he?” Phoebe asked her hand wandering up next to Pru’s. “I think he could make me do anything he wanted me to that’s for sure.”

“Oh god, someone stop me,” Pru said starting to pull away Xander’s thin hospital sheets.

“From doing what,” Piper asked curiously.

“Sucking his cock,” Pru said pulling him out from his gown.

They all sat back slightly, “Wow,” Phoebe said with a smile, “Look at that thing.”

“You can’t,” Piper said.

“I’m going to unless someone physically stops me,” Pru said her mouth inching towards Xander’s manhood.

Piper reached out and stopped her, “We can’t not here, not like this.”

“I thought you said he could look after us?” Phoebe asked itching to take Pru’s place.

“He will,” Piper said with another sure nod of her head, “When he wakes up.”

Pru smiled wolfishly, “Can you think of a better way to wake him up.”

“That’s the spell talking,” Phoebe noted but didn’t much care.

“I know,” Pru agreed with a nod that took her head dangerously close to Xander’s cock.

She let out a moan as it twitched and hit her in the face and licked his crown which was the only thing within reach. Piper pushed her back a little further. “We should break the spell,” she said.

“Why,” Phoebe said, “You can feel it too. He’ll look after us. I’m as women’s lib as the next girl but I want a little looking after, after all the crap we’ve been through.”

“I know,” Piper said, “I want the pain to stop - I can already feel it numbing away.” She said and in a moment of sudden caprice reached out and took Xander in a firm hand hold, her breathing quickening. “Damn it he’s a good size. I deserve a big cock after Leo.”

The other two sisters sniggered slightly. “Can any of you blink?” phoebe asked.

There was some combined blink trying for a moment. “Nope,” Pru said eyes firmly on the prize that belonged to Xander.

“Nope,” Piper agreed just holding Xander’s now slightly throbbing hardness in her hand.

“Then we’re not evil,” Phoebe pointed out with a smirk, reaching out to place her hand under her sisters. “Damn he might have room for another.”

Pru reached out and held his crown in her hand, “Not quite but damn close.”

“I’m never going to get all that in my mouth,” Phoebe commented.

“I’ll do my best,” Pru shot back with a smile, “Remember Frank Jackson from High school.”

“Yeah,” her other sisters said.

“Bigger,” Pru said smiling “couldn’t use it though.”

There was some impressed nodding.

“If we don’t break this now, we won’t be able to,” Piper pressed getting back to the point of the discussion even as she slowly moved her hand upwards. Her sisters followed her actions until all three of them were slowly masturbating the insensate man.

“This is so wrong,” Phoebe said, “It’s almost incest.”

“Only if I use my other hand to goose you,” Pru noted with a smirk.

Phoebe laughed, “Please don’t I feel ready to pop as it is. I don’t want my sister to make me cum, which would be really wrong.”

“How would we stop this?” Piper put in ignoring their bantering.

“Break the spell,” Pru asked for clarification.

“Obviously,” Piper said with some annoyance, “But how?”

“The dagger,” Phoebe hazarded.

“Break the dagger,” Pru asked.

“I guess,” Phoebe said, “Without looking it up in the book I don’t know.”

“Then we need the book,” Piper said then frowned, “But how do we leave?”

“Only way I can think is that we take him with us.”

“I was going to do that anyway,” Pru said then smiled, “Of course to - thank him properly for saving me from that spell.

“You’re such a slut,” Phoebe said with a smile to take the sting away.

“Yep,” Pru said with a nod of her head, “Besides have you seen this guy, he’s a bit of a hunk.”

“Quit it you two, we need to figure this out,” Piper said though her asperity didn’t seem to include stopping her leading the massage of Xander’s manhood.

Xander the man they were fondling came awake by way of his eyes snapping open. He looked down at their heads hovering inches from his man hood and smiled slightly. He felt connected to these three, on a deeply emotional level he knew them and wanted to keep them safe. To save them from the pain they were obviously in and most of all he wanted to fuck them all stupid on a regular basis. All three of them were astoundingly attractive and he could feel no less than three different hands on his shaft at that moment in time giving him a hand job. That felt right to him, but it was only a beginning.

“But how do we get him back to ours,” Phoebe asked, since none of the sisters had noticed Xander was awake.

“That’s easy,” Xander said making them all snap round to look at him, “You ask me nicely.”

“Yes; M.M.Master,” Piper said fighting it as hard as she could.

“Would you please come home with us - master,” Pru asked looking surprised she had added the master part.

“Hmm, master I like it,” Phoebe said uncaring.

“Me too,” Xander said looking a little surprised that he was rather enjoying it, it was at that point he realised something had changed in his core but wasn’t sure he cared much, especially given he had three beautiful women doing wonderful things to him. “As much as I hate to say it, stop what you’re doing and find me my clothes and a nurse or something. I want out of this fucking uncomfortable bed.”

* * *

The Manor, San Francisco - Day

They entered the Manor together in a bit of a pile up as none of the sisters wanted to be away from Xander for any length of time. There had been a nasty moment when the doctors had insisted on checking Xander over before releasing him to their care and ushered them out of the room. None of them wanted to endure that uncomfortable feeling again if they could help it.

“So…” Xander said looking around the pleasant home. “This is where you live huh?”

“Yes,” Pru said smiling into his eyes flirting with her gaze alone.

Xander responded by pulling her in for a passionate kiss that actually managed to weaken her knees and leave her virtually hanging off him. “I think we should cover a few things,” Xander said once he had broken the kiss and looked at the other women. “You look at me like that again with those eyes Pru and I will not be held responsible for what I do,” he said to the raven haired beauty still in his arms. “But we need to talk, work out what’s going on because I feel different than I did this morning.”

“In what way, we’ve all noticed we’re - subservient to you but not other people, and a few other things,” Phoebe told him.

“Well I know you have a book around someplace that may help?”

“How…” Piper said slightly alarmed that they were being tricked in some way after all and that Xander wasn’t as innocent as them in all of this after all.

“I don’t know, I think I know what you know. For instance I know that Phoebe did something naughty to your boyfriend in high school,” he said to Pru. Pru looked to be getting angry so Xander slapped her hard on the rump, “Also I would never have done that before,” he said with a smirk as she rubbed her ass, though her eyes were not spitting fire, but rather lust in his general direction.

“How do you know that though, I never told anyone about Michael Chambers,” Phoebe said in shock.

“You knew; I know other stuff as well, I know that you are all witches. That’s fine by me by the way. I know about demons and shit already, so no worries from me there. I also know you have magical powers other than casting spells and looking steaming hot.”

He pointed at them each in turn, “Telekinesis, Visions, Freezing time, to name but the obvious ones.”

They all looked at him in surprise, “I think I can do that too. I don’t know what this spell is actually about, but I feel JUICED from it and really different.” Xander said leading them into the living room as if he had lived in the house his entire life.

“How so exactly,” Phoebe asked again stepping up the pace to sit next to him. Piper sat the other and rather than taking a different seat Pru sat at his feet. Xander reached out and caressed her head making her damn near purr at him. His dark eyes looked down at her, thoughts going through his head about her that would be blue in tinge if a color could be assigned to them.

“I never would be so commanding with a woman before, I feel protective towards you all, and very much like you’re mine to command and use for pleasure.” Xander replied.

Phoebe dropped a hand into Xander’s lap and gave his hardening member a squeeze, 2I don’t have a problem with that.” She told him with a throaty voice.

Piper licked her lips and then her hand joined her sisters. Prue took a more direct route and started to work his belt buckle, turning to face him as she did so. From his position Xander was able to see straight down her lose blouse and managed to get even harder.

“So you’re also feeling different I’m guessing, unless you guys always were willing to go four-way with guys?” Xander asked sitting back a bit and letting Pru work his fly. Phoebe reached into his trousers and then Piper kissed him hard, all without answering him. Piper despite being the quietest of the bunch kissed straight from the crotch. Xander got harder in Phoebe’s hand as she pulled him out into the fresh air and Pru licked her lips reading herself to suck on him as hard as she had been dreaming about in the hospital.

Phoebe started to lazily masturbate him as Pru sat up a little higher and angled her now open mouth towards his crown. Phoebe smirked and as Pru lowered herself down she made her sister work for it by moving Xander’s dick left and right just as Pru was about to catch him, then suddenly Pru struck like a snake and had his member in her pretty hot mouth in a flash. Her lips were splaying around his girth and a talented tongue flicking along the base of his crown.

Xander let out a moan into Piper’s mouth as the long haired brunette kissed him with more abandon than she could ever remember using before. This was liberating to her and quite unlike kissing anyone else, it lit a fire under her and inside of her and she damn well loved it. He made her want to be naughty in ways that she felt sure he would enjoy.

Phoebe just kept up her slow masturbation, her fisted hand coming close to her sisters full lips on occasion until she got the rhythm right and they worked together to give Xander the best amount of pleasure possible.

Xander smiled around the kiss he was getting from Piper, this was the life. He felt very different, powerful, in control and in command and had three ready willing and very able beautiful women to please and be pleasured by. Something very deep had changed within him but the need for women hadn’t and now he had more girls of his own. These ones definitely wanted him around and were seeing him in the light he was quite pleased with. The girl that had started all this was currently pushing her way down his length with a suck that could give a appliance a run for its money and damn it was good. Phoebe was an expert at the hand job and Piper was heaven to kiss.

Pru pulled back up his shaft, her spittle laying a thin amount of moisture all the way up his member as her soft but full lips then caressed his crown when she reached it. Her tongue swirled around his cock head for a long moment then flicked the little v of skin at its base at the back sending tendrils of pleasure running through his system. Meanwhile Phoebe was working his shaft extra hard making use of the lubrication her sister had provided for her.

If Xander didn’t know any better he would say they had done this before, because they were working in perfect concert with each other.

Pru tired of teasing him and was suddenly engulfing his shaft in the moist heat of her mouth. Down and down she went until she reached the back of her throat, his crown parted her tonsils and he sank into the tightness of her throat. She controlled her gag reflex with the strength of will, making only the merest of sounds as she pressed her nose towards his pubic hair, finally touching it and wiggling her head from side to side her mouth gapped open. Her tongue was resting along the base of his cock wiggling every so often and driving Xander insane with lust.

Piper pulled back from the kiss her eyes wild, wilder than they had ever been. Then she stood suddenly and pulled the long dress she was wearing up and over her head, it stuck for a moment and then was away fluttering to a pile of soft cloth on the floor.

Xander’s heated Gaze ran over her body as she divested herself of her bra and then her white cotton panties. This left her only in her shoes and a heated look on her beautiful face. She flipped her hair to the side and back over her shoulder and looked at him with a pout. Then she stepped forward and kneeled on the sofa bringing her breast to mouth level with him.

Xander smiled getting that message loud and clear and looked at her full bosom for a moment, it was soft and creamy and a good size tipped with an already hardening brown nipple that matched her complexion. Her leaned his head forward slightly then just flicked his tongue out, tasting her nipple with it for a flash of time. Piper closed her eyes swaying slightly at the sensations running rampant in her system. No one had made her feel this way before and with hardly anything done to her yet. She was no blushing violet but this was quite unlike her, normally she was very vanilla and private and yet she was naked in her front room with her sisters all working on the same guy. Her eyes flicked down to his waist and watched for a moment as Phoebe ran her hand up and down his length as Pru caught her breath, her eldest sister currently had watering eyes, so she had been naughty as well. Suddenly the youngest sister dived forwards and went to town on Xander’s cock, slurping her way down his shaft her lips suckling on him like a woman possessed. Piper smirked slightly at the sight and then her eyes went wide when she felt Xander grasp her breast quite hard so her nipple was pointing out more and then take that nipple into his mouth and sucked on it as hard as he could.

Xander swirled his tongue around Pipers now hard nub of flesh while reaching down with his other hand and rubbing the flat of his hand against the moist heat of her labia. Piper let out tiny noises of enjoyment pressing herself against him at both points of connection and Xander smeared some of her juices across her pussy moistening her further. Then he slipped in a single finger and made the beautiful brunette gasp and then sighed in ecstasy.

Pru watched Xander masturbating her sister with her own aching sex and eyed Phoebe hungrily slurping on his cock. If anything her younger sister appeared to have more practice than even she did, but then she was a little wilder as well, though not with this man, Pru was quite willing to be as wild as he wanted. Her pussy was aching and moist to find out what he felt like buried hilt deep within it and Pru was sure that was going to happen, she was just going to have to wake.

Just then Xander popped off of Piper’s breast with a loud wet noise and seemed to concentrate hard for a moment, then his face cleared and he did it again, a smirk coming to his face after he had done whatever he had done.

Pru was surprised a few minutes later to find someone had grabbed her by the hair and was turning her around, a very naked man, who upon a better look was a copy of Xander was standing there with an already hard cock and pressing her face into it. Pru smirked and quickly obliged him, apparently Xander not only had her abilities but was learning them better even than she was because she could just make out yet another copy pulling Phoebe off of Xander’s shaft and pulling her to the end of the couch and kissing her hard enough to make her knees knock.

Meanwhile Xander was back to paying full attention to Piper even while sensations flooded his system. He didn’t really know how it was happening but he could feel the intense Kiss with Phoebe and her talented tongue in his mouth. At the same time he was able to feel Pru’s amazingly hot mouth wrapped around his cock and sucking like crazy on him even while Piper pressed against him.

Xan2 that was with Pru looked down at her shining raven’s wing hair and pulled hard with the bunch he had of it in his fist pulling her down on his cock. She had a fabulous mouth and a good ability to deep throat and he was taking advantage of that fact and enjoying every moment of it even while the sensations were looped through him to Xan1.

Xan3 stopped kissing Phoebe and started to pull on her t-shirt, wanting to get at those fabulous looking breasts as soon as possible, he pulled it quickly over and off her head and smiled when he saw her naked breasts. He reached down and grasped a handful in a firm grip and palpated it in his grasp. Phoebe let out a little moan as he did so; it was like he knew exactly what she wanted. She pressed into him and pushed her chest out to give him the best grip for either of her breasts.

Xan1 stood up still touching the longer haired Piper his hand working lazy circles on her now puffy labia which was slick with her own fluids and distended nipple still in his mouth. He stopped sucking her nipple for a moment and took his hands off her to quickly work his own clothing. Piper quickly got the plan and was helping him to divest himself of clothing. His trousers went first as he stepped out of them after kicking off his shoes and socks, then his tie and shirt shortly after it. Then all that was left were his boxers which Piper pulled down his thighs and to his ankles and then apparently unwilling to be left out of the felatio licked his rock hard member from tip to stem and back again. Then she held it up and away and promptly sucked a single ball into her mouth and began to suck on it lustily. Xander closed his eyes and reveled in the feelings emanating from where she was sucking so hard on his testicle as well as the other entire sensory overload that was flooding his system at the time.

Xan2 held Pru down until she started to gag and then let go allowing her to come off his cock with spittle soaking his member. Her brilliant blue eyes glared up at him not with anger but pure lust which darkened their hue significantly. Her hand rocketed up and down bringing him painfully close to the edge of orgasm before she stopped and sucked hard on his crown hard enough that his head started to swim. Then she moved up and down his length at great speed her head bobbing with the movement and hair flying around, driving him ever closer to the edge with each press forward and drag back. She kept up the suction for a long time until finally she felt somehow he was about to cum and pulled off his cock.

Xander roared as she helped him along with her hand and he shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum across her porcelain features, then finally he was spent and she was covered halfway across her face.

“Nice,” Xan1 said from behind her, “Fucking amazing, but we’re not done yet,” he added.

Xan2 smiled at her, “Up a days,” he said and his cock immediately got hard again, as rock hard as it was before.

“That’ll teach you Pru,” Xan3 said from the end of the sofa before concentrating back on his own Blow Job Queen Phoebe who was doing her slurping thing again on his cock.

Xan1 looked down as Piper pulled off his ball with a soft popping noise and then nuzzled the base of his cock with small sucks moving slowly upwards towards his crown.

Xan3 pulled Phoebe off of his shaft and looked down at her, “You have too many clothes on,” he said, beckoning her to him.

Phoebe stood up and then followed him to the arm of the sofa facing away from him. He stood behind her and started to manipulate her breasts with his hands again, “Take off those jeans,” he ordered the shorter haired brunette. Phoebe was happy to comply and shucked her shoes, then undid her jeans and pushed them over a pert ass bending over until Xan3 had to let go of her breasts and she ended up best over the couches arm with her jeans round her ankles.

“Heavenly,” Xan1 complimented her as Xan3 let out a whistle of appreciation, and then caressed her ass as hard as he had her breasts. Phoebe let out a contented purr and then a yelp as he smacked her pert butt cheek. All the Xander’s laughed at the same time, which would have been eerie if any of the females in the room had been taking notice.

Then Xan3 parted Phoebe’s legs as far as they would go with her jeans in the way and softly slipped two fingers between her moist outer labia and rubbed her for a long moment causing her to sigh with pleasure. Once he was happy she was ready he slowly drew his fingers away from her puffy pussy and then replaced them with his more than hard enough cock, his crown edging away her outer and then inner labia and finally sinking into the intense wet heat that was her core. Phoebe moaned fully as he slipped inch by inch into her sex and mouth gaping open as he fully entered her.

“Fuck,” Xander’s intoned. Xan3 let out a moan and then grasped her shapely hips in a firm grip and started to slowly draw out of her.

Xan1 reached down and teased Piper up onto the couch and laid her down so her head ended up directly under her sisters as he parted her thighs so one leg ended up propping her up and he was able to slide between her shapely thighs. He went down on his knees his head beside her thigh as he kissed it with feather like kisses for a long moment driving up the intimacy. Meanwhile Piper looked up with an erotica gaze to look into her youngest sisters very turned on and pleasured expression. Piper’s pupils fully dilated for a moment as Xander’s tongue began to toy with her slick folds, sending thrill of pleasure shooting up from her moist sex.

“Oh,” Piper breathed as Xander began to slowly kiss her pussy his tongue displaying its skill, his tongue then slid all around her labia, inner and outer before he suddenly sucked on her clitoral hood sending her into paroxysm of pleasure. Her breasts heaved with repressed breaths as he teased and tongued before making his tongue rigid and pushing it into her heated sex.

Phoebe laughed above her, her eyes fixed on Xander’s bowed head as Xan3 started to buck his hips against her ass and sending his hard shaft deep into her pussy. Then she moaned with the pleasure, but the look on her sister’s face had been funny for a moment there.

Xan2 watched himself in action with the other two sisters for a moment and then looked at Pru. “Take off your clothes,” he said seriously, before cracking a smile, “And make it sexy.”

Pru smirked at him standing up with her face still covered in his seed. Her tongue darted out to capture some of it to taste smiling slightly when it didn’t disgust her. Her fingers worked her blouses few buttons, and then her skirts catch and zipper before parting her blouse and letting it fall off of one shoulder and then the other, her legs parted just enough to keep her skirt up. She held her blouse closed then turned away and opened it wide wiggling her shoulders from side to side as Xan2 watched with a smirk on his face. Then she pushed it down her back and let go whereupon it fluttered to the floor in a pile of discarded silk. She turned back and pushed the straps of her bra down off her shoulders and reached behind herself. She hunched her shoulders forward and her bra fell off to show perfect breasts framed by her arms.

“Fuck me,” Xan1 said muffled, sending a jolt of pleasure through Piper who let out a loud moan right into the virtually groaning Phoebe who was now being slammed into the arm of the sofa with some force with Xan3 standing behind her with a look of focus on his face.

Xan2 reached out and tweaked one of Pru’s dark nipples until it was hard and she was moaning before letting go and waving at her, “Go on then,” he told her. Pru smirked with a very sexy twist of her lips before pressing her things together and causing her skirt to just drop to the floor.

“No panties,” Xan2 noted wryly moving forward to touch her soft bush before sliding a single finger between her reddened pussy lips.

Pru let out a moan as he touched her inner labia with a single digit and teased her for a long moment. He walked forward and pressed against her, his hard rod pressing into her lower stomach as he removed his finger. Pru reached down between them and took a hold of his shaft pushing downwards so it was rubbing where his finger had just been as her hand worked his shaft a little. “Do you want to fuck my tight little pussy,” she breathed, “I’m so wet for you right now,” she added breathlessly.

Her eyes were electric at that moment in time and caught Xan2 for a long moment before he smiled at her, “Do I ever,” he said kissing her with fiery passion aplenty.

Pru moaned into the kiss her tongue begging entrance into his mouth, his lips parted and she pressed her advantage her tongue dueling with his for a long moment, the soft slithering of tongue on tongue and heated body against body. Pru pulled back, breaking the kiss softly and lingeringly before looking up into his eyes, “I’m so yours,” she breathed. It was a testament that was suddenly echoed by both Piper and Phoebe, though both were rather more loud and hoarse about it.

Piper was thrashing her head from side to side as Xan1’s teasing tongue and now nimble fingers worked her like a grand piano and he was a master pianist. She was at a total loss to form a single thought in her mind and all she could do was ride the waves of pleasure swimming up her body from her pussy. “FUCK,” she suddenly yelped right into the panting Phoebe’s now surprised looking face as she crested over the edge into the abyss of a pure white orgasm from mana itself. Her body shuddered its way through the completion electrical tingles firing off all over her delicious body.

Xan1 stilled himself for a moment and looked up her shapely form to watch her running through its shocking course enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman in the full flood of her pleasure.

Xan3 grunted slightly pumping for all he was worth driving Phoebe closer to that edge with each and every thrust into her molten pussy. She was so wonderfully tight and hot and wet and shuddering around his shaft as he repeatedly slammed into her over and over again, the muscles in his arms and chest standing out as he used his grip on her trim waist to pound her over and again. Phoebe was in cloud nine as he took her just the way she liked to be taken hard and fast and without pause. She was close to her own orgasm and she had a feeling it would be no less intense than the one that Piper had just experiences right up and personal, which oddly was a bit of a turn on as well. Piper did look amazing when she came, and Phoebe couldn’t wait to feel what it was like to cum around Xander’s hard rod. She was so close now it wouldn’t be long until she too lost it.

Xan3 was kissing Pru again, if anything harder than before, his lips crushed against her own rouged ones. His hands were gliding up and down the sides of her trim but perfectly formed body, enjoying not only the shape of her but the sheer feel of her creamy skin against his somewhat harder and rougher hands. Pru was moaning into his mouth, extremely enjoying the attention. Xander broke the kiss, “Phoebe’s close,” he told her, “But you’ve yet to get there,” he added.

“Bent me over the table and take my ass,” she begged him.

Xan2 quirked an eyebrow and then suddenly span her around so she was facing the coffee table and drove her to her knees following her down and then pushing her face first onto it. Her face smeared across the glass but she didn’t care she had a happy smile on her face as her pretty derriere was up in the air awaiting Xan2 to violate it.

He pushed in his finger into her asshole, stretching it slowly but surely as Pru went into paroxysms of joy at the sensations now flooding her system. Then he added a second finger to the first continually stretching her out, “We need to find a spell for this,” Xan1 said from his position between the lovely piper’s equally lovely thighs.

Xan3 nodded his agreement, but he would go into the ether soon he didn’t have to worry about germs.

“Tersus quod tendo,” Pru said pantingly, and then smirked at their looks, “What I looked it up!”

Xan2 shrugged, and pulled his fingers out of her dirty hole, “Tersus Quod Tendo,” he pronounced carefully.

Pru let out a loud moan as her colon was stretched and cleaned thoroughly inside and out with a soft fizzing action that gave her a wonderful feeling of pleasure as well as doing as it was supposed to. “Ohh boy,” she breathed, “That felt good.”

Xan2 laughed and grasped her slender hips in a good firm grip, enough that he left finger marks on her creamy complexion. “Ready Pru,” he asked.

“Gagging,” Pru replied bracing her body on the coffee table.

Xan2 lined himself up with her hole and gently but firmly pressed forwards, it was tight and warm and wonderful and not what he had been expecting at all, but he was more than willing to do this for her and him, it was tighter than even Phoebe’s pussy and that was saying something, though he had yet to ‘test’ Piper’s. He pushed his length slowly into her ass groaning out a moan the entire time until he was sheathed in her ass.

“Oh god,” he breathed at the same time as Xan1.

Pru smirked and looked at Xan1 looking at her with a look of wonder in his eyes, “Fuck my sister and concentrate,” she told him.

He shook his head, “You cum first,” he said, “If I do then everyone else disappear.”

“Can’t ha…ha…have that,” Pru breathed as Xan2 started to pump into her from behind with long firm strokes. “Fuck me that’s good,” she breathed a happy smile coming to her face.

Phoebe was letting out bird like cries as Xan3 sped up his pace spurned on by Xan1’s little speech, pumping with all his might he pressed her against the couch almost painfully but Phoebe was far too far gone to notice all she could concentrate on was the wonderful feels coming from her pussy as he pounded her like a drum. “Oh, oh, oh fuck me yessss.” She breathed in a rush and a single outwards expiration of breath.

“Fuck you’re tight,” Xan3 commented gripping a little harder and managing to pick up the pace just that little bit more and snapping her head back with his next thrust.

“Pleasesss give me ittttt,” Phoebe drawled pleasure overwhelming her speech center.

Xander pressed hard forward on the next thrust and the next, upping his game to the required levels and totally blowing her mind.

Suddenly Phoebe stiffened and let out a loud growl of a yell as she came, her eyes flying wide as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave washing out all her higher brain functions.

“FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK,” she let out in a drawled scream to the gods of pleasure.

Xan1 watched her entranced as Piper regained her breath a bit, watching the beautiful youngest sister cum her brains out on the end of his counterparts cock, he’d felt every single thrust and all the pleasure and could say that Phoebe was wonderfully tight and her pussy was fluctuation around Xan3’s cock like something wild an unleashed sending him right over the edge into an orgasm of massive proportions. Luckily his rule only applied to the original, given the feelings he was getting off Xan2’s cock that was buried in Pru’s sweet ass.

So far two out of three sisters had cum and they’d all been astoundingly beautiful doing it. This was just the best day ever in Xander’s opinion.

Phoebe slumped almost landing on her sisters face only Xan3 catching her stopped that from happening. He pulled her back off the edge of the arm of the couch and pulled her into his arms, “Take her to her bedroom,” Xan1 ordered with a smile. Xan3 nodded and went to do just that.

Pru was being smeared across the reinforced glass coffee table, there was no other word for it, her face and breasts were now pressed against the glass flattened by it and a happy smile was on her face that would have to be blasted off. Behind her Xan2 was having trouble holding on, it was just such an amazing feeling and wonderfully tight and hot. Her ass cheeks were wobbling with each thrust, her tight ass pressing against him as he slapped against her and it was too wonderful for words. “Not gunna hold it,” Xan2 said.

Xan1 nodded, he knew that he was having trouble just feeling it and watching it, “Wait for 3,” he said. Xan2 nodded and went back to work, slowing his pace just slightly.

Xan1 turned back to the now more alert Piper and started to caress her body with soft movements of his hands on her smooth flesh. She moaned at him almost immediately enjoying the attention he was lavishing on her. Her other lovers had always been rather selfish, even Leo had been but then he was from World War II so no shock there given the time frame. This was something else entirely though, this was heaven in a single man. A man that would and could look after them all, she was willing to do anything for a break from the tiring fear of their other jobs. To have someone handle that for them, to look after them - that was heaven to her, not settling down as she had thought, even if this was unusual from a relationship standpoint the pleasure made up for it and the feeling of security and freedom from worries that was the heavenly aspect.

Small feather light kisses started up on her thigh and worked their way up her body, toying with her pert navel for a moment before working up to her equally pert breasts and pausing at her hard nipples for a long moment. Then up the side of her neck and finally capturing her lips in a searing kiss that awoke a hunger in her again that could not be denied.

Once the kiss broke she said, “Fuck me now,” simply and straightforwardly.

Xander paused then glanced to the side where 3 had just come back and smirked, “DP,” he said to 3 who smirked back and nodded.

Xan2 apparently heard as well and started to rearrange Pru’s position entirely. Picking her almost bodily up and shifting her around to a nearby chair and angling her so she was virtually on his lap with her legs spread wide and her draped over the arm allowing Xan3 access to her as well. Xan3 moved behind her grasped one slender but perfectly formed leg at the thigh and lifted it and pressed in, he was already hard again and willing and able to do what he had been asked to do.

Pru’s eyes were wide with excitement; this was something she had never done before that was for sure. She felt the strange duality of sensation when 3’s cock slowly slid into her pussy making her feel incredibly full to the point that she nearly came there and then. “FUCK,” she yelled at the top of her pleasured voice.

Xan1 glanced across to make sure she was okay but given the smile on her face he would have to say yes. Then he turned his attention back to the beautiful Piper Halliwell and laid kisses all over her face, neck and finally lips. His hands were wandering across her firm body as he kissed her pleasuring her in small ways, touching her where she liked to be touched while maneuvering himself properly between her parted thighs.

Pru was in seventh heaven, there was no other way to describe it, why or why had she never thought to use that power that way in the past, she could have been masturbating in very interesting ways at the very least. She was being penetrated in two places at the same time by the same man who had just fucked one of her other sisters and was also working on the other one. This was too much pleasure to bear almost but it didn’t stop her from loving every single picosecond of it. She felt full, and her body was misfiring in pleasure, and they appeared to be working together so there was no undue touching and still managing to bring her off like she had never been brought off before. She was literally drooling in pleasure while she was fucked five ways from Sunday by this wonderful man she was going to keep around forever. She couldn’t believe they had even thought about breaking the spell, there was just no way in hell that was happening. She’d kill whoever tried that was for sure.

Pru let out a surprised sound as they both managed to pound her at the same time, she was literally losing control of her body by that point and she was definitely feeling that low down fizz of building and it was rushing her fast.

“Oh god YESSSSSSS,” Pru exalted her eyes wide with pleasure and pupils about as dilated as they could be. She was aware that she was getting loud but she didn’t care about neighbors at that moment, all she cared about was releasing some of the pent up pleasure she was feeling.

She’d never been as wet in her entire life and it just getting more and more intense, “CUMMING,” she screamed and then let out a hair rising moan that expressed all she was feeling in an audible orgasm that flooded the nearby area. Her body shuddered and fidgeted and fizzed before she flopped against the arm of the chair utterly spent.

2 and 3 pulled out of her almost exhausted body and walked around to her face. “Pru,” 2 said.

“Hmmm,” she replied.

“I’m going to cum on your face again, hope you don’t mind.”

Pru’s eyes snapped open and a truly wicked smile lit her face, “Ohh yeah both of you!”

“Sure,” they replied with a shrug and grasped their members and began to masturbate as Pru slid off the chair to her knees in front of them.

Xan1 ignored that for a moment as he moved his hand between Piper’s thighs and began to play with her clitoris in small circular motions.

“Oh fuck yeah… so sticky,” Pru laughed as the two Xander’s with her lost control all over her painting her with their; cum all across her face and breasts. Pru laughed with joy and a wild look on her face as they became spent. She then toyed with the sticky ejaculate for a moment, “Wow I’m such a dirty girl.”

Xander smiled as the other two him’s disappeared leaving Pru alone. Pru looked over at Xander as he was hovering over her somewhat repressed sister, gave him a slightly sticky looking smile and said, “I’m going for a shower, see you later.”

Xander smiled and nodded at her immediately turning his attention back to Piper, the only Halliwell sister not to be fucked by him yet, and it was very much a ‘yet’ situation.

Piper moaned against him as he pleasured her gently and without hurry, Phoebe had been hard and fast just the way she wanted it. Pru might as well be a porn star the way she truly liked to be fucked but Piper was a little more slow and gentle. He was more than willing to accommodate her in that and to be honest he was going to go slow with them all at some point and properly explore them. Phoebe was all curves, Pru was sin personified and they both had amazing bodies that he wanted to kiss and touch and lick from top to bottom. Piper was just first on the list. He’d done pretty well on kissing her all over now he just had to give her what she wanted next. She’d made it plain enough for him to understand.

“Just fuck me please,” she begged him. Xander smirked slightly continuing to tease her for a while longer. There was a lot riding under the surface with Piper, similar in a different way with Pru though she was fierier, but Phoebe was all there on the surface. He had to admit he loved them all for their individual quirks and differences. With Piper he was interested in teasing her mercilessly for a while and seeing what happened. She was still far too in control for his liking, he wanted her to let lose properly.

“Fucking hell,” Piper growled at him, “Fuck me already!”

Xander smirked again and continued his circular teasing of her clitoris suckling her right nipple as well.

“That’s it!”

Suddenly he was being rolled over to fall flat on the floor with Piper lying on top of him looking down at him with her brown eyes looking a little wild. “I said fuck me.”

“Oh did you, must’ve missed that,” Xander said laconically with a smirk.

Piper sank further down his body until she was resting her naked sex mere centimeters from his throbbing cock. “Can I fuck you, can I ride you?”

“You have to ask,” Xander replied.

Piper grinned happily at him and reached down between them, angling his member to meet with her heated sex. He gasped as his crown breached her outer pussy lips, the heat was amazing and she was so very ready for him. Piper looked him dead in the eye and then settled herself above him his crown just touching her inner labia before sinking slowly down onto his shaft. They gasped together as they came together and he sank inch by inch into her molten pussy. She was throbbing and so was he as they melded together.

Piper smiled, “I don’t get a royal fucking or a double penetration?”

“Not today,” Xander replied.

“That’s okay; all I want is that hard cock in my cunt.”

Xander’s eyes widened at her language but he had to admit it excited him as well.

“I’m going to ride you so hard,” Piper said sinking down the remaining inches of his member.

“Oh fuck you’re tight,” Xander breathed, she was even tighter than Phoebe and just as slick as Pru had been.

Piper focused for a moment and got a whole lot tighter all of a sudden, “Wow,” Xander breathed as she flexed her vaginal muscles around his girth. Piper’s eyes fluttered to a close as she worked her stomach and vaginal muscles, fucking him but hardly moving for a long moment. Both of their breathings sped up even though they weren’t doing anything particularly athletic, the sensation was just that intense. Xander reached for her only to have his hands gentle slapped away.

“Just relax and enjoy the ride, darling,” Piper told him leaning forward and bracing herself on his chest and beginning to work her pelvis at the same time as everything else. The feelings managed to get even more intense at that point and it was all Xander could do not to moan and groan like a virgin, instead he let out pleasured sounding sighs and expirations of breath as Piper did the same only a little louder.

Slowly they came together over and again as Piper sped up the pace bit by bit, still focusing on her control and muscles more than out and out riding him at that moment in time, though she fully planned on doing just that. She rocked atop of him with growing sped her breasts starting to swing with the movement and her hair moving behind her. She flicked stray strands of it out of her face which was already starting to heat up and become sweaty with exertion.

“Do you like it Darling, do you like the way I’m fucking you,” Piper asked with a sultry smile on her expressive face.

”Uh uh,” Xander replied in a breath opening his eyes to catch hers in an intensely heated look.

Piper sped up a little more, “Is my pussy wet enough for you,” she asked rocking on him just a little harder with each thrust.

“Perfectly,” Xander replied reaching for her hips, only to be slapped away again.

“Is it nice and tight,” Piper asked again, her voice pure audible sin.

“God yes,” Xander breathed, “It’s perfect,” he told her.

“Good,” she panted as she started to lose control and work a lot faster and harder against him, driving him deep into her pussy and bottoming him out inside of her wanton sex. She flicked her hair over her shoulder again, rocking faster now as she worked him with almost professional skill.

“Fucking hell,” Xander breathed.

“Oh yeah baby, you hit just the right spot,” she told him her words coming out in pants.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Xander exalted as she did something particularly good when she added a slight twist of her hips on a thrust, her pussy seemed to be doing its best not to let him go every time she started to draw him out and held on tight on the way back as well. It was slick, hot, and wonderful and he didn’t want it to stop, but he was so damn close at that point he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

“Close,” Piper said in a short sharp vocalization.

Xander nodded to himself, vowing to hold on tight as he could so he didn’t go first and leave her high and dry.

“So closssse,” Piper said throwing her head back and then forward again on thrust, driving him a little deeper than before.

“Fuck,” Xander snapped so close he was fighting it off.

“Just a little longer,” Piper begged rocking harder and faster her breasts swinging unfettered and making for a hypnotic sight. Her nipples were standing proud and dark brown on the soft creamy flesh of her breasts as she continued to fuck him the best she could and for the most intense lovemaking she had ever partaken in. “Oh….oh…oh,” she repeated in a mantra her orgasm rushing towards its release with each word.

Xander had his teeth gritted and his face was a mask of concentration by that point just holding on for a moment longer. Suddenly Piper threw her head back and slammed down on him the hardest yet, her vaginal walls fluttering around his rock hard member as she orgasmed hard atop of him and around him. Xander let out an almost pained grunt and released inside of the beautiful woman shuddering beneath her as she shivered on top of him before she flopped forwards onto his broad chest breathing hard and still fluttering around his cock.

“Oooohhh boy,” Xander said letting out a long breath as he finished cumming inside of her heated sex.

Piper let out a tiny chuckle her chest moving in enticing ways on his. “Wow,” she said her voice full of wonder.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this new life,” Xander said with a wicked smile

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AN: Please send me feedback via this site, I'm interested to hear your thoughts. It's probably going to grow like a weed given some of the plans popping up in my head and may introduce some actual plot along the way.
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