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All for One... even a Fool

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Reinvention of Draco Malfoy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: For my fans who keep asking me, "What happens with so-and-so". Now, you decide. If I offer a bunny hunt, feel free to post whatever you come up with here.

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Harry Potter > General > Alternate UniverseEllandrahSylver + 1 otherFR183847,162116437,72523 Aug 1113 Apr 13No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Perfect ladies by (Current Donor)vidicon

Perfect Ladies

Madame Malkin's robe shop was not a place where Fred and George Weasley spent much time. Winifred and Georgia Weasley however, found that certain parts of the feminine form seemed to translate directly to the way they perceived clothes. Winnie modelled the short skirt and the midriff baring top.

“What do you think, Lee?” she asked winsomely.

Lee Jordan managed a gargling noise which Winnie interpreted as approval.

Madame Malkin seemed less approving. “The skirt is meant for a much younger girl and the shirt should not be knotted like that. What would your mother say if she saw you like this?”

“Our mother isn't here,” Winnie pointed out as she ran her hands over her skirt clad bottom and appraised herself in the full length mirror. “What do you think, Georgia?”

Georgia Weasley, wearing a very tight sweater and a pair of gentleman's slacks Madame Malkin considered far too tight as well, looked carefully at her sister. “Very nice. That ought to draw in the customers.”

“No. It won't.” A very firm voice came from the doorway. “And it will not be worn either.”

Winnie and Georgia turned around and looked at the redheaded woman standing, hands on hips and face thunderous, a few feet across the shop's threshold.

“M-mum? What are you doing here?” Georgia managed.

“Making sure my daughters learn to be ladies I can be proud of, not harlots.”

Winnie raised her nose in the air. “Oh, really, Mother. It's not that bad. And we are adults as well, we can make our own choices.”

“I see. Adults eh? Able to make your own choices?” Molly had been stepping towards Winifred with each word and was now quite close. Winnie swallowed as she saw her mother's expression. And then winced when the older woman grabbed her ear in a painful hold.

“Mum! Ow! That hurts!”

“You two young misses have exactly two minutes to get out of those clothes while Madame Malkin and I select some proper clothing for you. Otherwise it's broom time. Understood?”

“Yes, Mum!” the twins chorused fearfully. Georgia was already in the changing cubicle, the curtains closed. Winifred hastened to follow, rubbing her ear. Lee grinned at her swaying bottom and then suddenly came face to face with the formidable scowl of Molly Weasley.

“And what are your intentions towards my daughters, Mr. Jordan?”

Lee's smirk drained off his face and changed into a panicked mask of ultimate fear. “Nothing! I swear Mrs. Weasley!” he blurted out.

“That look did not mean nothing, Mr. Jordan. That look meant, 'look at the fine witch with the swaying bum, so fine'.”

Lee swallowed heavily. “Yes, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.”

Molly glanced at the piles of packages lying around the young man' feet. “I assume that my daughters used their feminine wiles to convince you to be their pack mule?”

“Yes ma'am,” Lee nodded, flushing.

“That must have been very...disconcerting for you.” She said sympathetically.

Lee rolled his eyes in exasperation, glad to see that the intimidating Weasley Matriarch seemed to be understanding of his perspective. “Very, ma'am.”

“See that it remains disconcerting, Mr. Jordan. I have no desire to bail out my daughters for public indecency or something similar,” Molly commanded, her brown eyes narrowing.

“Yes, Ma'am,” Lee coughed, his hopes dashed on the rocks of maternal anger.

Madame Malkin walked up to the cubicles with her arms full of highly conservative robes. “Will these do, Mrs. Weasley?”

Molly looked at the cut and trim of the clothes and nodded. “These will do fine. Thank you.” She winked conspiratorially at Madame Malkin. “But do you have anything in heavy wool? And perhaps some corsets and petticoats.”

Two indignant squeaks came from the cubicles. Madame Malkin winked back. “I shall fetch them directly, Mrs. Weasley.”

When the twins were dressed in conservative, if not wholly matronly fashion, Molly led them away to the Leaky Cauldron and sat them down at a table, telling Lee to find his own spot. Molly ordered tea and appraised her sulking, newly acquired daughters.

“You two have absolutely no idea, do you?” she finally sighed.

Georgia looked up confused from her sullen study of her tea cup. “About what Mum?”

“How to dress to tease and tittilate properly.” She sighed, then smirked slightly at their startled expressions. “I suppose expecting the two of you to stop thinking like teenage boys might be too much to hope for. What you want, dears, is to make them guess. To hint, not to show. To show allure, not arse.” This last was directed quite pointedly at the now gaping Winifred.

“Mum? Bu- whu-?”

“Now, what you are wearing is a good outfit for business transactions. Professional witches, good at their jobs. What you were wearing was an invitation to sex. What you want is a more understated invitation to sex.”

Georgia and Winifred by now were as red as beets. “MUM!” they squealed in shocked unison.

Molly raised her eyebrows. “Don't tell me the two of you weren't planning to take those bodies for a test drive?” 

“Actually, no,” Georgia stated quietly. “I don't think Angelina would approve.” Winnie kept her silence, but her elfin features took on a thoughtful cast.

Molly smiled. “Now that is an answer I love to hear. So why dress up like you did? Besides teasing Lee, that is?”

Georgia grinned. “We need a different reason?”

Molly sighed as her daughters giggled. It was a most disconcerting sound. “Well,  possibly not. But do bear in mind others will see you. And see the way you act. Do you really want that to be your advertising?”

The twins suddenly went blank eyed and then smiled. Winnie tried to pull down her staid front a little. “Cor! Advertising.”

Molly put a hand over her eyes. “You two are incorrigible. Come on, we’ll get you some clothes that will suit you and not make you look like Muggle whores.”

Molly Weasley kept the pictures of her daughters in petticoats and crinoline on her mantelpiece for many years.


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