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Never a moments rest

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Summary: In which Cordelia Chase is given a second chance by the PTB. And SG1 meets Queen See.

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Stargate > Cordelia-CenteredDearestDrusillaFR711,114072,93925 Aug 1125 Aug 11Yes
I do not Own SG1 or anything Buffy related. This could be seen as part of Summer to Sumer, but its not mandatory that you read it first.

“Excuse me!” The woman with the dark curling hair shouted at the glass. “I told you like, a million times that I'm here with a message from the powers, or whatever you guys call them, one of them is called Oma?”

“You think she's telling the truth sir?” Sam asked.

“She appeared in a sudden ball of light, just like every other ascended we've ever encountered, and according to Daniel she has the same...taste.” Jack didn't like that description, but it was all Daniel could give him. The air tasted different when one of the ascended was around. But Daniel also explained that this woman wasn't completely one of them, she was doing something else. Not bad, but different.

“I heard that,” Sam sighed as she watched Teal'c enter the room behind Daniel; she had to agree about the taste part. Several armed airmen followed them in as well. “Let's see what she has to tell us.”


“My god, seriously? I have to start talking to her about telephones,” Cordelia sighed as the men came into the room. One of them was a bit on the Wesley side of cute, while the others were more on the passable side. They're children wouldn't be completely doomed, assuming Mr Muscle hadn't taken too many 'roids to have kids.

“My name Is Dr. Jackson, this is Teal'c,” the bookish one told her very politely. “Now, you say you have a message from Oma miss...”

“Chase, Cordelia Chase, and yeah, it's part of our deal. Oma says that there's this guy down south planning to use alien tech to rebel against the government.” She ran a hand through her hair. Oma telling her things was a lot different than getting a message from the powers. For one it was pain free, more like suddenly remembering an appointment with the doctor.

“Can you tell us any more than that?” Daniel asked, wondering faintly about the Deal that had been made.

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Uhm, do you have paper?”

Daniel looked to one of the airmen and the man nodded before leaving. “Why don't you tell us about your deal while we wait for Airmen Angles to come back?”

Cordelia thought for a moment before something sparked in her eyes and the taste of Ascended hit Daniel as much as it hit her. “Okay, so I've been in a coma for the last...three years I think? I can wake up every so often, enough to feel people around me, hear a few words and know that I'm trapped and alone. I know that people need my help, but I can't run to them, or fight beside them or jump or dance...and Oma came. And I knew she was one of the powers-”

“Powers?” Daniel asked. “Like the Powers that Be?”

“Yeah, I guess there's a few floating around Earth,” Cordelia waved before returning to her story. Wesley never let people continue, he made his guesses and stopped listening as soon as she said Coma. Or he would have. “But Oma comes to me, and she tells me that if I agree to be messenger girl, she'll heal the tumor in my brain and set me up so I don't get one again.”

“I'm confused...what do you mean again?”

Teal'c spoke up then, surprising everyone in both rooms. “Cordelia Chase appears to have been in contact with the Ascended before.”

“Yeah, but it was a transferred duty instead of voluntary. I wasn't set up right to receive the messages so I shorted out, like a radio you know?”

Daniel understood then. Oma needed someone on the ground to take care of problems she couldn't directly interfere with. And Cordelia, having already had experience and desperate to be of use again, was offered the job of telling the universe's favorite team all about it. But that also meant that she was going to be a permanent fixture around SGC.

“Can I leave now? I have to call three other teams about pending doom from Subterrestials.” She looked at the mirror with a scowl. “Look up the Initiation Project, headed by Maggie Walsh. Talk about bad idea...”


Cordelia actually liked Colorado Springs now that she got the chance to explore. No messages to carry out and an armed guard that liked to stay incognito and out of sight. These SGC guys knew how to make a seer feel special, she even got an apartment above ground and a car. A little civic in a weird brownish purple color, but it was clean and it ran and gas was free.

Maybe not free free, Cordy was getting a salary in her new position as 'communications specialist' at SGC. Ha! Communicating with a special being to keep the world from ending was something she'd never even considered five years ago. But, there was a lot she might not have considered five years ago. Demons, aliens, ascended beings...

“Oh! Jimmy Chou!”

Some things would of course remain the same. Like dashing into a boutique to buy a pair of bright red high heels that she could wear to work the next day. Oma delivered messages on Monday unless it was a big emergency. Different messages for different branches of investigation. It got busy, overwhelming sometimes, but it was better than lying in her own prison. Hammond even said she could invite people to visit if she cleared it with him first.

Not that there was anyone she particularly wanted to see. Angel was off doing something somewhere; he'd stopped visiting her in the hospital a few months before Oma had come to her. Gunn had stopped coming long before that and Wesley was so loyal to his blue skinned lizard woman that he'd come only once. And then he'd left after only a few moments.

Dawn was around though. Buffy's little sister who'd been kidnapped possibly more than Cordelia herself, the more recent kidnappings at the hands of aliens. Dawn had grown up into a very beautiful young woman, and had she been in high school at the same time as everyone else...Cordelia would have had a hard time winning May Queen. Or any title.

But Dawn was crushing hard on Dr. Jackson and not very interested in things a normal high school girl ought to be interested in. Not unless you counted being hot for teacher. Poor Dawn, in love with someone more clueless than Wesley. Well, Cordy had been needing a pet project for some time and helping Scrappy get her bone would serve quite nicely.

The End

You have reached the end of "Never a moments rest". This story is complete.

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