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Getting Started

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Death Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Spike are dead. These are a couple drabbles that show them adjusting to the fact.

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The Academy

Author’s Note: I don’t know how the academy actually works, I’m going off the vague plan I set up three years ago. If Bleach has since explained more about the academy… well, hopefully most of you guys are Buffy fans and therefore don’t care too much about that. These were written quickly and without editing and rewriting. So sorry about the lower quality.

Newest Recruit

It hadn’t taken long to get in and find Xander, especially after Spike made the decision to avoid the main door.

“The intruder was traced to here, but we can’t find the specific intruder due to all the new recruits.”

Of course, he had been noticed coming in. Currently, Spike was sitting on the bed next to Xander’s, facing Xander with his back to the door. He couldn’t see who was talking and didn’t want to show his face, just in case they had seen it when he snuck in.

Xander glanced over Spike’s shoulder to where the intruders were and made a face. Spike figured it was because his plan of simply turning his back actually worked.

Trying to fit in, Spike started up a conversation. “So mate, how exactly did you get in here?”

Xander shrugged, “Oh you know, looked pitiful. Complained about being hungry.” He looked around, eyed whoever was behind Spike’s shoulder again, and continued, “I know we only got in yesterday, but I wish we’d do something already. Meh, what about you? How’d you get transported from the boring world outside to the boring world here?”

Spike grinned, oh he was good. He was about to reply when the man by the door sighed.

“We’ll keep an eye out I suppose. We might have just followed one of the new recruits without realizing it.”

Spike’s grin widened, not bothering to listen to the partners response. “Well mate, looks like I’m the newest recruit.”



It took Xander until just before end of the year exams to realize not everyone remembered their life before death. Not that memories really entered conversation much, but it seemed like something important to know. Really, he only found out because Spike finally bothered to tell him about Joyce.

And wasn’t that heartbreaking? All that time, assuming she’d been somewhere better, when in reality she couldn’t even remember her own life. It made him wonder about Buffy’s Heaven memories, what had really been happening. Or if the soul split or something had gone wrong…

He didn’t have long to ponder though, end of the year exams were around the corner. It wasn’t quite right to say exams, seeing as it was more or less just one.

“Ready to get dropped off?” Spike asked, “Can’t believe you get to go before me. I can’t wait to go out there and kick some ass. I’m getting so bored of the classrooms.”

Xander laughed, only Spike would be excited to be left alone to survive against a Hollow. No one expected a trainee to kill one yet, just survive for an undetermined about of time until they’re picked up again. “You’ll probably get dropped off while I’m struggling to live, so you shouldn’t have to wait long.”


Six hours later…

Xander twirled his sword, wondering what the Shikai form will be. Maybe he’d get a totally kickass sword. He could remember, from when he was about 30, a mystic sword uncovered in China which healed the holder. That would be nifty. Or maybe a crossbow, he already knew he was good with the weapon. He hadn’t really ever heard of a projectile form before, it would be nice to be so unique.

Sighing, Xander leaned back against the building again. It was cool to be in the real world again, but he wasn’t fluent in German and as he was a ghost… there wasn’t much to do.

“Xander? Where is the Hollow?”

Xander turned to look at Rikichi, a member of the sixth squad. He was the one that had dropped him off and wished him “best of luck”.

“Well, after you dropped me off directly in front of the Hollow,” he gave Rikichi a glare, “and it started chasing me, I figured I might as well try my best. Then I killed it.” Xander ignored Rikichi’s look of disbelief, fighting the Hollow had brought back memories of fighting demons. Of being the weaker fighter and winning anyway. So he had run, dodged, and attacked.

“Err, right.” Rikichi blinked, “Well, guess that means you get full marks.”



“The best way to learn the name of your Zanpakuto is meditation,” Yumichika murmured, eyes closed, sword across his legs. “Find peace, enjoy the silence, and listen for their voice.”

Spike rolled his eyes, then for good measure, poked his sword. If he had a sword it better not be any stupid wimpy ‘peaceful and quiet’ types. It’d be loud and annoying and snap at him.

“What if it refused to tell its name?” Shirika asked. She had been fairly quiet through the past two years. He’d seen Xander talking to her before, crouching over her smaller form and talking her through problems. Reminded him of the baby slayers.

Yumichika scowled, “It’s true that sometimes you have a vain, stupid, self-righteous sword which refuses to acknowledge you,” he sniffed and his hand tightened around his handle, “that just means you have to do a better job coaxing it out. It takes time.”

Xander snorted, entire body shifting and Spike idly wondered if he’d finally woken up. If not, maybe Spike could help him along. Meditation was supposed to last another half hour and there was no reason he should have to survive the torture alone.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Getting Started" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Aug 11.

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