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A Pirate's Life

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Summary: Faith isn't the only one with a pirate in the family. Written for Fic A Day.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > GeneralgrundyFR71657051,40225 Aug 1125 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. Pirates belongs to Disney. (Johnny Depp had a heavy hand in creating the Jack Sparrow we know and love.) I own nothing- I just like to play in other people's sandboxes.

Jack shook his head as he watched the Slayers and their mates work to clear the deck and batten down the hatches faster than any crew he’d ever had before would have done. His ship was going to be hurricane ready in jig time. And then, as his great granddaughter was fond of saying, we party.

“Don’t worry,” Dawn tossed over her shoulder as she bustled by, nav charts in hand to go below to be kept dry. “We secured the rum first.”

He blinked, and then grinned. Mayhaps he owed the youngest Turner whelp a drink or two by way of a thank you. He hadn’t even had to tell his younger great granddaughter to look to the rum.


He’d been annoyed when Faith found him in Bermuda. He’d been determinedly avoiding her for several months, more to keep himself out of trouble than anything else. He was well aware that the captain of the Dutchman had taken a dim view of his prior flirtations with the girl, though it helped that he’d steered her to the beach for the one day ashore.

Faith had smirked at him, and he’d known as soon as he saw that cat got the cream expression that he was in for it. And to be fair, he probably deserved whatever she had in mind. He’d bested her often enough that she was due for some payback.

“The Pirate King says to mind your manners,” she greeted him cheerfully.

“Luv, when have I ever not shown good manners?” he asked, hoping to delay long enough to escape with all his parts intact.

“Hm, let me count the ways,” Faith retorted. “I’m pretty sure stealing was on Miss Manners’ Don’t list.”

“Says the girl who tried to steal my compass.”

The filthy look Faith shot him at that made him chuckle as he remembered how spectacularly she’d failed. That little incident had kept him amused for months after.

“Also,” Faith continued, determinedly ignoring Jack’s mirth, “It turns out my dear great greats object to dirty old men.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about. I bathe regularly,” Jack sniffed.

“They’ve got you on the old, though,” Faith said thoughtfully. “You were too old for Elizabeth, and that was in the 1700s.”

“Too old?” Jack sputtered. “Is that the story she’s telling these days? My dear, she has evidently neglected to mention a few key details-“

“Oh, hush,” Faith grinned. “Thought that’d get you.”

Jack glared at her. She was enjoying this far too much for this to be the only thing she had on him.

“But that wasn’t what I came to tell you.”

“Oh? Are you interesting in turning pirate? It does seem to be something of a family tradition.”

“Funny you should mention family,” Faith said, an unholy glee in her eyes. “I looked up some family trees when I got back to Slayer Central. Turns out I’m not the only person I know with a pirate for an ancestor.”

The look of sudden panic on Jack’s face was priceless. Faith really, really hoped Dawn had gotten it on camera.

“B, D,” she called. “Let me introduce Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Jack turned to see a petite blonde and a taller, leggy brunette behind her. He recognized them as friends of Faith’s- he’d seen them around a time or two when he’d been taunting Miss Turner. He was suddenly thankful he’d always been focused on Faith in those encounters.

“Hi,” the blonde said, her attitude telling him plainly that she’d been irritated into this by her friend. “I’m Buffy.”

“And D is for-“ Jack prompted.

“Dawn,” the brunette replied. “Faith says I have to ask you about Singapore.”

Jack beamed. If Faith thought that would discomfort him, she was very wrong. Having descendants to look after meant he got to tell all his best stories to a new audience.

“Did she? You should probably hear about it, though. It started like this…”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Pirate's Life". This story is complete.

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