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I'm Not Calling You a Liar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Stamps". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn lies to her sister. The Winchesters find it both amusing and disturbing. Especially the part where she pretends they don't exist. Fic-a-day. Stamps series.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredTwistedSlinkyFR711,387182,62325 Aug 1125 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I am making no money off this story.
Summary: Dawn lies through omission while on the phone with her sister. The Winchester brothers find this greatly amusing.
Author's notes: Ok, so this is set in season 2 of SPN, and post season 7 BtVS. This is a very loosely related companion fic to my Criminal Minds/BtVS crossover chapter story called Letters. In Letters, Buffy makes a couple phone calls to her sister, not realizing Dawn isn't in school like she's supposed to be… You don't need to have read Letters to follow this story. Meanwhile, Dawn and the Winchesters have teamed up to look for a book.


What was unnerving was that it wasn't entirely unnerving, this whole riding in a hot car with two equally hot guys who were virtually strangers to her...thing. Even more unnervingly unnerving? The fact that Dawn had yet to tell any of her family about her little road trip. And most unnervingly unnerving of all? Well, that had to be the part where she knew they were only telling her half-truths. Which was cool, because so was she.

Hunt the paranormal? Sure.

Kill a lot of evil stuff? Oh, yeah.

Been doing it a while? Runs in the family.

Only there was a lot more in the division of "things unsaid" on both sides of the fence. Yet, they rolled with it. Because they both had a common goal: find the extremely dangerous book. Which was a sequel--how cool was that?--to the other extremely dangerous book Dawn had been looking for when she'd travelled to California in the first place.

The phone rang and Dawn frowned. Buffy. Oh no. But surely, surely big sister hadn't already caught up on the fact that Dawn had signed herself out of Stanford. Dawn had covered her tracks, made sure she was still registered as a distance learning class. And Buffy wasn't tech savvy enough to use the GPS in her cell.

And if Buffy didn't know, and Dawn didn't answer the call, suspicion would follow. So Dawn motioned for the boys in the front seat to keep quiet, and answered.


Dawn was a liar.

They'd established this. The only thing was, Sam wasn't sure what she was lying about. Dean had said something about keeping enemies close while checking her ass out. And yes, he'd admit, she did wear a pair of jeans expertly. Perhaps, if they'd been thinking with their upstairs brain, weird anchovy eating female kinda-hunter wouldn't be riding with them.

Sam hadn't realized they'd be picking up a third wheel until she was already in their backseat, helping them map out a course of The Book of Andras' last known location.

To tell the truth, it was kind of surreal, having a random girl in the backseat, on the phone with her sister, attempting to guide…was her name seriously Buffy?...through a malware attack. So normal. Surreal.

“Well, it’s supposed to be idiot proof. Go figure," Dawn said into the cell.

Dean snorted, and felt Dawn's punch a few seconds later, better than words, tell him to shut-up and turn down the music. Sam smiled, silently, back at Dawn, and the young woman rolled her eyes, gesturing at the phone. From what he'd gathered from the conversation, Buffy plus computers equaled very bad things. Just as quickly, though, the levity of Dawn's gaze lifted. Her voice was just as light, but whatever her sister had asked had put her on edge.

Sam had a feeling he and Dean were the subject of conversation. Only, his feeling was wrong.

Dawn licked her lips, and answered, “He’s finally admitted that he has it, but he’s hesitant to hand it over. Apparently the New Council sounds a tad scary. Oh, and apparently I’m not the first student who’s ever asked about it.”

Sam raised a brow. Her sister knew about the tomes…but not about him? He shot his brother a glance and saw that the words had caught Dean's attention, too. The oldest Winchester's eyes were dancing from the rearview mirror to the road again.

Dawn waved her hand at them, a promise to explain later, and turned her attention back to the phone. “Yeah, apparently a couple years ago some--and I quote the good doctor--giant, puppy-dog-eyed law student…" Dawn punched Dean in the shoulder again, a warning, but Dean's chest rocked with a quiet chuckle. "…saw it during a meeting in his office and asked to see it. Dr. Malestrom said he was going to loan it out but the student dropped out of school soon after. I’m guessing the gentle-giant was just an amateur warlock who recognized the symbols on the front,” Dawn paused to take a breath, and Sam glared in her direction. Amateur warlock? Really? “Oh, and I realize what you’re doing here.”

Dawn somehow seemed to turn the conversation on its head. Buffy must have fallen for the distraction, because Dawn leaned back in her seat, relaxed again, and pestering her big sister for info on some guy Buffy was interested in. Some guy who worked for the F.B.I, or, as Dean would put it, the F.B. Are You Friggin' Kidding Me? I.

Sam figured it was about time Dawn opened up about her family. Dean must have agreed. Because pissy Dean was punishing Dean. Sam watched his brother casually lean forward, turn the music up. Again. But Dawn was too wrapped up in whatever Buffy was saying to make a fuss.

“I-uh-Buffy!” Dawn snapped. “Would you quit changing the subject? You’re just too embarrassed to talk about your FBI boyfriend.”

Her eyes were wide. She frantically tapped Sam's shoulder, motioning for him to turn down the Metallica suddenly blasting from the speakers. Buffy must have heard the music. Sam shook his head, laughing out loud when Dawn's jaw dropped at his refusal. After a moment's hesitation, she dove over the bench seat, her rear sticking in the air, and turned down the music herself.

Sam shook his head, amused, and somewhat happy to be the reason they were getting another peak at her ass. Still, he was too distracted by the idea of Dawn discussing the job with her sister to fully appreciate the view. Oh, yeah, they were definitely going to have a chat when she got off the phone.


Dawn figured she might have been wrong about what was most unnerving about her new relationship with the Winchester brothers. The most unnerving part was that she wanted to tell them the truth. She'd been hiding who she was, who Buffy was, for years now, and she liked keeping it hidden. Because it meant a few more people thought she was normal.

Dawn knew she couldn't tell the truth, just half of it. Hunter. Kill evil. Runs in the family. But she wanted to tell the whole truth. Key. Slayer. Powers That Be.

"My sister didn't want me going on a hunt by myself," she said, when they asked--when they demanded to know more about the phone conversation. "She's got her own gig at the moment, though, so I'm doing this against her orders. You can ask all day, but I'm not telling you more about her. I can't. She's my family, and, yeah, I'll lie to her if it's necessary. I'll also lie for her."

Dawn pulled her duffle out the backseat, staring out at the empty lot of the gas station a moment before turning her attention back to the looming forms of the Winchesters.

Resolve face. She'd learned that from Willow. Dawn stood a little taller, kept her jaw set, and pulled the strap onto her shoulder. "If you don't like it, we can go our separate ways."

Sam and Dean shared a glance. Dawn wished those "looks" came with a translator, because she was having a hard time reading them. When neither of them spoke, Dawn took a step back, ready to begin the long walk to the diesel fill-up. Sam matched the movement, taking a step forward.

He paused, looking over his shoulder at his brother for confirmation, before he reached out, grabbing the duffle from her hands. Without a word, he pulled it from her grasp and tossed it into the backseat. Where it belonged.

"We're burning daylight," Dean noted.

Dawn smiled and crawled back into the Impala. It was probably a bad idea. Because she knew, eventually, her lies would run out and their worlds would collide in one big slayer vs. hunter vs. key bang. Honestly, Dawn wasn't sure why she wasn't telling them the truth in the first place. Would it really be so bad? Probably not. But Dawn liked keeping this to herself. A secret from Buffy. It made the experience hers alone.

It made the boys hers, too.

The End

You have reached the end of "I'm Not Calling You a Liar". This story is complete.

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