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The Introduction

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This story is No. 2 in the series "To Find A Mate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn and Faith arrive in time to do what they do best.

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Title: The Introduction

Author: Caliadragon

Series: To Find a Mate

Part: 1/1

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Stargate, or Supernatural. 

Pairings: Dawn/Gabriel, Sam/Faith, Dean/Castiel, Xander/Rodney/John

Summary: Dawn and Faith arrive in time to do what they are good at.

Category: Crossover, Relationships

Warnings: Slash, Unbeta’d, angst, humor

Author’s Note: Note if you have not read The Arrival this story will make no sense to you.  For this universe, Faithand Buffy are the same age.  Kennedy, Willow, Xander, Oz, Fred, Andrew, and Gunn are the same age.  Dawn, Connor, Rona, Jordy, Wednesday, Caridad, Kit, Carlos, Vi, Cho-An, and Molly are the same age.  Giles is 127, Angel is 642, and Spike is 537.  The entire group is at the prime of their lives and healthy.  All of them are immortal. 



Faith Lehane and Dawn Summers were both immortal, they had left their realm because they had become too powerful to be safe for the people they protected in their home realm.  D’Hoffryn, as an emissary for the Collective Powers had come to them and told their family that they had to leave.  D’Hoffryn also told the family that would all receive gifts for leaving, that the main gift was that they all had mates.  The mates were in different realms and the family would have to travel to those realms to claim their mates.  All of the mates would leave their home realms to travel to the realm Xander’s mate resided in; D’Hoffryn told them that the realm had been chosen as it the most in common with the realm they were leaving and that it needed their help.

Another thing D’Hoffryn had explained was that the mates would also gain immortality.  Some of the group would meet their mates immediately and leave as quickly as they arrived.  Others would have to wait a while to meet their mates, though it would only be a few months at the most.  Some of the family would go to the same realm; actually, the only ones who would be going alone were Buffy and Xander.  D’Hoffryn had a cagey look on his face as he explained that their gifts would be the most helpful to their mates.

He had also told the group that no one would come to Xander’s new realm until he had met his mate.  Again the wily old demon had looked amused as he looked at Xander, who seemed a bit confused, but Xander didn’t confront the demon lord as he knew it would do no good and he also knew that D’Hoffryn would not do anything to harm Xander or his family.  Of all the demon lords D’Hoffryn was the only one that could boast that he had an excellent report with the Council family.

D’Hoffryn looked to the others and began to tell them who would be going with each other to another realm.  Faith and Dawn were the first group paired together.  He then told Willow and Kit that they would be going to an alt-world of their realm.  Both Kit and Willow had been stunned to learn that they would be bring back more than just their mates.

The pair would be bringing back their mates as well as their alternates of the Core Council’s dead.  Cordelia, Jesse, Graham, Riley, Tara, Anya, Ethan, Wesley, Kendra, Jenny, Jonathon, Amy, Joyce, Hallie, and Doyle would be coming with Willow and Kit.  They were all that remained of the half-demons and humans of that realm.  Within a few months, even that group would be dead.  

D’Hoffryn had then shocked the group by telling them flat out who their mates were.  No one was shocked that Tara was Willow’s soul-mate.  Kit’s mate was Graham, which made the younger witch cry as she had loved Graham but he was killed just before the Council was forced into immortality by a group of demons that wanted undying food sources.  The Council was made immortal; the angry and heartsick Council members slaughtered the demons who never stood a chance against the advancing army.  Willow hugged Kit to her and rejoiced at the second chance the two were receiving with their mates.

Once everyone had recovered from the shock of D’Hoffryn’s proclamation, the elder demon proceeded to tell the others who would be going together.  Spike and Wednesday would be going together.  This brought grins to the faces of their family.  Before Wednesday’s family was murdered by an ancient demon, the Addams clan adopted Spike.  Spike and Wednesday were very close and Spike treated her like a little sister.  Wednesday was a witch and a slayer and it would be interesting to see who her mate would turn out to be.  Like the other witches in the family Wednesday was extremely powerful.

It wasn’t until they left the Sunnydale that the Council found out a shocking fact.  Every witch born on a hellmouth had more power than witches born elsewhere.  Wednesday’s parents had gone to the hellmouth for vacation in time for Wednesday’s birth. 

Tara would have been extremely powerful had she lived.  While not born on a hellmouth Tara had been born on a white nexus.  A white nexus was a well of powerful earth magic.  This was also why Tara never fell to dark magick during her time on the hellmouth.  Tara’s magick from birth was literally infused with white magick.  Tara would have eventually been a healer and would also have controlled the elements. 

Dawn beyond being a powerful Witch created on the hellmouth was also a powerful ancient artifact, as she grew and matured Dawn gained further control over her gifts.  Dawn and Connor were the only ones not cursed with immortality.  Even Spike and Angel were cursed with immortality as Angel and Spike had both sanshued after the battle for Los Angeles.  Kit had also been born on the hellmouth as had Andrew, who was as powerful as Dawn.  Willow though out stripped all of the Council Witches and was considered the most powerful witch on the planet.

D’Hoffryn went on to add that the friends of some of the mates would also be coming and would have mates among each other.  D’Hoffryn also promised that the members staying behind would go on as the Core Family would want them too, this included treating the slayers as girls not just soldiers.  He promised that the changes made by the family would live on in those that continued to battle.  He then packed up the personal belongings and put them in a charm that he gave each member of the family.  D’Hoffryn had the group call Robin Woods in and explain what was happening.  Once the Family had a chance to say good bye to the people they were leaving behind, D’Hoffryn sent the group off and made sure their gifts were activated.  He gave Robin the promise that he would still be coming around to aid the Council as he had promised to do and then left.

This led Faith and Dawn to where they were at the moment.  Face to Face with a group fighting.  Dawn threw her hands up freezing the fighters.  Faith then streaked forward killing the combatants that pulsated with Evil.

Dawn then unfroze five remaining fighters.  The five men looked at the two women in shock.  “You are not of this world.” The serene man in the front of the three humans said calmly.  The other dark haired man in front of the humans was staring at Dawn intently.

Before Dawn or Faith could respond another man appeared.  He was staring at the two women in shock and anger.  “Father has said that you five will be going with these two women.  Samuel Winchester you are the mate of the Slayer Faith Lehane.  Arch Angel Gabriel you are the mate of the Witch Key Dawn Summers.  Dean Winchester you are the mate of the Arch Angel Castiel.  Robert Singer you are the mate of Joyce Summers, mother of the Witch Key.”  The man then disappeared before anyone could respond.

Faith stopped staring at Sam and moved forward, pulling out from behind Castiel and Gabriel.  “Are you ready for this cutie?” She asked in a husky tone, seeing the darkness that haunted Sam and how desperately he wanted someone to love that wasn’t his brother.  Sam stared at her for several seconds and then pulled her forward, shuddering in relief that he had a mate who would understand his past and still love him despite the mistakes that he had made.

Dawn let out a soft sob as Gabriel pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently.  Despite the reassurances of D’Hoffryn, she still held the fear that her mate would not be able to handle knowing what she was and had been in the past.

Dean and Castiel shared a look, but just looked back at their brothers, pleased that the pair were finding their mates and already knowing that they belonged to each other.  They hadn’t needed Michael to announce it to them.  Bobby just stood behind the pair and tried to come to grips with what was happening.  Only a Winchester could find something like this happening to them.  Only this time they were dragging Bobby along with them.

Once Dawn and Faith had pulled away from their mates they all turned to look at Bobby, who shrugged.  “You heard him, looks like we’re leaving.”  D’Hoffryn appeared as he finished his dry remark.

“Excellent, the Powers chose well for you Faith, Dawn.  Gentlemen, I have packed your personal belongings.  These charms hold all you own.”  D’Hoffryn said genially.  Dean was staring at the Demon Lord in shock.  “I’m going to transport you to Alexander now.”

“Who the hell are you and why should we trust you?” Dean asked suspicious.

“This is D’Hoffryn Lord of all Vengeance and Justice Demons.  Right now he is acting as the Will of the Collective Powers.”  Gabriel answered.

Dean sighed and nodded that he understood.  This day was just fucking weird.  “What about my car?”

“It’s in the charm.”  D’Hoffryn told him with a smile.  D’Hoffryn then turned to look at Bobby.  “Mr. Singer, your mate will arrive later.  Mrs. Summers is on an alternate world where these lovely young ladies are from.  Two of their family are on their way to rescue them from imminent death.”

“How old are you two anyway?” Dean asked, eyeing the two who looked to be in their early twenties.

“I’m 98 years old.”  Faith said with a smirk, not letting go of Sam.

“I’m 92 years old.”  Dawn said looking up at Gabriel.  “Though before that I was a 10,000 year old magickal artifact.”

Before Sam, Dean, and Bobby could respond to that shocking revelation D’Hoffryn moved the group from their realm and onto Atlantis in the mess hall where Xander was sitting with his recently found mates.

Xander jumped up from his chair and ran forward lifting the two girls up into his arms and swing them around laughing joyfully.  John and Rodney shared a look and stood up to follow their mate.  Xander saw them and grinned in response.  “Dawn Summers, Faith Lehane, I’d like you to meet my mates John Sheppard and Rodney McKay.”

“Ha! I knew one person couldn’t keep up with your sex drive.”  Dawn said moving away as he went to pinch her, both of them were laughing.

“This is my mate the Arch Angel Gabriel, also known as Loki in his home dimension.”  Dawn said with a grin.  Xander shook Gabriel’s hand enthusiastically.

“This is Sam Winchester, my mate.”  Faith said with a giddy looking on her face.  Xander recognizing a fragile spirit, hugged Sam and welcomed him to the family.

“This is Dean Winchester, Sam’s brother and Dean’s mate the Arch Angel Castiel.  That is Bobby Singer, a adopted Uncle and Mommy’s mate.”  Dawn said grinning wildly.

“Awesome.  It looks like that touching thing D’Hoffryn told us about worked.”  Xander breathed before shaking hands with Dean, Castiel, and Bobby.

“Touching thing?” John asked, still reeling over the fact that there were two angels standing in front of him.  Rodney was staring in horror, while people in the mess were trying to get a better look at the six newcomers and some were thinking about visiting the cities religious leaders.

“The minute we touch our mates we know everything about them and they know everything about us.  The minute they accepted that they were our mates they were made immortal like us.”  Faith answered calmly.  “Dean and Bobby were included in that and Gabriel and Castiel were already immortal.”

John and Rodney shared a look and as one reached and grabbed Xander by the hand.  Xander stared in wonder and was pulled into a hug by the two men, who were stunned by the kindness and compassion the man in front of them had in him.  They mourned for all he had lost and suffered in the years he was fighting a quiet, deadly war for his realm.

“The others will be here soon.”  Dawn said happily.  For once things were going their way.  She looked forward to meeting the rest of their families mates.

The End for Now

The End

You have reached the end of "The Introduction". This story is complete.

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