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Strange Apprentice

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Summary: Marvel/HP cross. Fudge expells Harry Potter, so he takes his life into his own hands and heads elsewhere to learn magic under Dr. Strange. After he learns he returns to a war infested United Kingdom and kicks butt. Some DD bashing. Good Ron.

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texaswookieFR18934,727411244,25827 Aug 111 Oct 11Yes


As usual nothing here belongs to me.

I would like to thank and recognize sekmarc for agreeing to do beta work on this.

Later that day, the group found themselves standing before a house in Greenwich Village that, in its own way, reminded the group of the headquarters of the Order. Like the other house there was an almost imperious feeling to the building, but whereas the Ancestral Black family house was a place of darkness this house was a place not of dark or light but seemed to say ‘power’ without going one way or the other. In this way, the three story building was much like Hogwarts. Sirius nodded a greeting to the man that opened the door for them. The dark haired wizard was still confused as to why Harry had been invited to this place. Sure he knew that the wizard or whatever that had saved their lives probably just wanted to make sure that they were all right after that crazy attack, but the protective godfather in him had noticed the interest that their savior had shown in the boy. Sirius shook off his musings and turned toward the man answering the door who led them into the house.

"May I get you something?" The oriental man questioned the group.

"No thank you," Remus said nervously as he eyed all of the various ritualistic items that were lying about the house.

The man nodded as he finally took them into a library. "I shall leave you here then. The Master should be here shortly after he is done with some other matters in the spirit realm."

"Thanks," Harry said, as his eyes roved around the room with interest.

As soon as the doors were shut Sirius followed his example and began looking at all of the things in the room while Remus rolled his eyes in amusement at the pair’s curiosity. "Hey Moony look at this," Sirius said pointing to an object on a table.

The werewolf got up to see what it was that his friend had found and felt his eyes bug out when he saw what his friend was pointing at. "Amazing, it's an animus orb." The werewolf said as he looked at the orb that was held by an animal claw with animalistic designs drawn all over the arm to represent the various animals kingdoms.

"A what?" Harry questioned, as he joined his father's friends to look at the orb.

"An Animus Orb, or sometimes referred to as the Animus Revealer," Remus explained to the teen. "They're extremely rare, and are used to help you find your inner beast so that you know what you're inner animal is and what you might transform into for the animagus transformations."

"Amongst other things, yes it does," Dr. Strange said as he entered the room. "It also allows you to do many other things."

"Really like what?" an interested Remus questioned.

"For starters it helps one focus animal based rituals, find your spirit guardian, and how to transform into numerous other animals besides just your inner animal." Dr. Strange explained to the group of Englishmen.

"What kind of rituals?" Harry questioned, as he eyed the animus orb in awe. For such a small item it seemed to have a lot of potential power within it.

Dr. Strange smiled softly at the boy, as he held the orb up so that all could see it. "Rituals that can give a person animal-like abilities, like the speed of a cheetah, the strength of a gorilla, the sight of a bird, the agility of a monkey, or even become the avatar for a certain type of animal. I never did like those types of spells myself, but there are those who specialize in that branch of magic."

"Then why do you have it?" Harry said before clamping his mouth shut in embarrassment.

Dr. Strange smiled at this. "Because I occasionally use it to see a person's inner beast, it also doesn't require near the amount of control or power that the eye Agamotto does." He added, tapping on the large golden item that was attached to his cloak.

"I didn't know they could do all that," Sirius said looking at the orb with a renewed interest.

"Yes, however that is not what I wished to talk to you about," Strange said as he returned the orb to its resting place.

"And what did you want to talk about?" Remus questioned warily.

"The boy actually," Strange said, nodding toward the green eyed boy between the men. "There are many things that I wish to talk to him about.” He reached into a pocket and withdrew a large green gem. “This is the Soul Gem, and it has detected a shard of a soul residing within your scar. I wish to remove the blemish from your body.”

Harry glanced at Remus and Sirius who looked uneasy at the idea, but nodded their heads in agreement with the request.

“You had best lie down, as there is no telling what all may happen while doing this.” The boy nodded as he lay on the couch, and Dr. Strange leaned over him.

The man held the stone in his hand while waving his hand over the scar. A few moments later a small black and deformed creature was visible to all of them. It tried to grab onto Harry, but some glowing force grabbed the thing away from the teen, and pulled towards the gem. The creature gave out a screech before it was sucked into the gem. There was a cry throughout the house, and suddenly the image of a ring, locket, cup, and snake appeared. The items reformed into copies of the creature before they too were absorbed by the gem the items falling down lifelessly to the ground, while Remus and Sirius each cast a cutting charm at the snake.

Strange nodded to himself; as he replaced the gem into its pocket. “Now onto the second matter that I wished to talk to you about in regards to the boy. He has much potential in the magical abilities, and I would much rather that he be properly trained now instead of going down a darker path later on because he was only partially trained. I would also say that in some ways he is almost too powerful for your style of magic."

"He's too powerful?" Sirius asked, with a mixture of pride and confusion at that statement. “How can he be to powerful?”

"Yes, too powerful.” Dr. Strange confirmed with the wizard.” He is not a wizard but a sorcerer, a wand will merely hold him back, in fact I wouldn't be all that surprised to find out that he is more skilled at the more powerful or advanced spells, while the weaker ones are the ones that he has more difficulty with."

Remus didn't say anything, however he remembered all of the classes he had taught Harry, how in less than a year Harry had managed to produce a fully formed and battle ready patronus. Only a handful of aurors were capable of creating such things, and even then they were not always the best. Yet here was a boy, who at thirteen years old, could cast to drive multiple Dementors away from him and two others. Remus nodded with Sirius before turning to Dr. Strange. "You're right; I've seen him master adult level spells in a few months, whereas he struggles with something as simple as the silencing charm."

Strange nodded his thanks at the man for confirming his theories on the boy, while Harry scuffed his feet and blushed. "I can teach the boy to be a sorcerer, and to use his full potential. Like your famous wizard Dumbledore he has much potential, but whereas Dumbledore is a wizard first and a sorcerer second. The boy is a sorcerer first and a wizard second. It is also why your Dark Lord is so powerful, because while he has just as much magical potential as the other two, he is only a wizard.”

"What are the conditions?" Sirius asked hesitantly, noticing how Harry's eyes had lit up at the prospect of being taught magic once again. He couldn't deny the pup something like this, and had been planning on having Moony and himself teach the kid what they could. Between the two of them they were highly skilled, but a real teacher was even better, and this man could teach him his magic style. This man was also obviously powerful, and the fact that he was offering to teach Harry was amazing. Add in the fact that this was something neither of them could teach made it all the more important that they find a suitable teacher for the kid.

"He will need to apprentice himself to me. For the next seven years or until I think that he is ready, I will then train him in the arts of the Sorcerer. He will be allowed to spend some time with you of course, but he will have to work you into his training schedule." Dr. Strange explained to the group. “While he will not be bound to the training, to leave it could stunt his development.”

"Well kiddo, this is your life we're talking about what do you think?" All of the men turned to look at the boy as Sirius questioned him.

Harry swallowed nervously, "I want to do this Sirius, maybe I can still do magic this way."

"It will be a different style of Magic young one." Strange warned him, “however, you may find yourself more at ease with the style of magic I will show you."

“Then I think that there is something that we should do if you’re to become his teacher.” Remus said as he offered his hand to the man. “I’m Remus Lupin, the man beside me is Sirius Black and the boy is Harry Potter.” The group waited warily as the man absorbed that information in. They knew that with the reputations that Sirius and Harry had, the man might change his mind on teaching.

“I am Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme,” he replied, as he offered his own hand to the group of outcasts. “I believe that there is much we can learn from each other. You also do not have to worry too much about the Wizarding Society coming after you here. Wand witches and wizards don’t live in New York because the Statute of Secrecy has dubbed it too dangerous because of the chance of discovery. The various super humans in the city make it exceedingly dangerous. Sorcerers, who are even rarer than wand users, often move about the regular world and are undetectable for the most part from your various detection methods, unless they also have the ability to use a wand like the boy or your Dumbledore. There is a small werewolf community of wand wavers that live near here though. They do tend to keep to themselves for the most part and stay away from the public eye on full moon nights.” He turned to regard Sirius for a moment. “I have many questions that I would ask you considering your reputation Sirius Black. Even here we have been given some alerts to your crimes. I do not particularly like helping escaped convicts without good reason.”

“Hey,” Sirius said somewhat indignantly, “I never got a trial, so how can I be an escaped convict?”

Dr. Strange frowned at this. If the man was telling the truth, then there was a chance he might not have done anything wrong. “Will you allow me to use the Eye of Agamotto on you, Sirius Black? It will determine if you are guilty of your crimes or not. If you are guilty the Eye of Agamotto will judge you as magic sees fit, if you are innocent it will release you and I will help you get a trial and lend you what legal aide I can.”

Sirius nodded his head, his usually smirking face having faded to a weary and haggard man. “Do it,” he pleaded of the Sorcerer.

Strange nodded as he made a hand sign and they all watched as the clasp on his cape seemed to open like a giant eye. A beam of energy erupted from the eye and focused on Sirius. The beam bathed the man in a golden glow for a moment before snapping shut. Dr. Strange regarded the man before him for a moment. “While you are not a pure soul, you have suffered much for the misdeeds of others. You, who once ruled a school with jokes and pranks, fought against the darkness and earned your right to defend yourself and others with reasonable means. I gladly offer my aide to one such as you. As long as you defend the weak, helpless, and protect the world, my home shall always be open unto you.”

Sirius smiled in relief as he accepted Dr. Strange’s offered hand. “Thank you,” the man said.

“You should rest for a moment though; the effects of the Eye of Agamotto are very draining on people even for those who are not judged by it,” Dr. Strange warned the man.

“Thanks,” Sirius said, as the other two quickly helped their friend into a nearby chair.

“It is the least I can do for one such as you.” Dr. Strange assured the man. “As I promised, I shall do all that I can to help you in the battles to come. Both the ones on the street and the ones that are in the courtrooms. Rest now though my friend.”

Remus looked over at Strange curiously. “I was wondering if you would object if we trained him in our style as well?”

“Not at all, perhaps he shall discover a way to blend the two styles together. Making himself an even more powerful magic user.” Dr. Strange said with one of his rare smiles. “I expect there will be many great things to happen around you, Harry Potter.”

Harry remembered hearing similar words when he had gotten his wand and wondered if it was a sign of what was to come.
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