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Strange Apprentice

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Summary: Marvel/HP cross. Fudge expells Harry Potter, so he takes his life into his own hands and heads elsewhere to learn magic under Dr. Strange. After he learns he returns to a war infested United Kingdom and kicks butt. Some DD bashing. Good Ron.

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texaswookieFR18934,727411244,27427 Aug 111 Oct 11Yes

Bugger Off, I’m Going Home

One final time for this story: "I don't own anything here folks."

Harry remained in England long enough for the various funerals to happen and for people to return. Not wanting to deal with the people of the wizarding world and listen to their thanks and excuses Harry remained in the muggle world while he went from funeral to funeral. Fortunately Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton, one of Britain’s few superheroes who was known as Spitfire, the daughter of the original Union Jack and the sister to the second Union Jack, had been willing to open up her home to them as a favor for Dr. Strange. Dumbledore and others had gone crazy trying to figure out just where it was that Harry went when he decided he was done but had yet to find him. Harry had managed to cast an extremely powerful concealing spell that made the scrying stones useless against them; meaning that there were no more unauthorized reports on them somehow making their ways to the paper.

The recently returned scarred Weasley twins had hobbled around various ceremonies and wakes doing their best to cheer people up, but the distant looks that they had at times let people know that they were still grieving over the loss of their family and the trauma of killing their own father. It was doubtful that the pair would ever be the same again. The reformed Ministry tried to convince the trio to all take new positions within the government in the time of rebuilding, but each of them declined as they had their own paths to follow and didn’t want it to be under the control of the Ministry or anybody else. Ron even went as far as turning in his badge.

Harry had stayed nearly two weeks in England, but now it was time to return home as he had other duties that he needed to attend to. Part of his time had been spent arguing with a mutant muggle spy by the name of Wisdom who had tried his very best to get all three members of the trio to work for him and his agency. The man hadn’t liked the fact that everything he had to manipulate them with was out of date and all he could do was try the civic duty card. He had tried several laws to draft them, but Hermione had countered with several laws and loopholes of her own from the Ministry of Magic that prevented him from forcing them into service. In the end Hermione had won, Wisdom had compared Hermione to an ex-girlfriend of his though as a parting shot.

Currently Harry was waiting on a landing strip with Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione. An Avengers Quinjet was waiting for them. Harry had a new scar over his eye though this one had no special shape to it and might be removable in time according to the various healers he had spoken to. There was nothing special about this scar though according to all of the various scans that he and others had performed on it and when he got home he planned on getting checked over by various other people as well just to make sure that he was alright. This scar was just going to be a trophy from a fight rather than the trouble his other scar had become for him over the last several years. Remus had severe second degree silver burns; Ron had the mark on his chest. Sirius and Hermione were the only ones that were physically unmarked of the group.

The group was interrupted as, of all people, Dumbledore appeared before them with a crack. The amused smile he normally wore was gone as he regarded the group. Since the end of the war much of the influence and respect he once had was now gone. People seemed to have woken up, and had started to take actions against the various Death Eaters not allowing them to buy their way out of trouble this time round. Most of the respect and awe that Dumbledore had once enjoyed was now spread out between the trio. His control at the school was also starting to wane since a Council had quickly formed to return Hogwarts to the way it was before the war had started. That meant insuring that the school was started back up at once. Flitwick had been installed as the new Deputy Headmaster; Hagrid had taken over as Head of house for Gryffindor, while Katie Bell was the new flying instructor. There were still many more posts to fill, but they would deal with them as they came up.

“Harry, we must be sure that there is no trace of Voldemort within you,” Dumbledore said impatiently. “I will need to investigate you, your scar, and this Soul Gem in great detail. Such studying shouldn’t take more than ten or so years. While it would be better to kill you, I agree that it’s a risky thing to do. We will, of course, have to bind your wandless abilities until we can tell for sure that you are safe to be around. While we’re doing that, there is so much else that we can do for the wizarding world though.”

Harry shook his head at the man that he had once respected above all others. The man couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that he and many others simply weren’t going to do what he suggested. “Headmaster, I told you already, I am returning to America where I shall continue my studies under Dr. Strange. As a sorcerer and his student, I have first loyalty to the Sorcerer Supreme, not to a country that tossed me to the side when they found it convenient. I’ve played this game enough times to know that sooner or later something is going to happen to make them turn against me. I am not the skilled politician that you are, headmaster nor do I have any wish to join the game either.”

Dumbledore scowled and suddenly he drew his wand and pointed it at the boy. “Harry, I am sorry that it has come down to this, but if you refuse to listen to reason then I must do this for the safety of the world. I am sure that the others will agree with me.”

As he pointed his wand at Harry several stunners struck the old man. “Looks like my instincts were right,” Moody said as he appeared, a silver hand covering where his own hand used to be. The sight of the hand often brought thoughts of Wormtail but word had reached the group that Thor had taken the weak wizard to Asgard where he served as a pet for the Enchantress, he might live six months if he was lucky. “Looks like Filius will be making headmaster instead of just assistant,” the old auror said, as scanned his old friend with his magic eye before he waved his wand. Several items floated off the elder wizard. “Shouldn’t have gotten so obsessed with Potter doing what you wanted Albus, I never would have managed to take you down otherwise.”

Moody looked at the group. “Alright, you lot. Get out of here before the Ministry come up with a reason that you should stay. Maybe they’ll want to make you headmaster now, Potter,” he added with a smirk. As Harry and the Marauders climbed onto the jet, they waved goodbye. Moody turned to glare at the remaining members of the trio. “Well, what are you two fools waiting for? Get out of here now!” He barked at the pair. The pair grinned sheepishly before they ran and leaped at the jet. The friends all laughed as they finished settling themselves for the trip to America.

Moody chuckled a bit as he heard Ron Weasley question how metal could fly without magic. The new head Auror would miss the group, but figured they were better off together and not causing trouble for him.

Alastor Moody sighed tiredly as he walked into the well kept cottage. The place was under the Fidelius Charm with him as the secret keeper. Within the confines of the house rested Albus Dumbledore, former hero of the Wizarding World, former Head Warlock, former Supreme Mugwump of the I.C.W, and former Headmaster of Hogwarts, who was reading one of his many books from the book shelves that lined the living room.

“Ah Alastor, a pleasure to see you again,” Dumbledore said happily, as he ushered the man in. “I suppose that you have what I want?” he questioned the grizzled man eagerly.

“Yeah Albus, I have them right here.” Moody said as he handed a large stack of a mixture of American muggle and wizard papers to the man.

The old man dived into them and began hunting through them looking for certain articles. Moody knew just what he was searching for, and knew he could tell him but figured he could let the former headmaster do this. It was relatively harmless to let him search and kept him occupied. After Potter and his bunch had left the country, the wizard had officially snapped and become obsessed with knowing what Potter was doing and trying to force him and his friends back into the country. Evidently he had convinced himself that they were in need of his guidance and were all prime breeding stock that would help the wizarding world in its recovery. He was quickly removed from the public eye, which was told he had received injuries during the final battle and left it at that. Yes it might have been a lie but it was better that the people remembered a Dumbledore that fought for the people. Alastor had been forced to take the post of the head of the DMLE for keeping the man safe from himself and others but he somehow managed it all.

Hogwarts had continued on as if nothing had happened. A fact that would have left its former head in shock at how seamless his replacement had been. Flitwick was a good and fair man that encouraged the houses to come together. Hagrid was still head of Gryffindor, Sinestra headed Slytherin, and Penelope Clearwater was the Potions Mistress and head of Ravenclaw. Amos Diggory had taken over as Charms professor and Hufflepuff’s head. Katie Bell remained the flying instructor. The Weasley twins, in honor of their family, taught muggle studies even if they did reopen their shop on the side. The most interesting of the new appointments had been the remaining members of the Auror Founders taking the post of DADA professor in rotations. Hogwarts was actually a better school than it had been since at least the days of the Marauders school days. It made the man wonder if that was when the former headmaster had begun to lose control of everything.

The grizzled man shook his head as he focused in on what Albus was looking at. A picture appeared on the front of one paper. ‘DEFENDERS STOP DEMON ATTACK!’ it read. In the picture it showed Potter waving his hands attacking some giant creature, Black in his dog form, Remus in some sort of partial change, Granger wielding her dual wands forcing another demon back with her flames, and Weasley was acting as support for the whole team. In the background he saw a dark skinned man wielding a sword, a fiery creature upon a motorcycle that some had called a heliopath, and a young blonde girl in demonic armor waving another sword around. Yes, Potter and his bunch had certainly come far from the bunch of scared and angry teens he had met years ago. As his cousin had told the boy long ago, Potter would do wonderful and great things.

In Scotland on the seventh floor of Hogwarts castle was a hidden entrance opposite the tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet. This secret room had long since been forgotten of its true purpose, the last people to enter it having been Fred and George Weasley when they were searching for a hiding place in their fifth year. This room had many wonderful abilities; one was that a person could hide unwanted things that they had no use for any longer. It could hide all of these things as it resided in between time and space making it nearly impossible to locate if it was not searched for and known. Within the walls of this room there was a bust; upon this bust was a silver diadem. The infamous Ravenclaw Diadem that had been missing since before the death of Rowena Ravenclaw rested there. The Diadem had been hidden away out of country for centuries until Tom Riddle manage to sweet talk the Gray Lady into surrendering it location to him. Once he had obtained the infamous headpiece he had set to work making another of his many Horcruxes. He had hidden it within the halls of Hogwarts enjoying the victory he got from having his greatest enemy acting as a guard to his immortality. The fact that the man spent so much time and effort trying to learn and destroy his method of continued living. The old man always did like to say that Hogwarts was the safest place in the world. There was no reason for the Dark Lord not to make use of a well protected place.

A pillar of fire rose up from the ground as one of the few beings able to travel between time and space appeared. A being that had the appearance of a red devil dressed in a ragged red cloak. Mephisto smirked as he entered the room. Soul Magic, it was such a temperamental and faulty thing. Many of the Horcruxes that the so called Dark Lord had created were pathetic attempts to create true immortality. The fool that had been known as Thomas Riddle had so much potential and had he wanted immortality he should have come to someone such as himself or one of the other lesser demon lords. Instead he had tried to meddle in the skills and abilities of those that he couldn’t even fathom. Now all that was left was this small fragment of a soul. The being known as Death would pay him greatly for handing the remaining bit of soul over to her. Still there were other things that he had to consider. The Potter boy had much to make up for, had it not been for him then it was likely that he would have taken over New York and a large part of the world already. The infernal Potter boy had kept his forces back long enough for others to stop his plan. The least that he could do was to return the favor and make his life much more difficult. He wondered just what it was that this would do to a competent magic user and not that waste of power and talent. He disappeared into a new pillar of flame.

When he reappeared he was elsewhere and smiling he looked at the figure sitting in a chair. “I have a wonderful little trinket here my friend,” he said, twirling the diadem around on his finger. “This little trinket is something that might interest you my friend. This will give you the final edge that you need to deal with your enemies. You will have the power to finally finish off those that stand” against you there is so much potential power here that you won’t believe it.

“And what is the price for this power demon?” the figure questioned suspiciously.

“Why, simple, my old friend. All you have to do is to destroy everything that Harry Potter loves. This diadem will give you the push that you need to deal with him for good.” The demon laid the bejeweled crown upon a nearby table and disappeared.

Baron Mordo looked the small crown over with interest. He knew the dangers of trusting the demon but he could also feel the power that was coming from it. Perhaps with this crown he would be able to finally finish Dr. Strange off. If destroying Strange’s latest disciple meant destroying Strange himself, then who was he to care. It wouldn’t be the first time he made the people Strange cared about nothing but collateral damage. He placed the crown upon his head and felt his thoughts become clearer as the crown worked its magic as spell theory that had once puzzled him now became obvious. He also felt the intriguing presence of the entity within the crown. With a few thoughts he created a psychic prison. Yes he could feel the power and together they would take Potter and the world. Laughing Mordo disappeared as he had much to do before his fight.

Voldemort howled in fury. All that he had done and become had been destroyed. Now all that remained was this lone Horcrux and even it was in danger as its power and his were bent under the will of another. He could sense the changes the Diadem was making in the host body and wondered what he was going to do now. He wasn’t sure but he did know one thing: the two of them would get Potter and the world and then he would destroy the mind of this fool that had decided to claim the Diadem. Then he would take over the body. Even as he plotted and planned within the confines of his mental prison, he searched for ways to into the memoires of his host so that he could learn all that he could about this new world of magic that he had suddenly found himself thrust into. Potter’s new found skills and abilities made more sense as he saw what this man knew of magic and what he knew of the rest of the world. It seemed that the muggle world had made several advances since he last took notice of them. Once he was in control, he would enslave the ‘heroes’ to his will and make them his soldiers, destroying those that he found little to no need for. It was inevitable, only a matter of time. After all, it was his Destiny.

And we're at an end to our tale, a final thanks to sekmarc for acting as beta for this tale. Who knows what else the Backburner will help me bring out. As for a continuation well its planned but I do have other stuff to work on. As Levar Burton says. "I'll see ya next time."

The End

You have reached the end of "Strange Apprentice". This story is complete.

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