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Leaving L.A.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Sunnydale X-Treme". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sunnydale X-Treme 1 - The mutant Buffy Summers thinks about her life as she prepares to move to Sunnydale.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredScorpioFR1311,873273,03228 Aug 1128 Aug 11Yes
TITLE: Leaving L.A.
SERIES: Sunnydale X-Treme
RATING: PG / Teens
DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon and the X-men are owned by Marvel Comics. I don’t own any of the characters and am not making a profit from this story.
WARNING: This is a non-vampire & demon AU. The gang are Mutants in the Marvelverse.
SUMMARY: The mutant Buffy Summers thinks of her life before the big move from L.A. to the town of Sunnydale.

Leaving L.A.

Buffy looked around at the chaos that was her room and sighed deeply.

It didn’t look like her room anymore. All of her posters and pictures were off the walls. Her knickknacks and trophies were all packed up in boxes along with the majority of her clothes. All that was left to do was wake up in the morning and put on her last set of clothes. Then, she would take her dirty clothes and her bed linens and pack them in a suitcase. The professional movers would take care of the furniture.

She didn’t want to move and neither did her mother Joyce. They had no choice, however, and it was all her fault.

She never asked to be a mutant. She never wanted that kind of life. She just wanted to be a normal girl who was on the school’s cheerleading team. She wanted to date a football player, and then go to college to meet Mr. Right. Then, she’d get married and have a nice house, some children, and live a happy normal life.

That would never happen because one day she’d suddenly been strong. Super strong. Inhumanly strong. And she’d had super fast reflexes and weird dreams that confused and unnerved her.

She couldn’t remember falling into a vat of toxic waste or being hit with some alien ray-gun, so she could only assume that she was one of them…a mutant. Buffy didn’t like that idea and knew that her father would like it even less, so she didn’t breathe a word of her suspicions and worked very hard to hide her abilities. She just went to school, focused on cheerleading and ice-skating and pretended to be normal.

That’s when the dreams started.

She dreamt of a band of mutants lead by a fanatic. She wasn’t sure of his name. Sometimes in the dream her mind told her he was called Lothos and sometimes Aurelius. But no matter what he was called, he was looking for a device that would melt people into puddles of steaming flesh.

Then she dreamt of another man; Merrick. He was old and British and he needed her help to stop Lothos Aurelius. Together they stopped the insane mutant and Merrick hid the artifact where it could never be found.

Two days later, Merrick had shown up after school and asked her to help him in his quest to prevent an evil mutant from finding the Pentallum Gem; an ancient necklace with the power to shoot beams of necrotic energy that would dissolve flesh and kill its victims painfully.

Buffy had power freaked. Her dreams were coming true!

Merrick had explained that he was a member of The Council. They were a Historical Society that worked to prevent Armageddon by finding and hiding things and objects that could bring about the end of days. He also told her that they often hired people and beings that had gifts and powers to help them with their goals.

The Council wanted her, Buffy Summers, to work for them. If she agreed, then The Council would ensure she was properly trained in the use of her powers and also in how to find and safely retrieve any dangerous objects.

At first she had refused, but she’d had several more dreams of Lothos and they’d all come true. He was a horrific man who used his mutant powers to kill innocent people. If he found the Pentallum Gem then he’d only be more dangerous. What’s more is that he was recruiting helpers from the city’s population of mutants; people who couldn’t pass as normal even if they weren’t very powerful.

And really, Buffy could understand why they would follow him even if he was a madman. These were mutants that were deformed and then shunned by society. They couldn’t find a job or a home or even a kind word anywhere. They had lived in sewers, abandoned buildings, and on the streets.

And Lothos Aurelius was turning them into killers.

Finally, Buffy had given in to Merrick’s pleading and he began training her. Martial Arts, fighting, sword play, and anything else he could think of. Her reflexes and strength made her a dangerous opponent, but time was not on their side. Lothos found the Pentallum Gem.

Wanting to test his new toy, he’d targeted her in payment for the trouble she’d been causing him. He found her at a school dance and began shooting beams of deadly energy around. Many of her friends and teachers died screaming. It was the most horrible thing she’d ever witnessed and Lothos just laughed insanely the whole time.

Unfortunately, the beams of energy that erupted from the Pentallum Gem were dangerous to inanimate objects as well, and he set the school’s gym on fire with it.

Injured, frightened and unsure of what else she could do, Buffy had ripped the Pentallum Gem off of his neck and then fled the gym, stopping only to lock the doors behind her. Then she stood outside, shaking and crying as the gym burned down. Many mutants died in that fire.

She wasn’t given the blame for the tragic affair. Too many people had seen Lothos Aurelius and as he was a mutant terrorist wanted by SHIELD, the blame landed squarely on him. On the other hand, lots of people had seen her do some things that were not humanly possible so she had been outted as a mutant.

Instant social outcast.

She’d been kicked out of her school and none of the other local schools wanted her. Her friends that swore they’d always be there dropped her like a hot potato. Only Pike, who’d been the school loser, had seemed to not hate her for being a mutant. But he was leaving L.A. and heading up to Seattle. He’d offered to take her with him. She’d said no, but now she sort of wished she had gone with him.

L.A. was a strange city. They liked super-powered beings…as long as they weren’t mutants. The Avengers had a West Coast branch that was welcomed here. The Fantastic Four were welcomed here. Mutant groups, even the good guys, were not. That made no sense to her, but then again she supposed bigotry wasn’t supposed to make sense.

That’s when things started to really go wrong. Her dad divorced her mom after blaming her for the fact that their daughter was a ‘mutie freak’. Hank Summers was a supporter of the political group ‘Friends of Humanity’ and he had disowned her as soon as her status as a mutant became known. Right after that mom lost her job at the Art Gallery for the exact same reason.

No local school would take her after the events that led to Hemery High’s gym burning down. While she wasn’t blamed for the fire itself, it was still believed that the terrorists had been there because of her. And that was true, so it was difficult to argue against. Her picture and story made the papers and evening news, so random people and strangers started crossing the street to avoid her.

It was all she could do some days not to break down and cry.

Finally, her mom found a place they could live. Sunnydale. It was just a small town up north, but it had a school with a good reputation and they were willing to enroll her. Plus, mom planned to open her own art gallery instead of working for someone else.

It sounded good, but she didn’t want to move and be the ‘new girl’, especially as she would most likely end up the ‘new mutie’ instead.

Sighing, Buffy changed out of her clothes and into her pajamas. Then she climbed into her bed for her last night in her old room. She was nervous about the move and was completely convinced that she would be all alone and outcast for the rest of her life.

She hated being a mutant.

She also wasn’t too pleased that Merrick had been killed and The Council had left her alone to face the press and the public.

Slowly…Buffy fell asleep and began to dream.

She was standing in a library. It was sunny and clean. A man in a tweed coat was reading out loud from a book, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. An elbow jostled her side and she turned to look.

It was a teenage boy. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was smiling at her and laughing. He tilted his head in a sharp gesture and she turned to look in the other direction. It was a teenage girl. She had long red hair and dark green eyes. She blushed and ducked her head, but a smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

Then the three of them were walking down the street. A large glowing green animal was running towards them. She wondered if she should try to stop it, but she didn’t feel worried or upset or scared. It leapt into the air and slammed into the boy’s chest. Only, he didn’t fall over. Instead, the animal absorbed into him and his eyes began to glow green as he mutated.

They walked some more and then turned a corner. Suddenly they were inside an old factory. A robot appeared from nowhere and pushed the redhaired girl down. Buffy went to help her up, but she didn’t need to as the girl floated up into the air and her hair turned white. She reached out and touched the robot and it burst apart.

Then the three were in a school corridor with students dashing around them. The boy was glowing green and radiating fierce joy. The girl was floating, her hands holding a ball of fire. And Buffy stood in the middle, a sword in her hands.

With a gasp, Buffy woke up to the morning sun streaming in her window. It took a moment to realize where she was and what was going on; then it hit her. She was in her room in L.A. They were moving to Sunnydale.

Suddenly, she knew that everything would be okay. She wouldn’t be alone. She would have friends. Friends that were just as strange and weird as she was. She would find acceptance and love and her life would start to make sense once again.

Even if her life was still strange and weird.

Smiling, she got out of bed. She didn’t know who those two were…yet. But she knew that she’d find out and that they would be her best friends in the whole world. The friendship they were going to make would last the rest of their lives.

She had to hurry. She had a lot to do before she could meet them. And she was looking forward to doing just that.


The End

You have reached the end of "Leaving L.A.". This story is complete.

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