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Shadow of Death

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Summary: Because when he was young, Edward had a heart. But what happens when that heart dies and leaves the now cold man with a family he can't leave at the end of the day?

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredDearestDrusillaFR1857,4783237,72329 Aug 1114 Oct 11No

Chapter One

I do not own Anita Blake or Buffy or Angel, I am merely using them to entertain myself and a few others. Enjoy.


There's an awkward silence in the room as Edward sits across from his daughter.

It filled with too many questions and answers. And Dawn Summers looks just like Madeline Kane, Edward's mother. Except for the eyes, she almost has his icy blue eyes, but her are a little gray and even though they're full of sorrow, they're innocent and hopeful. His eyes haven't been like that for years.

He can hear her sister pacing outside the living room, trying to find something stable to cling to and he knows that taking Dawn might break her. But leaving Dawn here, on a Hellmouth with a slayer? That's going to get his daughter killed. And he's always been a family man.

“You should go pack,” he tells dawn. She's playing with a teddy bear, something he gave Joyce when he found out she was pregnant. If he was more sentimental, he'd go into some story and weep over it beside the teen. But she's not crying and he doesn't see a need to make her start.

“I already packed,” she admits. “I was planning to run away before you came. Get away from Sunnydale and let Buffy live.”

“Alright, I have a car out front,” he nods at her. “We can discuss rules on the way to the airport.”

She listens well. Very well. And while she does ask for clarification on some things, he can see her working out loopholes already. No going out after dark is the first rule he sets down. They haggle over it for a bit, she can go out after dark if the house is on fire or if she's going outside with someone else -like himself or Anita or someone who can fight- and she can go outside if it's dark but she's wearing a silver cross and wolfs-bane extract on her clothes while she checks the mail.

The second rule is no boys staying the night. That too is 'discussed' and boys are allowed to stay the night if they're gay or if it's a family member like Xander or her cousin Scott. But they have to stay in a different room. He's decided he likes Dawn's way of thinking, even if it's just a little bit annoying to go into detail over something like that.

By the fifth rule He's caught on to her game. She needs to talk to someone and he's there and paying attention to her and only her.

“Do not open my trunks unless I give you explicit permission to do so,” he finally says as he shoves her carry-on into the overhead compartment. She's seen him turn on his Texas charm with the stewardess and the public. He still doesn't know why he didn't give her that face. Maybe because her sister is dating a vampire and there's enough magic in the house to choke a horse.

“Is there's crossbows inside or something?” she asks him. She isn't teasing.

“Something,” he settles on.
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