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Riding in Cars with Boys

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Stamps". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When the discussion turns to vampires, both parties throw in their two cents. Stamps series. August Fic-a-Day.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredTwistedSlinkyFR131836172,23129 Aug 1129 Aug 11Yes
Characters: Dawn, Dean, Sam
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural.
Summary: When the discussion turns to vampires, both parties throw in their two cents. Stamps series.
Author's notes: Part of the Stamps series, set after "I'm Not Calling You a Liar," but can be read alone. As a reminder, this verse is set SPN season 2 and Buffy post season 7 (by a few years if I've done the math right).


"I call bullshit."

Dawn snorted, and even though she was staring at the back of his head, she could practically see Dean's expression of cocky disbelief. "Ok, you, Mr. King of BS, you're calling BS on my story? That's total BS."

Dean huffed. "Oh, please, you're saying you stake them and they just poof?" He shook his head. "Yeah, monsters rarely clean up after themselves so nicely, Dawnie. Especially vampires."

"It's Dawn," she reminded, shooting him a narrowed glare. "And, yes, poof! Into ashes. If you actually kill them. Which, by the way, guns? Kinda useless."

"Depends on the gun."

The door to the Impala whined as Sam slipped inside, slamming it shut behind him. The cool outside air entered with him. Sam handed off the coffees and ran a hand over his arm, warming up. Noticing the quiet welcome, he shifted in his seat, staring at Dawn, then Dean, and back at Dawn again.

"Vampires?" he asked, hiding his amusement with a frown.

"Yes," the two replied, then glanced at one another with raised brows.

"You know, after Dawn brought them up, I started doing a little research, and I think she might be right." Sam leaned back, waiting for his brother's inevitable scoff.

Dean didn't disappoint him. "Of course, the geeks would side with each other."

"I think there might be several species of vampires." Sam straightened, the weariness leaving his features. "Actually, it would explain the wide variation in their mythology. While they share some of the same basic feeding habits and features, they're essentially different creatures, or, at least, by-products of some sort of monster evolution that's been taking place long before the word "vampire" was ever in use." He paused when he realized the other two were perfectly still, staring at him with eerily similar expressions of not-caring. "…From what I could gather," he trailed off, lamely. Then he perked up, remember something. " I'm pretty certain there's at least three variations, based on what Dawn described and what we've encountered. The third is this extinct species called a Turok-Han which--"

Dean frowned. "A Tupac what?"

"Uber-vamp," Dawn supplied. When both men turned to stare, she shrugged. "Trust me, it's what everyone calls them. And, yeah, they're basically extinct…" She lowered her voice. "Now, that is."

Dean threw up a hand to cut off his brother before he could begin a fresh spew of word vomit. "Fine. Your 'research'…" And he added finger quotes for good measure, "...showed there might be some mutant vampire-look-alikes out there. Ok, why haven't we run into these Poofers?"

Dawn tried to hold back a giggle and failed. "Poofers," she muttered, "nice."

Sam smirked. "Dean, we didn't know vampires were around until last year. Dad kept us pretty concentrated on other types of hunts growing up."

"Plus, they've been thinned out over the past decade." Dawn leaned forward, propping against the front bench seat. "A few hunters who specialized in … Poofers…" She chewed her cheek to keep from laughing again. "Well, they kinda of went all Rambo on their numbers. And, unless you two have been hanging out at Hellmouths, you're not likely to find them in large quantities."


Sam saved Dawn from another explanation. "Why were you two talking about vampires anyhow?"

Dean took a long sip off his coffee before starting up the Impala, a disregarding shrug at his shoulder. "Can't remember," he muttered, and shifted into gear.

But Dawn could remember. And she was fairly certain Dean could, too. They'd been discussing monsters who weren't monsters… Bad guys who turned out to be good, or, at the very least, not evil. Dean had even been the one to start the conversation, and truthfully, it had put her on edge. Not because she couldn't think of a few ensouled vampires and off-beat creature-features who were counted amongst the good guys, but because Dean had given her every indication that he didn't really believe anything that non-human could be saved.

Which was one of the reasons her breath always caught in her chest a little when she remembered that she didn't have the most normal origin story ever. Something she wasn't too keen on ever telling Dean.

But, the discussion had quickly led to his tale of a vampire named Lenore, someone the brothers had met fairly recently. The blood-suckers argument had ensued.

Dawn frowned, leaning back into the seat, but she remained quiet. She was puzzled as to why Dean was pretending as if the conversation never happened now that Sam was back in the car.

Sam…Did it have something to do with Sam? Or was this just moody-Dean's version of being moody?

And guys said girls were mysterious creatures. Sheesh.

Dawn worried her lip a moment longer before starting fresh. "Oh, you know what else comes in subspecies? Werewolves."

"I call bullshit."

The End

You have reached the end of "Riding in Cars with Boys". This story is complete.

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